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411’s WWE Raw Report 5.18.20

May 18, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Drew McIntyre Raw

When I look back on the time I’ve spent at 411mania.com, there has always been one constant; Larry. I struggled to write this without talking about myself and how long I’ve been here until I realized this was simply a byproduct of what Larry was good at. He wanted us to shine, individually, as a writer of the site. Larry wasn’t a mountain that left a shadow; he was an inspiring view just close enough to motivate, and far enough to let you live. It’s been ten years since I first covered a RAW for Larry so he could spend some time with his family, and within those ten years, the site – and Larry – altered the landscape of my life. Ten years ago, I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer; Larry pushed me. Ten years ago, I didn’t know I’d publish two books; Larry pushed me. Ten years ago, I didn’t know I’d be a staple on a site I would read as a high school kid; Larry pushed me. He never shot any idea I had down, and didn’t even bat an eye when I considered helping out a friend with another wrestling site. He saw my worth, but never kissed my ass.

The internet is a strange place; it’s a world with a sheen on it. This thinly veiled world where anonymity gives strength and privacy is as powerful as one allows it. Larry let us into his life more than I think people give him credit for. We knew of his daughters, of his wife, of his mother, of his health scares, his leg loss. We knew far more than we should have, and yet there will always be aspects we will never know. Could never know. Those morsels are for his family, and I pray you remember them and cherish them. To his wife and kids: he spoke of you all the time. We knew of the love for The Colony and Hana, we knew the adoration for the wife. I hope they do, too.

If there’s one thing you could do right now; some dream that doesn’t seem realistic. A painting. A novel you’ve been working on. A mixtape. A song. A fucking new quilt. Do it. Stop the worrying; the fear of uncertainty, the possibility of failure. Just fucking do it. Don’t let anything stop you. Larry didn’t. He wanted to watch wrestling, and holy shit did he watch wrestling. Nothing stopped him. He turned that encyclopedic knowledge into something else. He ushered in a new era for a site that was just two colors. He touched lives daily. He made you feel. You can do the same for someone else. We all have a thirty-minute time limit in this ring called life, and sometimes the X gets thrown up early. Sometimes, it’s not all fun and games. Sometimes, the curtain call comes sooner than any of us would like. So go out and have the best fucking match you can with the people that you love.

As for this site; the readers; what we do here; I feel there will be some uncertainty. For me, I am here. For Larry, I am here. I am 411. I will cover RAW tonight and I’ll do it the best I can. I’ll maybe take a little sip of the bubbly in honor of Larry. I’ll fume under my breath that people are reading Csonka’s RAW review, and not my recap. I’ll get angry that he has more comments than me, and all he is doing is complaining while I’m actually working – even though no one worked harder than him. I’ll text him that my feed sucks, and he needs to find a replacement for RAW for the fiftieth time. I’ll leave him a long, drawn out message about what he and I need to do a podcast on, who needs to hear it, why I need The Rs back, what this site means, and a whole laundry list of items only for him to reply to me with:

RIP Boss Man.

– Tony

This one is for you, Csonka

– Buddy Murphy defeated Humberto Carrillo @ Who:Knows via pin [NR]
– Charlotte Flair defeated Ruby Riott @ about 3:30 via submission [*]
– Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth @ less than 3:00 via submission [NR]
WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeated R-Truth @ less than 3:00 via DQ [NR]
– Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya @ 3:48 via submission [*1/2]
– Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews defeated Andrade and Angel Garza @ 2:46 via pinfall [NR]
– Aleister Black defeated Murphy @ less than 3:00 via DQ [NR]
– Drew McIntyre defeated Baron Corbin @ stopwatch issues via pinfall [**1/2]

We start RAW in tears, from the collective universe and from Becky Lynch, who is celebrating life, ironically enough, on a die where we learned of death. We get a video package that holds quite a bit of weight right now, and it’s hard not to smile for her. We get the news that Asuka is champion, complete with her celebration, and some triumphant music to boot.

