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411’s WWE RAW Report 4.10.17

April 10, 2017 | Posted by Tony Acero

It’s a shakeup if there ever is one, as tonight we start RAW with……JOHN CENA!!!

Or do we?!

It’s The Miz and Maryse!!!

Cole is speaking as if this is an official move for The Miz, and a hell of a congratulations to him!

Miz gets some boos as he acts like Cena! He says The Champ is Here. He mocks Cena, saying he proposed to Nikki for free publicity. They made them very happy the last time we saw them by saying they were going to Hollywood. Nikki then says that Hollywood didn’t want them. Critics called them robotic. The smartest move for them is to take full advantage and come back to RAW!

Miz is interrupted by the music of DEAN AMBROSE!! The IC Champ is here. He says he is glad to see Cena and Nikki, and it’s nice to see some familiar places. He congratulates them and hugs Cena and Nikki. Miz tries to admit that he is The Miz, not Cena. Ambrose says once Cena starts, he’s just going to ramble on for like 20 minutes, and congrats to beating Miz and Maryse – because those two were the worst.

Ambrose isn’t done, he wants to seriously congratulate Cena for the success he has had in Hollywood, just don’t go something stupid like make The Marine 5

Miz proves that Nikki is Maryse, and she removes the wig. Miz admits he is The Miz. Ambrose acts completely shocked, then says, “in that case…” and hits Dirty Deeds to The Miz!

The Miz, Maryse, and Dean Ambrose have been traded to Monday Night RAW!

Kurt Angle is on the phone backstage, and Sami comes in to ask if he is still on RAW. People have told him that he belongs on Smackdown, but now Angle is here, and he thinks it’s a different ship. Angle calls him a huge asset, but there is a lot of interest from Smackdown. Angle says A LOT. Sami then walks away, only to come back, wanting to quantify “a lot.” They are interrupted by Maryse and Miz asking what kind of show are they running here? Sami interrupts the interruption but Miz tells him the grown ups are talking. Angle says he is not here to play backstage politics, and Sami is still on RAW. If Miz wants respect, he’ll earn it with a match against Zayn tonight….

New Day head out to the ring, but without Kofi. In his stead, they have a stuffed doll. Big E says that Kofi’s spirit lives within the blow up doll that they have. The Revival have become top contenders to have New Days’ boots in between their buns. The New Day is hosting a Job Fair, and tonight The Revival needs to get themselves down here and GET THIS WORK!

Match 1: The New Day vs The Revival

Woods and Dash to start. Woods with a splash in the corner. Tag to Big E, who hits a running shoulder. Cover for 1…NO! Big E tags in Kofi who hits the ropes and gets wheelbarrowed into a splash by Big E. Cover for 1…2..NO! Woods grabs Dash, but Dash grabs Dawson, holding him and preventing Woods from a move. Tag to Dawson and they double team Woods down hard.

I come back after a commercial break, and Woods is gettin his ass beat. Dash tags in Dawson who grabs Woods, preventing a tag. He goes for a back suplex, but Woods lands on his feet. Forearm from Woods, and Dawson is down! Woods falls, too. He rushes for a tag. Tag to Dash as well. Belly to belly. Another. Big E goes for a third, hits it. Big E hits the ropes. Big Splash! Big E calls for the end. Dash is in, he gets shoved right out, giving Dash some time to attack, shoving Big E into the hands of Dawson who hangs Big E up! Into a rollup! 1…2..NO!!! Tag to Dawson. They grab Big E witha double team, Big E breaks right through both guys, Wods gets a tag. High kick from Woods. Belly to belly from Big E! Dawson is all the way near the face corner. Woods is on the adjacent rope. He goes from Coast to Coast for an elbow!!! Pin for 1…2….NO!!!! WOods grabs Dawson, shoves him in the ropes. Dash has a tag. Woods sends him to the outside. Elbow to Dawson. Big E looks for Midnight Hour on Dawson, but Dash is in!

