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411’s WWE NXT Report 3.6.19

March 6, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
DIY WWE NXT 3-6-19

Tonight, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic returns! The video package for it cuts off to show #DIY talking backstage. Tommaso Ciampa says this is where it all started for them. The rest of the teams involved also get highlights and promo time.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

Black starts against former Evolve Champion, Fabian Aichner. They have a short grappling exchange until Barthel comes in. Black lights him up with knees and kicks for two. Arm drag by Black. Barthel gets out and takes a dropkick. Black knocks Aichner off the apron and leaps into a European uppercut for two. Tag to Aichner who wails on Black. Aicher comes close with a spinebuster and goes to wearing down Black. Black fights out with a boot before Ricochet slightly distracts Aichner. Black sweeps him and tags to Ricochet. Dropkick, snap rana, and that move where he hits a neckbreaker on one guy while making him DDT his own partner. It’s cool. Series of strikes in the corner and Tiger Feint Kick. Springboard uppercut and standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Ricochet fights off both but takes a step up enziguri in the corner. Barthel launches him into a stalling brainbuster from Aichner in an impressive power display. Double springboard moonsault gets two for Aichner. Ricochet fights back with a dropkick but takes a springboard tornado DDT for a close call. Ricochet fights off both men and sends Aichner outside. He hops over Barthel and makes the tag. Black with a springboard Meteora. He misses Black Mass and is sent into the post. They hang him in the tree of woe and hit a combo basement dropkick attack. Black Fights off a powerbomb and hits a double stomp. Springboard rana off the top by Ricochet, who then takes out Barthel with a tope suicida. Aichner catches a quebrada into a pinning combo for two. Black Mass and that ends things.

Winners: Aleister Black and Ricochet in 8:18 [***3/4]

Backstage, Moustache Mountain talk. The War Raiders watch from afar.

LAST WEEK ~ Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic fought to a double countout. That takes us to Performance Center footage of Lee working with various guys. Dijakovic came over and challenged Lee to finish their fight in a PC ring. Dijakovic vs. Lee II is set for two weeks from tonight.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. The Forgotten Sons w/ Jackson Ryker

Burch and Cutler start. Burch with a chop and takedown. he wrenches at the arm and tags Oney. The Forgotten Sons use a blind tag to hit a spinning backbreaker and target that body part. Blake with shots the lower back. Tandem backbreaker gets one. Chinlock city by Blake to wear down Oney. He gets free and tags Burch who starts throwing German suplexes. Clothesline and step up enziguri followed by a missile dropkick. Tag back to a hurt Lorcan. He can get Cutler up for a tandem move. it allows Black to enter and throw Burch outside. Oney ights off Cutler with an uppercut and launches himself outside onto Ryker. Back in, he eats a huge lariat and a butterfly backbreaker for two. Cutler works a Boston Crab but Oney survives until Burch makes the save. He makes the tag but Cutler hits him with a forearm. The Forgotten Sons use a missile dropkick/Flatiner combo for two. Burch slips out to tag Oney who lights both opponents up. He hits a running Blockbuster despite being hurt. Tag to Burch and their hanging DDT works this time only for Blake to make the save. Oney tosses him out and goes up. Burch is taken out and Oney is caught in powerbomb position. He is launched into Blake’s knee and they hit a stomp/reverse DDT combo to win.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons in 8:21 [***]

Out comes Velveteen Dream to pose with his North American Title on the commentary table. He says he’s just out to remind everyone that he is champion. Dream is interrupted by Matt Riddle. He says he came out to congratulate him but also wanted a closer look at the title. Dream shows it to him and now Riddle wonders what iw would look like around his waist. Dream suggests Riddle is on cloud 9 tonight and he’s not his bro. He snaps his fingers and shines a spotlight on himself to end the promo.

Earlier today, we heard from Io Shirai. She says Bianca Belair is good but she didn’t beat Shayna, which Io did. Kairi Sane was with Io. She says she wants the title too, but it’s Io’s chance now. She believes in Io and thinks she can beat Bianca. Io says Bianca may be the “EST” but she was the best in Japan. They face off in a number one contender’s match next week.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: Moustache Mountain vs. The Street Profits

Crowd really likes both teams. Bate begins with Ford in a battle of the two stars of this. They exchange headlocks. Ford lands on his feet on a monkey flip. Dawkins with a blind tag to set up a shoulder block for one. Seven gets tagged for tandem offense to get their own near fall. The Profits wear Seven down with corner stomps. Snapmare and loud kick to the back from Ford. He works a neck wrench with lots of yelling that the crowd responds to. Seven powers out and chops him before hitting a DDT. Stereo tags. Bate lights up Dawkins who shoves him and gets a knee. Bate with a diving European uppercut. Running one in the corner and Exploder. Dawkins uses a shot to break up the springboard clothesline. Rolling kick from Bate and Spear from Dawkins but Seven breaks up the pin. Ford with a tope con hilo to take out Bate. The Profits hit the spinebuster/frog splash combo but Bate kicks out. Seven with an apron dragon suplex. Dawkins takes a German from Bate. Tag to Seven and they hit the diving stomp/Burning Hammer finisher for the win.

Winners: Moustache Mountain in 7:22 [***]

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: #DIY vs. The Undisputed Era

Gargano comes out first and Ciampa is next. Ciampa stomps them and the music switches from the solo theme back to the old #DIY theme. Gargano anf Fish start. Fish with shots in the corner. He catches the school boy kick by Johnny but is sent into the corner.Arm drags from Johnny. Tag to Kyle who also takes one. I missed some of this due to technical issues. I return tos ee Ciampa clothesline Fish over and knee Kyle outside. Tope suicida from Johnny and the crowd is feeling it. Neckbreaker from Ciampa gets two. Johnny becomes the legal man and takes a shot on the apron that puts him in trouble. near fall from Bobby. Tag to Kyle for tandem knee strikes. Fish kicks Johnny over Kyle into a knee bar. Kyle with the double underhook takeover rolls. Tag to Fish for a wheelbarrow DDT/suplex combo that gets two. Fish uses a fish hook but Johnny fights back and does a dropkick/tornado DDT combo. Fish cuts off the tag to Ciampa once but can’t the second time. Ciampa runs over Kyle and boot him. Knee to Fish. Kyle with strikes but Ciampa leaps over a sweep and drops a knee in one motion. Running corner knee and Tower of London gets two.  Clubs from Ciampa. Kyle tries a leg lock but Ciampa deadlifts him into a German. Johnny with a step up enziguri and somersault off the apron. Blue Thunder Bomb gets Ciampa two. In the ring, Johnny’s slingshot Spear is counters into a guillotine. Ciampa interrupts with a knee that gets two. Johnny and Kyle exchange blows. Kle’s Nigel is countered into a superkick so he rebounds off the bottom rope with a clothesline. Johnny is damaged outside. Fish wants a superplex on Ciampa but turns it into a super Falcon Arrow. Kyle adds a diving knee for two. he goes into an armbar that is blocked until Fish hits a diving headbutt. Johnny shoves Fish into the pile to break things up. Kyle with a diving knee to the outside. Ciampa spikes Kyle inside and Gargano gets two on a slingshot DDT. Ciampa knocks Fish outside and they hit Meeting in the Middle on Kyle to win.

Winners: #DIY in 14:04 [****]

War Raiders come out for a closer look at #DIY.

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