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411’s WWE NXT Report 7.12.17

July 12, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

The show opens with a video package showing what Tommaso Ciampa did to Johnny Gargano at TakeOver: Chicago and some of their history.

Clips are shown of Roderick Strong meeting up with his mom and fiancee backstage after the loss last week. Tonight, Bobby Roode will address the NXT fans.

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Fish

Oh shit, it’s Bobby Fish! They lock up and Black woks a wrist lock. Fish counters but ends up back in one. He gets free, misses a kick, they leap frog each other until Black decides to just sit down calmly. Fish tries another kick that gets ducked, before he runs into a kick from Black. Fish rolls out of a whip, ducks some punches and fires off kicks to the leg. Black’s on the ropes and Fish gives him a clean break. He catches Black’s next kick but gets lit up with a series of kicks and knees, sending him outside. Black does his springboard back flip into a seated position. Fish counters a suplex back in with a knee and then applies a sleeper on the ropes. After a break, Fish is in control and hits a senton atomico for two. Fish catches a kick and delivers a dragon screw. He focuses on the leg for a bit. A half crab wears Black down. Fish goes to a sleeper to wear him down some more. Fish hits a corner exploder for another near fall. Fish gets a bit cocky and talks smack. They trade forearms until Black delivers a boot. He hits some more kicks and a corner forearm. Springboard moonsault and high knee from Black. He picks up Fish and wins with Black Mask.

Winner: Aleister Black in 7:38 [**3/4]

Clips are shown of SAnitY against HIdeo Itami and Kassius Ohno from last week. Backstage, Ohno tried catching up to HIdeo, who blamed him for the loss. Ohno said Hideo just keeps blaming everyone else since he lost at TakeOver and he’s done trying to help him.

A vignette airs to hype the Street Prophets! I’m so ready for their debut. It’s a bunch of self shot videos and is already entertaining.

Two weeks ago, Kayla Braxton interviewed the Velveteen Dream outside. He said this wasn’t a setting fitting of interviewing him. Though she interviews everyone there, he’s not every other Superstar.

Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match: Hayme Hachey vs. Vanessa Borne

I’ve never heard of either woman. They lock up and go some go arounds. Hachey with a shoulder block and a lame looking sunset flip. Borne rolls through, leaps over her and delivers a kick to the back. Hachey comes back with a sidewalk slam. She works a rest hold while they plug the Performance Center.They trade blows until Borne hits a clothesline and a weak dropkick. She hits another kick and a spinning slam of sorts to qualify.

Winner: Vanessa Borne in 1:50

A video was captured after NXT last week of Drew McIntyre being confronted by SAnitY outside. Killian Dane jumped him from behind, while Alexander Wolfe distracted him. He fought back but was overwhelmed.

Backstage, William Regal talks to Bobbdy Roode. He says Killian Dane and Drew McIntyre are both undefeated and want shots at the NXT Title. Roode says he’d beat both of those guys any day of the week and says they should face each other. Regal thinks he wants that so they could beat each other, but agrees that should happen. The winner, next week, goes on to face Roode for the title at TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Johnny Gargano is out for the first time since TakeOver: Chicago. The fans chant “Johnny Wrestling” a ton, which he says he missed. He feels that the DIY entrance theme used to make him feel special, but things are different after Chicago. “I never thought the guy I’d take a bullet for, would be the one to pull the trigger on me.” He didn’t see it coming and doesn’t understand why it happened. Johnny’s not here to dwell on the past. He’s looking to the future since he can control how he reacts to things and needs to get back in the ring. He claims he has to be on the Brooklyn card, because it’s the biggest show of the year. New theme music plays for him on his way out.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) w/ Paul Ellering vs. Heavy Machinery

Knight starts with Akam and they jockey for position. Knight wins out and sends him to the corner, but he runs into an elbow. Both guys tag out. Razar and Otis go forehead to forehead before Razar hits him. A clothesline doesn’t take Otis down and they yell a bunch. Another clothesline fails, so Otis comes back with a forearm and a body attack that sends Razar on his ass. Both partners come in but the referee keeps them all separated. After a break, Akam wears down Knight. Tag to Razar and they take turns delivering knees to the midsection. Neck wrench by Razar. They take turns wearing him down and keeping Otis out of the ring. Knight finally elbows free of their grasp, only to get caught in a side slam/leg drop combo, though the leg drop looked like shit. Another tag sees Razar kick Knight. Knight gets free with a clothesline that takes Razar down. Both guys make the tag, but Otis’ hot tag doesn’t get a big reaction. He runs over Akam with clotheslines, before hitting a release belly to belly suplex on Razar. Both champions eat a corner avalanche together. Razar is knocked outside. Powerslam and a tandem body slam on Akam for two. HM go for their finish, but Razar takes Knight out with a big boot. DDT on Otis and AOP hit the Last Chapter to retain.

Winners and Still NXT Tag Team Champions: The Authors of Pain in 7:44 [**1/4]

The Authors of Pain have their celebration cut short by SAnitY’s theme. Dane, Wolfe and Cross appear on stage and stare them down. They look up and papers begin falling from the ceiling. Commentary has to explain it’s supposed to symbolize the book of pain we always hear about.

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