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411’s WWE Raw Report 10.1.12

October 1, 2012 | Posted by Ken Hill

Welcome to 411’s LIVE WWE Raw Report 10.01.12
Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Champion: Sheamus
US Champion: Antonio Cesaro
IC Champion: The Miz
Unified Diva’s Champion: Eve
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan and Kane

Hello lads and lassies, I’m “Your Kennection to All Things Wrestling” Ken Hill, here once again with LIVE coverage of Monday Night Raw!

Following his heinous verbal beatdown of AJ and being rebuffed by Mick Foley, Cena and a lead pipe, what does the respect-hungry CM Punk have in store for the unstable GM, West Newbury native, and the rest of the WWE Universe? Will his encounter with Ryback translate into something more?

Will we see more psychological shenanigans from the WWE Tag Team Champions “Team Hell No” and their wayward “psych expert” Dr. Shelby? Will we find out the “mystery” of the blond who attacked Kaitlyn at Night of Champions, and more importantly, will we care?

All of this and more, as coverage of Monday Night Raw BEGINS!!!…shortly.

– We start with a recap of Mick’s awesome promo with Punk, which transitions to Punk’s tirade and subsequent beat down by Cena, then his cheap assault on Foley before Ryback shows up to stare him down.

– We’re LIVE in Oklahoma City with Michael Cole and Good Ol’ JR

– Punk and Heyman make their way down. Punk’s 316 days into his reign, and I find it odd they keep promoting it despite the fact “it doesn’t mean a thing” storyline-wise with Cena, Lawler, and many more.

– Punk talks of Cena’s assault last week as an act of cowardice, and says beating down Foley backstage was because he, like Cena, would be cowardly in not speaking like he did to Punk to Rock, Cena, or anyone else. He wishes Mrs. Foley would’ve taught her son some manners, but admits some of his words did sink in with Punk. He talks about what Foley said about his legacy and Cena’s challenge and says that their match…is STILL not going to happen.

– Punk hands the mic to Heyman, who brings up his indecent proposal from last week to Raw GM AJ Lee and the slap. He brings up the edict that AJ is not to lay her hands on anyone within WWE, and that per the word of the Board of Directors, should be removed from power and replaced with…himself, Paul Heyman, someone with GM experience.

– EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero out with Dolph Ziggler. Vickie brings up AJ’s assault and the fact she put Dolph’s MITB briefcase on the line. Heyman pretty much tells her to stick to legal action rather than catfights. Dolph intercedes, suggesting the two team up to take over as CO-GM’s. Vickie and Heyman actually seem to like this before AJ’s music hits, and she skips down to the ring.

– AJ assures that the Board has put her on probation, although she feels like they should’ve made an exception with a greasy slimeball like Heyman. She’s brings up that the WWE Board has assigned her a coach to help with her issues…and DANIEL BRYAN comes out!

– He shouts down the audience, and goes into a spiel about his broken relationship with AJ, his “awesome beard” and the fact that HE is the Tag Team Champions, which brings out Kane! The Big Red Machine brings up an important fact that everyone seems to have forgotten…AJ IS AN AWESOME KISSER! Agreed! He starts arguing with Bryan about the tag titles, and Punk and Ziggler argue again before AJ shouts them all down. She reminds the four of them that despite probation, she’s still in charge, and makes a tag team main event: Team Hell No vs. CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler. Good match, but who’s the face team in that one? We’ll find out later as AJ skips off and the four men continue to argue.

– Mysterio and Sin Cara walk as we have Tag Team Tourney action next!

Tag Team Tournament: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara v. Primo & Epico

Sin Cara and Epico start off with an exchange of roll-ups and arm drags before SIn Cara nails a handspring elbow for a two count. Epico knocks him down and tags in Primo, who puts the boots to Sin Cara and attempts a power move before Sin Cara counters out and tags in Mysterio, who hits an assisted headscissors with Sin Cara’s help on Primo. Primo retreats to the outside, and the two luchaores fake a suicide dive as the Primetime Players approach the stage with chairs, taking a seat to watch the action as we go to commercial…

We’re back as Mysterio makes a hot tag to Sin Cara, who comes in with a crossbody on Primo, following up with a dropkick and arm drags before Epico counters with a dropkick of his own and tags in Primo. Powerbomb attempt countered into a roll-up by Sin Cara. Epico tags in, whips Sin Cara, who reverses into a tilt-a-whirl DDT and makes a tag to Mysterio, and Epico tags in Primo. Rey takes down Primo with a head scissors and a crossbody, followed up with a top rope senton for two, before Epico breaks up the pinfall. Sin Cara comes in and intercepts Epico. Mysterio waylays Primo with a kick, sending him into the ropes, and Cara trips Epico into the ropes as well, for a DOUBLE 619! Sin Cara and Mysterio both go up, Sin Cara taking out Epico on the outside, while Mysterio drops the dime on Primo to advance him and Sin Cara in the tournament!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

– The Primetime Players mockingly give the masked team some applause as they celebrate in the ring.

