Drew McIntyre faces Braun Strowman in the main event, Becky Lynch shows up to make an easy decision, Brock Lesnar has a message for Seth Rollins, and more! Check out the full results for details!

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411’s WWE RAW Report 1.28.19

January 28, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey RAW

EVERYBODY!!! IT’S TIME FOR…MONDAY NIGHT….RAW!!! Last week, we had some problems over at 411, and this week, I am streaming RAW from a channel in the UK that reminds me eerily of the company that created Terminator.

We start RAW with the winner of the 2019 Royal Rumble winner. He brings up last week when he said he was going to outlast 29 other men, this being his heart, determination, passion, love, and guess what y’all….he did it! Yay!

YOU DESERVE IT chants for the arsonist.

Rollins promised himself that he wasn’t going to do it, but it’s a one(million) in a lifetime chance, so he points at the sign.

Rollins brings up his choice. One path could take him to Smackdown and face Daniel Bryan, or the other path takes him into the belly of the beast. Oh, sorry, he said Suplex City. Seth says he is going to have to take some time to think about this.

But Triple H wants an answer now! I think. I assume. Cuz here comes that no-neck havin NXT-renovating bad boy, Hunter Hearst McMahonsly. He is glad that Seth lived the dream and pointed at the sign. Triple H would have been disappointed, because he knows Seth’s dream was to do so. Triple h says that he looked him in the eye a few months ago to bring back Rollins. Triple H says it was his dream, and it’s why he challenged Seth. H is proud of the fact that Seth stepped up. The Rumble was designed to test the limits, and Seth passed said test. Now, Seth has a decision to make. Becky will make her decision tomorrow, but Seth needs to make his tonight. Seth knows better than anyone else how fast the machine moves, and they need to move, so he needs to know, tonight. He’ll give him to the end of the night. Triple H says Bryan and Brock are both going to be here, and he needs Seth to tell him whose ass Seth is going to kick at Mania.

Seth says this will be the hardest decision, but if it’s gotta be do—

Sirens sound, and Bane’s little brother comes down to roughly seventeen people clapping.

Dean says that when he and Seth were riding around in Florida driving beat up cars, Triple h was a hotshot. Dean always believed in him. They promised to take over WWE together. H says, oh, they’re brothers? LIke when he stabbed Seth in the back while his other brother announced luekemia? Dean says this convo doesn’t concern H, but H says everything in this ring concerns him. Dean says Seth is a suck up; he’s changed. Look at him. Pure kiss ass. Go on and headline Wrestlemania. Dean hopes he beats Brock or Bryan. The only person Seth has never been able to beat is Dean. He then calls Triple H chuckles. He wants Seth vs Dean. How does that connect with Seth winning?

Triple H smirks, then walks away. Dean follows him out of the ring and wonders if Triple H has to ask permission from his father in law first. Triple H stands, one foot in the ring, one on the apron, while the crowd chants YES HE DOES. Triple H asks for a ref right now.

Match 1: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

We are back to the show, and Dean is hammering away on Seth. Seth is able to escape with a kick then a whip to the ropes. Axe to Dean. Seth with a cravat. He sends Dean to the outside, follows, then tosses Dean into the barricade. The feed fast-forwards a bit much, and I come back to Seth tossing Dean back to the outside. Suicide Dive, but Dean is able to hit a hard right. He enters the ring. Seth tries for a slingblade, but Dean wheelbarrows his ass and slams him face first into the mat.