Charley stands in the middle of the ring to remind us of Orton’s challenge. He comes out to talk wrestling. He says it’s the basis of everything they do. It pains him to say this, but on the night of Mania, Edge was the better man. But he knows deep inside his gut that Edge is NOT the better wrestler. He intends to prove this. He only needs this ring and a referee. Athletes come and go; they’re a dime a dozen, but an athlete cant come into the WWE and do what they do like they do, just like anyone in the WWE cant do what he does like he does, including Edge.

He speaks directly to Edge – he knows why he didn’t accept his challenge. He saw it written on his face, in his eyes, and he saw doubt. What once was grit and passion is now just doubt and fear.

Edge, seemingly, isn’t afraid at all, because here he comes.

Edge says last week, he gave him a lot of truths and things to contemplate. Orton is playing a game of Chess. Edge couldn’t rush his next move. This is all a game to Orton. Orton smiles. This is just a check to Orton. He gets it, says Edge, Orton is quite possibly the most talented person he’s ever seen, but this isn’t the life he wanted – this was handed to him. His backup plan. Orton is different. Because he doesn’t care. He didn’t go to bed as a kid dreaming of becoming champion, didn’t save up his allowance to go to the show at the end of the month. He didn’t cry the night he won the IC Title like Edge did. Edge beat him for this title in 2004. One of his favorite matches. He knows their skills have

Orton interrupts, but Edge regains the control saying Orton has never had to fight back for 9 years just to compete. Orton doesn’t love the sport like Edge does. Say all he wants, the best wrestler didn’t win, but

Orton challenges him again, and Edge accepts.

Seth is backstage in a suit and tie. His disciple comes up to see if he’s still dazed and confused, but he’s alright, alright, alright. He’s had a revelation, and he wants to tell the world.


Seth says sometimes in life you must lose, truly, to find out who you are. When he lost to Drew, part of him believed that he had lost everything. He fell into a dark place. Without darkness, there can be no light, but he has seen the light, and this is all thanks to Rey Mysterio. Some have called his actions heinous, some have supported them. But the way he sees it, what happened to Rey was unfortunate but necessary. A sacrifice for the greater good. It was the cathartic moment he needed for the clarity that he needed to be the leader that he was meant to be. He wants to take this moment to speak to Rey directly.

He knows Rey is at home, healing. He wants to say this to him now, from the bottom of his heart, so he doesn’t have to say this when they meet face to face. He tells Rey “You’re Welcome.”

Out comes Humberto to asks Seth if anyone believes him. Rey is his idol. All that Seth is, is a coward.

Humberto rushes the ring. Buddy stands between he and Seth. Seth appreciates this, but if he’s out to fight Seth – Seth is not dressed for it. Buddy is, though.

Match 1: Buddy Murphy vs Humberto Carrillo

We are back, and the boys are doin their flippy things! Humberto with a step up hurricanrana. He flies over the eropes onto the apron, hits a houlder, lfips over Buddy into the ring, ducks a clothesline, another, gets arm dragged onto the apron, lands on his feet, swings up with a kick, then hits the corner. Murphy runs up and locks the head. Humberto with right hands. Kick to Buddy. Humberto tries to stand, but Buddy trips him up and Humberto crashes down hard. Buddy with a stomp. A hard kick to the back, another! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Jawbreaker by Humberto, but Murdy goes in on some hits, only for Carrillo to hit an enziguri. Sprinboard swinging kick to Murphy on the apron. He flies off to the mat. Humberto follow, sends Murphy into the ring, looks to springboard, but Seth is there to slow him down.

Springboard, Murphy with a knee. Murphy’s Law. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

If I am a man upset that someone possibly permanently blinded my idol, I wouldn’t be sufficient with fighting his “disciple,” nor would I care that he wasn’t “dressed” for a match. I’d beat his ass.
Total Rating: NR

Murphy attacks Humberto after the bell, but Black is here to make the save. He sends Murphy into the ring. Black goes for Black Mass, but Murphy escapes and heads up the ramp where Seth is standing and staring intently. You know, like with intent.

Backstage, Corbin cuts a promo. Lucky for me, I have footage:

Liv Morgan is just like her mother, learned a lot from last week, and is pretty hot.

The NXT Champion Charlotte Flair is here.

She doesn’t want to bore us with her attributes. But she does anyway and brings up the challenge for Smackdown. There are levels to being a champion. She calls out Ruby Riott for no reason, and wonders what this girl has to say.