Woods on the top rope as Big E gets sent out! Woods flies….RIGHT INTO a SHATTER MACHINE!!! And damn, it looked good. Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Funny how just a few near falls that are believable can make a match all the better.
Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***1/2

After a break, we go to Neville in the backstage area, pacing cuz he’s short tempered. Charley is here to ask him what his thoughts are on facing Aries. Neville says Aries is not on the Neville Level. He is cut off by Perkins, who says that one day someone will make Neville eat his words. Neville wonders who will make him do this eating, him? Perkins says yes. Neville then says, maybe TJ is right….can he take the belt? Nah, but TJ will never get a chance ever again. NEville says what TJ needs to do is take a look at himself, at what he has become. TJ was their first champion, and now – his career is a joke. Ever since the inception of 205 Live, he has been overlooked. Opportunities have been given to the likes of Aries, not TJ. The only person who has respect for TJ is Neville…

In comes Aries! He wonders if he heard his name…and did Neville say that he’s the last person who respects Perkins? He tells TJ that he may have his sunglasses on inside, at night, but Neville is lying through his teeth. Neville says to believe what he wants, but as far as title shots, there is only one man that can provide those. Neville leaves.

Aries tries to convince TJ that Neville is talking out of his ass, but TJ looks past Aries then walks away.

Aries eats a banana.

Yes, that is an important update. Or, at least more important than what happens next….

Curt Hawkins is in the middle of the rings, and says we must prepare ourselves to face the facts. He’s on RAW.

As an avid supporter for anyone wanting to get any semblance of a push of any kind, The Big Show heads out.

Hawkings looks for a hug, but Big Show hits a KO Punch.

Curt Hawkins has been traded to RAW

Hey guys, did you read my AJ Lee Book Review? Why not?!!? Clicky!!!

Neville is with Cole and Co for the next match.

Match 2: Austin Aries vs TJ Perkins

Lockup and TJ with a go behind. Aries breaks out, does his own and we get a belly to back takedown into a cover for 1. NO! TJ up, working the arm. TJ hits the ropes. head scissors takedown. Step over toe hold, both men up on their feet. DAB. Aries works the arm, TJ flips out of it and works the arm of Aries. Neville stands as he watches the match. Aries with a side headlock, TJ esscapes, side headlock takedown from TJ after some rope work, but Aries flips out of it and hits a dropkick. Aries then gloats on the corner, gives him an elbow. Aries floats over, gets tosed over the top rope, but lands on the apron, then floats over with a front flip. Snapmare out of the corner, then Aries goes up top and flies forward with an elbow to the back of the neck. Pin for 1..2..NO! TJ with a back kick to Aries. Hard uppercut to Aries. Whip to the ropes, but TJ holds on, only to move as Aries dives through the ropes. TJ goes for the swinging dropkick off the top rope, but Aries moves and hits an ear clap. Neckbreaker through the ropes and Aries tumbles down .Aries to the top rope. He stares down TJ, flies, and lands directly on Perkins!! Aries celebrates with the crowd, and this seemingly pisses off Neville. Neville heads down the ramp, using the same angry voice as The Penguin from Batman Returns.

Aries barely beats the countout at 8, and heads back in the ring. TJ Perkins with a surprise rollup for 1…2..3!!!

Winner: TJ Perkins
Very rarely should a distraction be so life-altering that a rollup creates a win. Alas…
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

After the match, Neville attacks Aries!! Neville looks at Neville just before he hits the Detonation Kick. TJ stares back at Neville, and he laughs as the crowd chants “YOU STILL SUCK.”

Seth Rollins is happy to be out here with us and says it’s because he didn’t know if he could do it again. He put everything he had into Mania, so much in fact that he couldn’t afford to think about “After” Mania. He says after the war with Triple H, he was swollen and sore and bored…oh, no, that was just us.

He says that mentally and emotionally, he was at peace. He left it all in the ring, and damnit he did it. WE did it. We slayed The King of Kings. He wants to step back for a second and thank us from the bottom of his heart. Seth says he has some scores to settle now that he is here. Like Samoa Joe, and like that Universal Championship. The problem he is having, though, is the possibility that he may not get these opportunities due to what happened with Stephanie at Wrestlemania.

We get a recap of Steph going through a table.

Seth says he’s probably not going to be named Employee of the Month, but more importantly, Steph doesn’t deal with failure very well. She’ll eventually get healthy and come back to work and see this face that will remind her every week of Triple H’s defeat, and if Seth isn’t already Public Enemy #1, he will be. Sooooo it may be easier for him to pack up his bags and go to Smackdown Live. That’s the easy way out. We get a NO chant, which doesn’t make all that much sense. He says he doesn’t want to take the easy way out, though. He’s stayin on RAW without a fight.

