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411’s WWE NXT Report 6.22.16

June 22, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

Welcome to another edition of 411mania’s NXT Report.

Things start with a recap of the Finn Balor/Shinsuke Nakamura segment last week.

Tye Dillinger vs. Oney Lorcan

Lorcan is better known as Biff Busick. He has an interesting stance that gives Tye some trouble. Tye works a headlock and a shoulder block, followed by the “10”. This time, Lorcan sends him down with two shoulder blocks and does his own “10”, to boos. Lorcan gets two on a hip toss before going back to a headlock. Tye gets in a kick but runs into an elbow. Lorcan leaps over and counters a body slam before hitting a great charging uppercut. Tye comes back by firing up on his own, including a very rough whip into the corner. Tye grabs the wrist for a clothesline but Lorcan nails him with one of his own. Lorcan fires off some aggressive back elbows but runs into a sick superkick for a close near fall. Tye can’t believe it. He goes for the 10 punches in the corner but hesitates, allowing Lorcan to score on a strange flipping neckbreaker to pull off the upset.

Winner: Oney Lorcan in 5:55

A really fun way for Lorcan to get his first win. This seemed like it would be a squash win for Tye but they turned it around. The crowd warmed to Lorcan after he mocked the “10” and they reacted well to the finish. Welcome to NXT Lorcan. **1/2

Cathy Kelley interviews Austin Aries. Aries says that despite the loss to Shinsuke, his goal remains the same. He compares himself to Muhammad Ali, saying that Ali didn’t win every round and he was the greatest ever. Aries says he wasn’t 100% and that Nakamura had home field advantage but for 3 seconds, he was the better man. No Way Jose interrupts to tell Aries to stay positive before dancing away.

Recap time as we are shown the injury that Bayley suffered against Nia Jax last month. We then hear from Bayley, who says that she returns tonight.

No Way Jose vs. Josh Woods

Jose has gotten very over with Full Sail quickly. Woods looks like a default CAW for a UFC game. Jose leaps over him and scores on a high hip toss. Woods words a headlock but Jose gets out and goes into his offense, complete with atomic drop and fastball punch. He hits the half nelson slam and that’s it.

Winner: No Way Jose in 1:57

Typical stuff here. Jose is a fun guy to have around.

As Jose is celebrating and dancing, Austin Aries strolls to the ring. He says that people are defined by their defeats and not victories. He casually makes excuses while saying real men don’t make excuses. He wonders what he could possibly learn from No Way Jose. After watching the match, he realized that NXT is about having fun. Aries thanks Jose and shakes his hand. Before he can leave though, Jose stops him to dance. Aries gets way into the dancing and it’s hilarious. They go outside and continue to boogie. They make their way up to the announce table and dance atop it. Aries finally lays into him with a left hand before jumping off of the announce table with another. He continues he attack until leaving to a mixed reaction.

Earlier today, William Regal met with Shinsuke Nakamura. Apparently, Finn Balor left a note saying that he wanted Regal to make the match happen. Regal agreed and made the match for three weeks from tonight. Buddy Murphy interrupted, saying he’s the only guy in the room to have held NXT gold. Nakamura gets up and accepts his request for a main event level match tonight.

Bayley vs. Deonna Purrazzo

They lock up and Deonna ducks under Bayley, thy block each other’s hip tosses before Bayley rolls her into a pin for two. Deonna gets a rollup for two as well. Commentary does a good job in saying this is a test for Bayley’s knee. She sprinboards off the middle rope with a hip toss before hitting a neckbreaker on the second rope. Bayley misses her corner back elbow and gets taken down. Bayley runs into a kick and then eats a high knee. Russian leg sweep gets Deonna two. Running kick from Deonna also gets two. Deonna smashes Bayley in he corner but she “hulks up” and hits a diving back elbow. Bayley to Belly finishes her off.

Winner: Bayley in 2:43

Fine way to get Bayley into the swing of things.

Andrea interviews Carmella about her win last week. Carmella puts over the division and says that she wants to be the champion and face of the division. Alexa Bliss interrupts, saying that without Enzo and Cass, nobody cares about her. Carmella says she’s jealous because her boys are doing big things while BAMF are pathetic. Alexa says she made them stars while Carmella was an accessory. Alexa says she never got pinned in the triple threat, so Carmella dares her to get in her way. Alexa backs away.

A Samoa Joe vignette airs, recapping his dominant run as of late.

A special look at the NXT Women’s Championship match from TakeOver: The End is shown.

We get an Authors of Pain video package. American Alpha returns next week!

Nia Jax vs. Liv Morgan

An angry Nia charges but gets put in a headlock, only to throw Liv down. She follows with some elbow drops. Nia just womanhandles her and applies a cobra clutch like submission. Liv elbows out but nearly gets slammed. She slips free and uses a headscissors to send her to the corner. Liv comes off the top but misses. She does connect on two dropkicks but is flattened by a splash. Nia nearly murders her with a powerbomb.

Winner: Nia Jax in 2:08

About what you’d expect. It’s hard to care about Nia ding all of this again though.

Next week, Alexa Bliss takes on Carmella.

Buddy Murphy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura is quick to kick Murphy and cause him to regroup. They go to a test of strength where Nakamura kicks him in the face and laughs. Murphy goes after the arm with a wrist lock. Nakamura uses his athleticism to get free and turn it to a headlock. Nakamura does his signature taunt, hits a knee and drops a knee on Murphy. Time for the corner shake thing that is now called good vibrations. Twice. Murphy pulls him into the turnbuckle to stop his offense. Murphy gires off shots but Nakamura seems mostly unfazed. He counters a suplex with a knee and delivers some vicious blows. After some loud kicks, Nakamura nails an enziguri. He hits the running corner knee and reverse exploder. Kinshasa ends things.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura in 4:35

Another standard Nakamura squash. Not much to write about here.

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