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411’s WWE RAW Report 11.4.19

November 4, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
Becky Lynch Shayna Baszler wwe RAW 11-4-19

Well, Saudi did some things…didn’t it?

We start RAW with a fuckin calvacade of limos. Ok, not a calvacade. There’s like 3. HHH is in the front one. He motions to the other cars something or other, and takes a walk as the crowd chants NXT and King reads the entire list of “What noises to make to emit shock.”

WE start the show with Brock and Heyman. Heyman’s color scheme is horrid tonight, and Brock has a jaundice thing going on. Although, it could be the feed I’m using.

Heyman speaks of his hunt of Rey Mysterio, and how said hunt caused him to quit Smackdown. Heyman brings up a trade of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross for two future draft considerations. Heyman is the jew in the corner of Brock, so he’s got protection. He can’t get fired. His contract has been assigned to RAW. Doesn’t mean anyone else can switch brands. Only Brock. Because he’s different; because he has leverage, entitled, and can do whatever the hell he wants to do.

Heyman calls everyone in the back and says Brock is better than them all. This is his point; someone knows where Rey is. There is no one man enough here or on Long Island that can slap back, including Rey Mysterio.

Backstage, Brock walks. He then chokes out some fool for fun, and probably because he has frosted tips.

Some guy is accosted by Brock, so he points to a limo, saying Rey is in there. Since Brock cannot discern between Mexicans, he yanks some dude out of the limo who, assumedly has been watching Raw, makes sure to tell Brock that he is not, in fact, Rey. Brock kicks the door of the limo then walks off in anger.

Match 1: The Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte Flair and Natalya

Nattie and Kairi to start. Sane shoves Nattie from behind with a smirk. Lockup nd Natie works th arm behind Sane. Nattie spins Sane a bit before dropping her with a body slam. Cover for 1. Tag to Asuka. Nattie with a single leg takedown. Asuka reverses this into an ankle lock. Nattie rolls out. They’re both standing now, until Nattie kicks Asuka then gets a blind tag from Charlotte. Charlotte comes in to dorp Asuka. She shoves her head. Charlotte hooks up fo ra body slam, but ASuka blocks. Sane goes for a right, Charlotte ducks. In comes Nattie. Double suplexes.

Back from a break, and Asuka and Nattie hit a shoulder with each other, neither one budging. They go for it again. Nattie hits the ropes, ducks another, then heads to the outside.

Sane is laughing off the pain, covering Nattie like a jerk for 1…NO! Sane pulls back on the neck from behind. Sane is able to hit a dropkick, and a cover, and gets a 1..2..NO! Charlotte gets the attention of Sane, so Nattie rolls her up. Tag ot Charlotte, who runs in with a lothesine. Again. A boot to Asuka. Chop to Sane. Aother chap. She keeps choppin her into the ropes, the ncatches her off the roeps and hits a Fallaway Slam. Kip up and Charlotte looks like her skin is stretchy. Natural Selection from Charlotte. Cover. 1..2..NO!!! ASuka is outside, and garbs the foot of Sane to place it on te ropes for the break. Charlotte takes out both Sane and ASuka. Charlotte heads to the top rope, looking to possibly moonsault on both the Warriors. F course, since it’a a moonsault, Charlote misses completely. She covers Sane for 1.2…N!O!! The ref is disracted yet again.

Another break, and Sane is in control of Charlotte. Chop to Charlote. Kicks in the corner. Sane rushes the corner, and eats a big ass boot. Charlotte reaches for a tag. Sane gets one with ASuka. Nattie gets tagged in. Side Russian Leg Sweep. Kick to Sane on the outside, spinning clothesline to Asuka. Whip to Asuka is reversed, she dodges an attack, looks to bounce Asuka off the ropes, but Asuka counters, gets tossed out, and nattie hits a German! Asuka works the arm bar. Nattie looks to tap. The lock is in, but Nattie rolsl through, only for Asuka to get a guillotine locked in! Nattie uses her strength to escape, grabs the legs, and gets a Sharpshooter on Asuka! Sane is up on the apron. She rusn in and hits a Codebreaker to Nattie! SPEAR from Charlotte to Sane!

Asuka grabs Nattie from behind ,looking for the Asuka lock, but Nattie escapes. Nattie locks on the Sharpshooter. Asuka taps!!!!

Winners: Natalya and Charlotte
Not buyin the team, not interested in the team, not caring bout said team.
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating:

Heyman and Brock come to the announce table to cut off Nattie’s music. He asks the new people where Rey is. He then goes to Lawler and asks where Rey is. Heyman says he will unleash thebeast on Jerry, and if he does that, no one will resuscitate him when he dies on the air again.

