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411’s WWE NXT Report 4.8.20

April 8, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE NXT Johnny Gargano

Hi guys! Welcome to My Quarantined Life! Where I have no clue what day it is and end up covering NXT and RAW because of it!

WE start with Io, and the last time I covered NXT, we started with Io and Candice killing it. This is a good sign.

Match 1: Number 1 Contender’s Ladder Match for NXT Women’s Championship
Io Sharai vs Teagan Nox vs Chelsea Greene vs Mia Yim vs Dakota Kai vs Candice LaRae

Heels on one side, faces on another, until Green attacks Mia. They split up into pairs, with the ready-made feuds taking precedence. Kai sends Io to the outside then attacks Mia and stares down Green and Candice. She tells Gonzales to bring her al adder. She drops Candice in the corner then Green. Candice with a dropkick to Gonzales. Yim, LaRae, and Tegan surround Kai, and they al take turns beating that ass. Candice jumps her in the ocnrer, Nox with an elbow, Mia next, another one from Candice, who knocks Green off the apron. Cannonball from Yim to Kai. They toss andice into her. Off th top comes Io to dropkick the girls. Flapjack to Candice. Io brings a ladder in, and Cnadice runs up to try and grab the briefcase. Io stops her, gets Candice for a sla, but Candice reverses and ends with an enziguri. Palm strike, but in comes Green to bulldog both irls into the ladder.

We come back, and Mia and Green are goin at it outside. Inside, Kai and Nox are going bck and forth until Nox with a goozle, only for Kai to headbutt her. Nox with a running uppercut in th corner. She hits the corner, and Kai with a high kick. Nox misses another uppercut, but hits one afterwards, goes for a hokeslam, and hits it! Nox stops a ladder from being pulled out by Green. She sends Green into the barricade and grabs the ladder, then sets it up in the middle of the ring. Nox starts the climb. She grazes the bottom of the briefcase, but Kai is there to grab her head and slam it into the ladder. Candice is there to pull her down. She and Nox stare at each other sadly, so the heels pull them off in Green and Kai. Yim and Io are there to pull them down. Kai pulls Io down and out. Andice and Nox with another ladder. Yim is up. Green is up. She gets elbowed down. Andice is there to pull her down. Candice misses a clothesline, Yim spins her, Souel Food to Candic.e Gren with a chair smacks Yim. She tosses the chair to Yim, goes for a kick, but Yim side steps and gives a chair shot to the leg. Io in to dropkick Yim then catapult her into the ladder face first. Io up to the ladder. In comes Gonzalez who shoves the ladder, dropping Io, who steps on the ropes and vounces off with a splash to the girls on the outside.

Back from another break, and Kai is outside being helped up by Raquel. She sends Kai back into the ring then enters herself to help her buddy up the ladder. Raquel with a fireman’s to Kai. She climbs up the ladder with her friend on her shoulders, but Yim is there to stop her. Gonzalez with a kick to Yim. Candice in to pull Kai off. Gonzalez pulls Yim up by her head. Yim fights her back, slides through the ropes, and looks to powerbomb her into a freaking table! Nox is up on the apron, grabs her neck, and we’re getting a powerbomb/chokeslam combo! Kai traps Nox on the ropes, hits the ropes, KICK TO NOX AND SHE FALLS THROUGH A LADDER!!!

Candice up the ladder. Kai up, too. Candice sends the briefxase into her face. Io with a springboard, kick to Kai. Candice is there to hit Io with a German! From the outside, Green is being encouraged to re-enter the ring by Stone. She gets in, climbs the ladder in tears. She’s struggling due to the leg. She can’t climb fully. Stone removes his jacket. He enters the ring and climbs the ladder. He is nearing the case. Green is up on the other side, being helped by Stone. He’s close. They’re both close. She grabs it, looks to remove the case, but Candice and Io are inside the ring and shove the aldder down ,causing Stone and Green to bounce around like nothing. Candice and Io grab either side of a ladder and start the climb. Candice up first. Io with a right hand. Candice with one of her own. They trade blows back and forth. Io grabs the wrist.

She rakes the eyes of Candice and shoves her down onto a ladder, back first. Io is up! She grabs the case, unlocks it, and Io is the winner!

A lot of fun, even if a bit messy at times. The emotion carried a bulk of the interactions, though, which means more than quality of wrestling sometimes.
Match Quality: **1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ***1/2
Total Rating: ***

We get a recap of what Finn did two months ago, including getting his head driven into the steps.

We get a more full recap of Finn and his match on NXT UK versus Alexander Wolfe.

