Kurt Angle teams with Braun Strowman to take on Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre, Sasha Banks and Bayley tag against Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross, Jeff Jarrett goes one-on-one with Elias, and more! Check out the full results for details!

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411’s WWE RAW Report 2.4.19

February 4, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
Kurt Angle Braun Strowman Raw 2-4-19

EVERYBODY!!! IT’S TIME FOR…MONDAY NIGHT….RAW!!! Last week, we had some problems over at 411, and this week, I am streaming RAW from a channel in the UK that reminds me eerily of the company that created Terminator.

Raw is live in Portland, Oregon tonight with your usual announce team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Renee Young.

Stephanie McMahon is in the ring and gets interrupted by Becky Lynch, who makes her way out to the ring. We look back at last week’s segment from Raw, where Becky Lynch said she was choosing Ronda Rousey to be her opponent at WrestleMania 35. Stephanie says that she’s never seen anyone go toe-to-toe with Ronda and smile, to which Becky says why wouldn’t she be smiling when she won the Royal Rumble and is headed to Wrestlemania, where she will slap Rousey’s head off.

Stephanie replies that no one wants to see Becky do that to Ronda more than her, but notices that Lynch isn’t walking too quickly and asks how she’s doing. We get a look at the end of the Royal Rumble match where Becky was hurt, and Stephanie says that Becky’s all heart but has yet to seek medical attention. Lynch says she doesn’t want to deal with doctors, and Stephanie reminds her of the situation when Nia Jax broke her nose. She says she can’t let Becky compete if she isn’t medically cleared.

Becky sees what’s happening here, and she’s not moving for anyone. She’s struggled to get this point, and Stephanie doesn’t know anything about struggling as she’s never had to struggle for anything in her life. She’s just another daddy’s girl who never had to fight, trying to stop Becky from fighting for everything. Becky says she has fought every step of the way to get her WrestleMania match and no doctor is going to take it from her.

Stephanie says that Becky earned the match, but is a liability if she isn’t cleared. She says Becky can be cleared as long as her knee isn’t worse than it seems. She promises it isn’t a plot, but is concern for Becky’s health. She threatens to suspend Lynch until she sees a doctor. Lynch says she won’t do it, and Stephanie says she doesn’t want to, but has to suspend Becky until she does see a doctor.

Lynch punches Stephanie and tries for a Dis-arm-her. Officials and referees come down to the ring and Lynch is eventually pulled away from Stephanie. She has trouble standing, and slowly walks up the ramp.

Hey guys, Tony here. Due to my being the only responsible adult in my circle of friends, I had to call AAA for a tow, causing me to miss Ronda take on Liv Morgan, then Sarah Logan. Im sure you saw it. If you didn’t, you know what happened. Now then…let’s get back to business.

Backstage, Charley wants to talk to Sasha and Bayley about their recent failures. Sasha is about to pop off, but Bayley is cooler and brings up the tag team titles. Sasha says it’ll be an honor to win the titles, and come Elimination Chamber, they will make history yet again.

In come Nikki and Alicia to tell Sasha and Bayley they won’t make it to Elimination Chamber. Nikki says no one wanted to play with her except The Fox. Chaos isn’t judgmental. It’s fair. Alicia says not to cross the fox. Nikki giggles. Alicia still annoys me.

Match 3: Lucha House Party vs The Revival vs The B Team vs Heavy Machinery

Axel and Metalik to start. Rollup and Metalik gets a 1. Axel with some rights. He starts a chant for his team. Whip to Metalik, who springboards, flips, lands on his feet, kicks Axel in the gut, spins on the ropes and dropkicks Axel down. Lince got the tag, and they doule team Axel into the corner, where Wilder tags himself in. Rollup for 1..2..NO!! Arm drag from Lince. Big boy from Heavy Machinery gets in just as Wilder ets in. Otis lifts Wilder and spins a bit then body slams him down. Otis whips into the corner and tags in his partner Tucker. Whip from Otis who splashes Wilder. In comes Dawson, and they take care of him quickly. Bo and Axel come in andHeay Machinery grab them and send both over the top rope to the outside. In come Lince and Metalik. They land on the apron, then hit stereo moonsaults. Kalisto, using the most annoying noisemaker in the world, celebrates. In the ring, we get a Bushwackers memorial, then they grab Dawson and toss him over the top rope to the outside.

