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411’s WWE NXT Report 6.19.19

June 19, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE NXT Undisputed Era 6-19-19

The Undisputed Era open the show, with Adam Cole as NXT Champion for the first time. Cole says this is the start of them having all the titles. They started at the top and attacked the top guy and it worked. They think this is how the show should start every week, so they run the NXT intro video, but edited with only clips of the Undisputed Era. Kyle O’Reilly says he put that together last night. They promise to have all the titles and power by the end of 2019. Nobody will be able to touch them, not even William Regal or Triple H. They get interrupted by the arrival of the Velveteen Dream. He says that he’d like to touch Adam. He says Cole looks good with the title, but it would look better paired with his North American Title. Roderick Strong shouts down Dream, saying he doesn’t deserve to be in their presence. Out comes Matt Riddle, asking how hard he hit Strong at TakeOver. He reminds us that he beat Strong and Cole in recent weeks. Cole says Riddle is jealous that he’s held every title in NXT and the rest of the UE have also held gold, while he’s dropped the ball in title matches. Cole tells him to go back to writing reviews on attitude era wrestlers online. That era is the past and everyone is just living in the current undisputed era. That brings out Tyler Breeze to a huge pop. He says he was talking to Regal backstage. He doesn’t care what’s undisputed, but they’re taking credit for a building a brand that he helped make before they were even in the company. An “OG” chant starts. Regal took Breeze’s suggestion that it will be himself, Riddle, and Dream against any three UE members.

NEXT WEEK ~ Io Shirai faces Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Title match in a Steel Cage.

A video package airs recapping the Shirai/Baszler feud.

Damian Priest vs. Raul Mendoza

Priest opens with a huge kick that knocks Raul down. Forearm follows a corner whip. Peist smiles while in control. Mendoza with some right hands. Priest catches one, spins him around, ear clap, and forearm. I miss a moment but come back to see Mendoza with some athleticism and a series of kicks. Priest sends him to the apron but Mendoza walks the top rope and hits a dropkick. Priest is sent outside, where he is pissed. he catches a diving Mendoza and chokeslams him on the apron. Huge spinning boot and rolling cutter end it.

Winner: Damian Priest in 2:13 [NR]

Backstage, William Regal has an announcement. With so much talent in the Performance Center, he’s decided to run asingle elimination tournament called the NXT Breakout Tournament. It will be for guys who haven’t appeared on TV yet. The winner gets a shot at an NXT Title of their choosing. The participants include Jordan Myles (formerly ACH), BOA, Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee), Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (Shane Strickland), Dexter Lumis (Sam Shaw), Bronson Reed (Jonah Rock), Angel Garza (Humberto Garza) and Joaquin Wilde (DJ Z).

A vignette runs to explain a lot about Mia Yim’s background. She’s here to fight for the people who need someone to stand up for them and that incudes the women’s roster. She’s coming for Shayna Baszler.

Taynara Conti vs. Xia Li

Handshake and bow to start. Knuckle lock opens things. Conti pulls her into a pin for one. Li responds with a jackknife pin for one. They jockey for position. Conti judo throw. Li avoids a kick and rolls her up. Conti blocks a strike and hits another judo throw. She talks some smack and Li fires off a bunch of kicks that Conti backs away from. More smack talk. Li with a wheelbarrow throw. Li hits a thrust to the chest and a shotgun dropkick. Conti avoids a kick and kicks the leg. Hair slam. Conti says Latinas do it better. She gets frustrated on near falls. She fires off strikes and keeps getting two. Li fights out of a wear down hold but is sent into the corner. Conti misses running knees. Sweep from Li followed by a bunch of kicks. Li springboards to the top to avoid a shot and hits a heel kick for three.

Winner: Xia Li in 4:32 [**1/2]

STREET TALK ~ The Street Profits present a special episode as champions. Their celebration temporarily stops when Ford’s crown hits the floor. They drive around Full Sail University celebrating.

NEXT WEEK ~ The Street Profits vs. The Forgotten Sons. Joaquin Wilde vs. Angel Garza.

Matt Riddle, Tyler Breeze and NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream vs. The Undisputed Era

The UE representatives are Strong, Fish, and Cole. Riddle and Coel start. Riddle immediately takes him down to the mat with some belly to back slams. Rolling kneebar but Strong enters to break it out. Riddle breaks it to chase him and Cole gets in a cheap shot. Quick tags lead to an isolated Riddle in the corner. Riddle fights out and tags Dream, who hits a double axe handle. Dropkick on Strong. Dream slides out of the ring and hits a right hand. He goes up and wants another axe handle, but Strong hits him in the ribs. Fish enters with knee strikes. Dream comes back with an impressive quebrada for two. He grinds to taunt the UE. Tag to Breeze who gets backed into teh UE corner. Tag to Cole with right hands. Riddle becomes legal shortly after and again takes Cole to the mat. He wants a deadlift German but Cole elbows out. Riddle holds on, ducks an enziguri and nails a ripcord knee. The babyfaces clean house, with a Breeze superkick capping it. Riddle with a knee and Exploder. Cole avoids a PK and Riddle hits a senton. KOR distracts the ref and Fish takes out Riddle with an elbow. Tag to Strong for a backbreaker. Chops by Riddle, tag to Fish and a bunch of kicks. Cole enters with knees to the back. He moves to a chinlock. Riddle tries to rally but Cole gets two on a Backstabber. Tag to Strong for a back suplex. Tag to Fish for a snap suplex that gets two. Riddle remains the face in peril. Cole fakes a superkick and kicks Riddle in the leg. Riddle stops a Panama Sunrise and makes the hot tag to Breeze, who hits everything moving. He connects with the Beauty Shot on Fish but Strong pulls him out to break up the pin. Dream tags himself in, stopping Breeze’s momentum. They argue, leading to Cole superkicking Riddle off the apron. Dream and Breeze double superkick him off the apron. Strong then pins Dream with a move I unfortunately missed while looking down.

WInners: The Undisputed Era in 9:14 [***1/2]

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