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411’s WWE RAW Report 2.3.20

February 3, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Brock Lesnar WWE Raw

Last week, Edge got his ass handed to him by Orton to kick start their feud and garner more interest in RAW than we’ve seen in quite some time. Let’s see if they could carry that over to continuous entertaining tv!

We are informed via a Family Spokesperson that Edge is at home in recovery mode, and will update us as early as next week. Orton is here, live, to explain his actions.

Orton takes in the showers of boos and YOU SUCK chants. He gets in the ring and heads to the corner to slowly climb up the buckles, stare out into the crowd, and…do nothing. He drops back down and grabs a mic.

Orton takes his time, all the while, the crowd is hating him. It’s great. He finally attempts to say something, and the boos get louder. He says he guesses he owes an explanation. He does a few more stop and starts, then claims he cannot do this, drops the mic, and walks to the back as the crowd cheers his attempts to leave.

Oh yay, the match that nobody asked for.

Liv, interestingly, comes out to her own music, but Lana’s video and name everywhere.

Match 1: Liv Morgan vs Lana

Liv shoves Lana and Lana pretends she has injured her hand. She cheap shots Liv, then kicks her high on the side of the head. Lana pulls on her chin from behind, working one arm.

Lana grabs Liv up but Liv drops her face first onto her knees. Liv runs with a Flatliner off the ropes. Cover for 1….2….3!!!!

Winner: Liv Morgan
Are we done yet?
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Apparently not, because RUBY RIOTT is here!!! Liv looks incredibly happy. Ruby looks incredibly…yeesh.

Liv goes in for a hug, but Ruby hits her with an STO then kicks her in the chest and attacks. Lana is standing in the corner smiling. Ruby with some kicks to the back. Ruby waits for Liv to stand then rushes her with a hard clothesline to the back of the neck.

Ruby leaves the ring to some boos and the lights go out on the ring.


Lana grabs Liv by the head and hits a facebuster.

Someone is just messin with all the buttons in the truck, ain’t they.

Back to the show after a break, and Mojo is in the ring with his Offensive Lineman. Apparently, he’s going to face Drew McIntyre? Ok…

Drew thanks the crowd for fighting through the blizzard. He tells Drew that as soon as he puts this mic down, three seconds later, he’s going to Claymore his head off. Lol.

He wants to talk about Brock. In that clip, Brock attacked him last week. From behind. Back turned, and that’s fine with Drew, because it tells him Brock is apprehensive and knows he’s just as big, fast, and has a secret weapon that knocked his ass out; The Claymore. Come Mania, he’s going to kick Brock’s ass.

Match 2: Drew McIntyre vs Mojo Rawley

Claymore Kick. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
I could complain about pushing Mojo, but it’s the 24/7 title…
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Charly is backstage with Buddy Murphy and AOP. Buddy says they’ve already won tonight’s match because they are on the right side of history. As for Owens and the VRs, they are working harder and not smarter.

In comes Man Bun Seth to tell them to go prepare, as he’s got this. Charly has a question about his triple threat tonight to face Lesnar at Super Showdown. Seth says he’s got a second chance; Redemption, if you will. He’s beaten Brock twice, taken his title twice, and knows Drew’s got his heart set on Brock at Mania, but Drew needs to see the writing on the wall. He needs to start preparing to face Seth Rollins.

Match 3: The AOP and Buddy Muphy vs Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders

Back from a break, and Razar is in against Ibar. They go face to face, pretending this is an epic showown .They beat on each other to the pleasure of the crowd. Ibar flips over the back of Razar, Erik gets a tag. Doubel team a bit and Erik screams. Razar comes out the corner with a clothesline. Akam grabs the head of Erik and tags in Murphy, who hits a forearm to the face. Murphy with a go behind. Elbow from Murphy. Erik tries again, Murphy bloks a rtiht, kick, another, stomp to the foot, Erik flips Murphy over his leg and hits a hard knee. Tag to Ibar. In comes Akam. Ibar drops him, hits the ropes, and hits a crossbody. Razar in, eats some right hands, whip to the corner is reversed, Ibar is up and sits Razar down, cartwheel from Ibar. Clothesline to Murphy! Tag to Erik. They lift Murphy. Go behind from Erik. Springboard clothesline! Pin for 1…NO!!! Erik tosses Akam out, Erik tosses Razar. Ibar with a suicide dive! Erik with one of his own! On the outside, Seth hits a stomp to Erik!! Ref doesn’t see it!

Erik is sent back in the ring and Murphy covers for 1..2…3!!! Erik is eliminated.

Owens is checking on Ibar on the outside, who is seemingly hurting from the suicide dive and toss into the barricade. Refs are here to take Ibar to the back. Owens is by himself. He hops on the apron, looking worried, as his three opponents stand center ring.

