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411’s WWE NXT Report 4.24.19

April 24, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Johnny Gargano NXT 4-24-19

Humberto Carrillo vs. Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons

Ryker immediately throws Carrillo around. Carrillo comes back with a springboard kick that only gets a one count. That pisses Ryker off. He chases Humberto around the ring and eats a flying headscissors inside. Handspring back elbow connects followed by a moonsault for two. Ryker is even madder. He hip tosses Humberto into the corner and stomps away. Ryker clubs away and adds more to the beating outside. He throws Carrillo over the guardrail and drives knees into him outside. That gets a DQ or a countout.

No Contest in 2:58 [NR]

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan hit the ring to make the save. They use steel chairs to keep the Forgotten Sons at bay.

In the back, Adam Cole is interviewed during a photoshoot to find out if he’s excited to see what Roderick Strong does in the main event. Cole says Johnny is clearly scared of the leader of the Undisputed Era but he expects Strong to beat him. Matt Riddle laughs off screen as he’s next in line for photos. Cole gets in his face and Riddle threatens a fight but Cole walks off. Riddle then poses for the photos in hilarious ways.

Aliyah and Vanessa Borne vs. Candice LeRae and Kacy Catanzaro

Candice was tasked with finding a partner by her opponents last week. She picked Kacy Catanzaro. Kacy starts with Aliyah. Aliyah takes her down and piefaces her with some trash talk. Diving knee with a front flip style popup. Kacy comes back with a corner clothesline and her awesome gymnastic style springboard headscissors. Somersault axe kicks gets two. Aliyah pulls her down by the hair and wails on her. Borne gets the tag and stays in control. She uses a headbutt, talks some smack, and stomps on Kacy in the corner. Aliyah holds Kacy in place with her boot as Borne attacks her, which gets two. Submission applied by Aliyah. Kacy elbows out but gets her hair pulled and kicks away. Kacy counters a double suplex with a double neckbreaker. Hot tag to Candice for a missile dropkick and baseball slide. She enters from the apron with a jawbreaker. Corner back elbow, snapmare, and step up senton. Neckbreaker from Candice and the quebrada connects for the finish.

Winners: Candice LeRae and Kacy Catanzaro in 4:25 [**1/2]

Last week, Io Shirai rescued Kairi Sane from Shayna Baszler, only to get attacked by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. She was held in place as Baszler destroyed Sane’s elbow. Cathy Kelley got word with Shirai on what went down. Shirai says what Shayna did was terrible. We see Shayna and her goons sneak up from behind and jump her. Shayna hits a brutal kick as the other girls hold her in place.

A KUSHIDA vignette airs.

William Regal is interviewed in his office about KUSHIDA making his debut next week. Regal is excited and calls his signing one of the most exciting things to happen in NXT. Kassius Ohno shows up and Regal congratulates him for his success in NXT UK. Ohno puts himself over as teaching those guys the authentic UK style. He congratulates Regal on getting KUSHIDA and suggests a match with him. Regal decides that will be KUSHIDA’s debut contest.

Non-Title Match: The Street Profits vs. NXT Tag Team Champions War Raiders

Before the bell, Montez Ford launches himself outside with a tope con hilo onto the War Raiders. Once inside, the match starts and the Profits hit a series of moves, capped by Ford’s frog splash. That gets a wild near fall in around 15 seconds. Rowe escapes the electric chair blockbuster and tags to Hanson. He lays into Dawkins and hits a sidewalk slam. Running splash connects. Ford enters and engages in a series of escapes and counters with Hanson before eating a lariat. The War Raiders take over with tandem offense, including Hanson slamming Rowe onto Dawkins. Dawkins gets free and we get dual tags. Ford hits Hanson with several shoulder blocks to try and knock him down. Kick to the ribs by Ford but a boot from Hanson. Both guys fire up. Ford with a dropkick. He lifts Hanson for an impressive stalling back suplex. Kip up and moonsault follows. He ducks Rowe and clotheslines him over and out. Tag to Dawkins for the spinning avalanche. Ford with one of his own. Assisted Shiranui gets two. War Raiders take back over when Rowe enters. He lays out Dawkins with a knee and Ford with a dropkick. Rowe throws Hanson into Ford, who screams in terror. Springboard clothesline/spinebuster combo on Dawkins. Thor’s Hammer ends it.

WinnerS: War Raiders in 5:44 [***1/4]

Mia Yim is interviewed about Shayna Baszler being seemingly unstoppable. Yim admits she has been great, but isn’t a fan of the way she’s going about it. She doesn’t approve of what was done to Io and Kairi. As for Bianca Belair, she may say she’s undefeated, but with two losses to Shayna, she seems defeated. She wants another chance to prove she’s a threat to Shayna.

Non-Title Match: NXT Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong

Strong takes Johnny down and they struggle for position on the mat. It ends with a near Gargano Escape and some near falls. It is rapid fire and highly entertaining. Strong takes a powder outside. Johnny superkicks him from the apron. He goes for a baseball slide but is caught in a wheelbarrow that Strong turns into a backbreaker on the apron. From there, Strong takes control inside. Gutbuster gets one. He clubs away at Johnny and adds another modified backbreaer for two. Strong remains aggressive and chops the hell out of Johnny. Though he falls, Johnny dares him to bring more. Strong obliges and gets two. Johnny escapes his grasp and hits an arm drag. He fights from his knees and hits a forearm in the corner. Series of strikes before sending Strong outside. Strong trips him and wants the wheelbarrow move again but Johnny counters by sending him into the steel steps. Inside, Johnny with an enziguri and slingshot spear. Strong avoids a kick and goes back to hitting Johnny’s back. Johnny catches him with the school boy kick and Strong rolls outside. Johnny with a cannonball off the apron. Strong blocks the slingshot DDT but is then hit with a rana and superkick for two. Johnny starts chopping Roddy as hard as he was getting chopped earlier. Roddy’s spit and sweat go flying with each one. Strong avoids the Lawn Dart, Johnny avoids the Olympic Slam, they keep countering each other until Johnny ends up on the apron. He wants the slingshot spear but Strong blocks and turns it into a butterfly backbreaker for two. They exchange strikes. Johnny with an enziguri, Strong with boots and a back elbow. Discus clothesline by Johnny. He  has the spuerkick avoided and Strong launches him into the corner. Knee lift, backbreaker and slam for a near fall. The Gargasno Escape gets applied and out comes Adam Cole. Johnny lets go of the hold. Strong goes after him but Johnny counters him a few times. Cole calls Johnny a joke and not a champion. The rest of the Undisputed Era come out but Matt Riddle goes after them. Cole accidentally kicks Strong. Gargano takes out Cole and beats Strong with the slingshot DDT.

Winner: Johnny Gargano in 13:38 [***1/2]

Gargano and Riddle leave, while Strong and Cole argue in the ring. Strong walks off ahead of the rest of the group.

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