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411’s WWE Raw Is Eddie Report 11.14.05

November 14, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Hello everyone, it is I Larry Csonka subbing for Derek Martin. Tonight is a special Raw in honor of Eddie Guerrero. To be honest with you I am not thrilled to have this job this evening, but I suppose the show must go on.

WWE Raw 11.14.05

Everyone is out on the stage as the crowd chants for Eddie. They have his low rider there as well. Vince speaks on the loss of Eddie, and says they will celebrate his life. Eddie loved wrestling and performing for the fans. Eddie’s goal was to steal the show, so tonight they feel the show shall go on and they will pay tribute to him. Lots of the guys are crying as we get the 10-Bell Salute.

We get a special video tribute for Eddie now to some Johnny Cash.

Loud Eddie chants again after the video, which was just…great. Vince drops a “Viva La Razza” on us. “Thank you Eddie” chants now from the crowd. Seeing some of the guys so broken up is just proof of how much he meant to them.

John Cena speaks on Eddie. He says you may not like all of them, but they will all be speaking on Eddie’s greatness as a person. N a personal note, when John knew nothing, Eddie did a lot for him as a wrestler and as a father figure. Through all of his skills, Eddie had a lot of heart and taught Cena how to find that in himself. He sends his condolences to the family and all of Eddie’s close friends in the WWE, and that all of the guys love him.

Commercial time.

We are back with a video of Eddie and Chavo shooting sewage on Big Show.

Big Show comes to the ring still in tears.

Match #1 The Big Show and Kane © vs. MNM ©

Show and Nitro to start. Nitro tries a takedown, but gets chopped. Shhhhh…CHOP! Tag to Kane, whip to the corner and a running clothesline. Nails Mercury as well. Side slam on Nitro. Kane up top…but Mercury pulls him off. Melina grabs a tag title and Show is cleaning house. Nitro nails Kane with the belt. Rolls Kane back in and covers for 2. Neckbreaker on Kane and a tag to Mercury. 2nd rope…elbow drop to Kane and they high five, Kane sit up. They take him down and pound on him. Front face lock now, Mercury nails Show and they try a double suplex, but Kane suplexes them. Show tagged in and cleans house. Corner whip…splashes both. Double clothesline. Melina distracts Show…he kisses her. Mercury has a belt, ref takes it and Kane up top…clothesline to Mercury. DOUBLE GOOZLE on Nitro and that’s all.

Winners: Kane and Show @ 3:45 via pin

Lillian talks about Eddie. She has known him for a wile and they spoke in Spanish al lot to each other. He was a great person, and they were part of the group that went to Iraq. They spent 3-4 days together and the troops loved Eddie and he was humbled by it all. Seeing Eddie that way showed who Eddie was. She speaks in Spanish and starts to cry.

Commercial time.

We are back with a video of Eddie auctioning Kurt Angle’s stuff on Smackdown.

Kurt makes his way out with an armband on for Eddie. He kneels and says a prayer.

Match #2 Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin

Lock up and Kurt with a take down. Benjamin up and flips off the ropes and escapes. Lock up and Kurt clubs Benjamin down. Rights by both, overhead belly to belly by Kurt. Boots and elbows by Kurt in the corner. Suplex on Benjamin gets 2. Waist lock on the mat by Kurt. Benjamin up, elbows out and Kurt gets a knee as Benjamin comes off the ropes for 2. Slam on Benjamin into a backbreaker for 2. Rear chin lock by Kurt, Benjamin to his feet and elbows out. Elbows by Kurt now and Benjamin counters into a DDT. Both men are down, to their feet finally and rights by Kurt. Benjamin fires back and they brawl. Off the ropes and a flying forearm by Benjamin. Clothesline to Kurt. Samoan drop to Kurt. Exploder try, reversed and Benjamin kicks off Kurt. Spin kick by Benjamin! Cover gets 2. Benjamin goes up top…Kurt runs up, knocked off…flying clothesline by Benjamin! MISSES the Stinger Splash. GERMAN by Kurt. Another! 3rd is countered and Benjamin gets 2. Angle slam to Benjamin, cover gets 2. STRAPS ARE DOWN! Kurt goes up top… Benjamin nails him…goes up as well…SICK RELEASE GERMAN FROM THE TOP BY SHELTON! Benjamin covers 1…2…NO! Benjamin is upset, Kurt grabs the ankle lock! Grapevine and Benjamin taps.

Kurt holds up the armband after the match.

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 7:45 via pin

HBK speaks on Eddie. They never wrestled, but had a relationship through faith. Eddie started a new journey, and he hopes they wrestle in the heavenly arena in front of Christ. He thanks Eddie for always sharing his faith with HBK. Eddie did something that no one has ever done, brought them all together in prayer. He says god bless to Eddie and he will see him again.

