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411’s WWE Raw Report 01.20.03

January 20, 2003 | Posted by Brad Jennette

WWE Opening Video w/ the usual creepy Bischoff picture.

A “last week” video package of Vinnie Mac giving Bischoff his 30 days
notice. Bischoff is promising a bombshell tonight.

WWE Raw Video

We start right off with Triple H walking to the ring in a suit with his
World Title in tow. HHH can’t even do his trademark entrance because of his
injuried ribs. His left arm seems to be staying close to his side. HHH with
a nasty looking bruise on his face near his eye. HHH asks the crowd who is
the World champion. HHH says he is the champion and he is the game. He says
last night he went 30 minutes (sure man) with Freakzilla. HHH says he beat
Steiner so bad that Steiner had to resort to hitting HHH with a
slegdehammer. HHH calls Steiner a disgrace to the company and the industry
(gotta agree with him with that one). The sirens hit and BPP comes out in
his wrestilng gear. Steiner wants a rematch TONIGHT. Please God no. HHH
pulls out a doctors note saying that because Steiner hit him with the
sledgehammer in the head and stomach, he cannot wrestle tonight. Flair gets
on the mic and says if Steiner wants some action tonight, he can face
Batista. Batista’s music hits and he walks to the ring. Steiner turns toward
the ramp and HHH attacks him from behind. Steiner fights off Flair and HHH,
sending them both out of the ring. Batista climbs on the apron but Flair and
HHH pulls him down before Steiner can botch a tigerbomb on him. Steiner vs
Batista will happen later tonight. I’m less than thrilled.

Commercials. A promo for Raw 10th special which is being shown again on
Saturday for the four people who actually care.

WWE Rewind: RVD pushing Jeff Hardy out of the ring during last night’s Royal

Jeff Hardy Vs. Rob Van Dam
This match is about pride. Jeff didn’t like getting thrown out by RVD and
challenged him to a match. Simple enough storyline. They lockup and RVD
grabs an armbar. Jeff flips out of it and the do a nice little reversal
sequence. It ends up with both me back standing facing each other. Crowd
popped nice for that one. Jeff grabs a headlock but gets pushed into the
ropes. RVD ducks too early and gets hit with a facebuster. Jeff tries a whip
but RVD sends him into the corner and charges, Jeff counters with a
headscissors takedown. Jeff dropkicks RVD out of the ring and tries the rail
runner. RVD kicks Jeff in the shins and knocks him off. RVD climbs the rail
and legdrops Jeff. RVD sends him back in and tries a legdrop but Jeff blocks
in it air with a dropkick. Jeff whips RVD into the ropes and hits a flying
forearm that gets 2. Jeff does his legs cover but it only gets 2. Jeff runs
up the buckle and actually hits the corkscrew for 2. RVD comes back by
taking Jeff down and hitting a middle rope moonsault. ***** star is missed
and Jeff hits a jawbreaker. Jeff climbs and hits the Swanton but it only
gets 2. Wow I thought that was the finish. RVD chant starts up. Jeff goes
for a reverse Twist of Fate but RVD counters with a backslide for the 1-2-3!
Winner: RVD

Christian and Nowinski are chatting up about how they lost the Rumble when
Bischoff walks up. He won’t tell them his bombshell announcement. Nowinski
thinks he knows anyway.

Commercials. Experence the Smackdown brand live.

WWE Burn of the Night: Dudleyz attacked the Morley last week.

World Tag Team Titles Match: Commonweath Connection Vs. Dudley Boyz
Morley and Patrick come out. Morley calls for an apology, which Patrick
gives. Then the Chief calls for Patrick to reverse the decision which
Patrick just can’t do. Morley calls the Dudleyz out and demands they forfeit
the titles. D-Von asks if our Chief is out of his damn mind. They obviously
refuse. The chief tries to clain he was going to stop Regal from using the
knux last night. Bubba (and Providence) think that is a load of crap. Morley
DEMANDS they give up the belts. Bubba says he is nothing more then a washed
up, kiss ass, ex-porn star. Bubba doesn’t regret punching Morley in the face
last night. Bubba punches the Chief in the face and tells D-Von to get the
tables. They set up the table for a 3D but Regal and Storm make the save
from the crowd. D-Von gets knocked out by Storm and Bubba gets flapjacked
through the table by the Commonweath Connection. Morley makes a World Tag
Titles rematch for later on tonight. No….not later tonight, but RIGHT NOW!
Morley forces Patrick to ring the bell and Regal pins Bubba who is still
knocked out. This was awesome!
Winners and NEW champions: Commonwealth Connection

Commercials. That Sean O’ Haire video is great.

