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411’s WWE Raw Report 03.22.04

March 22, 2004 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 03.22.04
Live from Detroit
Announcers are JR & The King and Cole & Tazz
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

Backstage, they show all the RAW Superstars in red T-Shirts, then all the SmackDown Superstars in blue T-Shirts. Vince then meets up with Bischoff and Heyman. They way this will work, is there will be a bin of SD names, and a bin of Raw names. Each GM will pick 12 names out of the opposite bin. Then they can make trades. As long as all the transactions are done by midnight.


They introduce Bischoff and Heyman to the stage, Heyman will get the first pick. He first addresses the fact that he was attacked by The Undertaker, hence his neckbrace. He says he will deal with UT his own way this week. Heyman then makes the first pick, and reaches into the bin, and pulls out a name. Heyman says that he has broken up a premier group, they then show Flair/HHH/Batista (Orton had a tonsillectomy this past week). He then announces that Rene Dupree will join the SD roster. La Rez’s music plays, and Dupree says his goodbyes to Conway & Grenier.

Tazz and Cole show a tale of the tape on Dupree, and Dupree comes out and gets in the ring. He says that he doesn’t want his last memory in a RAW ring being stunned by Austin. He then calls out any RAW Superstar. Y2J takes the challenge.

Rene Dupree vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho comes out with a purpose. Jericho goes for the Walls quickly, but Dupree gets to the ropes. Dupree drops Jericho, and does his dance, and follows it with a fist drop for 2. Dupree dances again, but Jericho rolls him up. Jericho then hits an ezaguri for the win.
Winner – Jericho

Dupree back on the mic, says that he demands respect, and that he is the French Phenom. Austin’s music hits, kick wham, stunner.


Rico and Miss Jackie in the ring. Bischoff then comes out to make the next pick. Bischoff says that Heyman no longer has to worry about calling them the WGTT, because he has drafted Shelton Benjamin. Kane’s pyro explodes!

Rico (w/ Miss Jackie) vs. Kane
Big Boot, choke slam, pin.
Winner – Kane

Kane gets back up the ramp, and says to Heyman & Bischoff that he doesn’t care what show he is on, as long as he isn’t with Undertaker.

Heyman takes his 2nd pick. He then says that he as broken up another group. He says that he has taken a blue chipper in Mark Jindrak. What the hell….maybe it will be the return of Jindrak & O’Haire?


We come back to Bischoff picking Nidia. Well, I guess they need her for the Woman’s Title. Nidia comes out to the stage, Bischoff presents her with a RAW T-shirt.

Heyman then makes his 3rd pick, but before he can, the Dr. of Thuganomics comes out, rocking a Barry Sanders jersey. Cena then rocks a freestyle, and picks a ball for Heyman. Heyman says that this isn’t his pick, but Bischoff insists that he does. Heyman opens it up, and his pick is HHH! There’s your first big move.


Recap of the irate HHH and Bischoff.

Christian (w/ Trish) vs. Spike Dudley
Spike runs right down the ramp into the ring and jumps Christian. Spike is then distracted by Trish and Christian takes advantage. Spike dumps Christian to the outside, and nails a Crossbody off the top to the floor. Spike then rolls Christian in the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Christian climbs up as well, and goes for a superplex, but Spike drops him and nails the double foot stomp off the top for 2. Christian then runs Spike’s shoulder to the ring post, and nails the Unprettier for the pin.
Winner – Christian

Bischoff with his next pick..but he flips out and says that it isn’t fair, and he has to find Mr. McMahon.


Bischoff pleading with Vince. Heyman comes in, and says that he has an idea. He says that Eddie Guerrero will defend the WWE Championship against the newest member the SD roster, HHH. Vince wonders if Heyman is crazy, but Heyman explains that this is exactly what Vince would do. He is just protecting his investment, and Eddie may not even be on the show after tonight.

Bischoff then comes out to make his next pick. He says this pick will face Benoit for the title tonight. He then welcome’s the Motor City’s own, Rhyno as pick #3.