Back to the match, and Ambrose has a double underhook on the second rope. Seth escapes and sends Dean to the mat. Seth with a flying crossbody to Ambrose! Ambrose rolls to the outside. Seth hits the ropes. He dives and this time gets a suicide dive in. H esends Ambrose into the ring. Seth follows, ducks, clotheslines Dean to the outside, and Seth hits another suicide dive! Seth rolls Dean back into the ring again, locks the head, goes for a suplex, but Dean lands on his feet. Seth with an elbow. Enziguri. Ambrose rolls to the outside yet gain. Seth hits the roeps. Another suicide dive, and Ambrose was just kinda standing there for it…

Seth grabs Dean, sends him into the ring for like the fourth time. Seth gets to the top rope. FROGSPLASH, but Dean moves! He rolls Seth up, gets a 1..2….NO!!! Seth is up. Dean is up. Seth turns him. Dean goes for Dirty Deeds. Seth counters with a knee to the face. BUCKLE BOMB! Rollins with a kick to the chin.

Seth in the corner, calls for the stomp. Seth hits it. Dean oversells like he’s The Rock. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
Mediocre claps abound
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

Seth Rollins walks up the ramp while Dean obssesses over “how close” he was to winning. Seth stares at him from the ramp. Dean continues to throw a fit. Some stage hands set up the tag team titles for girls ringside, not paying attention to the immense rage Dean is feeling.

We return with Dean Ambrose sitting on a chair in the middle of the ring. He is about to pull a Batista, but he’s interrupted by Nia Jax and Tamina. Damn.

Nia gets in the face of Dean, talks some shit, and Dean smirks. His head is oddly shaped. Tamina stands nearby, looking to square up. Dean turns to her, and Nia attacks Dean from behind. Dean is pissed, but refs hold him back.

Match 2: Tamina and Nia Jax vs Mickie James and Alexa Bliss

Tamina and Alexa to start. Tamina no sells some Alexa offense then gets rolled through and Alexa hits a moonsault for a 1…NO! Tamina grabs her and goes for a body slam, tagging in Nia first, and Alexa slips out and runs to the corner. But Nia rushes her and sends Alexa into the corner AND Mickie off the apron.

We return to Alexa flipping away from Tamina only to get kicked in the head. Tamina covers for 1..2..NO! Tamina with some clubbing blows to the back of the head. She gets a cravat from behind. Alexa is able to stand and turn into the hold. She grabs the hair and escapes but Tamina hits a right hand. Whip to the corner. Alexa hits an elbow. Alexa hops up, sunset flips into a pin for 1..2…NO!!! Tamina hits a sloppy right hand that kills Alexa. Tamina drags Alexa to the corner and tags in Nia. Nia with a headbutt. She pushes Alexa against the ropes while Cole blows Nia. NIa with a butt splash in the corner to Alexa. She then sits on Alexa, ala Rikishi. Nia pulls Alexa out of the corner hard. Nia with a Tazzmission like hold on Alexa. She rag dolls her. Crowd chants RKO. Nia sends Alexa into the corner then tags in Tamina. Tamina with a headbutt. Alexa with a surprise rollup to Tamina for 1..2.NO!! Alexa flips over a hold and grabs the hair. She rolls under a right and tags in Mickie. James with a kick then hits the top rope. Thesz Press. Mickie with a right hand. Another. Tamina shoves her. Tamina eats an elbow. Mickie locks the head then hits a hurricanrana Tamina misses a right. Mickie hits a neckbreaker. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Tamina shoves Mickie, misses a Superkick. Mickie with a spinning kick. Tag to Nia. Kick from Mickie, she goes for a DDT but Nia shoves her away then gets MIckie on her shoulders. Alexa climbs to the top rope. Nia turns to her. Alexa is scared. Nia grabs her and puts her on top of Mickie, on top of her shoulders.

Nia squats, then hits a samoan drop on both girls. Nia pins for 1..2..3!!

Winners: Tamina and Nia RelatedtoTheRock
Just not a fan of Tamina or Nia, the WRESTLER…
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *

Hi Feather

Backstage, we go through the past year or so of Kurt Angle’s return to the WWE, specifically the Drew match. Angle says it’s taken a long time to get over that match. He says the only person to be worried tonight is Corbin. He’s staring away from the camera, and it’s unnerving.

