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411’s WWE NXT Report 5.29.19

May 29, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Kushida NXT 5-29-19

Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim

A rematch from three weeks ago when Bianca won by using her hair on the ropes for leverage (***). Mia opens with a dropkick that sends Bianca outside. She responds with a shot that gets her a one count. Mia escapes a body slam, trips Bianca and slaps at her head. Bianca takes her down and fires off right hands. Mia counters with her own but then falls to a shoulder block. Mia outruns her a few times and chop blocks her before nailing a kick. Cannonball in the corner gets two. Bianca catches a kick, slams her down and nails a big boot for two. A frustrated Bianca wails on her. Double chicken wing turns into a full nelson. Mia fights out but still gets run over. Impressive delayed vertical suplex, complete with squats, by Bianca. A splash and kip up follow. Bianca slaps Mia but then gets trapped in the Tarantula. SOS style rollup for two. Dropkick by Bianca. She kicks away at MIa and cockily covers her with one foot. Hanging double chicken wing but Mia counters into a rollup for two. Another rollup gets two. Backslide gets two. She keeps hold and Bianca tries one. Mia flips over and lands on her feet but takes a forearm for two. Mia omes back with a belly to belly throw. Both women are down. They trade shots before Mia gets two on Code Yim. Bianca backs her into the corner with shoulder thrusts. Bianca goes shoulder first into the ring post after missing a charge. Eat Defeat connects but Bianca rolls outside to avoid the pin. Mia fights her outside but Bianca uses the double chicken wing slam to drop her face first on the apron. Bianca slides in for the countout win but Mia beats it at nine. A furious Bianca wails on her and tosses her across the ring a few times. Mia takes a rough back body drop bump. She escapes a powerbomb and uses Bianca’s hair for assistance on Protect Ya Neck that gets the win.

Winner: Mia Yim in 10:08 [***1/4]

A video package runs to hype Velveteen Dream vs. Tyler Breeze at TakeOver.

TONIGHT ~ The Forgotten Sons take on Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch!

LAST WEEK ~ Candice LeRae was attacked by Shayna Baszler and her goons until Io Shirai’s thighs and a kendo stick made the save. Shayna was asked if she was concerned about Io and a kendo stick at TakeOver. She isn’t because she won’t be allowed a kendo stick that night and she has no friends.

Drew Gulak vs. KUSHIDA

Their early grappling attempts go to a stalemate. KUSHIDA rolls out of a wristlock and Gulak backs off. Gulak gets the advantage on a knuckle lock but KUSHIDA bridges up using his neck. Gulak takes him back down into a half crab. KUSHIDA finds a way out and turns it into a modified triangle choke. Gulak shoves off. More grappling leads to KUSHIDA turning a Gulak triangle into a crossface. Back up and they struggle to get an abdominal stretch on. KUSHIDA wins out and puts on an octopus. Gulak powers out and goes to a rolling Trailer Hitch. KUSHIDA gets out and drops Gulak’s arm over the top. He misses a kick to the arm and Gulak hits a gutbuster. KUSHIDA turns a Gulak submission into a Stretch Plum. Gulak breaks his grip to get free. They jockey for position again. Gulak leaps over, ducks a clothesline, and gets caught into a leaping armbar. Gulak clamps his hands together to block it fully being locked on. KUSHIDA breaks it but Gulak turns it over into an Ankle Lock. KUSUHIDA gets up into a rolling armbar. Back to the Ankle Lock. KUSHIDA escapes and nails an enziguri. He rolls out of the corner but Back to the Future is blocked. He flips over for the Hoverboard Lock but Gulak blocks. Flatliner by KUSHIDA. He rolls into a pinning combination that gets the three.

Winner: KUSHIDA in 8:15 [***1/4]

Gulak and KUSHIDA exchange words after the match. Gulak calls him a coward and KUSHIDA just points out that he won.

Io Shirai is asked about Shayna having friends with her at TakeOver. Io doesn’t care. She can brign friends if she wants but she wont’ need a kendo stick to beat them. Candice LeRae comes up and thanks Io for the help before saying she has her back at TakeOver.

The TakeOver XXV card is run down. This is followed by a video package to hype Cole vs. Gargano II.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. The Forgotten Sons w/ Jackson Ryker

Crowd is clearly behind Burch and Lorcan. Burch opens with a dropkick on Blake. He spins him around and kicks him in the arm. Arm wringer but Blake gets out. Tag and a tandem backbreaker gets two on Burch. Another tag but Burch gets free and in comes Oney. He chops Blake but Ryker trips him up at ringside. Black levels him with a lariat as the referee ejects Ryker. When Ryker gets to the top of the stage, the STreet Profits attack him. The distraction leads to a brawl. The Profits join in for a DQ.

No Contest in 2:11 [NR]

A “Thank you Profits” chant. The Sons are taken out, leading to the babyface teams brawling. The Sons return with chairs and take out both teams. The Undisputed Era arrive. Their 4-on-2 advantage lets them take out the Sons. They get a ladder and all four drive it into Ryker’s face to knock him out. The ladder gets slammed on him before Cole sits on top of it. He tells Riddle and Gargano that what they just did was undisputed.

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