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411’s WWE Raw Report 10.28.19

October 28, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
Rusev Raw 10-28-19

Did y’all see ya boy over in Fact or Fiction? It was fun. Missed that column. Sometimes I forget that the only cynicism you get from me is in this report; and surely you’d appreciate more.

Anyway, click the LINK and check it out!

Rollins v Rowan? It’s gonna put some butts in the seats….

Speakin of butts, Paige is here! She’s got one bad hombre…and not in the Trump way. She welcomes us to “RAUW,” and brings up the tag team she’s been advising, and is proud to be a part of their success. She introduces The Kabuki Warriors.

The mixed music is so lazy.

The three ladies head to the ring, and Paige says she introduces us to them six months ago and helped create a force. She took Asuka and Kairi and it could have back fired, but she is proud of the girls, and thankful, and are now the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Asuka snatches the mic from Paige and goes in…I think.

Paige takes the mic back, but Kairi grabs it and cuts a mini promo.

Paige grabs the mic from the floor after Kairi drops it, then turns and Asuka mists Paige.

Some refs and stagehands help Paige out with a towel and some water. Asuka leaves the ring to get in the face of Paige, but Paige can’t see.

Kairi is left in the ring, and HERE COMES BECKY!!!

Lynch runs down the ramp and into the ring to fight Kairi. Kairi rolls out of the ring. Becky stands behind the invisible barrier between the inside of the ropes and the outside to stare down the Warriors.

The wall goes down, and Becky rolls out to attack, only to lose the upperhand. She regains it quickly, though, and tosses Asuka over the barricade. She grabs Kairi and rolls her into the ring, but Kairi rolls to the outside.

Match 1: Becky Lynch vs Kairi Sane

Kairi is favoring her belly as the bell rings. She reaches out for Becky, tries for a surprise attack, but Becky ducks it and corners Sane for a bit with some stomps. She goes for the Exploder, but Sane escapes and rolls under the rope to go hug her friend Asuka. Kairi back in, and attacks Becky in the corner. She steps on the chest of Becky and presses down, using the ropes for help. Sane bows proudly. Sane sends Becky into the corner face first and asks for one more. Gets it. A third is stopped, and Becky hits a right then sends Sane into the corner face first and back first into another. Bulldog to Sane. Becky rolls Sane up for 1..2..NO!!! Dropkick from Becky. Sane in the corner. Becky rushes, fets flipped over the top rope to the apron, blocks a right, heads to the top rope, then gets crotched by Sane. Sane pulls the legs out from underneath her. Cover from Sane. 1..NO! Chop from Kairi. Another chop. Right hand to the gut, misses a kick, Becky blocks another, drops Sane down face first. Arm drag. Another arm drag. Becky works the arm, Sane turns into it, and Becky locks her down, getting the arm behind the back. Bridge from Becky until she realizes it does absolutely nothing. Right hand to Sane. Whip to the corner. Sane hops up, and Becky kicks her in the stomach. Becky grabs the head of Sane. Pulls the arm. Again. Another pull. Becky calls for the Disarmer. Sane pulls the leg and rolls to the outside. Becky hit the ropes and looks to dive, but Asuka distracts. Becky can’t seem to find Sane. She’s near the other side of the ring, hops up on the stps for a diving clothesline, but Becky tops her with a clothesline of her own! She heads to Sane, but Sane kicks her against the apron.

Back from the break, and Becky bridges out of a pin. She kicks Sane away, then bounces off the rope in the corner to hit a kick. Clothesline. Another. A dropkick to the face. Becky rolls away, goes for some kicks, hits a Becksploder from the corner. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Sane rolls through a pin and locks in a modified sharpshooter type move. She bridges back turns the hold, but Becky rolls Sane up for a pin. 1..2..NO!!! ane kicks Becky, Becky fires back with a battering ram. Sane tries for a rollup for 1..2..NO!!! kick from Becky. Becky goes for a suplex, but Sane hits a flatliner like move and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Sane wants the elbow. She heads to the top rope. Becky is up! She attacks. Sane punches her a bit, but Becky sits on the top rope, until Sane hits a headbutt, locking Becky in the tree of woe. Becky rolls out of it, hits an elbow, then sends Sane flying with a body slam. Becky ot the top rope. LEG DROP! Cover for 1..2…NOOO!!!!! Becky grabs Kairi and is sent to the outside. Kick to the hest of Sane. To the face. Asuka distracts, but Becky hits a right hand. Becky back in the ring. She lifts, gets back handed in the face. Cover from Sane for 1..2…NO!!!!!!