– We find out the WWE Universe will be supplying the questions for Sheamus and Big Show’s championship debate. Riveting, because we all want to see two big men TALKING about how they want to beat the crap out of each other…

Non-Title Match: US Champ Antonio Cesaro v. Brodus Clay

We come back from commercial near the end of Clay’s dance, and Antonio Cesaro makes his entrance, talking about how he should be appreciated in five different languages.

Brodus beats down on Cesaro early with a biel and an elbow drop, followed up by a headbutt. Cesaro, however, quickly counters with a snap uppercut which stuns the big man. Antonion sets up for the Neutralizer…AND NAILS IT! Holy crap, that was 400 pounds he pretty much dead-lifted! Pin and the three for the US Champ, quick and dominant.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Backstage with Kaitlyn, who’s prepping for a match, when AJ and her Executive Assistant approach her. AJ wishes her good luck in her match, and wants to apologize for how she didn’t listen to Kaitlyn about Daniel Bryan and hopes they can be friends again…before laughing it off and saying she’s not really sorry and skips off as Kaitlyn can only look on stupefied.

– Commercial break…

Non-Title Match: IC Champion The Miz v. Zack Ryder

Early offense by Ryder shrugged off by Miz, who counters with a boot and lays the boots into Ryder. He keeps the pressure on Ryder. Zack counters a corner charge by Miz, nailing a second-rope dropkick, following up with a forearm into the corner, then the Broski Boot for two. Rough Ryder attempt countered into a buckle bomb by Miz, who nails the Skull-Crushing Finale shortly after for three.

Winner: The Miz

– We find out Ryder and Santino will be on the debut episode of WWE Main Event versus Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel in a first-round Tag Team tourney match.

– Booker T is WALKING backstage as the World Championship debate…IS NEXT!!!

– Smackdown GM Booker T out to the ring for the debate between Sheamus and Big Show, who face each other for the first time at Hell In The Cell in 4 weeks. He introduces Big Show, who comes out in the World’s Largest Pinstriped Suit! We go back to last Friday, where Show dominated over Orton and subsequently knocked him out. Sheamus is out next, no suit to be found on the Hooligan.

– Booker thanks them both for coming, and offers them to both make an opening statement. Show talks about how ridiculous this is, saying all that’s going to happen is Show coming to HITC, ripping Sheamus’s leg off, and walking out the champ. Sheamus pops the crowd and asks that Show not rip his leg off so he can kick his ass with it.

– The first question asks about the most difficult aspect either man can expect from their opponent. Sheamus makes some cracks about Show’s smell and weight. The big man rebuffs that, claiming to be a very hygienic man. “I SMELL GREAT!” Sheamus then jokes about how to fight and win against Show in less than 45 seconds. Show tells Sheamus to be serious about this. The next question asks whose finisher is the most dangerous. Show talks about the numerous superstars he’s KO’d, including Cena and Orton. Sheamus brings up a wrestler Show forgot, Daniel Bryan, who beat Show in 45 seconds. This only incenses Show more, who ends up breaking his podium. The last question (thank god) is a tout by Sheamus in a Mysterio mask, asking Show what it will feel like to have Sheamus kick his head off. Show is sick of the jokes and faces off with Sheamus, before stepping out of the ring and walking off. That was bad.

Tensai v. Ryback

Return match from Smackdown. Knockdown by Tensai, but Ryback springs right back up. He drills Tensai with a powerslam and a Meathook clothesline. Shellshock attempt fails, then another one is botched, and it looks like Ryback either blew up or Tensai sandbagged him. Either way, Ryback whips Tensai for another Meathook, and gets the three.

Winner: Ryback

– Backstage, the Rhodes Scholars talk about their team name, how bad the Word Title debate was, and consider Sheamus nothing more than a Neanderthal.

– Jim Ross Appreciation Night! BAH GAWD!

– We come back as the Susan G. Komen cancer survivors are acknowledged in the audience. Nice touch.