The beautiful, beautiful music of Kurt Angle hits, and the crowd loves him for it.

He’s out in bald glory, heading to the ring.

Angle says that Steph made it clear that she wants him gone. If this was prior to Mania, then he’d be gone. Angle says that his show has Seth Freakin Rollins. Steph is entitled to her own opinion, but as long as Angle is GM, then Seth has a spot here on RAW.

They shake hands.

Angle’s music hits, and Seth celebrates until Samoa Joe attacks!!!

Angle comes back! He stops Joe from the attack. Joe slows down. Then stops! He goes again with the attack! Seth attacks! Superkick to Joe! Angle gets in between them, telling both to stop! Joe wants back in the ring, but hesitates. Seth’s music hits, and we move on.

Backstage, Owens is with Charley. She updates Kevin with who has been added to RAW so far. Owens says they can shake things up all they want. Cream rises to the top, though, just like at Mania when Owens beat Jericho for the title. How about Charley goes to ask Jericho, because Jericho would relish the chance for some success over on Smackdown. But of course, you can’t ask Jericho anything due to the powerbomb through the table he got last week. Look, the bottom line is that Owens is the US Champion, which makes him the face of America, and the Number One Champion on RAW.

Charley brings up Ambrose. Owens says that he can run around with said title all he wants, acting all goofy and crazy, as long as he remembers his place and remembers that Owens is the man here. If he doesn’t, Owens will beat the hell out of Ambrose just like he did Jericho, and show him that Owens is the Premiere Champion on RAW, because this is The Kevin Owens Show.

Preview of last week where Nia went crazy on Charlotte.

Match 3: Charlotte vs Nia Jax

Lockup to start. Nia slams Charlotte down on the mat face first. Charlotte with a go behind, waist lock but Nia escapes and tosses Charlotte across the ring. She grabs the bed, and Charlotte fights back with rights and a kick. Charlotte wit ha right hand. Kick to the knee. Neckbreaker. Chop to the chest. Another, but Nia ducks and hits…..something horrible. It was supposed to be a shoulderbreaker, but Nia dropped Charlotte on her head, and the ref has to check on her. Nia drops an elbow to Charlotte’s back. Another. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Nia locks in a Submission, looking like a Tazzmission. Charlotte on one knee. Charlotte escapes only to get tossed into the ropes by Nia. Nia with a boot to the neck. Firemans, but Charlotte escapes. Duck and a chop to Charlotte. Another. A third. Knee by Nia. Whip to the corner and Charlotte hops over onto the apron. Kick and shoulder through the ropes. Charlotte goes for a rollup but Nia holds tyhe ropes then lifts Charlotte onto her shoulders. Charlote floats behind and clips the knee. Natural Selection and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Charlotte goes for the knees. Nia shoves her, goes for a shoulder in the corner, but Charlotte moves and Nia hits the ring post. Charlotte on the apron. She shoves Nia into the ringpost then heads to the top rope! Charlotte with a moonsault, and Charlotte’s leg clips Nia as Charlotte hits the mat face-first. Fuck, this match is NOT safe looking AT ALL. The ref starts the count as Charlotte enters. He gets to 8, and Nia gets in. Big Boot from Charlotte. Charlotte grabs the leg.

Charlotte goes for a Figure Four, but Nia sends Charlotte face-first into the bottom buckle. Nia with a splash in the corner. SAMOAN DROP! Pin for 1..2…….3!!!

Winner: Nia Jax
Good lord, that match looked like near-death more than once.
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: 1/2*

We get an up close look at Finn Balor.

Then we get an even closer look as he heads out for his first singles match in a long, long time.

Ah fuck, he’s facing Jinder Mahal??