Booker T & RVD (c) vs. Batista & Ric Flair – World Tag Team Titles
Booker and Flair start. Back and forth, Flair with a big chop, Batista in. Booker blocks an Irish whip, RVD in. RVD with some quick movements, Crossbody, then a dropkick to the knee. Booker in, double team move for 2. Batista drives Booker to the corner, Flair in. Booker gets Flair in the corner, punches him down, then nails a back body drop. Flair begs off Booker, and pokes Booker in the eyes. Flair goes to the top, but Booker brings him down, Booker gets the tag, and RVD nails the 5*. Batista breaks up the count.


We come back to RVD being dominated. Booker and Batista in, Booker is on fire, taking out Batista with a roundhouse, then chops away in the corner. Booker then nails the Book End, and follows it with the Spinarooni. Booker then with the scissors kick, but Flair breaks up the count. RVD leaps in with a straight kick on Flair, then Rolling Thunder. RVD then springboards towards Batista, but nails Book instead. Batista tosses RVD to the outside, then nails Booker with the Demon Bomb.
Winners – Evolution


Heyman picks and says that he is finally reunited with Mr. Thursday Night, RVD!

Booker and RVD are discussing the title match, and says that they have a rematch clause, so they will get the belts back. Coach comes in, and informs RVD that he just got drafted to SD.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Rhyno – World Heavyweight Title
Back and forth action to start. Rhyno picks Benoit up for a Powerbomb, but Benoit punches out of it, but lands face first in the turnbuckle. Rhyno then locks on the Sharpshooter. Benoit gets to ropes after a minute or so, Benoit with a waistlock, Rhyno then spins through, and Benoit goes for a Sharpshooter. Rhyno gets to the ropes quickly. Benoit then locks on to Rhyno and nails the Trifecta Germans. Benoit comes off the ropes, but Rhyno nails a huge spinebuster. Rhyno then sets up in the corner for a gore, Benoit moves, Rhyno goes shoulder first in to the turnbuckle, and then right into a Crossface.
Winner – Benoit

Bischoff watching a monitor backstage, and HBK enters. He says that he wants to be traded. Bischoff does one better, and gives HBK a title shot at Backlash.


Slam of the Week: Lita removing Molly’s wig last week.

Bischoff makes his next pick, announcing that Tajiri will join RAW.

Heyman then brings over Theodore Long to SD.

Bischoff then makes his next pick, and it’s EDGE.

Heyman’s final pick is Spike Dudley.

Bischoff then makes his final pick. He says that Vince wasn’t kidding when he said EVERYBODY is in the lottery. He’s last pick is PAUL HEYMAN! HAHAHA. Bischoff laughs, and says that he needs some laundry done, and his car washed. Heyman then says that he doesn’t need this, and he quits.

Bischoff makes his way to the ring, and says that he has withstood 2 GMs on SD, and partnerships with Austin and Foley, only to be back and bigger then ever. Edge’s music hits…and EDGE comes out! Edge hops in the ring, and spears Bischoff! HAHA.


Heyman storms out.

Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Triple H – WWE Championship
Eddie offers a handshake, but pulls away when HHH extends back. Tie-ups, and shoving start. HHH with a shoulderblock, Eddie then with a hip toss then an arm drag, then a drop toe hold, and locks on the arm, focusing on HHH’s injured arm from WM. HHH fights back, Eddie off the ropes, HHH with a knee to face.


We come back and HHH is manhandling Eddie on the outside. Back in the ring, they got toe to toe, Eddie off the ropes, HUGE back body drop for 2. HHH with a backbreaker, then locks on an abdominal stretch. Ref breaks it when he sees HHH holding the ropes. Eddie fires up, huge dropkick, then a belly to back for 2. Eddie then with a springboard tornado DDT for 2. HHH then with a face to knee, and goes to the top, but falls right into an atomic drop. Eddie then hits the Trifecta Verticals. Batista and Flair come out to distract Eddie. Many other SD and RAW Superstars come out, and the match is tossed out.
No Contest

Then the entire lockerroom empties, and there is a huge see of blue and red T-shirts all brawling to end the show.



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