BECKY WITH THE SURPRISE DISARMER!!!! Kairi taps, according to the ref.

Winner: Becky Lynch
From a pure wrestling standpoint, the match was much better during the second half. A shame, though, that the emotion wasn’t fully there due to the lack of emphasis on the Kairi or the tag titles as a whole.
Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **1/2

Earlier today something happened between Lana and Lashley. I don’t care, and you shouldn’t either.

Truth is here to show you that the WWE does, in fact, care about black people.

Match 2: R-Truth vs Buddy Murphy

Murphy with an elbow to the eye of Truth after a go behind. Murphy kicks down in the corner. Right hand to Truth. Kick to Truth in the corner. Truth fires back out of the corner. Whip is reversed, but Truth spins a thousand times, sending Murphy in the corner. Kick from Buddy, who then hops over Truth. Spinning super burrito elbow from Truth. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Truth waits for Murphy to stand. Murphy turns, gets kicked, goes for the Axe Kick, but Murphy stands, blocks a right, gets some hits in, then eats a dropkick from Truth! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Out comes jobbers to chase one of the Singh brothers who, of all possible places to run, decide to come out during this specific match to run in circles around the ring. Truth joins the circle long enough for the ref to get to an 8 count.

Truth rolls into the ring and Murphy feeds him a knee. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Buddy Murphy
The logic behind running out during this specific match to circle the ring about 15 total rotations is just…
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Akam and Razar speak of native tongues and how little they care about others’ opinions.

Street Profits are here to hype up the world, and admittedly, their entrance does just that.

The Best Friends hug it out twice as the crowd chants AEW. Wait…wrong show.

WE WANT THE SMOKE chant to start off promo time.

They made their debut last week, and also showed up and showed out. Ya always remember your first, and even though they weren’t in St. Louis, they still made the OC feel The Blues, with an assist from their homie Kevin Owens. Dawkins talks of kissing a chick. The Street Profits are up and they want the smoke.

The music hits, and they sing along to it.

Hogan and Flair are in the ring arguing over bed pans.

Ricochet flies over the top rope onto Drew before the match starts.

Match 3: Ricochet (w/ Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart) vs Drew McIntyre (w/ Ric Flair)

Pele kick from Ricochet sends Drew back outside the ring with his jacket still on. Ricochet hits the ropes and flips over the top rope to the outside, hurting himself as much as Drew. He oesn’t stop, though, and heads straight for Drew, sending him back in the eing. Ric on the apron, he flies but Drew catches him and drops him on the ropes ribs first. Drew on the outside hits a tos to Ricochet, then a chop to the chest as Ric Flair Woos on. Drew sends Ricochet into the ring and stomps away a bit onto the ribs. Drew locks Ricochet up against the ropes. Drew tosses Ricochet across the ring like nothing. Ref checks on Ric while Drew stands tall and points to Hogan. Riccohet with a right hand. Drew shoves him and kicks him in the face, then hits a leg drop off the ropes. Drew leaves the ring to get in the face of Hogan, and Hogan takes his glasses off to look sleepily into Drew’s eyes.

