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411’s WWE NXT Report 4.19.17

April 19, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

GLORIOUS! Bobby Roode is out for a show opening promo. He says that he made WrestleMania weekend glorious for the second straight year and calls himself the biggest box office star in the business. He says the transformation to the Bobby Roode era is complete. Roode was irritated by Shinsuke Nakamura’s goodbye last week. He calls it crap and says that’s why he wasn’t out there. Bobby says nobody who stood on the stage last week belongs in his NXT. From this moment on, you can choose to jump on board or you can hit the bricks like Nakamura. Hideo Itami interrupts! He enters and slaps Bobby. Bobby removes the jacket for a fight. He shouts that this is his NXT. As he gets close, Itami hoists him up and hits the Go to Sleep! Itami picks up the NXT Title before leaving.

Backstage, Kayley Braxton introduces the men who will meet for the UK Championship next week, Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher. They put each other over though Bate is cocky enough to say he knows he’ll successfully defend the title.

After a break, Roode is still laid out in the ring.

Earlier today, Heavy Machinery are shown working out in the PC. Off to the side, Andrade Almas comes over and gets in Drew McIntyre’s face. He brought the attitude, seemed to challenge Drew, but left to party. Oh joy, another big loss for Almas.

Andrade Almas vs. Danny Burch

Commentary discusses Almas staying out to party the night before WrestleMania. Almas gets free early and does his signature lay on the ropes spot. Burch is no nonsense and hits a Northern lights throw.Buch runs into a clothesline, stopping his momentum. Almas is cocky with his offense until Buch hits a series of uppercuts. Almas levels him from behind and scores with a big boot. He hits the double knees in the corner and hammerlock DDT to end it.

Winner: Andrade Almas in 2:55

Footage is shown of the way Asuka retained the NXT Women’s Title at TakeOver: Orlando. The women of NXT all talk about how Asuka has dominated since arriving. Peyton, Billie, Ruby, Ember, Daria and Liv all speak. They claim they’re ready and will be the next champion.

A video package highlighting the history between Tye Dillinger and Eric Young is shown. They meet in a Steel Cage in the main event.

Aliyah and Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Billie and Liv kick things off. Billie applies a headlock and hits a shoulder block. Liv leaps over but eats a hip toss. The Iconic Duo celebrate and laugh at Liv. Liv Matrix avoids a clothesline and does her rolling pin thing for two. Aliyah comes in with a flying leg drop for two. She slides under Billie but takes a discus forearm. Peyton comes in and works over Aliyah also, getting a near fall. Billie holds Peyton to prevent a rollup, so Liv dropkicks her off the apron. Aliyah finishes the rollup on Peyton to steal it.

Winners: Aliyah and Liv Morgan in 3:14 [*]

Next week, Aleister Black will be in action and Drew McIntyre takes on Andrade Almas. Also, Tyler Bate vs. Jack Gallagher for the UK Championship.

Steel Cage Match: Eric Young vs. Tye Dillinger

EY ends the rest of SAnitY to the back before coming down to the ring. Young tries to stall outside but Tye brings him in and closes the door behind them. They slug it out and Young sends Tye to the cage. He jumps and tries to escape but is stopped. Why try to leave if you wanna beat up Eric? Tye Breaker attempt is countered and Young sends him face first into the steel. After a break, Young remains in control. Young tries to leave but is stopped. He does the hanging corner choke on Tye and hits an elbow for two. Tye gets some offense and his escape is cut off. He tries ten punches but Young hits a sitout powerbomb for two. Eric tries leaving through the door but Tye stops him, only to get hit. Tye remains in trouble through a commercial. He breaks free and sends Young to the apron. Tye is relentless with stomps, followed by a superkick. Young seems to be bleeding. Tye ascends and makes it to the top. Young grabs him  and pulls him halfway down. Young now sits atop the cage. They trade blows and Young knocks him to the mat. Instead of leaving, Young comes off the top with a huge elbow drop. He takes long to cover, so Tye kicks out. Instead of leaving, Young wants to do more damage. Tye pops up and hits the Tye Breaker from out of nowhere. SAnitY is back and Nikki hops on the referee’s back. Killian Dane and Alexander Wolfe close the door. Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno and Ruby Riot are out to even the odds. Dane uses his size to take over everyone. He climbs the cage but Tye knocks him off. Young hits Tye from behind but gets sent into Wolfe, who is also climbing. Tye climbs and has to deal with Wolfe. Dane enters through the door to help Young up. Tye decides to come off the top with a cross body that takes them both out. He sees Wolfe climbing in and escapes through the door.

Winner: Tye Dillinger in 11:09 [***]

Tye gets held up by Roderick and Kassius and receives “thank you Tye” chants.

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