Back from the break, and Dawson has a cover onto Metalik. He gets a 2. Tag to Dash, who comes in to kick around the MExican. Metalik hits a hard chop, but Dash gets him on his shoulders and tags in Dawson. Dash drops Metalik onto the knee of Dawson and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Gable and Roode are watching backstage. Cravat from Dawson in the center of the ring. Tag from Lince. High kick to the head. Splash from the top rope. He knocks Wilder down, kicks Dawson, hits a hurricanrana, Dash in, and Lince hits a dropkick, moonsaults at the same time, and covers! Wow. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Kick from Dawson. Whip to Lince, ducks, springboard for an elbow, but doube stuns The Revival!!! He hits the roes. Blind tag form Otis. Lince with a dropkick. He suicide dives to the outside. Inside, B Team hits a neckbfreaker to Metalik. Otis squashes both members of The B Team. Splash onto Bo Dallas. He falls. Otis calls for The Worm. He hits it. Elbow drop and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Axel breaks it up. Tucker in with an overhead then Otis picks up Bo. They look for a double team, but Wilder is on the apron to hold the ropes. Otis grabs Wilder. Tag from Dawson, who enters and tosses Otis out.

He goes for a roll up, but Bo catches the head and rolls up. Wilder with a blind tag. Shatter Machine to Bo. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Revival
The right team won….but I find myself struggling to care.
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *1/2

Backstage, Hawkins is watching the match. In comes Ryder who says they will be out there next time. Hawkins says he is toxic, and although he loves this reunion, Hawkins is bringing this down. Ryder says they lost just one match. Hawkins says he lost over 250. Ryder says last week on Raw, the graphic with their name, they spelled his name wrong. They put ZACH. They can’t even spell his name right. He’s been here for 13 years. The point is that he’s a loser just like Hawkins, but you can’t bring him down – he can’t get any lower. They’re losers, but not for long. They got signed together. Youngest champions of all time. He promises that they’ll lose the losign streak…together .Hawkins says maybe then they’ll start spelling his name right.

Backstage, Angle is walking. Mickie James comes up to give him a hug. Apollo with a handshake.

After a commercial break, Angle comes out to the chorus of YOU SUCK as Corey laments over the possibility of it being the last time he hears that chant.

Angle brings up the Three Is. He says it worked through the good and the bad. He accomplished so much, everytihng he wanted to. From the European Title all the way to the Hall of Fame. He tore the house down with Shawn Michaels at Mania. He soiled this ring with milk. As GM, he allowed eeryone to settle things in the ring. He finally got to meet the son he never knew he had, and always had us to remind him of how much he really sucked. Lately, he’s been suffering from three D.s Doubt, Depression, Dysentery. He brings up McIntyre and Corbin. He wanted to prove that he still had it – the Dysentery. He has beat them all. He even won a gold medal with a broken freakin neck, but there’s one opponent that he knows he can’t defeat – Father Time. OOOOOOOOO he’s callin out The Undertaker!!!

Angle is cut off by Corbin. Corbin comes out and tells Angle he’s doing the same speech he did two years ago. Corbin says that Angle was supposed to make matches while GM not be in them. He says Angle wanted to prove to all of us that he had what it takes to be a superstar. Angle is nothing more than a shadow of a man. Angle tells Corbin to come in the ring so he can break his ankle in two. Angle removes his jacket, he’s ready to go.

