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411’s WWE NXT TakeOver: R Evolution Report 12.11.14

December 11, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

411’s NXT TakeOver: R Evolution Report 12.11.14

We open the Kickoff Show with a panel of Renee Young, Alex Riley and Jason Albert. Albert stumbles through his intro. They discuss the NXT Championship match with Riley ragging on Sami Zayn. A video package airs about Hideo Itami and Finn Balor. A clip of a Sami Zayn interview plays, where he says that he wants to win the NXT Title before moving to Raw or onto anything else.

A Corey Graves vignette airs as a girl in the background loses her mind. Graves joins the panel and announces that he is forced to retire for his health. You can tell that it hurts him to say that. He will be sticking around as an announcer on NXT. He’ll be commentating tonight and will do so during Kevin Owens’ match. So I guess he will be wrestling in his debut, unlike Itami at the last TakeOver. Renee Young announces that he will open the show!

A fantastic Vaudevillains video package airs. WWE’s phenomenal production team is at it again. Rich Brennan conducts an interview with the Lucha Dragons outside ni the midst of the rabid NXT Universe. Next, a video package promoting the NXT Women’s Championship match plays in which Sasha calls Charlotte “generically basic.” Footage of an interview that Riley had with Sasha earlier is shown. Sasha gets interrupted by Bayley, who totally sucks up to Charlotte. Becky Lynch, in new attire, attacks Bayley from behind. We close out the Pre-Show with various highlights of Sami Zayn just coming up short in big matches and predictions. Riley picks Neville, while Albert and Graves choose Zayn.

The Kevin Owens vignette seems to start the show, but it translates to a montage of NXT talent saying they TakeOver tonight..

CJ Parker vs. Kevin Owens

The crowd is pumped for Owens. he charges and takes out Parker in the corner. He hits a big cannonball and this place is jacked. He breaks Parker’s sign over his knee and then does a huge front flip onto Parker outside! Owens exclaims, “ITS JUST THE BEGINNING!” Inside, Owens eats a jumping kick from Parker. Parker uses stomps and a headbutt while “Owen’s gonna kill you” chants ring out. Parker misses a senton but palm strikes Owens and gets a close near fall. He hits double knees in the corner but gets turned inside out with a lariat. Owens is gushing from the eye. Suplex into a neckbreaker looked sick. I forgot the indy name for it. Popup powerbomb ends this.

Winner: Kevin Owens in 3:13

We go to an interview that Michael Cole held with Adrian Neville. The crowd boos at the mere sight of this. A Lucha Dragons video package airs.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Dragons (c) vs. The Vaudevillains

Great new gold attire for the champs. Simon Gotch and Sin Cara start, to “Gotch is manly” chants. Cara springboards at Gotch with a body press and moonsault. Aiden English comes in, purely to allow Cara to take them down together. Odd. Kalisto gets the tag and they work a double team wheelbarrow senton. The crowd seems to be behind the Vaudevillains as Cara gets a near fall. English is knocked out and he pulls Cara out hard. Maybe I missed the tag but he is now legal. The Vaudevillains work a manly double team, clubbing Cara. English sends him to the corner and goes for a rollup, but sends him outside instead. He also gets in a cheap shot by pulling Kalisto from the apron. Cara tries a roll through for the tag but is stopped by Gotch, who hits a back suplex for two. Tag formula is being worked and it’s going well. They put Cara on the top and he’s able to escape and tag Kalisto. He comes in with a springboard cross body, corkswcrew and kick. He rolls through and kicks Gotch. English gets knocked outside with Gotch, so the Dragons hit stereo dives outside. English sacrifices himself and he moves Gotch out of harm’s way. A “chivalry” chants breaks out. Gotch brings Kalisto in, but falls victim to his finisher.

Winners and Still NXT Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Dragons in 6:39

Baron Corbin vs. Tye Dillinger

For those who don’t know, Tye Dillinger is the Stan that Shawn MIchaels superkicked backstage at a PPV some years ago. The fans count the match time and we get a lock up and some actual offense for Tye. It doesn’t last long as he gets hit with Snake Eyes and a big boot. Bull Dempsey is outside watching as Baron hits the End of Days to wrap this up.

