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411’s WWE NXT Report 4.20.10

April 20, 2010 | Posted by Michael Bauer

As always, I am Michael Bauer here with your WWE NXT report. And I’m hoping whatever challenge we have this week is better than last week’s crap.

Matt Striker joins us from ringside and he introduces the rookies in random order this week, all of which are already in the ring. Bryan gets a pretty good pop, as does Gabriel. Striker reminds us that the second Pro’s Poll comes out in three weeks. Last week we tested them in the Talk the Talk challenge and now we test balance and striking with a joust challenge. It’s called Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Rookies and the winner gets a global feature on WWE.com.

Up first is Heath Slater vs. David Otunga in the American Gladiators style competition. Good back and forth matchup and Slater is able to knock off Otunga. Slater advances to later tonight.

Next is Skip Sheffield vs. Wade Barrett. Skip has be a runner up twice already. Wade looks to fall forward into Sheffield, which gives Skip the win.

Next is Michael Tarver vs. Daniel Bryan in the battle of winless people. Tarver drops his stick and Bryan just pokes him off. Like Tarver just didn’t care.

Finally we just Darren Young and Justin Gabriel. Young gets his stick caught up with Gabriel and just pulled him off.

So in the semi-finals is Slater, Sheffield, Bryan, and Young. The semi-finals will be later on tonight.

Back from a commercial break and we get a video package for Batista and John Cena for the Extreme Rules Pay Per View this Sunday. This is followed by the run down of the card.

We then get a promo video for Wade Barrett with all the pros giving their opinion on Barrett and all of his positives. It’s complete with highlights from the first eight weeks and Chris Jericho giving his opinion as his pro. Very well done and better than the first wave of promo videos.

David Otunga (with R-Truth) vs. Justin Gabriel (with Matt Hardy)

Otunga looks ultra cocky this week, like his is blowing off R-Truth. The bell rings as they lockup and Otunga just slams down Gabriel. Otunga gets a go behind, but Gabriel ducks down and rolls Otunga off. Otunga gets a headlock and hits a hard shoulder block. Gabriel ducks under a clothesline and connects with an arm drag and follows with a standing dropkick. Otunga back to the ropes and suckers in Gabriel with a shot to the face. Otunga locks in a chinlock and drives down Gabriel as he tries to get to his feet. Gabriel tries to escape, but Otunga grabs the head and his a neck breaker. Otunga goes to the chin lock, but misses an elbow drop. Gabriel gets whipped across , but he leaps off and catches Otunga with a headscissors. Otunga to the floor and Gabriel hits a somersault senton to the floor. Otunga rolls in and Gabriel connects with a flying body press off the top for a near fall. Gabriel goes back up top for the 450 splash, but Otunga rolls away and to the floor. Gabriel goes after him as R-Truth backs up. Gabriel avoids a shoulder block and leaps over the top rope for a sunset flip. Otunga reaches out to the ropes and R-Truth, but Truth just shakes his head. Gabriel gets Otunga over and gets the three count for the victory as R-Truth walks away smiling.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

Back from the break and it is time for the semi-finals of this week’s Rookie Challenge. We go to Matt Striker and we open with Slater and Sheffield. Good back and forth action, but Sheffield’s power is more than enough to shove off Heath Slater.

Now we go to Darren Young and Daniel Bryan. This is another good back and forth match as Young looked like he was about to fall, but regained his balance long enough to knock of Bryan.

Michael Tarver comes out with Carlito and has the microphone. He waits for the boos to end and calls his words invaluable. He says he is done being overlooked and doesn’t play by the rules. He said he didn’t come to dance on a pedestal for the fans delight. He says he is a bulldog and issues on open challenge to anyone, rookie or pro, to stop him. Skip comes out to tell Tarver to shut his mouth, but with Regal stuck in England, he will do him proud by giving Tarver a fight. But before that can get started, CM Punk comes out with the Straight Edge Society. Punk says other people are looking for competition, as Darren Young is as well. Last week, Young beat Gallows and we get a replay of that happening. Punk says he believes in competition and he had them face each other to keep them sharp. Punk says Young will continue his winning ways in a triple threat.

Michael Tarver (with Carlito) vs. Darren Young vs. Skip Sheffield

Sheffield and Tarver double team Young and back him on the ropes. Young backdrops Sheffield over the top rope and Tarver goes on the attack. Young reverses and clotheslines Tarver to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Young is being double teamed again. Skip hits a series of shoulder blocks in the corner and Tarver follows suit. Young gets whipped across and Sheffield gets whipped into the corner for a splash. Sheffield hits an elbows and belly to belly suplex. Sheffield and Tarver pull each other off the pin. Young gets a roll up for two and then gets thrown shoulder first into the ring post. Tarver goes on the attack on Sheffield, but Sheffield gets him into the corner and hits a huge splash. Sheffield with a splash on the mat and Young breaks the count. Sheffield gets dumped to the floor and Young fires away on Tarver, connecting with a forearm shiver and a leaping shoulder block. Young goes up top, but Gallows comes out and shoves Young off the top rope. Gallows then shoulder blocks Skip Sheffield as Tarver tries to take advantage. Young grabs him thought and hits the inverted facebuster for the three count.

Winner: Darren Young

We get a video package for Heath Slater, with all the promos commenting on his style. Christian talks about how they bonded. Most of the comments are about his rock star persona, but the heels don’t like him as they feel his is being over the top. Yet Miz could actually see him in the WWE. Again, a good video package.

Our WWE Rewind is from last week with Christian defeating Wade Barrett.

Now we have the finals of the Rookies Challenge with Skip Sheffield facing Darren Young for the second time tonight. Back to Matt Striker as both men are on their pedestals. Very close match as they get caught up. Eventually is looks like both men fall off at the same time. The ref calls Skip Sheffield the winner, but the replay shows that both men came off at the same time. We now have a rematch and this time Sheffield wins without a question as he dominated Young. We see another replay from the first time and indeed, both men hit the mat at the same time. Sheffield quotes Keanu Reeves by saying that the most important thing you can do each week is show up and that is what he plans on doing.

Chris Jericho (with Wade Barrett) vs. Heath Slater

No Christian this week for Slater, as he is in Europe. The bell rings and Jericho gets right in his face and slaps it. Slater goes and pounds Jericho until Jericho gets a nee up to the gut. Jericho hits a back suplex and starts kicking away. Slater whipped across and gets decked with a back elbow. Jericho slings Slater into the bottom rope. Snapmare by Jericho and he goes to a version of a sleeper. Slater gets back up and elbows out, but he runs off the ropes and into a dropkick. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Slater rolls away. Slater hits a series of clotheslines and a huge forearm in the corner, Slater ducks too early after a whip and gets kicked to the chest. Slater rebounds for a beckbreaker and nearly gets the pin. Jericho hits a thumb to the eye with the ref not seeing and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Jericho looks to turn him over, but Slater grabs him and rolls him up… and he gets the three count!!! Slater just pinned Chris Jericho!!! Jericho goes into a tirade with the referee and starts destroying the ringside area as we end the broadcast.

Winner: Heath Slater


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