Commercial time.

We are back with a video of Chavo talking about the Lie, Cheat and Steal promos he and Eddie did.

Chavo speaks. They were basically brothers. Growing up a Guerrero was special. They lived the life and they had their first match as kids. At Intermission they would get into the ring and the crowd loved it and stayed during intermission. They had to stop because people weren’t buying concessions. They always wanted to be tag champs, and they lived that dream in the WWE. That was the tag team that can never be replaced. Together they were the same and always were on the same page. It wasn’t work, it was just there. Eddie, you’re my brother, always will be and I love you. You are and were an inspiration in faith, career and family. In every aspect of my life. Thank you, I will miss you and I will see you again. I love you. Chavo broke down half way through.

Commercial time.

We are back.

HBK comes to the ring wearing the “I’m your Papi” shirt of Eddie’s and armband. Rey also wears the shirt and has the armband.

Match #3 HBK vs. Rey Mysterio

HBK and Rey shake before the match.

Lock up and a wristlock by HBK. Rey rolls out and gets a wristlock. Hammerlock now and Rey still in control. Reversals and an arm drag by Rey. Headlock take down by Rey, HBK escapes and they stand off. Lock up and a go behind by HBK. Hammerlock now, small package gets 2. Headlock take over by HBK again, Rey to his feet and rights to HBK. Shoulder block by HBK, off the ropes and Rey misses a dropkick. Catapult, Rey to the apron and a springboard into a Thez press for 2 by Rey. Face plant by HBK and then chops by HBK. Rey with some reversals, almost gets the 619 but HBK goes to the floor. PLANCHA by Rey to HBK and we head to a commercial @ 4:45.

We are back @ 7:05 as HBK has a sleeper on Rey. Rey falls and HBK keeps the hold on. Ref checks the arm, but Rey to his feet now and HBK gets a cover for 2. Chops by HBK now. Side backbreaker by HBK followed by knees to the back of Rey. Rey rolls to the floor and HBK pulls him up and in. Elbows to the back by HBK. Rear chinlock by HBK and Rey tries to escape. Rey to his feet and elbows out. Off the ropes and Rey gets a tilt a whirl head scissors. Spring board cross body to HBK. SHIMMY by Rey. Clothesline to HBK. Basement dropkick to the knees by HBK and covers for 2. HBK off the ropes and a flying forearm to Rey. Ref counts…KIP up. Atomic drop to Rey reversed into a bulldog. 619 is not connected and a clothesline by HBK gets 2. Rey off the ropes and a reversal and clothesline by HBK again. HBK goes up top…ELBOW drop and tune it up. Sweet chin music misses as Rey rolls through, 619! Drop of the dime and Rey wins!

Rey crosses himself and looks to the sky.

Rey checks on HBK and helps him up. They shake and embrace.

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 13:25 via pin

Batista talks about Eddie. He is broken up and tells about hearing Eddie was dead. It didn’t seem real. They became really close and helped him out a lot. It is hard for him in his position and Eddie always quoted scripture to him to help him out in personal and wrestling problems. He loved Eddie for being so funny. He was always amazed by Eddie, he was always in pain but when he went through the curtain it all went away. He will miss him. He cried through the whole thing and was very shaken up.

Commercial time.

We are back as they run the tribute video again.

They all have Eddie shirts on as they come to the ring. They toss off the shirts and toss them to the crowd.

Match #4 Inter-Promotional Diva Battle Royal: Ashley, Maria, Christy, Victoria, Melina, Jillian Hall Mickey James, Candice and Trish

Chicks fighting…RANA by Trish to Victoria. RANA by Christy on Melina. Head scissors by Mickey on Jillian. Mickey is tossed. Maria tosses Jillian. Maria’s so cute. Candice does her one move she knows, the cool head scissors deal. Candice and Victoria toss Ashley. Maria stands around, because she is sweet and innocent. Candice tosses Christy. Trish gets the whirly head scissors on Candice and she is eliminated. Fireman’s carry side slam by Victoria and Maria eliminates her! YAY MARIA! Maria talks shit now and Trish and Melina toss her. BOOOOOOOOOO! Stratusfaction try, but Melina tosses her and wins.

Winner: Melina @ 5:00

Rey talks about Eddie. They were brothers and he knows Eddie is listening. Wrestling aside, they have great memories they shared, as well as his family. He will miss him, he misses him right now. He wishes this was a bad dream he could wake from. Everyone misses you Eddie, I love you Eduardo. He speaks Spanish now, bows his head in prayer…and then says we will miss you, you were an inspiration. As a man, person and human. You had a good presence, I love you. He bows his head, pulls his mask off and cries.

Commercial time.