Big boy Dio Maddi gets in the face of Brock. Brock punches him and hits an F5 onto the table.

Brock turns around with a smirk to the crowd’s boos. REY MYSTERIO IS HERE!! He beats Brock down with a pipe or bat or some shit. Rey grabs the title and smacks Brock in the face with it! Refs come out to stop him, and Rey is pissed. He calms it down a bit, then heads to the back.

During the commercial break, Brock couldn’t even stand without some struggle.

Backstage, Rey cuts a promo, saying Brock attacked his family. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, he’s going to fight fire with fire. Brock came after what’s most important to him, and now Brock is coming after what’s most important to him – the WWE Championship. At Survivor Series, will brock be man enough to come after him the way he came after Brock tonight?

Match 1: Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy

Cedric and Murphy lock up in the middle of the ring. Side headlock by Murphy. Whip to the ropes, and Murphy hits a shoulder tackle. Cedric duks a right, ducks another one, head scissors to Murphy, who lands on his feet, but eats a dropkick! Murphy heads to the outside. Chop to the escaping Cedric. Murphy sends Cedric into the barricade. Chop to Cedrick. Murphy goes for another one, but Cedric ducks, and Buddy smacks the shit out of the ring post. Cedric sends him into the ring. Murphy tries to escape, but Cedric grabs him and pulls him back. Cedric shoots the corner, and ends up hitting his shoulder directly into the pst. Cover for 1..2..NO!! ! Another cover. 1…2..NO!!! Murphy stomps the left arm of Cedric. Cedric tries to fight out, but Murhy pulls on the arm. He twists the arm and pulls more. Elbow to the back of the shoulder. Cedric with a surprise forearm. Another. Again. Right to the face. Chop. Murphy kicks, but Alexander blocks and hits a bak elbow. Springbaord high kick to the face. Murphy flies to the outside. Cedric hits the ropes. Suicide dive. He rushes back in, hits the roeps, and this itme dives over the top rope onto Murphy. Cedric hits the ropes. He bounces off with a Flatliner. Cedric with a springboard into a Murphy’s Law attempt. It’s escaped for a pin.. 1..2…NO!!!!

Michinoku Driver for 1..2…NO!!! Knee to the back. Murphy’s Law. That’s all she wrote.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: *1/2

Seth is here to talk about his rough week. He says it’s been a rough few months, and what’s next for him? He says he isn’t stupid, and plenty of us are thrilled that he lost to The Fiend at Crown Jewel, but to be honest, he doesn’t give a damn. It doesn’t concern him. What concerns him is that The Fiend took the title over to Smackdown, what concerns him is that Brock has the title again. Everything he’s worked for over the last year. Seth says he doesn’t know if he has the energy this time around. So what’s next? For the first time in a long time, Seth doesn’t know.

Triple H’s music hits.

HUGE NXT chant as Triple H grabs the mic. He brings up Seth’s past with NXT. He was the foundation. When he was done with putting NXT on the map, The Shield was born. When that ran the course, he came to HHH again and became the WWE champ.

Seth says were those things for Seth’s benefit or for Triple H? H wonders if it really matters. HHH says this is an interesting moment – Seth doesn’t know what’s next…HHH does. NXT rolled into SD and ran over that whole place. Seth says the first shot was fired while the whole roster was overseas. HHH says Adam Cole beat Daniel Bryan in the middle of the ring. They made a statement that NXT is here, it’s real, and it’s on fire. The whole word wants to know wht NXT is going to do next What about RAW? HHH is here for a different reason, because he wants to know what Seth Rollins will do next. Because what he does next will affect what HHH does next.

Survivor Series is RAW v SD v NXT, and they’ve got something to prove. So, maybe Seth doesn’t know what’s next, if he has the energy or drive or heart or whatever it is, but Triple H does. He knows how to get Seth there, how to make him great. You know how this works; Seth is either with HHH in this moment….

Undisputed Era comes from out the crowd and stands on the apron.

H: “Or you’re against me…”

Seth considers his options. He looks over to UE, but the music of AJ Styles hits, and out comes The OC.

Undisputed Era leave as The OC chases them into the crowd. But Damien Priest is here alongside Dijakovic, and they attack The OC. The RAW jobbers run down the ramp to help The OC – you know ,a team who, previous to this, had nothing to do with Rowan, Truth, or Ryder.