Out comes Ruby, who is in full Angry Bird face mode.

Match 2: Ruby Riott vs Charlotte Flair

Apparently Ruby had nothing to say, because we come back to RAW with the match in progress. Charlotte chops Ruby on the outside, goes for another, but Ruby ducks and Charlotte hits the post. Ruby works the fingers, then gives a right hand to the titties. Ruby gets sent into the post then into the ring. Charlotte follows and chokes Ruby up on the ropes with her knee. Charlotte asks the camera man if Liv is watching this. Is Ruby fighting for her? Makes no sense. Ruby with a head scissors and she sends Charlotte into the buckle. Pin from Ruby for 1..2…NO!!! Ruby stomps the wrist then twists it, but eats an elbow. Charlotte misses a right and Ruby with a Flatliner type move. She goes for a submission, locking the wrist and bending the fingers back. Charlotte is too strong, though, and she stands up with Ruby on her shoulders. Ruby goes for a pin, but Charlotte kicks her hand and stomps the chest of Ruby. Another stomp. Ruby with a surprise roll up, gets 1..2..NO!! Goes for the Riott Kick, but Flair catches it, stomps, and locks in the Figure Four into the Figure Eight. Ruby taps.

Winner: Charlotte Flair
Charlotte made it seem like Ruby had a bone to pick, yet there isn’t a single reason why Ruby would care about Charlotte. Comes off as self-serving and transparent.
Total Rating: *

Charley has a question for Lashley. MVP comes in to say they will not be talking to the press. MVP wonders what would happen if Lashley put that Full Nelson on a WWE Champion? Lashley doesn’t know because it’s been 13 years. He’s cool with that, right? Hes already got trophies. Like his wife? MVP isn’t trying to cause trouble. He doesn’t even want anything from Lashley. He just wants Lashley to think. When will Lashley free Lashley. Maybe he’ll see Lashley out there later. Maybe.

The ring is filled with balloons and Kairi. She introduces her friend and the champion, Asuka.

Asuka receives her flowers from Kairi and says thank you. Asuka is so happy. She is the champion. She can’t believe it. This is all about Asuka. She has been NXT champ, Smackdown Champion, Tag Team Champion, and now RAW champion. Kairi calls her a grand slam champion. Kairi has a flute.

She plays a little tune for Asuka.

Nia is here to ruin everything.

Nia says there is nothing to celebrate. Becky is on maternity leave, which means Asuka lucked her way into a temp job, and soon she will be replaced. She wants us to look at her, but I’d rather not. She says when she becomes champion, there will be a real party.

Asuka ain’t havin it. She goes on th attack. She beats the shit out of Nia, and booty bumps her face out of the ring.

Nia shakes it off as Asuka screams at her.

Truth is here to ask what’s up. He says that Pretty Ricky told him that Lashley has been a bad bad man. Let’s roll the tape.

We see last week where Lashley handled Truth. Truth doesn’t want Bobby to put him in Nelson from The Simpsons again. Truth says Cena would never give up, and never will he. He also will not give up on his title. He calls out Brady, and when he is done with Lashley, he is going to find Brady, sack him, and win back his title.

Match 3: Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth

Truth waits in the corner, tells Lashley to hold on, asks if he’s going to “Deebo” Lashley. Truth heads to the outside and turns into Pretty Ricky. Truth goes full Ricky and hits Lashley with a few rights. He goes for a leg lariat, but Lashley sends Truth into the barricade. Firemans and Lashley slams him into the post. In the ring, Lashley clips the leg, then slaps Truth around a bit, and lets Truth stand up. Truth fights back, backing him into the corner. Truth hits the roeps. Hard clothesline.

Full Nelson into a slam. He grabs Truth and gets another Full Nelson in. Truth taps.

Winner: Bobby Lashley
The Pretty Ricky character has no place here, and doesn’t bode well in making Lashley a heel. MVP clapping on the ramp, however, does a hell of a lot.
Total Rating: NR

Backstage, Lana throws shit and screams.

Somewhere else backstage, Nia Jax watches in too close of a proximity for either Asuka or Sane to NOT notice, yet they don’t. Asuka walks away and Nia walks into frame.

