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411’s WWE Raw Report 05.23.05

May 23, 2005 | Posted by Alex Obal


Miss Judgment Day last night? Join the club. Then again, it sounds like Cena and JBL brought down the house with the main event. Furious and Dunn have your wrap-up.

And in the Roundtable, although I missed on two of the seven matches (which does happen occasionally, believe it or not), check out who called the I Quit match bringing out the best in JBL and Cena.

Randle hits the nail on the head regarding WWE’s use of Maria, ace interviewer. And they were doing so well before last week…

Sarnecky doesn’t want to see Smackdown get forgotten in the upcoming draft.

Csonka finishes up a two-part look at the draft with five guys who should end up with the blue crew at the end of June.

JP Prag defends the elimination chamber. I’m not sure who he’s defending it from, but perhaps I don’t want to know..

Byers does the EBay thing.

The road down memory lane takes Hamflett to a land where announcers collide.

Mike Campbell‘s puro love is the 1996 G-1 Climax.

P had the Pre-PPV Heat, featuring a heck of a main event from two Velocity mainstays. I still don’t understand why WWE doesn’t promote Velocity more heavily.

Fried has the usual outstanding Velocity report.

David Campbell’s pinch-hitter for the XP report this week was me. Is it poor form to pimp oneself? I guess I’ll know tomorrow, judging by whether I get deluged with complaints from the 411 powers that be.

Newton Gimmick‘s lucha report made it up before I started the pimp section.

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