Match 4: Finn Balor vs Jinder Mahal

Jinder overpowers finn against the ropes. Jinder scrapes his face. Finn back with some hard hits to the kidney. Knee, but Jinder sends him into the ropes. Finn reverses, rolls through a rollu[p and hits a dropkick to the face. Arm drag by Finn. Jinder escapes, drops some knees on Finn, then pins Finn down on the face. A cover for 1. Another. Jinder with a knee to the back. Jinder with a half nelson/chinlock combo. Finn turns into it and works the arm thn hits some elbows. Finn blocks a right, hits a few punches, then the ropes, and runs right into a right elbow. Pele kick from Finn to Jinder. Slingblade by Balor. Balor in the corner. He calls fo rthe end.

Running, dropkick into the corner, and Jinder falls to the mat. Coup De Grace, and a pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Finn Balor
No one cares about Mahal, and that’s the WWE’s fault. Also, he is freakin huge.
Match Quality: *1/2
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: *3/4

Finn celebrates his win, then the lights go out! It’s Bray Wyatt!!! He is on the tron! He says this is his new home now, but he didn’t come empty handed, he came with a gift…a gift of Payback. In three weeks, he will face Orton in a House of Horrors match, but as for Finn….he says to watch himself, because Bray will certainly be watching him. He then tells Monday Night RAW that he is HERE!

BRAY WYATT has been traded to RAW!

We get some announcements that…

Kalisto has been traded to RAW!!

Heath Slater and Rhyno have been traded to RAW!!!

Match 4: Sami Zayn vs The Miz

Sami gets a nice reaction as they lockup. Sami with the hammerlock behind, but Miz elbows out and hits a kick, then mocks the crowd. Whip to the ropes. Sami hops over Miz, arm drag. Another. Sami with a third, bein all fancy. Miz in the corner. Sami clotheslines him to the outside. Sami looks to dive to the outside, but Miz pulls Maryse in front of The Miz and Sami rebounds.

Back after a break and Sami sends Miz floats over Sami, hits a neckbreaker, backbreaker combo and a cover for 1…2…NO! Miz puts Sami up on the top rope. Miz locks the head and mocks the crowd again. Locks up for a superplex. Miz goes for it, but Sami breaks it. Forerarms! Sami on the top rope! He flies, hops over, rolls through, Miz with a kick. DDT! Pin for 1..2…NO! Miz calls for Daniel Bryan kicks. He hits one, another, More and more! Miz goes for a final kick, but Sami turns it into a Blue Thunder Bomb! Pin for 1..2….NO! Sami is up. Miz in the corner. He rushes, looks for The Helluva Kick, but Maryse pulls Miz out of the ring!

Miz back in the ring, sets up for the Skull Crushing Finale. Sami floats, enters a rollup. Pin for 1..2….3!!!!!

Winner: Sami Zayn
Sami is always exciting, but I fear for Miz’s future.
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

Backstage, Cole is with Roman. Cole wants to know if he feels remorse for possibly ending Taker’s career. Reigns shrugs, says he felt a lot of things. This was the greatest win of his career, but it was also the heaviest. He ddin’t say anything different – he respects Taker, and he’s always had great prep and advice, but how do you prepare to retire a legend? That’s why it’s been such a crazy situation, but it is what it is. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. he’s the big dog here, and this is his yard now.

Cole calls this a heck of a motto, then REIGNS IS ATTACKED!!!!

Braun comes out of nowhere and beats down Reigns! He then tosses him like NOTHING into some tables! No seriously, Reigns FLEW!!! Braun isn’t done. He grabs Reigns and sends him down to the cement floor then kicks him in the gut. Reigns isn’t wearing his White Ranger Shield, so it must hurt way more.

Braun keeps going with the beatdown, grabbing Reigns and powerslamming him onto a moving box on wheels. Braun still isn’t done, as Reigns attempts to stand up. Braun yells at the refs and various stage hands to back up. He grabs a nearby equipment box and rams it into Reigns, who is in the seated position.

They gotta find a way to make these backstage segments a bit more…violent appearing?

Reigns gets the stretcher job.

Just as I type this, Braun appears one more time, grabs Reigns’ stretcher, and just shoves that shit down off a high platform to the cement down below!

Holy fuck.

EMTs RUSH Reigns into an ambulance like he’s dying. They shove him in the back and BRAUN comes back!! He runs into the back of the ambulance and beats Reigns down, then heads to the outside and slams the door! He’s….wait, what the fuck?