Non-Title Match: Divas Champion Eve v. Beth Phoenix

Eve is trying to beg off Beth and offer a handshake following her actions on Smackdown trying to suspend Beth for the assault on Kaitlyn. Beth has none of it and lays into Eve with some rights before whipping her into the corner, but misses and rams her shoulder into the post. Eve rams her into the ring apron, and rolls back into the ring. Beth gets back in before the 10 count. Whip by Eve countered into a sledge by Beth for two. Beth counters another whip by Eve, who suddenly acts as if her eye was injured. Beth tries to go after her, but the ref backs her off. As that happens, Eve blindsides her and hits a neckbreaker for three.

Winner: Eve

– Backstage with AJ and her “executive coach” as they approach Wade Barrett, who tells AJ straight up she’s doing a horrible job, as he’s not even on the card tonight. He advises AJ not to put her relationships ahead of her job and walks off. AJ stares down her coach and asks if he’s intimidated, and he only stares on dumbstruck.

– Cole and JR talk about JBL’s climb and reaching the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro for his charity Seven Summits.

Santino Marella v. Heath Slater w/Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

Santino and Slater duel with shoulder blocks before Slater nails a reverse elbow, and lays the boots into Santino. Marella comes back with some jabs and an arm drag, followed by a headbutt. Cobra by Santino on Slater, but McIntyre and Mahal in to break it up for the DQ.

Winner by DQ: Santino Marella

The trio unofficially known as “Encore” put the boots to Marella, then McIntyre lays out Santino with the Future Shock and Mahal locks in the camel clutch. Slater on the mic, telling us we have to listen. McIntyre reminds us he is still the Chosen One, Mahal is still the Mahah Rajah and Slater is still the One Man Band, BABY!

– Sheamus versus Damien Sandow, up next!

Non-Title Match: World Champion Sheamus v. Damien Sandow

Lock up by the two men. Sandow shies away from a closed right hand. Sandow tries an arm wringer, but Sheamus reverses. Sandow counters into an headlock, driving Sheamus to the mat. The world champ gets back up and knocks down Sandow with a shoulder block, followed by a sharp knee to the gut. Sheamus attempts a powerbomb, but Sandow ducks out to the ringside area as we go to commercial…

Back from commercial as Sandow ducks through the ropes on a whip by Sheamus. He tries to escape, but Sheamus pursues. Cody distracts Sheamus, and Sandow blindsides him, rolling Sheamus back in the ring for a two count. Sandown beats down Sheamus some more and covers for another two count. Russian leg sweep into the Elbow of Disdain for another two count. He presses Sheamus into the ropes, then rams into him for another two count. Crossface by Sandow, Sheamus counters out, but Sandow trips him into the ropes and rams him again for a close two count. Body scissors on Sheamus’s head. Sheamus counters out and tries to go up top, but gets NAILED with a right hand by Sandow and falls down. Cover gets 2. More boots by Sandown gets another 2 count. Half-nelson sleeper by Sandow, Sheamus tries to counter out, but gets dumped to the outside. Sandow rolls him back in for a series of 1 counts. Headlock by Sandow, but Sheamus finally counters with a back suplex. Sheamus rolls back with some Irish hammers, a knee lift, and a Finlay Roll. Sandow goes to the ropes and hot shots Sheamus. Sheamus tries to powerslam, but Sandow counters out and hits a jumping neckbreaker for two. Sheamus counters a corner charge and floats up to the top turnbuckle for a shoulder block for a CLOSE two count. White Noise and Brogue kick miss, Sandow tries to get out, but Sheamus traps him for his 10 shots. As he tries to get Sandow back in the ring, Cody attempts to jump him, but gets knocked down and tossed into the ring by Sheamus. The world champ lines the Rhodes Scholars up and nails a DOUBLE Brogue Kick, pinning Sandow for the three count. I agree with JR, that was a career-making match for Sandow right there.

Winner: Sheamus

– JR Appreciation Night is UP NEXT!