We are back with a video of the WM XX embrace with Chris Benoit.

Match #5 Eugene vs. Simon Dean

Dean offers Eugene a protein bar, rolls him up and gets 2. They both do push ups now. Dean then misses an elbow and Eugene goes JYD on him. Monkey flip to Dean. Eugene goes after the Dean machine. Dean attacks him and beats him down on the floor. Back in the ring and Dean covers for 2. Weird ass rear neck vice by Dean now. Eugene to his feet, elbows out and Eugene is rammed to the corner. He is mad now. YOU! Rights, big punch. Airplane spin! Dean grabs the work out power bands, Eugene lets go and Dean crashes into the corner. Rock Bottom and that’s all.

Eugene steals the Dean Machine after the match.

Winner: Eugene @ 3:15 via pin

Benoit talks about Eddie. They were best friends. Eddie was a kind hearted and beautiful person. He has known Eddie for 15-years and they have been together, laughing, crying and fighting all that time. Eddie always led by example. He was the friend that Benoit could go to, to pour his heart out to. Eddie always understood and would help. Eddie went through a lot and defeated all of his problems. They always told each other they loved each other, Eddie was a man he loved as well as his family. He thoughts and prayers go to hi wife, kids and family. He can’t imagine what they are going through. Eddie, I know that you are in a better place and looking down on me right now, I love you and miss you. **Benoit breaks down** Eddie, you made an impression on my life, thank you for everything you gave me, I love you and we will see each other again.

Commercial time.

We are back with video of Eddie winning the WWE Title from Brock Lesnar.

HHH talks on Eddie. He was a great guy. Professionally he was one of the very best. He could make you laugh, cry, make you mad…he could do it all. The little things, he was a phenomenal talent. Personally, I will remember him as an inspiration. Eddie had a lot of demons and issues and did a lot of searching. Eddie overcame it all to be what he was. He overcame it, his demons and problems in his personal life and had a beautiful family. Eddie succeeded on life where many others have failed. I will miss you man…just…I want Eddie’s wife and kids to know how much they meant to him as he always talked of them. Eddie will be looking down on this night, proud that all of these guys put on this show for them. Eddie was a performer and one of the most talented he knows. He lied, cheated and stole all of their hearts. He’ll miss him.

Commercial time.

We are back.

Match #6 Ric Flair © vs. William Regal

Test of strength lock up and Ric take shim to the corner. Reversal and European uppercuts by Regal. Ric turns him and chops away at him. Boot by Regal, uppercut again gets 2. Off the ropes, Ric gets the abdominal stretch. Regal unlaces Ric’s boot, Regal gets the ropes and then kicks Ric in the face! Rights by Regal, FLAIR FLOP! Cover gets 2. Knees to the head by Regal and tossed Ric to the floor. Regal to the floor and Ric chops away at him. They brawl and back to the ring we go. Whip to the corner and Ric levels Regal with a chop. Chop Blocks! WOOOOOO! Figure Four on Regal! He taps.

Winner: Ric Flair @ 3:42 via Tap Out

Stephanie talks on Eddie. She met Eddie at the McMahon house. She didn’t know what to expect, but he was humble and sweet guy in cowboy boots. Eddie decided to come to the WWE and they got to work together behind the camera. Eddie was amazing, he could make you feel the range of emotions. He always could have the audience and he loved them all. She talked to Eddie Friday and they talked briefly, and Eddie said he would be champion again. He wanted them to know that. **Steph breaks down** When she thinks of Eddie, she thinks of his family, and he loved them all. Eddie loved Vicki so much and loved to talk about her and his daughters. She is so sorry he is gone…he was a son, husband, father and friend. Eddie will always be a champion…I’ll miss you Eddie, everyone will. We love you.

Commercial Time.

We are back with highlights of Eddie and Mammacita “China” and him covering her to win the IC Title.

Match #7 John Cena © vs. Randy Orton w/Cowboy Bob

Lock up and a headlock by Orton. To the mat they go and Cena fights up, escapes and Orton takes him back down. Boots by Orton now, a right is blocked and Cena fires back. Orton backbreaker to Cena for 2. Sleeper I suppose by Orton, more of a rear chinlock perhaps. Cena battles back and Orton levels Cena and covers for 2. Irish whip and they collide and fall to the mat. They make their way to their feet and Cena gets a shoulder block. Clotheslines. PROTO BOMB. 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Pump it up…FU try…Bob comes in to lay out Cena and we get a DQ.

Winner: @ 3:53 via DQ

Cena battles back on the Orton’s and tosses Bob. RKO countered…FU to Orton.

King, Styles and Coach put over Eddie and Cena takes off his Eddie shirt and lays it in the middle of the ring and then lays his WWE Title on the shirt and we fade out.


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