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411’s WWE Raw Report 05.03.04

May 3, 2004 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 05.03.04
Live from Phoenix
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

PPV like promo hyping up HBK/Benoit.

Intro…Benoit vs. HBK for the Title.

Batista, Randy Orton, & Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri & Edge
Orton and Shelton start. Orton tries to jump Shelton, but Shelton keeps the advantage, Tajiri in. Orton gouges the eyes, and HHH is in. Tajiri gets a spinning heel, Edge in. HHH backs off, and they go into tie ups. Orton back in, and he isolates Edge in the Evo corner. Edge hits a clothesline, but Orton gets up and thumbs Edge, Batista in. Batista with a scoop powerslam for 2 when Shelton breaks it up. Evo triple teams, and HHH comes in without a tag as the ref keeps the faces back. HHH goes to work on Edge’s broken hand. Batista back in, shoulder blocks in the corner, HHH back in, goes punch for punch with Trip, and both men go down. Edge gets the hot tag to Tajiri, who cleans house, and nails HHH with a Tornado DDT. Batista slides and drills Tajiri, as we go to:


We come back to Batista killing Tajiri. Tajiri to the outside, HHH punks him out. Batista gets HHH in, and Tajiri flips though a suplex, but HHH drills him. Orton in, Tajiri with a sunset flip, but Orton sits down, Tajiri slides behind him, and nails a straight kick to the back of Orton’s head. Tajiri with the hot tag to Edge, He takes out all of Evo, goes to the top, and a diving double clothesline on HHH and Orton. Edge goes for a spear on Edge, but Batista intercepts. Shelton in to take out Batista, nails the stinger splash, and clotheslines Batista over the top rope. Edge back up, Orton goes for the RKO, Edge holds him, and Tajiri with a straight kick to the gut. Batista back in, and Orton tosses Edge to the outside. Batista goes for a Demon Bomb, but Tajiri sprays the green mist. Orton is helping Batista, but turns around into a spear for the pin.
Winners – Benjamin/Edge/Tajiri


Coach and Cade cutting down Phoenix. Vinnie Mac comes in, and says that he is there for the title match.

SmackDown Rebound:

  • GM Angle is back
  • Booker T nails UT with the urn, but UT sits back up
  • Angle puts UT in action next week
  • Eddie over comes double teaming to beat Bubba Ray
  • RVD helps Eddie, and they hit simoultanious Frog Splashes
  • RVD & Eddie vs. Dudz last week

    JR and King mention that Eddie’s mom had a heart attack last night in at an El Paso house show.

    Evo is yelling at Bischoff, and Nitro comes in. He tells Bischoff that Vince is in the building. Bischoff has Nitro ready the Skybox. He then makes a series of matches next week. Batista vs. Tajiri (because Tajiri hit the green mist on him), HHH vs. Shelton (once and for all), and Orton vs. Edge (IC Title).


    Rewind – Eugene firing off the pyro, distracting La Rez into a loss.

    Rob Conway (w/ Sylvain Greiner) vs. The Hurricane (w/ Rosey)
    Crowd with USA chants. Back and forth action. Hurricane goes for the Shinning Wizard, but Conway ducks. Conway lays Hurricane’s legs over the top rope, and hits a spinning neckbreaker, kind of like how the “Roll The Dice” or “Test Drive” works.
    Winner – Conway

    Conway then pokes fun at Eugene, and says he will beat him next week.

    Tale of the Tape on Benoit & HBK.


    Kane promo, update on the past few weeks.

    Kane vs. Steven Richards
    Steven is lethargic, and Kane ends the match quickly with a choke slam.
    Winner – Kane

    Kane then runs back up the ramp. As JR tells us that Mattitude is the guest on the Highlight Reel.


    Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel: Matt Hardy

    Y2J comes out and hypes up the World Title match, and says that it’s been way to long since he has had a title shot, and he will challenge the winner next week, but it looks like he just fucked up, and he said:
    “I want to challenge the winner, Shawn Micheals….er….Benoit or Shawn Michaels for next week.”
    Oh well, He then introduces Matt Hardy.
    Matt Facts: “Matt believes in karma” “Matt is not afraid of pain”
    Jericho starts to remind us that last time V1 was on the Highlight Reel, he dumped Lita. Matt says that he is only human, and that the he can rectify his wrongs, and he will fight Kane if that’s what needs to be done. But, tonight, he wants to talk about Lita not Kane. He then calls out Lita. Lita appears on the Tron, and starts to tell V1 that she never loved him, and that she never wants to see him again. She then looks up and says that she can’t do it, and yells for Matt’s help, as Kane appears on the screen. He has kidnapped her and taken her to the boiler room. Matt runs out of the ring, and Jericho says that he really doesn’t know what to say, but then Christian’s music hits. Christian, Trish and Tomko makes their way out, and Christian sicks Tomko on Jericho. Jericho fends him off, but Christian gets in the ring, and Tomko nails a HUGE boot. They then triple team Jericho.


    During the commercial, V1 looks for Lita with a chair. He finds her, and she is tells him that Kane is gone. She then hugs V1.

