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411’s WWE NXT Report 5.15.19

May 15, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Kushida NXT 5-15-19 WWE

Percy Watson has moved on and is no longer part of the NXT commentary team. In his place will be Beth Phoenix.

The Viking Raiders make their way out to the ring. They talk about brutalizing the Raw tag team division. Since they still have the NXT Tag Team Titles, they called out William Regal. He obliged. The Raiders relinquished the titles because nobody can take it from them. Before Regal can officially accept, the Street Profits hit the scene. They aren’t scared of the big bad Raiders. Though they lost against them last time, the fans and the Raiders realized the Street Profits could beat them. Ford said they’re giving up the titles because they know the Profits can beat the Viking Raiders. Dawkins adds, “If that’s your real name.” The Raiders demand the match be made for tonight. Regal agreed.

TONIGHT ~ KUSHIDA vs. Kona Reeves

LAST WEEK ~ The issues between Roderick Strong and Adam Cole continued after Cole lost to Matt Riddle. Their argument got way heated outside in a WWE.com video. Cole cursed him out and Strong threw his Undisputed armband and shirt at him.

Cathy Kelley interviews the original three Undisputed Era members about it all. Cole says he doesn’t know where Roddy is.  A commotion seems to be going on behind them as people run by. Strong comes from the area of commotion and confronts Cole. He’s breathing hard and says he thought about what happened between them. He knows they’re stronger on the same page. The Riddle problem is taken care of. Strong hands Cole Riddle’s bloody flip flop.

Cezar Bononi vs. Keith Lee

Crowd is obviously pro-Lee. He leaps over Bononi twice and shoulder blocks him down. Loud double chop in the corner. Cezar kicks the knee and drives Lee into the ropes. he fires away and nails a high kick to the jaw. He uses the ropes to choke Lee. Lee fights back with some palm strikes and left hands. He hits a big one in the corner and adds the POUNCE. He pulls Cezar up and hits the Spirit Bomb.

Winner: Keith Lee in 2:26 [NR]

LAST WEEK ~ We get a recap of the Io Shirao/Shayna and her goons confrontation at the Performance Center.

Outside of Regal’s office, Cathy Kelley informs us that Shayna will defend the title against Shirai at TakeOver. The Forgotten Sons come up to Regal’s office and Cathy asks what it’s about. The Sons say they’re forgotten (ha) because the Profits got the title shot tonight and not them.

Kona Reeves vs. KUSHIDA

Reeves takes him down with ease and taunts. KUSHIDA responds by taking him to the mat and playing around with him. KUSHIDA also wins out in a headlock battle and takes him over with arm drags. Some of it looks sloppy. KUSHIDA works the arm as Drew Gulak steps out onto the stage for a closer look. KUSHIDA with a snap rana and wristlock. Reeves slams him into the corner to break it. Reeves stays on top and gets two on a suplex. KUSHIDA fights back and hits a step up enziguri. Springboard chop and a series of kicks. Handspring back elbow connects. Hip toss, cartwheel and dropkick from KUSHIDA gets two. Hanging Hoverboard Lock is applied. He gets distracted by Gulak and Reeves escapes. KUSHIDA knocks him outside with a handspring kick. Somersault to the outside follows. KUSHIDA kicks the arm and uses a tilt a whirl to get Reeves in the Hoverboard Lock.

Winner: KUSHIDA in 5:04 [**]

Drew Gulak looks impressed.

Backstage, Bianca Belair drags Cathy Kelley over to Regal’s office. She is going to ask about a title shot. Mia Yim exits Regal’s office. Bianca accuses her of trying to steal the opportunity. Yim says she wasn’t asking for a shot with Shayna, but a rematch with her because Bianca took a shortcut to beat her.

Elsewhere, Riddle is getting checked on and Johnny Gargano talks with him. Johnny is interviewed, saying Riddle is pissed. Johnny knows Undisputed Era are coming for him next and he’s cool with it. He talked to Regal and he’ll be facing Adam Cole for the NXT TItle at TakeOver.

Jessie vs. Vanessa Borne w/ Aliyah

Borne hits an early drop toe hold and steps on Jessie. She grabs the leg but Borne responds with a bunch of stomps. Shots in the corner by Borne, easily taking down Jessie. She continues to club away. She adds a dropkick and hip attack on the apron after an Aliyah slap. Jessie gets two on some flash pins. Spinning heel kick from Jessie. She misses an avalanche in the corner. Borne with a headbutt and the old Curtis Axel inverted neckbreakaer.

Winner: Vanessa Borne in 2:49 [NR]

NXT Tag Team Championship: Viking Raiders [c] vs. Street Profits

Crowd is all for the Profits. Erik knocks down Dawkins and wrecks Ford with a knee. He tags Ivar, who is thrown into Dawkins in the corner.They grab Ford and want to hit a tandem move, but Dawkins spears Erik. Ford rolls up Ivar twice for near fall.s Big boot from Ivar. Ford tags Dawkins. They cartwheel away from each other’s attacks and then Dawkins with the spinebuster. Tag to Ford for the Frog Splash that gets two. Erick fights back for his guys, but then the Forgotten Sons come out and brawl for a DQ.

Winners via DQ: Viking Raiders in 2:13 [NR]

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcna join the fray. All four teams brawl in and out of the ring. During the scuffle, the Profits hit the Raiders with an electric chair drop combo and count their own three, showing they can beat the champs. They celebrate and escape as the Raiders get up. The Raiders are pissed, taking out their frustrations on Burch, Lorcan, and the Sons with a series of tag moves. The Raiders put the titles on the mat and bow to close the show.

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