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411’s WWE NXT Report 6.26.19

June 26, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Io Shirai NXT 6-26-19

NXT Breakout Tournament Quarterfinals: Angel Garza vs. Joaquin Wilde

We get a little intro video for both guys. Wilde talks about how he almost died in 2017. Garza being a cousin of Humberto Carrillo is mentioned. Garza is cocky and gets under Wilde’s skin during their first exchange. Wilde with a sweet takeover and he shows off his athleticism. Their next exchange comes to a standoff. Chops in the corner by Garza but he runs into a boot. Spingboard flipping arm drag by Wilde. He counters a tilt a whirl backbreaker into a cross body for two. Spinning headscissors is countered by Garza into a facebuster. Garza with a popup knee before ripping off his pants to reveal trunks. Knee to the ribs in the corner. Garza gets two with a creative spinout powerbomb/facebuster combo. More chops and a dropkick. Straightjacket submission by Garza. Wilde finds a way to counter it into his own. Leaping clothesline from Wilde and an inverted atomic drop. He shows off a creative kip up style stomp to the jaw that gets two. Garza goes outside for a breather and Wilde wants a dive. Garza goes around the ring to escape and Wilde goes through the turnbuckles to hit a tope suicida. They go up top where Garza nails an avalanche Spanish Fly that gets two. Wilde rolls up a bewildered Garza for two. Garza with a huge knee and a Butterfly Compactor of sorts gets the win.

Winner: Angel Garza in 7:22 [***1/2]

A KUSHIDa vignette runs. The best wrestlers in the world are here and he’s excited at the prospect of who he can face.

Last week, they tried to speak with Damian Priest about his debut. He says his name will live forever and that we haven’t seen anything yet.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits [c] vs. The Forgotten Sons w/ Jackson Ryker

This was scheduled to be non-title but the Profits offered up free smoke and put the titles on the line. Ford begins with Cutler. Cutler takes him down int the corner. Quick tags allow the Sons to keep the pressure on Ford. This heat segment is short and Dawkins comes in hot within two minutes. He lights up everyone and hits spinning corner avalanches. Tag to Ford after a spinebuster and Ford hits a frog splash. Ryker pulls him out on the pin and levels him for a DQ.

Winners via disqualification: The Street Profits in 2:22 [NR]

The Forgotten Sons continue the attack after the match until Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan make the save. After cleaning house, Burch and Lorcan pick up the Tag Team Titles and hold them away from the Profits. They give them back without a fight, but say the Profits owe them.

A short vignette seems to show Killian Dain watching weird videos.

Earlier today, Vanessa Borne and Aliyah spoke about the Mia Yim vignette from last week. She was poor and had a rough upbringing, which they can’t relate to because they’re privileged. Aliyah faces Mia Yim next week.

Keith Lee vs. Nykos Rikos

I think that’s how you spell the jobber’s name. He’s wearing a really weird outfit. He tries putting Lee’s arms down during the “bask in his glory” chants. It doesn’t work. He chops Lee to no effect and Lee wrecks him with a double chop. Massive POUNCE and Limit Breaker end it.

Winner: Keith Lee in 1:03 [NR]

A video runs to hype Adam Cole’s NXT Championship Celebration Tour. He boards a private jet to head to the Download Festival to defend his title in England. While there, we get a guest appearance from Slipknot’s Corey Taylor. Cole beat Dave Mastiff while in the UK. He speaks on the phone with Roderick Strong about putting an order in. He stops at a food spot called “Gargano’s.” The video will continue next week.

NEXT WEEK ~ Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Breeze. Also, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Cameron Grimes in a Breakout Tournament match.

NXT Women’s Championship Steel Cage Match: Shayna Baszler [c] vs. Io Shirai

Shayna out with the MMA gloves. She kicks Io in the leg and hits her with some soft strikes. Io blocks a shot to the cage and they exchange grapples. Shayna nearly gets the Kirifuda Clutch in but Io blocks. She turns it over and fires off shots. Shayna turns that around and viciously wrenches on the leg. And my media player goes out. It takes a bit to get going again. Shayna is in control, throwing Io into the cage. Shayna wears her down with a neck wrench. PK gets two. Io pulls her into a small package for two but runs into a clothesline. Shayna tosses her into the cage again. Io fights back but keeps taking strikes. She avoids a charging Shayna, sending her into the cage. Dropkick into the cage follows. German suplex connects but she can’t bridge due to damage. Double knees in the corner. Io climbs all the way up for a moonsault off the cage, but Shayna stops her. She applies the Kirifuda Clutch and throws Io to the mat in a heap. Io pops up and pulls her off the top with a super German suplex. Io crawls to the door but Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke run out to keep it closed. They argue with the referee but the deed is done. Kirifuda Clutch attempt but Io kicks the door into the girls outside, including the ref. She gets free inside and both women are down. Shafir is up to lock the door again. As Io climbs, Shafir scales it with her. Here’s Candice LeRae. She throws Duke into the cage and climbs next to Shafir, kicking her down. Lerae climbs up with Io to try and help her make it over. Duke enters and drags Shayna to the door. Candice with a cross body on Duke off the cage. Shayna knees Candice to knock her out. Shirai stands atop the cage and comes off with a huge moonsault onto Shayna. Io crawls to the door but so does Shayna. She stops the challenger and levels her. Io stops Shayna and gets ahead. Io kicks Shayna back and scrambles to the door. She has it won but Shayna manages to catch up. Kirifuda Clutch under the bottom rope. Io headbutts back to break it up. Shayna still grabs her and puts the hold back on. Io pulls the cage door into Shayna’s face to break it but Shayna falls out of the cage and retains.

Winner: Shayna Baszler in 12:55ish [***1/2]

Shayna celebrates with her friends outside as Io cries in the ring. As they leave, Candice helps Io up. A frustrated Shirai attacks Candice and beats her down. She walks off seemingly upset with herself for what she did. But then she stops and pulls out a steel chair. Io heads back in and hits Candice with the chair in the ribs and back. Io suplexes Candice onto an open chair and smiles at her actions. Before leaving, Io says she doesn’t need friends and then yells in Japanese.

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