Crap, The Iiconics get mic time. Eek.

Match 4: WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs The Iiconics

Billie and Alexa to start. Tag from Peyton. They double team but Alexa gets a clothesline and a kick. She sends Billie out of the ring and shoves Peyton down hard. Rolling knees. Tag to Nikki who dropkicks and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Peyton gets Nikki against the ropes. Rope work. Tag from Billie. Nikki splashes her then crossbodies Peyton. Kay in to grab Nikki and hit a knee then a suplex. Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Billie misses a kick, hangs herself up on the ropes, and Alexa gets a tag. Cltohesline. Another. Chop. Dropkick to the chest. Alexa drops some knees to Kay then a back flip with some knees. Pin for 1..2..NO!! Peyton stop the pin Nikki in. Peyton rushes her and tumbles to the outside. Big boot from Kay. Alexa ducks a right, hits one of her own, right to the face. Alexa to the top rope. Twisted Bliss. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Peyton is there to stop the pin.

Peyton sends Alexa into the ring post. Sends her into it again. A third time and the ref calls it.

Winners: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
What a mess
Total Rating: NR

Backstage, Kairi is waxing poetic on the flute like she’s Duke Silver. Nia is behind her. She grabs Kairi and sends her into a box.

Asuka is checking on her friend backstage, then gets filled with a fit of rage and screams off into the abyss…aka Nia’s vagina.

We return to Asuka catching up with Nia to scream at her face. Nia walks away, so ASuka pulls her hair and kicks her in the face. Nia lands on an oddly placed futon.

Match 5: Shayna Baszler vs Natalya

Lockup and Shayna with the go behind into a head scissors and a takedown. Shayna wrenches it. Rope work, Nattie stops, gave the back, Shayna shoots for it, but Nattie scouts it and goes for the Sharpshooter. Shayna escapes. ANGLE LOCK! She works the foot, but Nattie turns into it and kicks Shayna away. Kick from Shayna. Shayna works the wrist, twisting the left arm. Nattie drops, flips out, gets yanked down to the mat. Shayna claims “That fancy Hart crap doesn’t work on me.” Damn. Stomps from Shayna. Shayna with the Sharpshooter!!! NO!!! Nattie escapes, switches, goes for it herself, and locks it in! Shayna reaches for the ropes. Nattie pulls her into the center. Shayna crawls again, reaching them, but there are no breaks. Shayna continues to crawl, and is able to escape the ring and the hold. Baseball slide from Nattie.

Nattie and Shayna back in the ring. Nattie goes for a guard, Shayna gets leverage,

Nattie locks the leg. Baszler escapes! Sleeper hold on Nattie. Nattie reaches for the ropes. Shayna hooks the arm. Nattie taps.

Winner: Shayna Baszler
Vicious Shayna looks great in her victory. Nattie has been too meh for too long for this to matter all that much.
Total Rating: *1/2

Nattie stays in the ring a while to show her frustration. The crew is setting up for the KO Show, and Nattie is standing there like a dummy. They set up with chairs and KO signs, and Nattie tosses all of this stuff out of the ring. Lol. Alright…

Backstage, Garza and Theory are yelling at each other. Andrade, too. Zelina comes up and says they will be on the same page tonight. It’s her business to make sure they all go out as a cohesive unit. She then turns to Andrade, asking if he understands. Andrade says he is the champion. Garza? Garza grins, says yes. She turns to Theory. He says yes, master.

Kevin Owens is here to thank Nattie for getting all the junk out of the way. He’s been gone for a bit, and the reason is at Mania, he got what he was looking for. That moment came at a price, because in achieving it, he got pretty banged up. The good news is he’s good to go, he’s back, and tonight with a reduced set, it’s a major edition. He’s got some special guests. He invites The Vega Collection out.

Owens is on the apron while the others are in the ring. Zelina knows why Owens wants them here. He is hoping for a Jerry Springer episode. She is sick of Drew, him, and the universe. We think her empire is crumbling. We are wrong. If we want to talk about real champions (we don’t), then we can talk about Andrade. He is a god among insects. She brings up Garza, who breaks faces and breaks hearts. And Theory, at only 22, is this damned good. As for her? She is the the best that this business has seen in a long time. They came from the streets, and they survived. The streets weren’t made for everyone, though, and that’s why they made sidewalks for people like Owens. She asks why Owens isn’t in the ring.

