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411’s WWE NXT Report 9.4.19

September 4, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Adam Cole WWE NXT 9-4-19

We open to a video package of Jordan Myles winning the NXT Breakout Tournament. He caches in his NXT Title shot against Adam Cole tonight!

Breezango vs. Chase Parker and Matt Martel

A new thee song for Breezango. Their opponents have been partners for 15 years. andango starts with Martel, who kicks him in the corner. Arm wringer and tag to Parker for a right hand. Sunset flip is blocked, Fandango grinds, and then hits a leg drop. Another grind. Tag to Breeze for a snap suplex near fall. He sends Parker over and then hits a jumping corner forearm before taunting. Parker levels him and tags Martel who walks into a dropick. Arm drag by Breeze. Martel fights out and sends him into a Parker knee. Parker is the legal man and he wears down Breeze. He comes back with a shot in the corner but has the tag cut off. He gets free and makes the tag. Fandango runs over Parker a few times. Snap powerslams for both. Falcon Arrow (HE DID THE DEAL). Tag to Breeze who tags back out with a catapault forearm into an elbow that ends it.

Winners: Breezango in 4:06 [NR]

Earlier today, Jordan Myles arrived with Keith Lee. Cathy Kelley asked him about the match and he said he was nervous but his confidence will be there when the music hits. Lee says he should have confidence because he’s only been here a few months and already has a title shot.

Backstage, Io Shirai is mercilessly attacking Candice LeRae with a kendo stick. She has to be pulled away by officials.

Earlier today, Cameron Grimes is freaking out about not winning the tournament. He shouts it over and over. He wanted to come in and be vaulted right to the top. Instead, he’s back at the bottom. He repeats that his goal is to be the champion. He puts on his weird top hat and walks off.

Non-Title Match: Kona Reeves vs. NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream

Reeves talk smack to start and they go to a break in the corner. Dream shoves him and taunts. Reeves gets free of a headlock, leaps over Dream a few times, but eats a dropkick. He also runs into a back elbow. Dream misses a superkick and gets his foot caught in the top rope. That gives Reeves the opening to pounce with several shots. Reeves knocks him to the apron with a right hand. His trash talk leads Dream to fire up with kicks and a clothesline. Reeves blocks a sunset flip and pins with his hands on the ropes for leverage. He gets caught by the referee. Reeves argues long enough to get superkicked twice. Dream Valley Driver wraps this up.

Winner: Velveteen Dream in 4:00 [*1/2]

Post-match, Roderick Strong appears on the tron. He says he was told by Dream to get his attention since the spotlight is on him now. The camera pans back to reveal that Strong burned Dream’s couch to give him the bright lights that he always craves. Strong says Dream knows he can’t beat him one on one.

A video runs to recap the awesome Shayna Baszler/Rhea Ripley interaction last week. Next week, they meet in a non-title match!

Bianca Belair vs. Taynara Conti

I can never tell if Conti is supposed to be heel or face. Clean break in the corner and Bianca blows her a kiss. A second break sees Conti shove her. Bianca returns the favor and Conti chops her. Monkey flip gets one. Bianca powers her up but ends up pinned for one. Shoulder block by Bianca. Conti drops down but is run over again for two. Bianca leaps over her, springboard backflips over her a second time, and nails a dropkick. A second monkey flip sees Bianca land on her feet. Conti hits a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Conti viciously kicks Bianca’s arm for another near fall and then moves to a chinlock. Bianca fights out but takes a  judo throw. She does a rollup for two before Conti comes back with a bicycle kick for two. Conti is frustrated so she just wails on Bianca. Double knees in the corner and another knee strike. Conti moves to a handing armbar on the ropes. Bianca takes a rough spill to the outside. Conti wants a coss body off the apron but Bianca catches her with a fallaway slam. Both girls get back in the ring at the count of nine. Mat slam by Belair and she just pounces on her with clubs. Handspring moonsault and kip up. Conti escapes a suplex. Bianca leaps over her, backflips and hits a running forearm. KOD for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Bianca Belair in 5:40 [***]

NEXT WEEK ~ Johnny Gargano addresses his future.

From his office, William Regal informs us that in two weeks, there will be a Number One Contender’s Triple Threat match. Bianca Belair, Mia Yim, and Io Shirai will meet for a shot at Shayna Baszler.

NXT Championship: Adam Cole [c] vs. Jordan Myles

Cole is overconfident and talks smack as he gains the upper hand on the mat. Each time Myles tries something, Cole has a way to stop him. He keeps putting him in a simple headlock. Myles gets out, leaps over him, and delivers a hip toss with a smile. He keeps the pressure on the arm and works it for a while. Myles rolls to avoid a shot and hits a dropkick. Cole heads outside for a powder. Myles misses a PK and Cole pulls him to the ground. Cole stays in control though Myles fights back with body shots. Cole sends him into the ropes and he gets whiplash as he collides with them. Cole puts the focus on the neck and uses a headscissors. Cole badmouths him by saying he doesn’t deserve this opportunity. They trade shots and Myles hits a running forearm. He adds another, does some flips, and trips him before hitting a dropkick. Cole rolls outside and Myles hits a pescado. Back inside, Myles avoids an enziguri and deadlifts Cole into a German suplex for two. Cole gets two on a seemingly desperate crucifix. Enziguri connects this time and Cole adds a Backstabber for two. Cole traps him in a Figure Four. Myles struggles for the ropes and finally manages to roll and get there. Cole held on until the count of four, as he with every opportunity. Cole sets him up top and my feed skips so I miss how they get to the mat but Cole hits the Brainbuster on the knee for two. They move outside and Myles delivers a PK from the apron. Myles adds a sweet tope suicida and a frog splash that gets him the closest near fall yet. Cole avoids a second top rope move but still eats a superkick. However, he gets his knees up on the Midnight Star. Myles still gets two on a rollup. He comes in from the apron right into a superkick. Cole adds a second and wins with the Last Shot.

Winner: Adam Cole in 14:36 [***1/2]

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