Winner: Baron Corbin in 0:39

Baron Corbin goes gace to face with Bull Dempsey and they’re building it like some shit is going to go down soon. I’m still not sold on Bull. Sami Zayn is shown mentally preparing for the biggest match of his career. Enzo Amore and Big Cass say hi to him before he looks across the locker room and stares at his best friend, Kevin Owens.

The Ascension vs. Finn Balor and Hideo Itami

New intro for Balor as he had a heartbeat and some red lights before he started. HE’S ROCKING THE BODY PAINT! The Ascension have no clue how to react and the fans are bowing to Balor. A fist fight occurs before the bell and we get the duel corner dropkicks from Balor and Itami. A “marking out” chant starts. The match starts and Itami takes down Viktor before tagging Finn. He hits a huge running chop for two. Konnor gets a tag and gets kicked by Balor. Itami is tagged and lights up Konnor with chops and kicks but he gets flapjacked. The Ascension weather the storm and seem to be in some control now. They hit a double shoulder block for a near fall. Itami uses a timely kick to nearly make the hot tag but Viktor knocks Balor off the apron. They continue to have Itami play the face in peril for a bit. Viktor gains a near fall with a fist drop before applying a rear chinlock. Itami breaks it with a well placed kick but is still in trouble as Konnor splashes him in the corner for two. Some fans try to chant for “KENTA” but get booed and a “Hideo” chant begins. He gets ridiculously close to a tag but is again stopped. Itami gets an opening when Viktor ends up in the corner and Konnor goes outside, but Konnor trips up Balor, leaving Itami in bad hands. He does hits a vicious kick and crawls over, finally making the MOLTEN HOT TAG. Balor fires away and dropkicks Konnor off of Viktor. He then hits an enziguri on Viktor, sending him outside and connects with a diving front flip out there. He rolls Viktor in for the double stomp, but Konnor tries to stop him. He kicks him down but misses the stomp. They bot get to their feet and he plants him with a reverse brainbuster. Konnor breaks the count and is taken out by Itami. Finn misses a spin kick and gets uppercut, followed by an STO. Itami breaks the pin and goes for the GTS, bringing the crowd to their feet but Konnor stops that. The Ascension go for Total AnniYAHlation but Itami pulls Konnor out. Pele kick from Balor, running knee from Itami and they both go up top. Balor and Itami hit double diving foot stomp,s which is enough.

Winners: Finn Balor and Hideo Itami in 11:40

Renee Young interviews Roman Reigns backstage. The fuck he doing here? He doesn’t get the best response from the fans. Charlotte is getting ready and Ric Flair is here. And she’s not using the Flair name?

NXT Women’s Championship: Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks

Sasha is wearing a version of Charlotte’s shirt, but it says “Do it like a Boss” instead of “Do it with Flair.” She throws the shirt at Charlotte’s face and Corey Graves is behind Sasha, so I love him. Charlotte goes Stone Cold with a Lou Thez Press, but the challenger fights back with chops in the corner. She “woos” at Charlotte who responds with her own because it’s in her blood. Sasha blocks one, so she gets kicked. The fight goes outside and Charlotte is thrown into the steel steps. Inside, Sasha gets a near fall. Banks uses a boot choke in the corner and some shoulder thrusts. She lays Charlotte across the second rope in the corner and delivers a springboard double knee drop. A “Sasha” chant starts as she gets two. Sasha mocks Ric Flair with a strut, but her slaps gets countered into a rollup for two.Sasha nearly gets a flying head scissors but instead holds on and hits the Backstabber. Her attempt at the Bank Statement seems to get stopped, so she goes with another submission instead. Charlotte gets out but Sasha pulls hair to slam her down for another near fall. Banks goes to a figure four headlock and steals the ALEX SHELLEY SKULLFUCK from Charlotte! Charlotte breaks out with the electric chair drop. Both girls are down until eight and when they get up, it’s Charlotte time. She does have her suplex reversed, but reverses that into a neckbreaker for two. Sasha connects with a suicide dive after Charlotte goes outside. NXT! NXT! NXT! She rolls her inside and covers for two again. They begin to trade blows in the middle of the ring and the crowd is now behind Sasha. Charlotte rebounds off the ropes with a Spear that Sasha sells well. She charges into the corner but eats a boot. Sasha hits a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. She goes for the Bank Statement but it’s blocked. Charlotte tries the Figure Four, but Sasha pulls her into a small package for two. Sasha gets two again with a necbreaker. She goes old school heel and tries more quick pins before getting emotional and throwing a tantrum. They get up and Charlotte hits a body slam suplex or something. Charlotte climb sup and misses her moonsault but lands on her feet and hits a front flip but Sasha gets her feet on the ropes to break the pin. Charlotte hets her up for a Razor’s Edge but it’s counters. Sasha again forces Charlotte face first into the turnbuckle. She tries a sueprplex but Charlotte counters with a front suplex from the top. Charlotte is on top and hits a super Natural Selection to end it.