– Michael Cole introduces JR as a three-decade voice of WWE who made every match he called just a little more special. JR comes down to the ring. Cole asks him how it feels to be in front of his hometown crowd on a night like this. Before JR can respond, however, out comes WWE Champion CM Punk. I don’t think this was the special guest Cole and JR had in mind. Punk tells Cole to leave and mocks the Oklahoma audience. He asks why people think he’s a bad guy, and asks people to chant him and admits he respects JR as a great commentator. However, he feels the audience doesn’t know a thing about respecting someone like Punk. He feels they turned his back on him, and “asks” JR to help him teach the audience about respect. JR’s glad Punk’s not out to embarrass him, as Punk’s already done a good job of embarrassing and making an ass out of himself. Punk wonders why JR would say that when Punk came out and praised him in his hometown, unlike other occasions in Oklahoma City. He mocks JR’s call of “Stone Cold” and tells JR that he neither nor Jerry Lawler can help Ross. Punk says 3:16 used to mean Austin kicks your ass, but now it means 316 days of Punk as the Best in the World. He “asks” JR again to say he’s the best in the world. JR says he won’t say it. JR says he’s been blessed to call some of the best main events in WWE’s history. He says Stone Cold and others didn’t asked to be best in the world, they earned it. The only way he’ll say it is if Punk accepts Cena’s challenge at Hell In The Cell. Until then, they have nothing to talk about. Punk knocks off JR’s hat and steps on it. He rips on the OKC Thunder for losing out on the NBA Finals, stating they don’t get a second chance like Cena has. He’s never run away from a fight, but suggests JR should before Punk hurts him. JR tries to leave, but Punk grabs him and tells him that he will walk up the ramp, eyes shut and head down or Punk will put him down. JR starts to go up the ramp…FEED ME MORE!!! Ryback marches down to face Punk in the ring. The two have a stare down, but Punk slowly shuffles out of the ring and up the ramp, shouting he’s the best in the world.

– I’m glad they averted the usual hometown humiliation for JR, but I feel like that could’ve been a good spot for Jack Swagger to return and make the save, given his Okie roots.

– An advert for WWE’s Tribute to the Troops, with Kid Rock’s “Let’s Ride” as the theme song for the patriotic event.

– As Alberto Del Rio enters for his match, we go back to last Friday with Del Rio’s assault on Orton, which partially led to Orton losing his match against Big Show. A WWE.com exclusive shows another assault by Del Rio on Orton following the match

Alberto Del Rio v. Kofi Kingston w/R-Truth

Kofi starts off with some jumps and leaps, hitting a jumping elbow. Del Rio clotheslined over the top rope, and Kofi hits a senton over the top rope onto Del Rio as we go to break…

Back from the break with Del Rio locking Kingston in an abdominal stretch. Kofi hip tosses out. Kick countered into a chop by Kofi, followed by a dropkick, Superman punch, and the Boom Drop. Trouble in Paradise misses, Del Rio runs into a slingshot kick, but Kofi misses the crossbody off the ropes. Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker for the tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– Backstage with AJ and the executive coach, who’s making some suggestions for AJ. AJ agrees, and even thinks of making the main event tag match special by inserting the executive coach himself as the special ref. The executive doesn’t seem to like the idea. AJ switches moods, telling the man off as she feels a coach can’t be a coach unless he’s been a player, and the executive has never been a player. She tells him to get out of her sight and the hell of out her arena. So..is he reffing the match or not?

Non-Title Tag Team Match: Team HELL NO v. WWE Champion CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler

We come back from commercial with all four men at ringside when Justin Roberts announces a special ref for the match…AJ! Oh boy, this will NOT end well. Kane and Ziggler start out. Scoop slam by Kane and a elbow for two. Whip to the corner, Kane misses, Dolph tries to kick him, but eats an uppercut and is sent to the outside. Bryan makes the blind tag and he and Kane argue as we go to our final commercial break…

Back from the break as Ziggler has a sleeper hold on Kane. Kane backs him into the corner, but Ziggler hits a dropkick for two. Ziggler jaws to Bryan, but Kane uppercuts him. Kane tags in Bryan, and slings him into a dropkick on Ziggler for two. He tags Kane right back in, who whips ZIggler off the ropes, but gets hit with a DDT by Ziggler. Punk tags in, hits a couple of high knees, but Kane nails a side slam to counter the bulldog, followed by a top rope clothesline. Bryan blind tags in, he and Kane argue again, and Punk blindsides him. Whip reversed by Bryan, who hits a lariat, then laces into Punk with some kicks. He knocks Ziggler off the ring, only to get waylayed by a Punk roundhouse. Ziggler tags in and tosses Bryan to the outside and throws him into the barricade, then rolls Bryan back in for a two count. Punk tags in and goes for the Savage elbow, but Bryan knocks him down, and hits a top rope suplex, floating over into the No Lock. Heyman sneaks Punk’s foot onto the ropes. AJ gives him, as well as Vickie, the boot to the back and AJ looks very pleased with herself. Punk looks for the tag, but Ziggler leaves after Vickie. Bryan kicks Punk into his corner, Kane tags in, and nails the Chokeslam on Punk for the three!

Winners: Team HELL NO

– Bryan and Kane argue once more about who’s the true Tag Team Champion as we go off the air.

– End show.

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