The music of Drew McIntyre hits, and out comes the Scotty with a body. Drew says one minute, Angle is accepting his fate and the next he is challenging the man that took his job and beat him last week. People used to see a warrior in Angle, but in their match he saw fear. Fear before he tapped him out to his own Ankle lock. He was humiliated. He thought he’d never see Angle again, but he has no quit in his body. He says they are going to put Angle down for good.
Angle stands his ground in the ring. Drew and Corbin hop up on the apron. Braun’s music hits, and here comes the Tinder Monster!!! He sends Drew into the post. In the ring, Angle sends Corbin right back out. Braun heads oer to Corbin, grabs the timekeepers chair, and tosses it at Corbin. Braun chases him in the ring and Corbin slides out and meets with Drew, then hightails it into the audience, which is something Drew should never do. Bad move, ya idiots.

The beautiful Sasha’s music hits, and out comes Bayley, but Alicia and Nikki come out to attack!!! Nikki drags Sasha from the back out to the stage. They pull Bayley’s jacket off and Nikki holds her by her ponytail. They send Bayley into the screen on the stage then go to stomp Sasha out a bit. Alicia pulls Sasha away but a ref holds her back. Nikki screams. Alicia kicks bayley in the head. She then walks down the ramp as Cole wonders if the match is going to happen or not.

Match 4: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox

The match is still going down. Bayley in the ring with Alicia. Sasha cannot wrestle, as she is barely standing on the apron Bayley sends Alicia into the corner. She flies off with a clothesline and a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Bayley with a side suplex to Alicia then covers again for 1..2..NO!!! Nikki stops the pin so Bayley suplexes her as well. She sends Alicia to the apron and hits a neckbreaker. Nikki and Alicia on the outside hug a little. Bayley grabs her and sends her int othe ring then hits a hard right to Nikki. She rolls back into the ring. Alicia with a scissors kick. Cravat from Alicia Fox. Sasha is finally standing. Tag to Nikki and they double team Bayley in the corner, hanging her up. Nikki stomps her a bit. Tag to Alicia. Alicia with an axe handle that doesn’t even touch bayley. Stomp from Alicia. Tag to Nikki who locks in her own submission. Bayley elbows out. Kick in the corner from Nikki. Tag to Alicia. She hangs Bayley up in the tree of woe for a second time. Tag to Nikki who comes in to stomp her out. Bayley pulls herself up and hits a right to Alicia. She falls off the corner. Nikki shoves her into the adjacent corner and hits a shoulder. Splash in the conrer. Bulldog out of the corner. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! She rolls Bayley to the outside. Nikki gets on the apron. Crossbody to Bayley off the apron!!! She waits for Bayley to stand. She runs. But Sasha is there to pull Bayley out of the way, and Nikki hits the ringpost on the outside!!! In the ring, Bayley tries to tag Sasha. Alicia is in, though. She grabs Bayley by the arm, yells “I Don’t Think So,”

So Bayley turns and rolls alicia up! Pin for 1..2….3!!

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayly

Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *

Backstage, we question Apollo for not coming out to help him even though he said he had his back. Liar. Apollo says angle is allowed to have a couple of bad matches. He also thinks that Angle has a chan—

He’s cut off by Drake Maverick and half of AOP. Apollo wants to know how they get Drake to talk like that. Pulling a string or putting a hand up his a—Oh boy. Razar gers all lip-shakin mad and they walk away.

Road Dogg’s music hits and he comes out looking like the uncle that still lives at mom’s house with a Portland Oregon jersey on. He does his schtick to fulfill the creepy uncle look and introduces himself sans Bad Ass Billy Gunn. He says his belly is a little bigger, his goatee is grey, but tonight ain’t bout him. He introduces Jarrett. They sing their song cuz we didn’t get enough last week. It’s better than Maroon 5.

Elias finally comes out and says that the song hasn’t aged well, just like Road Dog nd Jeff. He wonders if Jeff even plays guitar, and what is Road Dogg even doing out here? He should be on Smackdown taking their ratings. He will not be doing a song in Portland. Jarrett wants to wait just a minute. In the immortal words of one of his greatest rivalries, Ey Chico…don’t sing it, just bring it. Road Dogg instigates.