We get a replay of what happened moments ago.

Trish Stratus & Hurricane Vs. Stevie Richards & Victoria
The laughter hits and Trish comes out looking as good as usual. Hurricane is
next and he gets a pretty good pop. They show a “Last Week” video when
Steven attacked Trish. This is Mixed Tag rules. That means girls on girls
and visa versa. A Pier 6 brawl starts us and Victoria gets sent out of the
ring. Hurricane and Steven start off but Steven doesn’t like it and he tags
Victoria. Hurricane doesn’t leave the ring at first so Victoria slaps him.
She pushes him a few times then slaps him again. He grabs her for the
chokeslam but Steven runs in. That would prove to be worthless as Steven is
stopped by a neckbreaker. Trish gets tagged and she spears Victoria and hits
a head scissors. Trish starts kicking away in the corner. She climbs and
tries the 10 punches but Steven pulls get off and hangs her neck on the
ropes. Victoria hits a hair throw and a scoopslam. Victoria tries a
somarsault but it misses. Steven stops Trish from making a tag but Hurricane
hits two clotheslines on Steven. Hurricane hits a hiptoss on Victoria which
should be a DQ. Steven grabs Trish and tries to hit his finisher but
Hurricane breaks it up with the Shining Wizard. Trish hits Victoria with the
Stratusfaction for the 1-2-3!
Winners- Trish and Hurricane

Bischoff calls Vince but gets his assistant. He tells the assistant to tell
Vince the ATOMIC BOMBSHELL is NEXT! Apparently Eric doesn’t like Shane O Mac

Commercials. Another Raw X commercial.

Bischoff comes down and talks about how Vince is watching at home. Bischoff
says he didn’t know how to shape up Raw until he watched the Raw X show.
They show the replay from the show of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the
Superstar of the Decade award. Bischoff is stopping the presses of RAW
magazine and is allowing Austin to say whatever the hell he wants about his
side of the story. That’s it? No that is not it. They show another clip of
Austin drenching The Rock and Vince with beer. Bischoff invites Stone Cold
Steve Austin make his return (big pop)…..at No Way Out (big boos).
Well…..that was quite the bombshell. Austin gets to say his side of the
story in the mag and he is going to comeback at No Way Out. It’s just too
bad Eric will be fired before No Way Out.

Commercials. ANOTHER Raw X commercial.

JR and King talk about Austin’s possible return to the WWE. JR says he
talked with Austin three days ago and he was about to go hunting.

CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKA! Black Gold’s music hits and the former Tag Champs head
to the ring.

Booker T & Goldust Vs. Three Minute Warning
Three Minute Warning’s clothes now actually have 3’s on them instead of just
being generic sports gear. Goldust and Jamal start us off. They lockup and
break then lockup again. Goldust grabs a headlock and tries a shoulderblock
but it is no sold. Goldust fights off Jamal after the big guy missed a butt
drop. Goldy runs and hits Rosie on the apron and then hits a lariat on
Jamal. Booker T gets tagged in and Black Gold hits a double back elbow on
Jamal for a two count for Book. Booker starts with the chops and whips Jamal
into the ropes. Jamal ducks a clothesline, hits a boot and then lariats Book
down. Jamal slaps on the neck vice which will be the resthold of choice for
the fut guys tonight. Jamal hits a super lariat that flips Booker in the
air. Almost a midair Spinarooni. Jamal pounds away in the corner but misses
a splash. Booker hits a spuerkick and tag Goldust. Goldust comes off the top
with a flying punch. Goldust takes Jamal down with an armdrag and drops a
knee on the arm. Book gets tagged back in and he tries to work the arm but
Jamal uses a knee lift to take him out. Rosie comes in but Booker takes him
down with a flying spin kick. Goldust is tagged in but Rosie gets a
suckerpunch and tags Jamal The heels work Goldust for a while and Goldust
plays the gold freak in trouble. Rosie grabs neck vice number 2 of the
night. A powerslam on Goldust gets 2. Rosie misses a charge and Booker gets
the hot tag in the ring. Booker uses his token offence (flying forearm,
spinkicks) Booker hits a big double DDT on both guys and then a main event
spinebuster for 2. Rosie breaks it up and the heels go for the big splash.
Jamal misses and Rosie gets takes to the outside by Goldust after hitting
Rico off the apron. Booker blocks the super Samoan drop and hits the Axe
kick for the 1-2-3!
Winners- Black Gold

Commercials. Do you use Castrol motor oil?