Finn gets himself a nice little promo, comparing himself to Walter and how they are very similar. They have creative control, yet here they are, both unable to make their next move. This time will pass, though, and the title that Walter holds is on borrowed time.

We then head to two weeks ago with Riddle getting his ass handed to him by some wild bearded fellas. Apparently, they are the future. They are Indus Sher.

Last month, two Mexicans stole another Mexican. Last week, ICE came back to kidnap another wrestler.

Match 2: Indus Sher (w/ Malcolm Bivens) vs EverRise

We got Saurav and Jobber 1 to start. Martell with a headlock, then a wrist lock. Parker in to double team Rinku, who gets tagged in. They double team in the corner. Chop from Martell. Tag to parker. Parker drops an elbow onto the back. Cover for 1…and Rinku is up with a clothesline. Tag to Gurjar who whips and they double shoulder tackle. Bodyslam to Parker. Tag to Gurjar. They double toss Parker to the middle of the ring. Gurjar with a hard kick to the gut. Another kick, and another to the side of the head, another to the chest. He grabs the head of Parker and lifts him up, then drops him with a side walk slam. Running clothesline in the corner off the tag from Gurjar. Rinku tags in and clubs the back hard. He knocks martell off the apron.

Tag to his partner, and we get a double team splash into the corner followed by a big boot. Saurav lifts Parker, and dorps him on his knee. Elbow drop from Rinku and pins for 1..2…3!!

Very generic.
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: 0
Total Rating: ½*

Earlier today, Cole cuts a promo on Velveteen, calling him lucky for beating Bobby. He says lightening will not strike twice. Dream doesn’t deserve a shot at his title. Dream is a pretender. He has proven this. He’s bout to shine a spotlight on that ass and show that he ain’t shit.

Recap of Charlotte vs Rhea, then a replay of her promo regarding her custom boobs.

Gargano has arrived, and Candice comes to say hi and tell him that she lost. She’s going home, cuz fuck this shit, and hands Gargano something before driving off.

Gargano enters the arena, and Triple H is sitting on a chair in the ring. This is a more cinematic experience, it seems. Ciampa hops into the ring as Triple H says it starts and ends in this ring. He doesn’t care what they do to each other, but when it’s done here, it’s done. Younger is the ref, and he decides what goes. Triple H says when he walks through the door (tosses a chair down) it’s on.

Triple H leaves, both men enter the ring, the chair in the middle, the camera circles the ring, Ciampa kicks the chair, gets in the face of Gargano, says he wins, and…..


Just kidding….

Match 3: Tomasso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano

They go back and forth with some rights. Ciampa tosses him into the corner. High kick off the apron from Johnny, who then dives though the ropes and gets hit with a kick to the face. After a break, we come back to Tomasso questioning their brotherhood while stomping the shit out of him. Tomasso with a catapult into the bottom buckle. Ciampa chokes him up on the roeps, pulling back on his lips, then turning him into a headlock. Johnny pulls him out from under the ropes and swings his leg into the post. He pulls the opposite leg and does it again, a third time, a fourth. Rights to the face. Johnny works for a suplex. But Ciampa reverses and slams Johnny into the post rather than dropping him back to the mat. Nice. Ciampa cleans off a nearby table. Johnny rolls into the ring, Tomasso follows and gets stomped for his trouble. Johnny hits the ropes. Suicide dive! Johnny mockingly applauds. Gargano sends him into a trashcan then grabs the lid and smacks the back of Tomasso. Johnny sends Tomasso into the ring. Ciampa grabs the chair. Johnny steps on it, stopping ihm. Tomasso with a right hand to the stomach. Stomps from Johnny. Another stomp, this time to the arm. He grabs the chair and sends it into the ankle. He brings up each injury Tomassa has had while attacking, asking how many bolts are in the neck before dropping th chair to the spine.

Johnny grabs the chair again after a small break, and smacks the back of Tomasso. He then sets it up in the corner between buckle one and two. He looks to send Tomasso into it, but Tomasso with the reversal! HEADFIRST GOES JOHNNY!!!!

We are back, and Johnny sends Tomasso to the outside. He launches himself over the top rope but Tomasso has a trash can lid! He smacks Johnny across the dome then stands up and knees the lid into the side of the face of Johnny. Tommaso grabs the chair and sets it up around Johnny’s neck, then sends him into the post. He stomps away at his head, yelling for Johnny to quit. Ciampa grabs a nearby crutch and chokes Johnny up with it, yelling about his injuries and how they were for Johnny, not for the audience. He sends Johnny into a nearby laundry cart looking thing, which happens to have a fire extinguisher in it. Johnny sprays Tomasso in the face with it, washes his eyes out, then tries to powerbomb him into a table, but Tomasso fights back, sets upm, and powerbombs Johnny onto a table!!! Tomassa quips that this is supposed to end in the ring. He strips the ring of its apron with some wire cutters then stomps Johnny for good measure. He’s undressing the ring, removing the padding and exposing the wood. Johnny tries to escape through the back, and we end up outside.