Before the match, Corbin says that Angle is one of the greatest of all time. He won a gold medal with a broken freakin neck, and he knows that Angle has one more great match in him, and these people make him believe it, but it’s just not true. They don’t care. When he hurts Kurt, it will be alltheir fault. Corbin is going to—-


Match 3: Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle

Angle with the rights into the corner while Cole shills Geico. German to Corbin. Corbin hits a knee. Whip to the corner is reversed. Corbin slides through the bottome and comes back in with a clothesline. Cover for 1..NO!!! Angle gets stomped a bit by Corbin, then a boot to the face. Angle up in the corner. Corbin with a knee to Angle. Again. Right hand. Corbin stands above Angle and hits a right to the forehead. Another right hand. Corbin with a headlock from above. Angle escapes and gets a German. Another! Cover for 1..2..NO!! Angle goes for Angle Slam, Corbin escapes. Big Boot to the face! Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Corbin lifts Angle. Angle hits a right hand. ANGLE SLAM!!! Pin for 1…2….NO!!! Corbin kicks out! Angle drops the straps! He grabs the ankle. ANKLE LOCK!!!

Corbin reaches for the ropes. He nearly gets there. He turns and kicks Angle away. DEEP SIX off the ropes. Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Baron Corbin
Is this to create a redemption storyline for Mania?
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *

Finn Balor walks around backstage like Brock did a little extra damage to his coccyx. How do you even pronounce that word, Tony? Fucking douche.

Anyway, after the break, Finn makes his way to the ring holding his hip. Finn says he went toe-to-toe last night, but Brock Lesnar beat him. Then, Brock beat him again. Finn says he never felt the speed and power like what he felt last night, and today he is hurt. He’s not standing here with his head hung low, wobbling too and fro. No, it’s held high like diamonds in the sky. Last night, Brock beat him, then he beat him again, because he made Brock lesnar believe.

Black Brock takes offense. He comes out with his IC Title and a Make-A-Wish kid named Lio Rush.

Lio calls Finn a twerp and says it’s a shame he got a chance at the Universal Title. Lio gets annoying really quickly. Lashley kicks Finn then gives him like a thousand spinebusters. Sucks to be Finn.

After a break, we return to RAW with The Revival already in the ring. They’re going to be facing Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, who come out to Ryder’s subpar second rendition of his entrance music.

We get a video of 2008 when Ryder and Hawkins won the tag team titles for the first time.

Match 4: Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs The Revival

Hawkins to start with some rights and a knee to Dash. Tag to Ryder who whips Hawkins into Dash then hits a single leg flapjack. Wilder comes in and gets sent right back out by Ryder. Whip to Ryder who kicks both members of The Revival. Back in the ring and Dash tags in Dawson who comes in to hits a suplex, assisted by a dropkick from Dash. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Leg Drop from Scott. Elbow drop. Headbutt. He hits a back suplex then tags in Dash. Wilder comes in to get an assisted leg drop and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Dash with a submission from behind. Ryder turns into it. Right hands. Knee from Dash. He locks the head then hits a supl—no, Ryder lands on his feet and hits a neckbreaker! Tag to Hawkins. Tag to Dawson. Dropkick from Hawkins. One to Wilder. Enziguri to Dawson! He grabs him by the head. Whip is reversed and Dawson hits a huge clothesline .He sends Ryder off the apron. Rollup from Hawkins for 1…2..NO!!!!

Tag from Wilder, but Hawkins didn’t see it. He hits the ropes. SHATTER MACHINE! Pin for 1…2…3!!!

Winners: The Revival
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *

Ryder is going to turn! Just kidding….

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is walking like a vegan. Rowan is walking by his side. Bryan is stopped and asked if he thinks Seth can beat him, if he were to choose him for Mania. Bryan says Seth supports air pollution by his continuous chants of Burn it Down. Bryan says he won’t wait till Mania. Daniel wil end all of Seth Rollin’s hopes tonight.