Chris Jericho Vs. Test
Test controls with some power moves early. Test with a backdrop and he is in
firm control. Test slams Y2J around a bit and tries to dump Y2J over the
top. Y2J skins the cat back in the ring but Test press slams him. Y2J comes
back with a eyepoke and some HARD RIGHT HANDS! Y2J chokes Test on the ropes
then runs off the opposite ropes and jumps onto Test’s neck, choking him
even more. Y2J hits a belly to back on Test and kicks him right in the ribs.
Remember when Faarooq did that to Ahmed Johnson and it lacerated his kidney?
I do. Y2J hits a snap mare and locks in the brutal chinlock. Jericho whips
Test into the corner and tries a charge but Test moves and Y2J eats post.
Test hits a back elbow and then a tilt-a-whirl slam for 2. Y2J gets sent
over the top rope ala Royal Rumble. Y2J tries to beg off but Test pounds on
him on the outside with right hands. The pumphandle is blocked and Y2J sends
Test into the post. Y2J grabs a chair and takes a big swing at Test. Test
moves and Y2J hits the ringpost and Stacy. She seems to be pretty much out
of it. They do a long and boring injury angle. This was a lousy ending.

Winner- No Contest but I will say Jericho just because of his

Test calls out “Get a fucking doctor!” pretty loud at least twice as the
EMT’s rush down and tend to Stacy. Jericho swears it wasn’t his fault.

Commercials. Hungry? Grab a Snickers.

The EMT’s are sending Stacy away on the stretcher. I hate these injury
angles. Nothing of note happens here and it just drags on and on. Test is
crying like a little girl though.

Batista is backstage and he gets a peptalk from The Nature Boy. I guess the
plodder match is soon.

Commercials. Nothing to add here.

D-Lo Brown Vs. Tommy Dreamer
D-Lo comes out and Teddy Long is with him. Teddy Long says talks about how
Dr. King talked about peace and patience and it didn’t get him anywhere.
Teddy thinks the man kept D-Lo out of the Royal Rumble match last night. He
also thinks the man put D-Lo in the brutal sinapore cane match. Teddy thinks
Dreamer got his shot because of the color of his skin. Teddy says that the
WWE will get down with the brown. D-Lo says “Free at Last, Free at Last,
Free to cane a white boy’s ass.”

People get hit with canes. People get choked with canes. That about all you
need to know. D-Lo won with the Sky High with a little help from the
singapore cane.
Winner- D-Lo Brown

Steiner is heading to the ring.

Commercials. God I love that Nathan Jones video

Batista Vs. Freakzilla The Big Bad Booty Daddy Big Poppa Pump Scott

Hopefully that is the LAST time I have to write that ever again. Think of it
as a final wend off to BPP. The lockup and break. Then they get into a
pushing match. Nothing of note comes from that so they lockup again. Batista
grabs a headlock but gets whipped into the ropes. BBP no sells a
shoulderblock then tries his own shoulderblock. Batista no sells THAT
shoulderblock and we have a stalemate. BBP ducks a lariat and knocks Batista
down. BBP goes to work in the corner with chops and clubbing forearm shots.
Batista comes right back and whips BPP into the corner and lariat the hell
out of him. Batista goes for a right hand but Steiner catches it and hits a
belly to belly suplex. Randy Orton runs in out of nowhere, lands one kick to
cause a DQ, but gets dumped. Flair comes in and gives Steiner three MANLY
chops but Steiner no sells them and clotheslines Flair. Batista then comes
back in but Steiner takes him down and pounds on him in the corner. HHH then
runs down and we have a 4 on 1 beatdown.
Winner- Steiner by DQ

A long and brutal beatdown follows. This is ALMOST 4 Horsemen Style. The
beating busts BPP open and it finally ends with HHH giving BPP the Pedigree.
The 4 heels celebrate as the show ends.

Do we have a new Horsemen on our hands?

End Of Show


RVD Vs. Jeff Hardy- Nice little match that the crowd was into. Seems like
Jeff might be about to turn heel.

Commonwealth Connection Vs. Dudleyz- Was not much of a match but gotta love
the heel tactic from Chief Morley.

Trish/Hurricane Vs. Stevie/Victoria- I’m not really into women’s matches.
Hurricane tries to keep this one fun at least.

Bookerdust Vs. 3MW- Goldust plays the Ricky Morton role so well now. His
career has been rejuvinated because of it. 3MW was not that bad either.

Test Vs. Y2J- This was going along great until that dumb non finish. Y2J is
still the best singles guy on Raw right now.

D-Lo Vs. Dreamer- Lots of nasty shots here. I like D-Lo black power gimmick.
Teddy Long didn’t flub his lines up too bad.

Big Poppa Pump Vs. Batista- Hated the match, loved the beating afterwards.


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