Jarrett leaves the ring and hits a right on Elias. Another right. Elias rolls into the ring. Jarrett follow. Ref holds hmi back and the match starts.

Match 5: Elias vs Jeff Jarrett

Back from a break and Elias rolls Jarrett into the ring. He kicks Jeff in the face then chops the man. Whip to the ropes, and Jef kicks Elias. Right hand to Eli. Whip and a hiptoss from JJ. Whip again. Misses a right. Eli with a high knee. Elias mocks JJ then does SUCK IT to Road Dogg. He stomps JJ then hits a back elbow. Cover for 1..2..NO! Side headlock from Elias. He turns this into a suplex and ap in for 1..2..NO!!! Right hand from JJ. He hits another one. Whip to the corner. JJ misses an elbow. Elias with a kick. He hits a right to the face. Again. Another. Elbow drop from Elias and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!Cravat from behind. JJ tries to jawbreak out of the hold, but Elias drops him then goes to Road Dog and kicks him through the ropes. JJ with a right. ANother. Another. Some more. Whip to Elias. Clothesline knocks Elias down. JJ hits the ropes as Eli hans over the ropes. He hits a leg drop acros the neck then struts. Kick to Elias. Elias catches. ENZIGURI from JJ!

Road Dogg on the apron, gets knocked right off. Elias hits the ropes. Drift Away. Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Elias
That was fun, we can move along now.
Match Quality: *1/2
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *3/4

Elias celebrates, but Road Dogg attacks from behind. Whip to Elias. He hits the juke and jive! Elias on his knees. Jarrett’s got the guitar. Road Dogg tells him to wait. SUCK IT!!!! JJ hits Elias with the guitar on the back.

Backstage, Natalya is getting her Sable on with a black turtleneck and plumped lips. Dana is behind her to apologize about losing the match last week. She realizes how important the tag team titles are to her. She’s sorry. Dana says she was just pumping herslef up last week. Natalya ignores her, doesn’t acknowledge her. I bet she’s one of those rich airpod owners. Dana yells that she is requesting am atch next week to prove that she belongs here. Natalya exposes her elitism and shows that she was, in fact, wearing Air Pods.

Backstage, Charley is with a taped up Finn. She thinks he is in a lot of pain. At what point does he stop putting his pride before his health. Finn says The Irish are stubborn when wounded. It’s a trend, it seems. His elbow hurts, his ribs hurt, people have told him to stay home. He took the best punishment they had to offer and he is still standing here. Someone like Lashley thinks they can push him around. He won’t be pushed around or held down or pushing forward. He will take the fight to Lashley just like he took it to Brock. He will also take the IC Title.

Lashley and Lio come out. Lio says Finn is out here looking like a mummy. He says this isn’t David vs Goliath, it’s Mouse vs Mack Truck. Let’s be real. Lashley can curl dumbells heavier than Finn. Finn has no chance. He shouldn’t even be talking about the title. Lashley brings up the title match last week, and how Finn couldn’t beat him. Newsflash, Lashley is better than Brock. He can beat him in a wrestling match, in the ring, in an Octagon, in his sleep. Finn doesn’t deserve to be in a ring to him. Yes, he said that. In fact, Lashley should fight people his own size. He will not be facing Lashley. Tonight, he will face Lio.

Before the match can start, Lashley attacks! He sends Finn into the corner then drops Finn and stomps him.

Match 6: Finn Balor vs Lio Rush

The bell rings and Lio attacks quickly. Stomps in the corner. Finn grabs him and sends him into the corner. Finn kicks the ribs. Stomp from Lio. Elbow drop to the head. Another. Right hands to Finn. Over and over. Lio with a kick. Lio bounces off the ropes, kicks, but Finn catches him then drops him down hard to the mat. Stomps to the little kid. Lio rolls to the outside. Finn with a dropkick through the ropes. Finn on the apron Lashley pulls him out from under the ropes and drops him on the mat. The ref yells at him then sends Lashley to the back. Lio in the ring. SUICIDE DIVE INTO BALOR!!