His name is Elias, and he says hello. He’s curious as to the number of people that would like to walk with him. Quite a few people do. They chant just to prove the sentiment. Elias says that he has been testing all of us. We have let him down. We need to be better. By the time we hear the guitar strum, we should be on our feet giving him a standing ovation, cheering wildly, signs across the globe. We are in the presence of greatness.


He agrees, and to think that Elias wrote songs for us at one point – not anymore. His songs are for him, and he’s got one right now. He tells us to silence our cell phones, hold our applause, and shut our mouths.

He is interrupted by Jeff Jarrett. Again.

He calls Elias slapnuts. He thinks Elias is going to come out here and just have a little concert after smacking him with a guitar. Elias better not worry about having a problem with these people, because Elias has a problem with him. Want him to spell it out? Well, he will. And he does.

Just as Jarrett begins to continue his spelling bee, the music of Road Dogg hits, and he comes out to spell some shit too. Hes wearing a Becky Lynch shirt. Road Dogg wants to get something straight; Elias only wants to perform for himself? Well play with yourself on your own time. And one more thing…..if Elias isn’t down with that, they’ve got two words for him. As for he and Jefro….they want to sing for God and everyone. The music hits, and here comes “With My Baby Tonight.” Road Dogg tries to include Renee Young. They then sing their way down to the ring. Elias hits a right on Road Dogg. Jarrett on the offense. He blocks some rights and gets some of his own. He goes for his guitar, but Elias hits him and grabs the guitar. He smacks Jarrett across the back with it. The crowd still loves him.

Backstage, Natalya is getting her cardio up until Dana comes. She says that she won’t let Natalya down tonight. She says she is just as good as Ember. Nattie says that what matters the most is that they try their hardest to win. Dana says she is better than Ember, but she is also better than Natalya. Dan wonders if Natalya is coming or not.

Backstage, MoJo Rawley is telling someone that it’s their fault. He has no one to blame but him/her/it. He wouldn’t be in this mess if he/she/it wasn’t so accepting. He is the greatest combination of size, speed, intelligence that the WWE has ever seen. They don’t know who he is because of….

Soon, everyone will see who he really is.

Match 5: Dana Brooke and Natalya vs Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan

We come to the match with everyone in the ring already because none of them matter. Live tries to pull Dana off the apron, but Dana flips and lands on her feet. Admittedly, that was sweet as shit. She clotheslines Liv down. Logan comes to help her as Dana and Natalya develop a game plan. Dana enters and Logan is tagged in. Logan drops Dana hard and knocks Nattie off her apron. Tag to Liv and Liv comes in with a facebuster of sorts. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Nattie breaks the pin. Liv stops a tag. Liv with a stepup enziguri. Tag to nattie. She clotheslnies Liv down, knocks Logan off the apron, spins and hits a clothesline to Liv. Whip is reversed. Liv misses a splash. Nattie with a rope-assisted drop.

Nattie runs across her back. Ruby distracts, and Liv is there to grab natalya and roll her up for a 1..2….3!!

Winners: The Riott Squad
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Nattie gives Dana the hand in anger. Not the finger…the hand.

Back from a break, and Ronda Rousey is here to issue an open challenge. Cole doesn’t think this is wise. Cole also is a Ted Bundy fan.

Ronda says that if you can’t dream big, ridiculous dreams – what’s the use of dreaming at all. Lol. The crowd boos her.

Last year, she stepped into this ring for the first ever all-women’s Royal Rumble. She dreamed big. A year later, she stands before us our champion. The crowd, still pretty heavy with the boos. Ronda say that Sasha gave her the fight of her life. She has more passion and desire than anyone.


She wants to thank Sasha Banks. She stutters a bit and admits to it. Ronda switches gears. She points to the Mania sign. Crowd is not havin it. She says she knows Becky is watching. She has a choice to make. LOUD BECKY CHANT again. Ronda mocks the crowd a bit by not speaking. She lets the boos take over a bit until, finally, Bayley comes out to help.

Bayley has a mic, so she most certainly will not be helping much.

