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411’s WWE Raw Report 05.17.04

May 17, 2004 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 05.03.04
Live from San Diego
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

Big ups to Gagnon for covering for me last week on a moments notice. He will be back next week folks…for now, it’s just boring old PK.

Intro…Edge & Benoit defend against Orton & Batista….20 Man Battle Royal.

Lita vs. Trish Stratus
Bischoff has banned all outside parties from ringside. Trish teases Lita a bit, and Lita clocks here. Trish in the corner, Lita charges, but misses, and Trish pounds Lita in the mat. Trish has a sleeper locked on, but Lita fights out. Lita comes off the ropes, and Trish hits a spinebuster for 2. Trish back on the sleeper, then goes for a StratusFaction, but Lita turns it into a suplex for 2. Lita nails a snap suplex, then the reverse ToF for 2. Kane comes on the tron and distracts Lita, so Trish can roll her up for the pin.
Winner – Trish

Back to Kane, who says that he did not mean to distract her in the ring, and reminds us that he wants a yes or no answer tonight.


Slam of the Week: Flair getting speared off the apron, but Orton rolling up Edge to retain the IC.

Orton comes out and tells us that he likes to talk about himself. Like how he beat Foley at WM & Backlash, or how he beat Edge last week, and that he is now the longest reigning IC champ in the past 7 years, and tonight he will now become a Tag Team Champ. But tonight is how HHH will bring the World Title back to Evolution, and how the rest of Evolution will make sure that HHH will win tonight, and will defeat Benoit at Bad Blood. Shelton comes out to inturupt, and reminds us all that he beat HHH 2 times. Orton tells Shelton that it was all luck, and Shelton is no match for Evo, HHH or himself. Orton says that he knows that he is better the Orton. Shelton then challenges Orton for the IC Title. Orton says that it would be soiling the IC title by defending it against him. Shelton then says: “Well, since you won’t put up, try getting up” and drills him. Flair comes out to pull Orton out of the ring.


Evo talking about stuff…Orton will deal with Shelton on his own terms, but he will concentrate on winning tonight, then getting HHH his title shot.

Regal is congratulating Eugene on last week. Bischoff comes over and talks to Regal. He tells Regal that he has an interview set up for Eugene, and after that interview Eugene will never want to show his face again. Regal doesn’t look to happy.

Recap of HBK getting suspended.


Kane vs. Val Venis
Val is heated, he wants revenge for last week. Venis assaults Kane with a bunch of punches, then hits the ropes, and meets Kane’s boot. Kane with a choke slam for the pin.
Winner – Kane

Mattitude comes out to jump Kane, but Kane fires back and nails a choke slam. He then puts Matt up in the tree of woe, and chokes him with a camera cord. Kane then locks Matt’s head in a chair (ala Pillmen’s ankle), and steps on it to choke Matt out. Lita comes out and tells Kane that is he wants an answer, she says yes, and he gets off Matt. Kane then grabs her, and whispers in her ear.


Smackdown your vote rally recap.

Edge & Chris Benoit (c) vs. Randy Orton & Batista (w/ Ric Flair)
Edge and Orton start with back and forth action. Edge whips Orton to the corner, Orton comes out to a back body drop, Benoit in, Orton gets to Batista as well. Batista overpowers Benoit for a while, Orton back in, sends Benoit to the corner, but Benoit gets his boot up, and gets to Edge. More back and forth between these two. Edge locks on the sleeper, but Orton fights out, hits the ropes, and gets body dropped over the top rope. Batista comes in, and Benoit/Edge dump him to the outside as well.


During the break, Edge missed a spear, and went into the ringpost, and we come back to Orton working over his shoulder. Batista back in, and more concentration on Edge’s shoulder. Orton back in, Edge sends him face first to the turnbuckle, then the Edge-o-Matic for 2. Benoit comes in on fire, and cleans house. He locks Orton in the Sharpshooter, but Batista breaks it up. Batista goes for a Demon Bomb, but Benoit slips through and goes for a Crossface, but Batista tosses Benoit to the ref. Edge and Batista then fall to the outside, and Benoit nails the Trifecta of Germans, and goes for the Headbutt. Flair distracts him for a second, and then he goes, but Orton got the IC title across his chest and Benoit headbutts that…the ref rolls over for a slow 2 count. Flair back on the apron, and Edge spears Orton into Flair. Batista takes Edge back to the outside, and Orton goes for a RKO on Benoit, but Benoit counters it to the Crossface for the win.
Winner – Benoit & Edge

Regal with Eugene, and he tells Eugene that no matter what happens, to stand up tall and be a man. You can tell that Regal hates doing this, and doesn’t want to set up Eugene.