BRAUN grabs the bottom of the truck. He lifts the fucking truck! BRAUN Flips the truck on its side!!!


We are back after a break, and EMTs are dragging Reigns out of the sideways ambulance. They then take him to another ambulance, a more weighted one, I’d hope, and send him on his way to the “nearby medical facility.”

Before the tag team match that is next, The Drifter from NXT is near the announce table….drifting.

Match 5: Cesaro and Sheamus and The Hardy Boyz vs Gallows and Anderson and The Shining Stars

Matt and Primo to start. Matt with an arm drag. Tag to Jeff who hits the 2nd rope and drops an axe handle. Jeff with a shoulder hit into a snapmare and a dropkick to the back of the head. Knee to Jeff. Tag to Cesaro. Tag to Anderson, who gets tossed into Sheamus with a rolling senton. Double stomp, and Sheamus got himself tagged in. He pins for 1..2..NO! Sheaus with a knee drop. Uppercut and a tag to Cesaro. He’s back in and gets whipped into an uppercut! Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. Cesaro bounces off some ropes and hits a flying crossbody. Fuck, that was beautiful. Pin for 1..2..NO! Cesaro calls for the spin! Gallows grabs onto Anderson’s hands, though! No Spin.

back after a break, and Gallows tosses Cesaro voer his head. Cesaro with an elbow. Tag to Anderson. Cesaro fights back both, but Gallows hits him with a right, and we get a double team. Cover for 1…2…NO! Sheamus stops him. Backstabber from Primo to Sheamus. Cesaro reaches for a tag. Tag to Epico. He stops the tag. Matt with a right, back body drop to Epico. Matt is in! Matt with headbutts. Matt sends Epico into the corner over and over again then rushes with a clothesline into a bulldog! Primo in. Side Effect! Twist of Fate attempt, but Gallows is in. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate. Cesaro and Sheamus send Anderson over the top rope. Matt and Jeff in the middle of the ring. Matt gets down. jeff rushes. Poetry in Motion over the top rope to the outside! Primo in the ring goes for the Backstabber, but Matt holds the ropes.

Twist of Fate. Tag to Jeff Hardy. Swanton Bomb! Pin for 1…2…3!!!

Winners: Cesaro, Sheamus, and The Hardy Boyz
The Shining Stars? Really?
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: ***
Total Rating: **1/2

Sheamus and Cesaro shake the hands of Matt and Jeff.

Backstage, Dana is reading How to be Your Own Protege.

Hot Ass Evil Emma is here to tell Dana that it’s time to go. Dana objects. Emma says if it wasn’t for her, Dana wouldn’t be here on RAW. Charlotte has dumped her, and Emma is here to pick up the pieces.

Dana tells that all Emma said was last year, and while Emma was having her little identity crisis, the entire women’s division has gotten better – including her. Dana says she is not going with ANYONE else anymore. Emma laughs it off a bit and gets Hotter and more Evil.

Backstage, Bayley is walking!

We come back to RAW to THE BOSS!!! Of course, we are asking ourselves why she is out here, and she says she has some unfinished business. But first, she wants us to help us in welcoming…BAYLEY!

Bayley enters the ring and hugs Sasha. SASHA ATTACKS!!!! Sasha drags Bayley up the ramp, beating her with hard rights in the process. She takes Bayley to the backstage area where the flipped over ambulance is and sends Bayley into it headfirst! Sasha shoves Bayley into the ambulance! Sasha goes to the top of the ambulance which is now laying on its side…..and SASHA FLIPS THE AMBULANCE BACK OVER!!!


Bayley thanks Sasha thanks for the introduction, but Bayley needs to say something. She wants to thank us. We were with her during her debut, stayed by herside when she debut, and without us, she wouldn’t have had her Wrestlemania moment and dream come true, so thanks for believing in her.

Sasha says that Wrestlemania didn’t go as she planned, but she wanted to congratulate Bayley on the biggest moment of her career, but that moment is over. Sasha is out here to ask her….

Sasha is interrupted by ALEXA BLISS!!!

There is so much booty in the ring right now…

Alexa says that was really heartfelt, but man are these two girls nauseating. The only person here that deserves any recofnition is Alexa. She is two time Smackdown Women’s Champion. What she did is she put the end to this sad Sasha/Bayley sideshow. It’s kinda weird. She is going to take over the division. Alexa Bliss has arrived. She is so excited to put all that Blue Show Drama behind her.