Seth rushes up on HHH to say that this is RAW and this is not a depleted Smackdown roster. He wants a shot at the NXT title, and he wants that shot tonight. He’s not Daniel Bryan, he’s better. HHH ccepts the challenge.

ZElina and Andrade are here. They are the greatest mixed tag team in al of sports entertainment. Tonight is a rare opportunity to watch her embarrass that bug ugly woman with a lucha mask. We also get to watch Sin Cara die ot something like it.

They take on Sin Cara and his lady friend…next.

Recap of the Rusev and Lana saga. Rusev is going to challenge Lashley next.

Rusev takes in the crowd’s cheers. Rusev says that tonight is the night to end all this stupid drama. He’s not here to bicker with his ex or call her names. He’s here for Lashley. Ruse is here to tell him man to man, if you want Lana, she is all Bob’s, but Lashley’s ass…is Rusev’s.

Lashley comes out, but he is on crutches. Lana is with him. Lashley says as much as he’d love to come down and beat Rusev up, he’s not medically cleared. Over this past weekend, Lashley tore his groin while having sex with Lana.

Lana says the reality is that Rusev isn’t interested in their life full of love and sex, but he is interested in a different type of fight. There is someone special that has volunteered to fight Rusev. He’s going to kick Rusev’ ass.

Out comes…

Drew McIntyre.


Match 3: Drew McIntyre vs Rusev

Drew starts in with the stomps. Whip to the corner by Drew, but Rusev comes firing back with a clothesline .Shoulders in the corner. Right hand to Drew. Drew reverses, sends Rusev in the corner, Rusev turns it and stomps Drew down in the corner. Rusev with a right hand to Drew. Whip and Drew kicks Rusev off the ropes. Shove to the corner. Drew with a kick then a bunch of right hands. Boot choke to Rusev. Rusev blocks a right hand. Kick to the stomach, another kick, he hits the roeps, but Drew knocks his ass down. Right hands to Rusev. Stomp to Rusev. A large stomp to the fingertips. Drew with a chop. Whip to the ropes. Rusev lifts Drew, Fallaway Slam to Drew!

We come back and Rusev hits some chops to Drew. Right hand to the face. Rusev hits the ropes and gets a spinebuster for his troubles! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Drew calls Rusev a bitch, audibly, so Rusev hits a clothesline. He waits in the corner. Back elbow to Drew. Clothesline. Another one. A shouler in the corner is followed by a spinning heel kick, knocking Drew down hard. Rusev calls for the end. Running kick is missed, throat thrust from Drew, he sends Rusev into the corner. Rusev blocks from up top. He hits another right. Dives and lands on his feet, ducks a right. Double crossbody in the middle of the ring. Both men up. Right from Rusev. Drew with one of his own. Rsuev returns the favor. Kick from Drew. Rusev. Back and forth till Drew beats down the back, only for Rusev to shove forward then hit a superkick. Drew falls to the outside. Rusev follows and grabs Drew to send him into the steps.

From behind, Bobby Lashley uses one of his crutches to attack Rusev.

Winner: Rusev via DQ
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *

Lashley sends Rusev into the barricade, hard. Drew walks away as Lashley sends Rusev into the ring. Rusev sends Lashley into the corner. Rusev grabs the crutch. He’s going to attack Lashley.


Orton drops Rusev like nothing. He checks on Lashley, laughing, then allows for Lshley to stomp Rusev down in the corner. Rusev grabs the legs of Rusev and stomps the chest of Rusev over and over until Ricochet rushesdown the ramp onto the apron. He pulls the ropes, sending Lashley flying. Riccohet dodges an RKO and kicks Orton out of the ring. Baseball slide to Lashley, sending him crashing into Lana

Why would Orton care about this?

Becky is prepping for an exclusive interview next.

Becky brings up Smackdown and a well timed takeover. She brings up Bayley and Shayna. This year, she is the target. She tells Charley that she beat Sasha at Hell in a Cell, and knocked Shayna’s bestie into retirement after Mania.

In comes Shayna, who wants to take over this interview. She looks directly at Becky, says hi, and has been waiting a long time for this. She is Shayna. She knows all about Becky – she’s a shining example as a talent that comes from NXT. Becky knows of the friendship between Shayna and Ronda. She wants to be clear; Shayna is not Ronda Rousey. At Survivor Series, she won’t take her eyes off of Bayley, but she wanted to come here, eye to eye, champ tio champ, to tell Becky that Shayna is going to pin her or tap her out, and the only thing that Becky will have to think about is which one of her limbs will belong to Shayna.