Back, and Lio hits some shoulders in the corner. Balor with a knee to send Lio away from hi. Finn on the apron. High kick to Lio. Lio falls back. Finn heads to the top rope. Lio is up to stop the finisher. He sits Finn on the top rope. Right hand from Lio. He heads to the top rope. Hops up. Hurricanrana. Pin for 1..2..NO!! Lio locks in the most awkward looking abdominal stretch. Finn stands, reverses, and gets his own version of the abdominal stretch. Right hands then a bunch of upercuts. He drops Lio then stomps the chest. Slingblade. Balor lifts Lio, looks to lift him, but can’t. Lio rolls him up for 1..2..NO!!! KIck to Finn. Another. Lio bounces off the bottom rope and hits a stunner to Balor! He heads to the top rope! Frogsplash, but Lio lands on his feet as Finn moves.

Finn sends Lio into the tunrbuckle. Top rope. Coup De Grace! Pin for 1..2…….3!!!

Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating:

Lashley runs down immediately. Finn escapes the ring and heads to the back.

Oh, hey, Paige is here! She wonders if we’ve missed her. She brings up her movie. She thinks we will find the movie very interesting. Here comes the trailer.

Alexa Bliss is next!!! she welcomes one of the future superstars coming to WWE. Here comes EC3 with a bottle full of baby oil poured on his abs. Alexa is usin the “Lemme eat your ass” voice, and says he has a very large…bank account. Thus making him a hot commodity. Alexa wants to know whether he’ll be on RAW or Smackdown. Just as he is about to announce something, Nia Jax comes out along with Tamina. Nia will answer this one. No one cares. Nobody. Nia would apologize for interrupting but she isn’t sorry. No one wants to see this blind date (which it isn’t). What they should be talking about is her amazing week. She broke boundaries. Her and Tamina qualified for the tag title match. Oh, and they did that by beating Alexa. Alexa says Mickie lost the match. Nia says this is her moment. The entire Universe is talking and tweeting about her, wondering what she will do next. She may just fill in for Becky at Mania. Sounds good to her. Maybe she’—-

Dean Ambrose cuts her off and Alexa is pissed. Lol. Man, she’s hot. Know who else is hot?

Nia is mad that Ambrose “Interrupt her interrupt.” Ambrose says he is sorry to Alexa, he doesn’t want to be out here, but he has something to say to Nia. It’s obvious that she has a huge crush on Dean. He understands. She isn’t the first. He has raw sexual magnatism, it’s ok, he gets it. She has to stay away and don’t ever come near him again, please. As for Alexa, who is this? Alexa says EC3. He’s about to speak. Dean knocks the mic from his hand before he can. EC3 stands up. Dean says he’ll take over. He’s got some questions. He wonders what EC3 stands. Where is EC1 and 2? He doesn’t give him a chance to answer any of the questions. Dean says he looks like a Creed fan. Why does he hang round backstage instead of getting in the ring. EC3 is about to answer, but just hits Ambrose in the face. EC3 makes his way to the ring.

Match 7: Dean Ambrose vs EC3

Bell rings and EC3 takes Dean down with some rights. He sends Dean into the corner head first, then again to another corner. Dean kicks. EC3 with a leaping clothesline. Body slam to Dean Ambrose. EC3 hits the ropes and dorps an elbow to the chest of Dean. Dean with a kick He sends EC into the corner and he floats to the outside after hitting the ringpost. Dean mounts and hits some right hands to the head. Dean with a kick. Another. Some stomps to EC3 in the corner. Short clothesline sends EC 3 down. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cravat from behind. EC3 grabs the head and snapmares Dean out of the hold. He blocks a right, another, another. Whip to the ropes, back elbow to Dean. Hits the ropes. Elbow to the face! Whip to the ropes is reversed. EC3 grabs the head and drops Dean on his head. Splashi n the corner is missed and Ambrose locks the head.