We are back, and Ibar was officially taken to the back. Owens is gtting trucked by Akam and covered for 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Murphy. Murhpy in who drives a knee into the side of Owens. Chinlock from behind. Murhpy hits a knee to Owens. Owens is then tossed to the outside. Owens grabs Murphy. Fallaway Slam to Murphy!!! Rollins is watching nearby. Owens rolls back into the ring. Murphy struggles to get back in. He does at 3. Owens is in th corner and kicks Murphy away. Leg lariat from Murphy. He goes to cover, but Owens won’t allow it. He kicks out at 1 . Murphy grabs him by the head and Razar is in to attack. Right hand to Owens. Whip to the ropes. Owens with a kick then an enziguri. Tag from Akam. Razar grabs Owens and Akam stomps him down and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Owens fights back with some rights to the head. He hits the reopes. Knee to Owens stops him mid-run. Tag to Murphy. Kick to Owens. Seth preaches on the outside as Owens kicks to the leg and hits a DDT. Tag to Akam. He grabs Owens, who tries to fight from below. Forearms from Akam. Owens in the corner. He elbows Akam. Elbow Razar, both off the apron. He ducks under urphy. He flies off the apron onto Akam. Sends Razar into the steps. Superkick to the flying Murphy! Owens to the top rope. Swanton to Murphy, but Murphy gets the knees up!!!

Murphy hits the ropes. POPUP POWERBOMB! Pin for 1..2…3!!! Buddy Murphy has been eliminated

Akam rushes the ring to beat down on Owens.

Owens with a kick. STUNNER! Pin for 1..2…..3!!!! Akam has been eliminated!

Seth pumps up Razar on the outside. He enters the ring. Owens posts him! SUPERKICK! Another! Owens with a cannonball!!! Crowd is on fire! Owens to the top rope. Swanton! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Owens grabs Razar. He attempts to lift him into a Firemans! He gets it! Seth on the apron! Owens drops Razar. Razar with a huge clothesline!!!! He shoves Owens into the ropes. SPINEBUSTER!!!

He sends Owens into to the ropes and hits another Spinebuster! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: The AOP and Buddy Murphy
Well, that was fun
Match Quality: ****
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ****

Backstage, Charly looks great. She also brings in Ricochet. Tonight, he’s in the triple threat with a chance to face Brock. He says this is the dream. Since he was 14, he’s wanted to prove that he can be the best. It seems unrealistic due t o the obstacles put in front of him. He’s not big or strong like Lashley. He doesn’t have a gang like Rollins. Tonight, he will prove that determination can outweigh probability. It means everything to him.

Match 4: Eric Young vs Aleister Black

Young tries to get some offense in, but it’s short lived. Knee to the gut. Some hard knees after, kicks to the thighs, then a hard knee to the side of the face. Elbow from Young, but Black kicks him against the ropes then hits a high knee.

Black lifts Young up with his boot, then hits Black Mass.

Winner: Aleister Black
More of the same…
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Black on the mic, talks about authenticity within people. He feels we should be whoever we choose to be, because that drives relentless competition. When he knocks donw the RAW locker room, there will be no light. He will engulf them in shadows cast from the Black Mass, and while they lay there, they will realize that it was done by a person who was told he could be whatever he wanted to be.

Well, that was beautiful.

Recap of last week’s antics with Andrade.

There’s a surprise for Humberto, because Angel Garza is here with Zelina!

Zelina asks if Humberto is surprised. Zelina says Humberto is surprised because on one smart plays fair. Vulnerability is a liability, and she found Humberto’s. Standing next to her is not some hired hitman because of what he did to Andrade. No, it’s much worse. Standing next to her is a former champion in NXT, the hottest Latino prospect, and Humberto’s cousin, Angel Garza.

Garza on the mic, knows Humberto is in shock, but there’s a reason he’s here. They both know that currently, Garza is the leader of their family, so Humberto answers to Garza. He says what Humberto did last week was a disgrace, to these people, to their family, and to the Latinos.

Humberto snatches the mic, pissed. Si Chant. Humberto cuts a promo in Spanish, telling Garza he isn’t a disgrace. He then turns to Zelina to tell her some shit, but she slaps him in the face and Garza is on the attack! He mounts Humberto and hits a few rights, then drives his knee under the head. Garza with a double underhook. He hits a wing-clipper, according to commentary. Garza sends Humberto to the outside. He follows. Running dropkick to the face. He sends Humberto into the steps as Zelina removes the padding on the outside, exposing the concrete.

Garza looks to Hammerlock DDT that ass, but Rey Mysterio’s music hits, and out comes the masked man. Garza rushes inot the ring and taunts Mysterio.

Rey enters the ring. He stares down Garza, ho is all smiles. Rey ain’t playin.