Becky stares directly into Shayna’s eyes and says she hasn’t fully decided whether to respect her or to slap ther head off of her. She says warring with Becky will change her like it did the rest of them. She won’t be taking her eyes off Bayley either, but she is coming directly for Shayna. They stand, face to face. Becky will show here who the real baddest woman on the planet is.

We’re getting a triple threat match at Survivor Series with Lynch v Baszler v Bayley.

AJ Styles and The OC are out. AJ is not in the mood tonight. Facts: Gallows and Anderson are the best tag team in the world, and there is the trophy ot prove it. Here’s another fact: AJ is the Phenomenal AJ Styles, the US Champion. They don’t give a damn about NXT. Next time they see one of those punks, they’ll make sure they never step foot out of Orlando.

Street Profits!

They think The OC is really feeling themselves tonight. They see the trophy, and they applaud. They are officially The Best Tag Team in the World. Even though they weren’t in that match. Dawkins ain’t allowed to say that they beat The OC. Dawkins says it again. They then introduce Humberto, who is out with them. Humberto says that The Street Profits beat The OC two weeks ago on RAW. SP want him to say it again, and he obliges.

AJ tells Humberto to shut his mouth or AJ will shut it for him. Humberto then says the same thing, but in Spanish.

Match 4: The Street Profits and Humberto Carrillo vs The OC

We come back to the match already in. Dawkins gets the tag from Humberto, and he works the left arm of AJ. AJ grabs the ropes for the break, then throat checks Dawkins. Tag to Anderson. He hits an uppercut. Another uppercut. Rope work and Dawkins hops over twice, then sends Anderson into the ropes and hits a dropkick. Body slam to Andreson after a tag from Montez. He hits the ropes, dropkick to the face, cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Ford on the apron. Anderson sends him off the apron. Gallows with a clothesline! The ref doesn’t see it. Anderson sends Montez in to the ring. Cover for 1…NO! He works the mouth, AJ gets tagge in. He hits a ight. Gallows with a kick as the ref is distracted. AJ covers for 1..2…NO! AJ hits a knee. Whip is reveres, and AJ is here! Dropkick from ontez. Taf to Anderson who eats a dropkick. Tag ot Gallows. Ford high with a head grab, then eats a big boot. Tag to AJ. He rushes the corner with a hard clothesline. Tag to Andesron, who runs in wthi the kick. Gallows gets the tag. Spash from Gallows. Cover for 1..2… NO!!!


Match Quality:
Personal Enjoyment:
Total Rating:

The Viking Raiders are in a squash match against two dudes in Polos.

They cut a promo on The OC

Main Event: NXT Championship Match
Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins

They work the wrist together, going tit for tat. Cole locks up on the ropes to break the hold. Seth backs up. Lockup and they tango toward the corner. Cole shoves Seth. Seth hits a tackle out of the corner. Right hand. Another to Cole. Clothesline to Cole, sending him to the outside. Seth flies over the top rope onto Cole on the outside. He sends Coel into the ring. HHH is ringside, watching. Seth goes for a possible buckle bom, but cole fights out, gets a kick to the midsection. Rollins wants the stomp, but Cole rolls out of the ring. Seth heads out as well and grabs him, sending him into the barricade.

Ba k from a brfeak, and Cld hads the upperhad. Cole wats for Steh to stand. He hts the ropes. Running knee to the face. Cover for 1…2…NO!!! Both men down after a clothesline! HHH is standing up now, watching over the match. Cole is upfirst. He heads to the top rope. Seth is up! He climbs the corner. SUPERPLEX! Rollins holds on. Falcon Arrow! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Rollins is looking to burn it down. He turns. UNDISPUTED INTERJECT!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins via DQ

Match Quality: **1/2
Personal Enjoyment: **1/2
Total Rating: **1/2

Strong, Fish, and Kyle attack!!!! Cole joins in on the fun. Triple H stands by. Out come the RAW roster! Out come NXT. It’s a brawl.

We are left with only Kieth Lee standing on his own in the ring. Everyone else is fighting on the outside. Commentary is selling it as RAW getting beaten down. They call this Team RAW, but there aren’t really big names out as right now. Ryder, Hawkins, Ricochet, Truth.

Ricochet in the ring. He. Springboard shooting star presses off the top rope to the outside onto a bunch of people. Everyone stands to go toe to toe. Kieth Lee is in he middle of the ring. HE DIVES OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO EVERYONE!!!

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