Bayley says she isn’t Becky Lynch, but she is one-half of the Boss n Hug Connection. She is Bayley. She tells Ronda that she must be out here for a fight, and so is she. Bayley wants a title shot now. Bayley goes for the cheap pop. Apparently, this is happening. Cole wants to clear some things up. Namely, if Bayley wins, then Mania changes – duh.

Match 6: WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match
Bayley vs Ronda Rousey

Ronda drops Bayley immediately and goes full MMA, wrestling Bayley until the ref breaks them up. Bayley stands up and they go at it again. Bayley with the go behind. Right hand to the back of the head. She works the right arm and sends Ronda to the outside. Bayley follows and sends Ronda back to the apron. Looks like a recovery mode all for Ronda to lock in the arm bar on the ropes. Geez, that took forever. Ronda tries to enter the ring. Bayley with a neckbreaker. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Bayley whips into the corner. Ronda hops up. Bayley holds. Ronda tweaks her knee. Bayley clips it from behind. She pulls the leg and sends Ronda to the apron. Dragon Screw to the leg. Crowd is behind Bayley.

Back from the break, and Bayley is working the leg of Ronda. She’s got a leg lock on the left leg of Ronda. Ronda fights out so Bayley turns the leg and stomps on it. Bayley waits for Ronda to stand. Ronda sits on the ropes. Bayley grabs her by the head and tosses her into the corner. Right hand from Bayley. Bayley rushes the corner. Elbow from Ronda. Bayley with a snapmare. Cover for 1….2…NO! Bayley with a right. Another. She shoves Ronda into the corner. Some shoulders to Ronda as the crowd tries to start the HEEEEEY BAYLEY chant. Bayley rolls away. Ronda is up. Clothelsine. Bayley sends her into the ropes. Clothesline from Ronda. She works the arm. Drag. Another to Bayley. She hits a third, goes for another, but leg gives out and she sells the arm injury as well. Her HUD has a red arm and a red leg. Kick from Ronda. She hits a bunch of lefts to Bayley into the corner. Another arm drag. Back elbow from Ronda. She covers to boos. 1…2..NO!!! Ronda goes for a high kick, but Bayley holds the leg! ANKLE LOCK!!! Rousey escapes and works the arm, then erolls with Bayley to the ropes, and under them, down to the mat. The crowd is booing for any offense Bayley hits. Bayley with a BAYLEY TO BELLY INTO THE BARRICADE!!!

Back from the break, and Bayley is still kickin ass. She dumps Ronda to the outside. She follows then slides through the bottom rope with a dropkick. Bayley rolls Ronda into the ring and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Bayley heads to the top rope. She dives. ELBOW DROP to RONDA!!! BANK STATEMENT TO RONDA!!!!!!! Crowd is lovin it. Ronda reaches for the ropes. She crawls. She gets there. Bayley holds it til 4!!! She releases. Bayley shows frustration. Bayley sets Ronda up on the top rope. She locks he head. Ronda floats down and punches Ronda a few times. Bayley kicks Ronda off. Crowd cheers.

Ronda rushes to the top, rolls Bayley off the corner and looks for the arm bar. She gets it! Bayley taps!!!

Winner: Ronda Rousey
First time in a long time Bayley got that kind of love. Shame.
Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: ***
Total Rating: ***

Ronda heads to Bayley and extends her hand. Bayley looks up to her and shakes her head in frustration. She allows Ronda to help her up. Bayley extends for a handshake.


Beck shows some pain in the leg, and walks down the ramp with a smirk. She enters the ring with a wobble. Bayley heads to the back as Becky gets her shit in.