Alexa didn’t come alone, though!

MICKIE JAMES Interrupts!

She tells bayley and Sasha that they would not believe who else just arrived on RAW. Some may argue that she is the greatest champion of all time. Everyone would tell you that she is the only six time champion. That’s right, Mickie is back on RAW. If Little Miss Bliss thinks her drama is over, well her nightmare has just begun…

NIA JAX shows up and ambushes Mickie!!! She shoves the shit out of her. Alexa shoves Banks into Nia, who sends Sasha to the outside. She then attacks Bayley. Samoan Drop!!! Nia says the belt is her, and holds it up.

MICKIE JAMES and ALEXA BLISS have been traded to RAW!!!

Alexa Bliss is standing on the ramp. Nia Jax heads out of the ring. She walks pass Alexa and stares at her, then continues walking. Alexa makes roughly 476 different faces before we fade out.

Match 6: Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

Owens attacks Ambrose, beating him down. Owens with right hands to the gut in the corner. Ambrose tursn Kevin into the corner and hits a few rights of his own. He hops over Owens in the corner. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds early, but Owens escapes the nheads to the ouitside. Owens attacks, a whip is reversed, and Kevin hits the barricade backfirst. Ambrose grabs Owens and sends him into it again. Ambrose with a right. He sends owens in the ring, but Owens rolls right back out. Ambrose launches himself over the top rope onto Owens!

Owens with a right hand to Ambrose. Ambrose ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. he beats down Owens. Ambrose bounces of the corner. Elbow to the face. He shortens a whip then runs into the corner. Owens on the apron. He kicks Ambrose INTO the ringpost with a shin! Daaaaamn that looked brutal. Pin for 1..2…NO! Owens with a chin lock from behind. Ambrose looks to escape. He turns into the hold. Owens slams the hold back down. He says he can do this all night, but we’ve got like 10 minutes. Ambrose tries to fight out. Ambrose with some elbows! He hits a headbutt! Ambrose runs and Owens sends him to the outside hard. Owens heads to the outside, grabs Ambrose, lifts him on his shoulders, and then just tosses Ambrose into the barricade, ribs first! Ambrose back in the ring. He waits for the ref to hit the ten count. Ref is at 6, and Ambrose stirs. He’s up at 8. Ambrose flies into the ring. Owens with a move and gets a pin for 1..2..NO! Owens hits the ropes. Senton, but Ambrose has his knees up! Cole namedrops Apollo Crews as traded, and I didn’t know that. Owens ends up outside. Ambrose with a suicide dive. Ambrose sends Owens into the ring. Ambrose with a kick. He goes for Dirty Deeds, but Owens escapes. Ambrose with rights, he sends Owens down. Again. Swinging neckbreaker. Ambrose hits the corner. He runs, hits a clothesline in the corner, goes for a Bulldog, but Owens shoves him forward. Owens goes for a cannonball, but Ambrose moves! He puts Owens on the rope, crotch first. Ambrose on the 2nd rope. Clothesline to Owens! Ambrose covers for 1..2…NO! Ambrose to the top rope. Owens thinks of standing, but rolls to the outside instead. Ambrose turns towards Owens. he flies off the top rope with an elbow to the top of the head of Owens! Ref starts the count. Ambrose rolls Owens back in the ring at 6, then climbs to the top rope. Ambrose flies off. Owens with a kick!!! Owens wants the package powerbomb! Hits it! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Owens with a whip. Pop Up Powerbomb, but no Ambrose counters. Goes for Dirty Deeds, but Owens with an elbow. Ambrose does the rebound, but Owens hits a SUperkick!!!

Owens looks for Dirty Deeds himself, but Ambrose escapes. Dirty Deeds!!! Ambrose covers! Pin for 1..2……3!!!!

Winner: Dean Amborse
Well that was shocking…
Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: **1/2
Total Rating: **3/4

The music of Chris Jericho hits. Jericho is out! He heads down the ramp, all kinds of upset. Jericho rushes the ring. Owens goes for a clothesline. Jericho ducks. CODEBREAKER!

End Show

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