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411’s WWE NXT Report 7.31.19

July 31, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE NXT 7-31-19

Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons vs. Tyler Breeze

There are still major audio sync issues with the Network’s live stream since the update. Ryker overpowers Breeze in the early tie-ups and tosses him around. Breeze fires up but gets caught with a uranage. He wears Breeze down with a modified chinlock. Breeze fights back with kicks and counters a slam into a victory roll to give Ryker his first loss.

Winner: Tyler Breeze in 3:21 [*1/2]

The Forgotten Sons jump Breeze after the bell. They surround him and he fights, but the numbers are too much. He is set up for a powerbomb by Ryker but the returning Fandango strolls out and pulls the ropes down to send Ryker outside. He drops a leg on Blake and brawls with Cutler in the ring before sending him out onto his buddies.

We get a look at Candice LeRae attacking Io Shirai last week. Candice is standing outside, apparently waiting for Io tonight.

NXT Breakout Tournament Semi-Finals: Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes

Reed throws Grimes around a bit to start and shoulder blocks him down. He moves to a chinlock. Grimes is out but gets run over. Big chop by Reed. Grimes uses his quickness to goad Reed into a dropkick. Still, he can’t whip Reed and gets blocked so he explodes with a clothesline for two. Grimes slows the pace, hits another dropkick, and goes back to the mat. Reed comes back with a poewrslam and forearm. Elbow to the head, corner avalanche, and Samoan drop all follow. BIG BOY SENTON gets two. Grimes scatters to the ropes for dear life, using it to get in a cheap shot. He hits a jumping forearm and they trade blows. From out of nowhere, Grimes hits a leaping double stomp to advance to the finals.

Winner: Cameron Grimes in 5:52 [**3/4]

A short video runs to hype Gargano/Cole III. Next week, we will see a “Prime Target” preview of it.

Earlier today, Matt Riddle called out Killian Dain at the Performance Center. He’ll face him next week.

Out comes NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler to address what Mia Yim has done to Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir in recent weeks. She calls out Mia for what she did because she attacked them from behind. This is the professionals and not the street. That’s why she’s already lost in Toronto. Under the big lights, she’ll be put to sleep because street rats don’t survive long in her world. Mia interrupts and says that she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. She’s bringing a fight that Shayna can’t train for. Shayna calls her street trash again and says that’s what everyone will see that she is at TakeOver. They talk more trash away from the mic before Shayna leaves.

Outside, William Regal informs Candice that he barred Io Shirai from the building tonight. Candice wants a match with Io at TakeOver. Regal understands and books it.

Next week, Undisputed Era and the Street Profits will sign the contract for their TakeOver match.

Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong

They met twice in 2018. Once for the UK Title (***) and once as more of a grudge match (***1/4). They lock up and head to the mat where neither gets the upper hand. Strong takes him down again but there’s still no advantage. Even the crowd is split. Dunne breaks a hold by manipulating the fingers. He turns it into an octopus hold but Strong reaches the ropes. He gets in a cheap shot and then an enziguri. They trade chops in the corner before Strong just kicks and stomps on him. They run the ropes and Dunne hits a big clothesline. Dunne wrenches at the wrist and stomps on the arm. Dunne adds a PK to the elbow. he tries to backflip over Strong but gets a forearm to the back. Strong hoists him into a Torture Rack that he turns into a release backbreaker. Strong takes control and wears Dunne down. Dunne fires off kicks to the leg to slow Strong down. He comes back with an awkward looking dropkick for two. Strong with some stiff shots before taking Dunne up top. Dunne counters a superplex with a release front suplex and then adds a missile dropkick. Dunne flips over Strong in the corner and hits a step up enziguri. He taunts and nails the Explex. PK gets two. Dunne stomps on the hands and kicks him in the head. They jockey for position. Dunne lands on his feet on aa German and kicks Strong in the face. Sitout powerbomb gets two. Strong pulls Dunne off the top into a backbreaker style slam onto the apron. That only gets a near fall. Strong with a flurry o strikes. Step up knee in the corner and a backbreaker into a face plant slam for two. Dunne rallies with a bunch of kicks but takes an Olympic Slam. Strong holds on for another that gets countered into a DDT. Forearms and chops by Roddy. Dunne fires back with his own that sends Strong to the mat. Dunne kicks at Strong from the top, knocking him down again. Strong kicks him in the knee. They struggle up top and Dunne hits a bad looking sunset flip where Strong lands mostly on top of him. Strong counters the Bitter End and hits a jumping knee. Gibson Driver follows for two and Strong takes the kickout into the Stronghold. Dunne breaks it by going after the hand and kicking at Strong’s face. He turns it into a triangle choke. Dunne rolls over and snaps at the fingers until Strong taps.

Winner: Pete Dunne in 16:00 [***1/2]

Dunne’s celebration is cut short when Velveteen Dream appears behind him. It looks like he’ll attack with the title but he doesn’t. Strong gets on the apron to say it’s his title before walking away.Dream taunts but Dunne grabs his hand and snaps the fingers before hitting the Bitter End.

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