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411’s WWE NXT Report 7.10.19

July 10, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Street Profits Lorcan Burch NXT 7-10-19

Io Shirai joins us to start the show. She has new music, different lighting effects, and is out in black leather. She simply says that she doesn’t need any friends or any of the people in the crowd. Io leaves to a chorus of boos.

Elsewhere in Full Sail, Velveteen Dream holds a small press conference. He is asked about his next challenger for the North American Title. Dream did not approve that question so he moves on. Cathy Kelley asks about Roderick Strong calling him out. Dream says Strong got lucky on NXT TV but isn’t ready or deserving enough to experience Dream one on one.

Blanco Loco vs. Damian Priest

Huge kick from Priest, followed by tossing Loco across the ring. He lifts him by the jaw but Loco responds with a right hand. He is turned inside out by a clothesline. Another clothesline. He adds a Cyclone Kick and the Reckoning to win.

Winner: Damian Priest in 1:34 [NR]

Time for another Killian Dain vignette. He watches random footage while talking about stuff that happened where he grew up. His house burned down and his home was basically a war zone.

NXT Breakout Tournament Quarterfinals: Boa vs. Jordan Myles

Myles is the former ACH. He’s the crowd favorite. Myles is laughing a lot. He offers a handshake but they bow to each other. They exchange headlocks and work the mat. Boa with a wristlock that Myles springboards out of it. He connects on an arm drag, leaps over him, cartwheels away from a boot and nails a dropkick. Myles takes him down and goes to the arm. Myles rolls through a back body drop and gets two on a pin. Boa comes back with a roundhouse kick. Knee strikes take Myles to the corner. He eats a kick to the kidney and an axe kick that puts him down. More knee strikes from Boa. Butterfly suplex gets two. Boa wears Myles down with a modified cobra clutch. Myles gets free and fires up. He catches a boot and chops Boa twice. Kicks in the corner that light Boa up. Running forearms connect. he sweeps Boa down and hits a dropkick. Kip up and a running discus clothesline in the corner. Myles climbs and comes off the top with a 450 splash.

Winner: Jordan Myles in 8:20 [***]

Backstage, Shayna Baszler is asked about Mia Yim calling her out. She expected it since she’s the champion. Shayna says Mia’s story is touching, but it’s the same story we hear a million times in fighting or wrestling. The story ends the same against Shayna. Tap, snap, or nap.

A vignette runs of Keith Lee in the Performance Center. He says he’s been here for a year and has faced freaks, knockout artists, and all types of athletes. He’s never been the “chosen one” but he always ends up on top. But things haven’t gone his way. Things need to change in year two for him to reach his peak. Limitless isn’t enough. He will become infinite.

Earlier today, William Regal announced that another person from a non-NXT brand will be coming to face KUSHIDA next week. Following in the footsteps of NXT UK’s Kassius Ohno and 205 Live’s Drew Gulak, Smackdown’s Apollo Crews returns to NXT to face KUSHIDA.

Adam Cole will defend the NXT Title next week.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits [c] vs. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan

Ford begins against Oney and the trade arm wringers. Tag to Dawkins. Ford leaps over Oney and sends him into a Dawkins shoulder block. Dawkins keeps Oney grounded on the mat  My laptop froze up so I couldn’t type as fast as the show was happening. The challengers take a breather after a hot run by the champions capped by the old World’s Greatest Tag Team finisher. They take control and hit a tandem Russian leg sweep on Dawkins. Big chop by Oney. Dawkins fights them off but takes a double suplex for two. Burch traps him in a crossface until Ford breaks it up with a kick. Shortly after, we get dual tags. Ford comes in hot with clotheslines on everyone. He wrecks Oney with a spiinebuster. Dropkick to Burch. Back suplex on Oney with a kip up into a standing moonsault for two. Assisted Sliced Bread No. 2 by the champs gets two. Ford signals for a Doomsday Device but Oney escapes and sends them crashing into each other. Dropkick by Burch after getting tagged. Half Nelson suplex by Oney gets two. Burch hits Ford with a huge German but he bounces into a tag to Dawkins. The match breaks down and everyone ends up out. Oney and Ford are up and Oney with chops. Ford stops him with a kick to the gut. Oney ducks a charging Ford, who takes his momentum and leaps to the outside with a huge tope con hilo. Oney wants a dive but Dawkins cuts him off. Spinebuster and Frog Splash inside end it.

Winners: The Street Profits in 10:00 [***1/4]

The celebration of the champions is cut off by Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly coming to the stage. They sarcastically applaud.

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