Johnny sends Tomasso into a nearby truck, then beats him down with some rights. In the background, Edge and Randy Orton cross going back and forth with right hnds…

Johnny tries to send a box into the face of Tomasso, but he leaves. He ends up hopping onto the top of a truck, and coaxes Johnny into following him. They fight back and forth on the top of th roof. Younger is with them as well. Johnny kicks the leg. Johnny is able to lock in a submission on the top of the truck!

We return, and Tomasso is walking away from the truck. He enters the arena again, and I don’t know what happened before this. Johnny is waiting for him, because as soon as the door opens, he swings a kick to the man’s face. He then tosses some water at him cuz fuck it, why not. Johnny says it ends in here. Gargano says this will end where it started. He sends Tomasso into the ring, onto the exposed wooden planks. Johnny tosses the lid and a chair into the ring. He hits some right hands to Tomasso in the corner, and we get the Dunn special with cuts back and forth. Johnny with a right hand. Johnny gets Tomasso on the top rope, but Ciampa drops a bunch of elbows to the back of the neck. Johnny grows tired. Tomasso hooks the leg and lifts Ciampa over the back, then dives to the outside with a huge fucking slam. Yeesh. Drake checks on Johnny, asking if he’s alive. I presume if he was dead, he wouldn’t be able to reply.

We return from another break, and Tomasso has a crutch again. Johnny is writhing in the ring. Tomasso says he cant do this anymore. He sizes up Johnny, goes for a swing, but Johnny is there to send a trash can lid into his knee. Johnny drags him over towards him, grabs the crutch, and locks up the leg, then chokes up Tommaso with the crutch. Johnny releases the hold then smacks him across sthe head with the lid. He smacks him over and over with the lid. Tomasso pushes Drake away and favors his head. Johnny uses the crutch to stand, pulls tomasso up by his chin, then superkicks him back down. Another superkick to the side of the face. Johnny calls Tomasso a failure as a man, as a husband, and as a father. He pulls up Tomasso, telling him to laugh. He’s a monster. Willow will thank him for this. He swings, misses! Tomasso stomps! Grabs the crutch. He beats the shit out of Johnny with it till it breaks over his back. He screams for Johnny to “say it.” He calls him a piece of shit a few times then…another commercial.

We return to Tomasso missing a trash can lid spot, but being able to choke Johnny up with the crutch. He has a portion of it in the mouth of Johnny. Johnny reaches out and scratches the shit out of Drake’s eyes. Tomasso hits the ropes then accidentally drives a knee into Younger. Johnny attacks the back of Tomasso while he regrets hitting Drake. Johnny rolls out and lays next to Tomasso. Johnny grabs the head of Tomasso then rolls him towards and up the ring. Tomasso rolls onto the wood, then grabs the head of Johnny and hits a DDT onto the wood! The angle shows that his head doesn’t hit it, which is an obvious fuck up considering this was all done in post. Johnny is glazed over. He puts his hand onto Tomasso’s. Tomasso pulls away from this and stands, slowly. Tomasso goes fo ra hit, but Johnny hits him with another superkick. Johnny tries for a swing with the crutch, but Tomasso kicks him away. They both go for it and clash midair. Both men are down.

Candice must have forgotten something, because she is back, and enters the arena. She is stressed. She enters, sad at the sight of the two men down. Tomasso grabs Johnny and she screams for them both to stop. She yells for them to stop. She wants to know who Johnny is, and asks Tomasso if he is happy. She hates her husband. Is he happy? She tells him to finish it. She’s not going to finish it? Fine, she will..

Candice kicks Johnny in the nuts!

Tomasso is confused. He checks on Johnny, on his knees in front of him, then grabs him by the head and lifts him up. Tomsso claims he didn’t mean for this. He tells Johnny he is sorry. Then comes Candice to kick him in the nuts as well! Johnny is laughing!

He reaches into his crotch. It’s a cup! Johnny’s Johnnies were fine!!! Johnny shows Tomasso the cup, tells him he loses, then lifts him up and hits the Fairy Tale Ending onto Tomasso. Pin for 1..2…3!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano
Considering what we’ve seen these guys go through in the past, this was a bit over the top, yet not enough for my liking.
Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: **1/2
Total Rating: **3/4

End Show

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