Drew gets back in the ring to lock on an abdominal stretch. Drew with a hip toss off the stretch. Another toss of Ric causes a shout. Drew locks the arm up behind the head of Ricochet. Ric walks off Drew, locks the head and gets a head scissors, sptingboards, but Dre catches him. Up and over by Ric, who gets back body dropped anyways! Drew grabs the head, locks up for a Razor’s Edge, and he gets it, tossing Ricochet into the corner buckle! Drew poses like Hogan, mocking him like the Aussie can. Drew sends Ricochet to the outside. Drew follows. Chop from Drew. Chop from Ric, Another from Drew sends Ricochet to his death. Drew revives him by dropping him chest first on the barricade. Ricochet gets sent into the ring by Drew. Drew follows. He grabs Ricochet out of the corner. Whip sends Ricochet into the corner bck first, but he kicks Drew down and falls beside him. Drew is up in the corner behind Ric. Ric with a chop. Another. Whip to Drew is reversed , Ric hops up, and Drew kicks the mid section. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Back from break, and Ricochet rolls Drew up for a quick 1…2.NO!!! He flips off the corner but favors the ribs and Drew sends him into the corner hard. Drew sets up for the Razor’s Edge again, but Riccohet is able to head scissors Drew into the corner! Drew grabs Ricochet, who blocks a right, kicks him, Riccohet flips up over Drew, Enziguri. Dropkick from Ricochet, headbutt in the corner, springboard clothesline to Drew!! Springboard moonsault onto Drew!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Ricochet kicks the gut, then gets Drew up in a Fireman’s only to eat an elbow. Elbow of his own. Ricochet In the corner gets an elbow from Drew. Alabama Slam to Ricochet! Ricochet gtes a surprise bridged pin for 1..2..NO!!! DREW with a clothesline! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Drew gets Ricochet to the top rope. Chop to the chest. Drew heads up. He grabs the head. Goes for a Superplex, but Ricochet dorps him! Right hand sends Drew into the Tree of Woe. Drew escapes. He wants the Claymore. He runs! RIGHT INTO A KICK!!! Ricochet to the top rope. He goes for the finish, Drew rolls out of the way.


Winner: Ricochet via DQ

Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4

Damn, that RKO was great.

Drew tells Hogan that “YOU” are screwed. Haha.

Backstage, one of my cousin’s from my father’s side is getting pointed at by AJ Styles. AJ used to be a rookie, and now he is an inspiration. He may be one of the most well-liked vets in the WWE. He thinks it’s coo that Humberto debuted against Seth, but “Amigo,” if you’re looking to prove yourself against the top champ, then Humberto picked the wrong one, so if he wants to try against the real champ and step into the ring with AJ, tonight is the night.

To assure you that the WWE hasn’t a clue what to do with their tag team champs, we see them squash a team of jobbers in Cub uniforms.

Before the next match, Sin Cara says that tonight, two can play the same game Andrade plays.

In comes a masked female wrestler to annunciate like no other. She is…exuberant.

Homegirl comes down with Sin Cara and is announced as Carolina.

Match 5: Andrade vs Sin Cara

Cara with a head scissors, sending Andrade outside. Cara gets to the top rope, but Andrade shoves him off the top, and he tumbles down as Zelina watches on. Andrade heads over to Sin Car and chops him on the outside as the ref counts. Andrade sends Sin to the inside and grgabs the head. Gutwrench and a backbreaker. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Andrade with a modified abdominal, locking the arms up behind cara and pulling on the face as well. Sin Cara turns into the hold. Knee from Andrade. Cover for 1…2…NO!!! Andrade to the outside. Sin Cara to the top. He spins off with an elbow onto Andrade. Sin Cara sends him inside, Andrade steps up, catching Sin Cara, but Cara headscissors Andrade down on his head! Zelina distracts, in comes Carolina. Zelina hops off with a head scissors, but Carolina holds on and swings Zelina into the barricade.

This distraction allows Andrade to roll up Sin Cara and get the 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Andrade

Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: *1/2

Backstage, Charlotte cares about Natalya this week.

Match 6: The Iiconics vs Charlotte Flair and Natalya

Why would Charlotte wanna be on this team? Well she starts with Royce and hit sa few chops, sending her against the ropes. Charlotte whips, catches a crossbody, and hits a fallaway slam as Peytonscreams for Billie. Charlotte locks the head. Blind tag from Natalya. They double team with a suplex. Cover for 1…2…NO! Nattie goes for a body slam ,but Royce floats over and hits a body slam. Tag to Kay and they kick Nattie down then covers for 1..2..NO!!! Kay with a chinlock from behind. Kay sends Nattie onto the apron then hits a few knees to the chest. Tag to Royce who locks up Natalya on the ropes and Kay slap her around a bit. Royce stops a tag from Nattie. Nattie rolls her up for a 1..2.NO!! Huge kick from Royc to Nattie. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Royce drops an elbow to the shoulder then locks in a cravat from behind. Elbow from Nattie. Another elbow. Royce pulls the hair and slams Nattie down. Tag to Kay who holds up her knee so Royce can send Nattie face first into it. Charlotte in to stop a pin and to big boot Royce off the apron.