Match 6: Rey Mysterio vs Angel Garza

Lockup to start. Side head lock takedown from Garza. Mysterio with a leg scissors. Garza rolls to the ropes and gets the break. Rey with his own side headlock takedown. Garza on his knee. He lifts Rey up, Rey drops back down. Stomp from Garza. They go back and forth with some rope work, culminating in a head scissors from Rey, and the crowd loves it. Rey ducks a clothesline, Garza holds his hand out to stop the match and extends a hand out of respect. He is on one knee. Rey holds his hand up. Crowd says no. Rey tells Garza no with a shake of the finger. Garza rips his pants away and tosses them into Rey, then stomps Rey. Garza with a chop to Rey. Garza misses a splash in the corner, he grabs rey and sits him on the top, Rey gets clipped and Rey falls down, locking himself in the corner. Dropkick to the chest! Rey falls forward, hanging down. Garza drops him down and kicks to the chest. Garza grabs the head and sits Rey up on the top corner. He attacks th back of Rey and attempts to rip the mask off, then holds his hands out. He drops Rey then hits a running knee to Rey in the Tree of Woe. Garza covers for 1..2..NO!!! Rey drops from the shoulders, gets shoved, kicks the chest, then hops over and head scissors Garza into the ropes. Rey goes for the 619, Garza sends him over the top rope. Rey lands on his feet. Garza hits the ropes,slides underneath the bottom, clips the legs, and Rey hits the edge of the apron as we go to break.

We return and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker sends Angel reeling. He sends Rey into the corner chest-first then sits Rey across the ropes. Garza with the running knee. Garza drags Rey away from the corner. He stands on the 2nd rope and spreads his arm, then goes for a moonsault. Rey moves!! Rey with a wheelbarrow into a pin for 1..2.N!O!! Rey rolls out of a pin and kicks Angel in the face. Cover for 1..2…NO!! Rey with a DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Rey to the apron. He hits a seated Senton, hits the ropes, but Angel grabs the leg mid-run. Angel with a HARD knee to the chin. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! angel locks up Rey with the underhook, but Rey escapes and hits a Sunset Driver. Kick to Angel onto the roeps. Rey goes for the 619, but Zelina pulls Angel out of th ring. On the outside, Zelina tlaks shit to Rey long enough to distract him, allowing Angel to superkick Rey right on the side of the head. He sends Rey into the barricade.

Angel locks the head of Rey. Hammerlock DDT to Rey, and the bell is called for.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via DQ
Solid debut filled with a hot crowd ready to hate Angel.
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ***
Total Rating: ***1/4

Charlotte is annoying.

She comes down to the ring and points at the Mania sign. Everyone wants to know who she will be facing at Mania. Will it be Becky Lynch? Bailey? Here’s the thing; she’s held the RAW Women’s Title multiple times, and she has beaten Becky. She’s held theblue belt a few times, as well, and she’s beaten Bayley. She has held all…

Crowd starts chanting Rhea.

Charlotte says she has love for NXT, and NXT has love for their Queen. As she was saying, she’s held all the gold…ten times, but she still wants all the gold.

That’s enough out of Charlotte, it appears, because out comes….


She is in the ring, and brings up the Rumble. She says Charlotte can challenge for ANY title she wants at Mania. Like she said, she’s already beaten Becky and Bayley. But she’s never beaten….RHEA. In fact, Rhea has actually beaten Charlotte. So if she’s going to challenge for any title, well…

Rhea holds up her precious.

Charlotte looks her up and down, smiles huge, then leaves the ring without a word.

Charlotte stops at the top of the stage just to Wooooo.

Sarah in the back is chillin with Bobby Lashley. His battle plan tonight is to win because it’s what he deserves. He says he’s going to beat both men at the same time. He’s the one man on the roster that can back up a claim like that. He then has a spoiler for us; he’ll defeat Brock Lesnar. One more thing, when he does go to Mania, he will beat the holy hell out of Drew McIntyre and remain our WWE champion.

Match 7: Asuka vs Natalya

I come to the match already in progress. Asuka goes for a spinning back fist, but Natalya blocks it and goes in with some rights. Asuka with a go behind, Nattie booty bumps out of it, sets up for a powerbomb, spins, hits it! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Nataly grabs the feet of Asuka, looking for a Sharpshooter, but Asuka rolls to the outside!