Todd Grisham is in the ring and introduces Eugene. Todd starts to talk to him, but Coach comes out takes over the interview. Coach tells him that everyone was laughing at Eugene, and tells him that he is a joke, and the people don’t like him at all. Coach belittles Eugene to no end. He then tells Eugene that he has no friends here, not him not Regal, no one. He then tells Eugene to pack his bags and go home, and that he has no place as a pro wrestler. Coach tells him to get out of the ring and never come back. Eugene gets to the top of the stage, and “IF YOU SMELLLL” hits. Eugene looks star struck, and Rock leads Eugene back to the ring. Rock tells Eugene that he is going no where. He tells Eugene that he is the only one that knows The People, not Coach (calling him a walking popcorn fart). Rock then says that he came to San Diego to meet Eugene, and then the crowd chants for Eugene, then chants “Screw The Coach”, then “Popcorn Fart.” Coach reminds us that last time we saw Rock, he lost at WM. Rock then asks if that is what Coach really thinks. Coach starts to talk again, and Eugene yells “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!” Rock then asks Eugene who his friend is? The Rock. Rock then asks Eugene who is standing in the middle of the ring? The Rock. Rock then asks who Eugene favorite wrestler is? Triple H! HAHA. Rock is dumbfounded for a second, but then says that the 3 of them will play a game, either checkers, dodge ball, or watch Eugene kick Coach’s candy ass all over San Diego. Garrison Cade comes out and jumps Rock, and Coach dumps Eugene to the outside, and helps with Rock. Eugene comes back in, and pulls off Coach, and Rock fights back. Rock nails Cade with a Spinebuster, then takes Coach down with a Rock Bottom, and he has Eugene nail the People’s Elbow.


Smackdown Rebound:

  • Eddie getting arrested for busting up JBL’s limo
  • Highlights from JBL/Eddie last night

    Triple H makes his way out for the battle royal, then Maven, I think they are going to have full entrences for all the Superstars. Jericho next. Nope, they cut to a commercial.


    We come back and Shelton is making his way down, then Kane, then Edge. Mattitude is too hurt, and Christian is too hurt from last week. The rest of Evolution then comes out.

    20 (well, 18 now) Man Battle Royal
    HHH, Maven, Jericho, Greiner, Conway, Rosey, Hurricane, Rhyno, Richards, Nitro, Venis, Cade, Shelton, Kane, Edge, Flair, Batista, Orton

    This will be hard for me to cover, so I will do my best to just recap the people who get eliminated. All but Nitro and Kane attack Evo.

  • Johnny Nitro (Kane)
  • Steven Richards (Batista)
  • Rosey (Kane)

    Kane almost dumps Hurricane with a military press, but Hurricane is caught by Rosey, comes back in and pounds on Kane.


  • Conway (Maven)
  • Maven & Venis (HHH)

    Jericho goes to take out HHH, but Batista makes the save.

  • Greiner (Jericho)
  • Cade (Jericho)
  • Rhyno (Batista)
  • Hurricane (Batista & HHH)


    Shelton almost dumps Orton, but HHH makes the save. Flair puts the fig4 on Jericho. Kane goes to eliminate Orton, but Batista makes the save. Jericho with a back body drop on Flair, then he takes out Flair.

  • Flair (Jericho)

    Batista attacks Jericho.

  • Jericho (Batista)

    HHH and Kane pair up, and Kane shakes off the face to knee. Kane nails HHH with a choke slam, then Orton, then Edge, then Shelton, then he goes eye to eye with Batista, and Batista fights out of a choke slam, sends Kane off the ropes, then a huge fucking spinebuster on Kane. Edge back up, and sends Batista packing.

  • Batista (Edge)

    Edge then spears HHH and then Kane, then goes for Orton, but Orton lowers the bridge, and Edge hits the floor.

  • Edge (Orton)

    HHH and Orton double team Shelton, HHH with a knee to face, and tells Orton to send him out, but Shelton won’t let go. Evo sends Shelton to the corner, and Shelton hops up on the turnbuckle and nails a Crossbody on both HHH and Orton. Kane back up, Shelton fires on him, and nails the spinning kick. Kane up quickly, and goes to choke slam Shelton, but HHH nails a low blow, then tosses Shelton.

  • Shelton (HHH)

    HBK runs in, and takes out HHH, and clotheslines him over the top rope…and the ref calls for the bell.

  • HHH (HBK who wasn’t in the match)

    Winner & #1 Contender – KANE

    HHH looks pissed at HBK.

    Show Over.


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