Kay goes to slap Flair, but Nattie is there to lock in a Sharpshooter! Royce in. SPEAR by Charlotte! Kay taps!

Winners: Charlotte Flair and Natalya
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *

Backstage, Seth cuts off Charley to talk about his upcoming match. Seth’s gotta ask himself why he accepted the match. This is what he do, though. He fights every night to prove himself and get ready for the biggest challenges of his career. Seth took it to antoher level when he burned down the Firefly Funhouse. He didn’t think it was gonna be gone forever; it’s back and more dangerous than ever. What he did at Hell in a Cell won’t be enough. He’s going to beat The Fiend, keep his title, and to burn it down.

Match 7: Falls Count Anywhere
Seth Rollins vs Eric Rowan

Seth starts with a dropkick! Rowan misses a clothesline. Right hand to the face. Another. Both form Seth. Rowan catches a third. Rollins drops down to his feet. He heads to the top rope. Blockbuster. Right from Rollins. Whip to the corner, reversed, and Rowan goes over the top rope, but lands on his feet. Rowan pulsl Seth out and hits a headbutt. Rowan grabs Seth and walks him over to the barricade, then drops him face first onto the barricade. Big Boot and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Rowan sends Seth into the crowd. Seth with a chop. Another. Rowan with a right hand to the head. Seth throws a chair. Rowan follows, clubs the back, and they fight up the steps. We fight to the concessions area – you know, like every match like this in the past two years.

Rowan attacks Seth down a hallway into concessions where people are being held back by security. Seth uses a divider to attack Rowan, but Rowan kicks then sends Seth into a merch table. The Pop figurines no sell the attack. Rowan smacks a chair then looks to chokeslam Seth into a table. He does just that. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Back from a break, and Seth is in the middle of the ring looking to do that dastardly suicide push. He does. He heads back into the ring to hit another one, shoving Erick into the barricade. Rowan is still standing, so Seth hits the ropes and goes for a third, but Rowan stops him and looks to post ihm, only for Seth to float down and shove Rowan into the steps. He sends Rowan into the other side’s steps while King makes a horrible pun. Seth in the ring to dive again, but Rowan grabs some steps and stops Seth. Clothesline in the corner. Dropkick from Rowan. Rowan rolls to the outside, circles the ring, and hits a crossbody on the outside. Pin for 1..2..NO!!!Rowan grabs Seth by the head, lfits him up for a powerbomb, and sends him into the post on the outside!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Rowan lifts Rollins on his shoulders in a firemans and walks up the ramp. I once carried a drunk friend this way, and he reacted much the same Seth does, by dropping down to his feet and elbowing me in the head. Rowan turns and hits a clothesline. Rowan claims Seth is trying to embarrass him. He heads to the announce table and shoves all the shit off of it. Rowan tosses a water bottle for extra emphasis. He calls for a chokeslam, but Rollins lands on his feet, on the table, and superkicks Rowan in the head. STOMP into the announce table. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Rollins dives off of the table onto Rowan who is down beneath the stage. Rollins grabs a chair. He grabs Rowan and fights him away from the stage, heading towards the back. He dropped a chair to pick up another chair, and attacks Rowan, smacking him across the back a few times until Rowan rabs the chair and swings Rollins into the loud clanging pipes. Rowan sends Seth into a box. Rowan grabs a road case and tosses it, but Seth ducks. Seth has a ladder and drops it on the aback of Rowan. There’s a forklift nearby, so I wonder what that’ll be used for. Head stomp to Rowan. Rollins moves the ladder then rolls Rowan under the forklift.

Seth BULLIES an employee to turn the forklift on and squash Rowan. The employee won’t do it, so Seth pushes the button and stands atop the pallet that is smashing Rowan for the 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
-eye roll-
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

It appears that King’s Court will close the show, which means I’ll have to cover it…ugh.

They go over the Crown Jewel card.