Winner and Still NXT Women’s Champion: Charlotte in 12;10

NXT Championship: Adrian Neville (c) vs. Sami Zayn

The pop for Sami Zayn is absurd. I don’t think there’s a single person pulling for Adrian Neville. There is a big fight feel for sure. Tie up leads to a feeling out process that ends with a bit of a standoff. Commentary builds the fact that the former friends don’t even train in the same gym anymore. Neville seems to want to ground Zayn and silence the crowd. Zayn rolls free but Neville front flips free to one up Sami. Neville runs into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for our first big move. Sami follows with a springboard moonsault outside. Inside, Sai hits a big kick for a one count. Sami gets him in another pin attempt but can’t get the three. Neville hits a clothesline and gets two. A snapemare followed by a dropkick gets Neville two again. He connects with a huge uppercut for two again. Lots of early near falls. Neville pulls a Randy Orton with a knee drop for two. He continues to wear down Sami, but the crowd helps him rally. It only leads to him getting dropkicked for two. Neville has done his best to take the crowd out of it. Neville kicks him about seven times in teh face but runs into a big clothesline. Another from Sami and the crowd is coming alive. Sami charges and hits a pop up dropkick before going for a dive outside. Neville runs in and meets him with a hurricanrana. He goes for a dive, but Sami stops him and ends up hitting his front flip out there! Inside, Sami comes off the top with a cross body for two. Neville leaps onto Sami’s shoulders, but Sami spins him out into a huge Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two. Jawbreaker from Neville, followed by a running uppercut. He hits another big kick and then a rebound German for a near fall. The champion goes for a piledriver, but it’s countered. Sami tries a springbody but it’s blocked and Neville hits a SICK sitout powerbomb for two. Neville strikes Sami, who is out on his feet, but he fires up and they go head to head. They trade blows, with Neville hitting his series of kicks. Sami dodges one and turns him inside out with a clothesline. He misses the Helluva Kick and eats a kick. Neville sets up for the Red Arrow to “No” chants. He leaps but Sami gets his knees up and applies the Koji Clutch! Adrian reaches the ropes with his foot though. Zayn has his corner exploder countered into a pin but kicks out. On the kick out, the referee gets nailed. Sami goes to check on the referee, drawing “Nos” from teh fans. He eats a superkick and a reverse hurricanrana for his troubles but kicks out! They get to their feet and Sami strikes Neville. He retaliates with one of his own but misses a kick. Sami hits two Germans and a half nelson suplex! He runs in for the Helluva Kick but Neville goes outside. Sami greets him with his INCREDIBLE DDT through the ropes! He rolls Neville inside and goes for the Helluva Kick again, but Neville pulls the referee in the way. Sami wastes time with the ref, so Neville brings in the title. Before he can use it, Sami hits him with a big boot and is torn on using the belt. The fans chant “no” as he picks it up. He decides against it, so Neville rolls him up for a very close two. He connects with the exploder in the coner and the Helluva Kick finally. He covers for the three!

Winner and New NXT Champion: Sami Zayn in 23:16

As Sami Zayn celebrates, the NXT locker room comes to celebrate. Kevin Owens runs out ahead of everyone and hugs him, with his NOSE BLEEDING AGAIN! The faces congratulate him and I think I even see Solomon Crowe. Adrian Neville is sitting in the corner for the confetti celebration and Sami gets lifted like Bret Hart at WrestleMania X. The fact that I see El Generico and Kevin Steen hugging in a WWE ring is a beautiful thing. Neville is up and comes face to face with Sami. Sami puts the belt down and offers a handshake. Adrian kicks it away and hugs him before leaving Sami to his moment. Sami’s celebration continues until he goes to leave with his best friend. Kevin Owens takes him out and then powerbombs him onto the apron! OH.MY.GOD.