We are back and Asuka kicks Nattie across the chest a few times. She then slams her face into the mat. Asuka goes for a hard kick, but Nattie ducks and rolls her up for 1..2..NO!!! Asuka with a back kick to the face of Nattie. She owrks the left arm, side steps, then pulls back the arm and we got a submission. Asuka pulls back hard as Nattie tries to fround herself. Elbow to Asuak, but asuka grabs her hair and slams her down. Asuka hits the ropes and flies with a Shining Wizard. Pin for 1.2…NO!!! Asuka mounts and hits rights and lefts, then turns it into an arm bar. Nattie tries to turn it into a in. Right hand. Slap to the face of Asuka! Asuka goes after the arm! Nattie blocks it! Suka grabs the head, looking for the guillotine! Nattie stands. Grabs the head, pulls up for a suplex!! Deeeyum. Asuka up. She rushes Nattie, gets kicked, no sells, booty bu—noooo Nattie catches her! Asuka rolls through, Nattie reverses for 1..2..NO!!! Asuka for 1..2..NO!!! Both girls up. Asuka misses a right. Discus clothesline! Nattie grabs the legs. Sharpshooter attempt! She gets it locked in!! The crowd is fucking hyped! Asuka reaches the ropes. She crawls out of the ring, hanging over yhe apron. Nattie waits for the four count. Nattie rolls to the outside. She sends Asuka into the ring. Nattie up.

Kairi tries to distract, does, because Asuka grabs the hair, and we get an Asuka lock!!! Nattie taps!

Winner: Asuka
Well, holy shit, these girls put on their working boots tonight!
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4

Asuka is pissed. She calls out Becky Lynch after her match with Nattie. She wants a rematch for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Becky is out wearing sunglasses and all black; so she’s obviously heel.

Becky wonders why, after a whole year of ducking, Asuka wants to fight her again. Becky says beating asuka damn near gave her super powers. Does she want another drink from that fountain? Oh yeah, that’s for sure. But then she thinks why. Why would she put her title on the line so close to Mania? Because the only thing more fun than beating Asuka’s ass once would be to do it again. Asuka is on.

Sane tries to sneak attack, but Becky kicks her and sends her out of the ring like nothing. Becky flexes, brings up her super powers, and leaves.

Seth congratulates his disciples, then says it’s his time to once again dethrone Brock Lesnar. He says last year, he said the same thing and got a different response from us. My how things change. We crucified him after winning that title. He doesn’t hate us for it, though. He is here to thank us. It’s because of all of us that he is the man he is today. He is so proud of this man. He’ll beat Brock again, but this time it will be for the greater good – something we cannot begin to understand. He will go down as the man who saved this industry. Drew McIntyre will be facing him at Mania.

Match 8: Ricochet vs Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley

Riccohet is quick to start with Seth, but Lashley fights him off. They then nearly double team Ricochet until he sends ALashley to the outside. Ric rolsl up Seth for 1. Seth flips im completely then gets hit with a head scissors. Ricochet stands tall in the ring. He hits the ropes. Lashley pulls the leg out. Slingblade from Rollins to Ricochet. Lashley hops up on the apron and Seth hits him with a knee to knock him back outside. Seth with a forearm to the face. Cover for 1..2…NO!! Seth sends Ricochet to the corner. Lashley enters the ring and gets sent right back out with a dropkick. Ricochet hits the ropes, dives over the top onto Lashley, then enters and does the same to Seth on the opposite side of the ring! Ricochet sends Seth into the ring and heads to the top rope. Buddy Murphy and the AOP head down to the ring. AOp attack Lashley. Murphy shoves Ricochet off the corner. AOP drop Lashley onto a knee. Ouch. Murphy checks on Seth as AOP send Lashley into the barricade. Murphy hits a forearm to Ricochet’s face.

Kevin Owes’ music hits and Murphy runs up the ramp. Owens hits him with a forearm then sends him aside. IN the ring, Viking Raiders rush it from the crod. Owens is in the ring. Superkick to Akam! They grab a chiar, and attack! Owens gets Akam, The Raiders take care of Razar. Seth is in the ring waitching. Owens smacks Razar across the back.

We come back from the break, and Ricochet is going at it with Seth. Right hands to Seth. Ricohet hits the ropes but Lashley rushes in the ring and stops him with a shoulder tackle. Seth hits the ropes. Spinebuster from Lashley. Lashley with a clothesline. Another in the corner. He looks to suplex Seth but Ricochet hops off the top rope with a crossbody. He hits Seth with a right hand. Ricochet with a headbutt to the corner. Kick to Lashley. Ricocchet with a clothesline off the ropes. Standing shooting star press. Pin for 1..2..NO!! Lashley there to stop the pin. Lashley grabs Ricochet and presses him above. Ricochet flies off, kicks, kicks again, runs…..right into a spinebuster! In comes Seth and Lashley drops him face first. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Lashley with a powerbomb attempt but Seth floats off, hits an elbow, Blockbuster! Ricochet off the ropes! Seth heads to the top rope, and Ricochet rushes and kicks him. Lashley is up as Ricochet sets up for a suplex. Lashley climbs the ropes, too, and e got all three men up in the corner.

We get a Superplex assisted by Lashley, and all three men crash down hard. Ricochet with the 630 onto Lashley! Cover for 1..2…..3!!!

Average match with an interesting winner
Match Quality: **1/2
Personal Enjoyment: **1/2
Total Rating: **1/2


End Show

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