EC3 with a Jackknife! Cover for 1..2…..3!!!

Winner: EC3
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating:

Backstage, Angle says that he was this close to leaving his gear at home, but something said to bring it. He’s not in this fight alone, though. He has Braun. He never met a port-a-potty, a limo, an ambulance, or a disrespectful superstar he didn’t wanna destroy. Angle is just glad he’s on his team tonight. Braun says it’s an honor to tag with him andhe promises that before the night is over, both Drew and Baron will get these hands. Oh It’s True.

Back to the show, and Mojo Rawley is here to do this:

He tells his Spidey self how funny he is, and even shares a laugh with Mojo2. He yells to foret the team. Now, it’s all about YOU.

Match 8: Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre

Right out the fate, Angle hits a German too Baron. Drew pulls him out of the ring just as Angle tries for the Ankle lock. Braun runs around the ring and trucks Drew while Angle hits another German to Corbin. Corbin turns and kicks Angle out of it Drew hits a headbutt to Angle from the outside as Angle hangs over the ropes.

Back from a break, and Corbin hits Angle with a right hand. Corbin hits another one. He mocks the crowd then gets a chinlock from behind. Corbin and McIntyre double stomp after the tag. Drew grabs Angle then gets a right hand blocked. Angle hits one of his own. Another. Drew sends him into the corner and hits some shoulders. Drew tags in Baron. Corbin grabs the head of Angle. He goes for a right, but Angle blocks Another right from Angle. Whip is reversed and Corbin slides out then in. He sends Braun off the apron. Angle picks the ankle. Drew tagged in. He comes in with some right hands. Braun enters really upset. Drew talks some shit. Angle is on one knee. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Drew escapes and hits one of his own…Drew grabs the ankle. Ankle lock from Drew!!! Angle is stressed. He won’t tap. He turns into the hold, sends Drew towards the face corner. Tag to Braun. He truks Drew down then knocks Corbin off the apron. He sends Drew into the corner. Splash from Braun. Braun with a hard right to the chest. H goes for a powerslam, but Drew drops and sends him to the ropes. Corbin grabs the ropes and Braun falls to the outside. Corbin gets a tag then drops an axe onto Braun on the outside. He sends Braun into the ringpost then into another one. Corbin sends Braun into the barricade back first. Back in the ring, Drew gets a tag. They double team for abit then Drew chops Braun down. Neckbreaker to Braun. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Corbin who comes in to cover for 1…2..NO!!Tag to Drew. He comes in with a kick. He grabs the head of Braun and stomps away in the corner. Tag to Corbin. Double suplex to Braun but Braun won’t let it and he hits one of his own, but Corbin slips up and Braun doesn’t get it all on him. Tag to Angle. Baon up. GERMAN! Oen to Drew! Another to Corbin. Clothesline to Drew sending him to the outside. Angle with another —-no, Corbin backs him into the corner. ANGLE SLAM to Corbin! Cover for 1..2…NO!! Drew is there to stop it. Strowman comes in and trucks Drew down hard. Corbin claims Braun can’t touch him for fear of a DQ.

Braun hits a right anyway. He sends Corbin to the outside and this….NOT ALL THE OTHER DOUBLE TEAMS THAT WE SAW IN THIS MATCH causes a DQ….

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin via DQ

Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

Braun trucks Corbin into the barricade, then goes for another one to Drew, but Drew side steps and hits a Claymore!

Drew drags Angle to the outside and whips him into the barricade, then whips him into the steps face first. Corbin grabs the steps and moves the top piece. They bring the bottom piece into the ring and look to chokeslam Angle onto them. But Strowman is back. He chokeslams Drew onto the steps, then does the same to Corbin!

End Show…

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