Match 7: Humberto Carrillo vs AJ Styles

Humberto flips out of the corner excessively. He throat checks then springboard arm drags like a gazelle. AJ side steps and cohps him in the corner. Humberto ducks one and gets some chops of his own. Whip is reversed and Humberto climbs up then dives off with a headbutt. Cover for 1….NO!!! AJ rolls the kid up, gets a 1, Humberto kicks, kicks again, springboard enziguri. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Standing moonsault for 1…2..NO!!! Humberto whips, AAJ eats a dropkick. He rolls to the outside real quick. On the outside, AJ sends Humberto up to the apron, he fliups off over AJ, AJ turns and sends Humberto INTO the barricade, then hits a tornado DDT off the barricade!!!

Back and AJ hits a hard right, then misses a clothesline. He catches a kick, ducks another, but eats a third! Both men are down! They stand. Humberto kicks out of the corner. High dropkick. Charges the corner, AJ side steps, eats the buckle, Humberto to the top. He flies. DROPKICK TO AJ! Humberto covers for 1..2..NO!!! Humberto to the top rope. He moonsaults, lands on his feet and rolls, AJ grbs the head. INVERTED DDT! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! AJ on the apron. He goes for the forearm! Humberto hits the ropes! Top rope! Mooonsault! He doesn’t get all. Pin for 1…2…NO!!! Humberto the top rope. He dives off, looks for a possible DDT, but AJ just shoves his ass aside!


Winner: AJ Styles
Another good showing, but what happens next?
Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: ***
Total Rating: ***

AJ enters the ring to shake the hand of Humberto, but of course, AJ ain’t bout it. Humberto shoves AJ, so AJ attacks the right leg and hits the Styles Clash.

THE OC attacks!!! Out come The Street Profits to even the odds. Montez with a pounce to Gallows that looks pretty sick.

We come back to RAW with about 10 mins left, and this is a special edition of the King’s Court, which he dubs “Divorce Court.” He announces Rusev out first.

Rusev has a Vince McMahon Special on. King announces the legal wife of Rusev next. Lana is most definitely over dressed for this segment.

Rusev is, awkwardly, all smiles.

Rusev shows that he is still wearing his wedding band, hoping that they can reconcile.

Lana looks like only her face spent time in the sun. Lana didn’t wanna embarrass Rusev, but the truth is that she has to deal with the Universe hating on her, bullying her, always saying mean things, so she has some truth for us.

The truth is, the marriage was only about what Rusev wanted, and all he wanted was sex.

Rusev: “Can you blame me?”

Lana says we don’t understand; Rusev wanted sex morning, afternoon, night, kitchen, arena, doctor’s office, locker room, Wrestlemania, he is a sex addict.

Rusev can’t believe she is saying these things. Lana says it was never about being wanted or desired, it was only about having a baby. He knew more about her cycle than she did. All he ever wanted was little Rusev’s running around crushing.

Rusev never insisted, he loves Lana. He doesn’t understand.

Lana says he never listens. She is a model, a fashion influence. No designer will dress her if she has a baby. People don’t even like her. She asks King to look at her. She is not a mother.

King says the only reason this happened is because Rusev wanted a baby?

Lana says that’s not it. Rusev cheated.

Rusev is surprised.

Lashley told her.

Rusev said Lashley is talking shit.

Out comes Lashley. Rusev removes the jacket.

Lashley looks to enter the ring, but Rusev kicks him off the apron. He attacks Lashley’s face with some hard rights over and over while the crowd chants Rusev Day. Rusev sends Lashley into the ring and kicks Lashley. He hits a right hand, another, a third. Lashley reverses. Flatliner by Lashley. Lashley waits for Rusev to stand. Kick by Rusev. Fireman’s Drop to Lashley.

Rusev removes his ring. He yells at Lana, asking if this is what she wants. He then shoves it into Lashley’s mouth.

Lana comes into the ring with a kendo stick, but Rusev doesn’t feel it. He continues to attack Lashley. He turns, finally, and grabs the kendo stick. Lashley with a low blow from behind. Another one from Lashley. Lashley continues to the beat down then Lashley and Lana make out over the fallen Rusev.

End Show

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