    Gail Kim gets on the mic, and says that she doesn’t feel bad for Lita, and she is getting what she deserves…and Victoria’s music cuts her off.

    Gail Kim (w/ Molly) vs. Victoria – Non-Title
    Victoria starts strong, and quickly gets the standing moonsault for 2, until Molly pulls Victoria off. Gail Kim then nails a drop kick, and is showing no remorse on Victoria. Gail locks on a Dragon Sleeper, and Victoria gets up, and hits the ropes, only for Molly to grab her ankles. Victoria fights out, but Gail locks on a head scissors, and grabs on to an arm bar, and Victoria has to tap out.
    Winner – Gail Kim

    Highlights of Eugene training. Eugene is messing around in the ring, and Regal is talking to Dr. Tom. Regal says that Eugene won’t want to be a wrestler anymore after he is through with him.


    Vinnie Mac is up in his Skybox.

    More with Eugene. Regal shows him a tie-up into an arm drag. They then show highlights of Eugene dominating. Eugene is then playing with an action figure (looks like Rikishi), and a HHH waterbottle, as Dr. Tom looks on. They then have a mock match, and Eugene hits an arm drag, airplane spin, then ends up giving Regal the Regal Stretch. HAHAHA.

    JR and King then show matches made for next week:

  • Eugene vs. Conway
  • Orton vs. Edge (IC Title)
  • Shelton Benjamin vs. HHH
  • Batista vs. Tajiri

    Bischoff then comes out, and says that he has another match for next week, and says that Jericho will face Christian in a cage!


    Sting of the Night – HBK with the chair shot on Benoit, then the Sharpshooter on HBK

    Chris Benoit (c) vs. Shawn Michaels – World Heavyweight Title
    Tie-ups to start. They then start shoving, and HBK lands a punch, Benoit lands some chops, they then start rolling around in head locks and leg scissors. HBK off the ropes, shoulder block on Benoit. HBK with a headlock takedown. Benoit in the corner, puts the boot into HBK’s face. HBK off the ropes, huge back body drop, and Benoit then clotheslines HBK over the top rope. HBK back in, both off the ropes, and they knock heads. Both back up, punches are thrown, and HBK comes off the ropes with a diving forearm. HBK goes for a clothesline, and Benoit tries to lock on the Crossface, and they abruptly go to…


    We come back and HBK has Benoit in an abdominal stretch. They show us that HBK has been working on Benoit’s lower back. Benoit fights out with a hip toss, but HBK gets back up and nails a huge vertical suplex for 2. HBK then knees into Benoit’s lower back. HBK then tosses Benoit into the corner hard for 2. HBK then with a back suplex for 2. Benoit off the ropes, HBK lowers his head, and Benoit grabs him into a small package for 2. Back slide for 2, Oklahoma roll-up for 2. HBK back up, atomic drop. HBK with a scoop slam, then goes up for the elbow and connects. HBK then lines up for Sweet Chin Music, but Benoit ducks, and nails the Trifecta of Germans, and calls for the Swandive. HBK tries to get back up, and Benoit nails another German, and goes up, but misses on the Swandive. Both men are down for a 10 count. HBK rolls over on Benoit for a 2 count. HBK goes up to the top again, but Benoit intercepts him, and crotches HBK. Benoit the chops and stomps away, and HBK is on the apron. Benoit then attempts to bring HBK back in with a suplex, but HBK nails a suplex on Benoit to the outside. HBK then goes up to the top, and nails a moonsault on Benoit, on the floor!! HBK tries to get back in the ring, but Benoit pulls him back down, and Benoit goes to whip HBK into the steps, but HBK reverses, and Benoit goes knee first into the steps.


    We come back, and HBK has Benoit in a sleeper, but Benoit suplex’s out. HBK with a dropkick for 2. Benoit what a German with a bridge for 2. Both men up, they go chop for chop, and Benoit chops HBK to the ropes, but HBK reverses, and takes down Benoit and locks on a Boston Crab. Benoit finally gets to the ropes. HBK then hits an elbow to the back. The crowd is on their feet. Benoit reverses a whip, and HBK goes upside down on the turnbuckle, and Benoit hops on him and locks on the Crippler Crossface. HBK hooks his feet on the bottom rope, Benoit lets him, and locks on the Crossface again, and again HBK gets the ropes. HBK goes for the superkick, but Benoit catches it and goes for the Sharpshooter. HBK gets to the ropes before Benoit can lock it on, and Benoit pulls HBK back in the middle, and goes to lock on the Sharpshooter again, but HBK kicks out, and Benoit hits the ref. All 3 men down, and HBK is the first back up, and Benoit soon fallows. HBK then quickly nails a superkick, but the ref is still down. HBK covers Benoit, but HHH runs in and nails HBK with a Pedigree, and then hops the wall and watches the match from the crowd. Benoit then drapes an arm over HBK and the pinfall is counted. What a fucking great match, with a really, really crappy ending.
    Winner – Benoit

    HHH then taunts HBK.

    Show Over


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