Becky on the mic; “Look at this – The Man is back on RAW.” She tells Ronnie that she told her she’d find a way back to her. For about a year now, she’s been hearing about this Baddest Woman on the Planet, but the last time she came to Ronda’s show, she dropped her right in the middle of the ring. Even after that, Ronda never came looking for her to prove that she’s the baddest. So, Becky’s come looking for her to prove she isn’t. Last night, she won the Rumble match, and unlike Seth Rollins, she doesn’t need much time to think…she chooses Ronda Rousey. At Wresltlemania, she is going to break her mystique, take her title, and kick her ass in front of the whole world.

Ronda asks for a mic. She wants the whole world to hear this. First off, how’s Becky’s leg? She doesn’t just want to beat Becky, she wants to beat the best version of Becky Lynch there is. Let’s be honest, everyone here knows that she could break Becky’s face faster than she can say Nia Jax. Everyone knows that she has the ability to kill Becky with a single move without breaking a sweat. She’s the same age. Which means while Becky was training, she was main eventing a sport that idn’t want women at all.
Last year, while Becky was on the kickoff show, she stole the show. Ronda has been a household name for a decade. Any ring she steps into is her. She owns the ground at her feet, and she will own Becky at Wrestlemania.

Ronda leaves the ring while Becky smirks.

Seth is backstage. Braun cwalks up to him and tells Seth he earned it last night. They shake hands. Braun tells Seth to make the right choice, and make it count.

Match 7: Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre

Stalemate to start. Drew kicks, then chops. Drew kicks out of the corner. He hits a chop again. Kick to the face of Braun. Right hand to Braun, another. Another. Shoulder tackle from Braun knocks Drew on his ass. Kick to Drew sends him to the outside. Braun leaves the ring. He runs around the ring. He looks to tackle Drew, but Drew drop toe holds him and Braun hits the barricade!!!

Back from a break, and Braun is working the back of Drew. Both men stand up slowly. Drew goes for an attack, but Braun just slaps the shit out of his head. Drew falls to his back. He stands in the corner. Braun with a slash. He punches the chest of Drew then clotheslines him to the outside. Braun takes a break, then leaves the ring. He saunters over ot Drew with a busted leg and lifts Drew. Drew falls to his feet then shoves Braun into the ringpost. Drew gets to the apron, then into the ring, but Braun catches hi leg. Drew kicks him away. He pulls at the beard of Braun from above. Braun grabs his arm and pulls, flipping Drew down to the mat back first. Braun heads to the steps. He grabs them and looks to kill Drew, but the dumpster fire known as Baron Corbin attacks Braun from behind for the DQ.


Match Quality:
Personal Enjoyment:
Total Rating:

Corbin attacks Braun with a chair. He smacks him a few times then goes for a third, but Braun punches the chair away from Corbin. Right to Corbin, then he tosses Corbin into the barricade. He tosses Corbin into the steps next. Braun rushes around the ring and hits a tackle to Drew. He rushes around the ring and hits one to Corbin next. Braun isn’t done. He grabs the steps and drags them over to Corbin as the crowd chants ONE MORE TIME. Strowman grabs Corbin and sends him headfirst into the steps. He does it again. He turns CLAYMORE to Braun! Drew and Corbin stand proud, but Braun moves a little, and that concerns them. They double team a chokeslam to Braun onto the steps.

Backstage, Heyman knocks hard on Brock’s door.

We come back to Seth Rollins being announced to come to the ring, but Brock’s music fucks that all up and out comes Heyman and his Beast. Heyman claims this to be the easiest decision of Seth Rollin’s life. It’s so easy to make choices when he doesn’t have any options. Seth only has one. Daniel Bryan. Because the last thing anyone wants to do is get into a fight with Brock Lesnar. It takes a special kind of being to withstand the beating that can be delivered by The Beast, especially when you go into his house at Wrestlemania and try to take away from him what he rightfu—-


Rollins has no words. He attacks Brock! Kick to Brock. Another! He hits the ropes. F5!!!! Brock stands up slowly. He looks down to Seth. Refs come to help, but they think twice as Brock picks up Seth and hits a second F5! Brock goes for a third. He hits it! Another. One more!

Seth screams “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!”

And we go off the air…

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