Owens says that one could argue that he is giving them even more respect. But also, he’s aware about what happens when he is in the ring with multiple people. He doesn’t want the ring to be too crowded, though, because he has another guest. His name?

Apollo Crews.

Crews runs down, rushes the ring, and tackles Andraade. They tangle all the way to the apron. Owens comes in to help as Garzza and Theory help and we go to break.

Match 6: Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza and Andrade

Crews and the pantless Garza to start. He locks the head and stares Andrade down. Stalled suplex to Garza. Tag to Owens. Hard clubs to the back. Stomps to Garza. A senton. Stomp from Garza. Chop to Garza. He goes for a body slam, but Garza floats off and tags in Andrade, who hangs Owens up. Running kick to the face of Owens. A few stomps to the corner. Chop to Andrade. A chop from Owens. Another from Andrade. Whip to the corner but Owens comes out o the corner with a clothesline. Owens reaches for a tag, but he’s in the wrong corner. Chop to Andrade. Kick to Andrade. Tag to Crews. Tag to Garza. Apollo with aclothesline. Another. Kick to Andrade on the apron. Spinebuster to Garza. Firemans. Zelina on the apron. Shoves from Garza.

Theory goes for a right, but Apollo moves, and the right hits Garza! Apollo with the powerbomb! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews
They sure are going for the Crews push. I suppose we’ll see how it goes.
Total Rating: [NR]

Theory tries to explain himself. ZElina calls the shot. Andrade attacks Theory. Theory tries to fight back, but Garza dropkicks him in the back. They double team Theory. Garza grabs him and tosses him into the barricade. Andrade does the same. They continue to beat his ass. Theory tries to fight back, but it’s a no go. They hold him down while Zelina tells him she should have never believed in him, and slaps him. Garza and Andrade toss him into a few chairs, then Andrade tosses one at him for fun.

Drew says the Brand to Brand Invitational allows for dream matches, and somehow, one of his dream matches has fallen into his lap. Ok.

Drew says Corbin is genuinely a terrible human being, but he is also a dangerous individual who would do whatever it takes to win the match. Drew tells King that he chose Drew as his opponent. He’s not going to win; he’s out of his damn mind, son. He has a special Claymore for King. It’s fit for a King, and it has Corbin’s name on it.

Match 7: Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

Black tosses his jacket at Murphy and goes in on the offense. He ends up flying outside to kick the chest of Murphy along the barricade. Another kick sends him reeling. Black sends him back into the ring. Apparently Theory is still outside. Seth is nearby…possibly to SAVE HIM?!?! Black goes for a kick, but Murphy moves and Black hits the corner hard. Murphy looks over to Seth, who is still staring at Theory. Murphy grabs Black and looks for a submission. Black kicks him away. A kick out of th corner from Murphy. He flies off. Black kicks him in the chin!

Outside, Seth reaches his hand out to Theory. Theory takes it and Seth stands him up.

In the ring, Black kicks Murphy away. Knee strike to the FAYCE!!! Black lifts Murphy up. Seth points to Black, motioning Theory. Theory attacks, and we get a DQ

Winner: Aleister Black via DQ
Well, that’s one direction to go for Theory…
Total Rating: NR

Murphy with a knee to Black. He lifts Black, and Theory is here to hit his finisher. The ATL.

Ok, so the axe throwing contest ends with cops showing up because one of the axes landed in their window. They ask who did this, and….nah, I can’t. Sorry. I tried.

Apollo is backstage and tells Charley he has something to prove. He doesn’t know what hurt more; the injury or losing his spot in the MitB. It felt like things were clicking, and the last three weeks have been the longest of his life, wondering what could have been. He cant waste anymore time, though. He had to do something and make it happen. All it took was him stepping back in the ring, and now he knows the final piece will fall into place. Next week, he’s challenging for the US title.

Zelina walks in with a choice for him. He can cut his losses and walk away or get into the ring with Andrade next week and never walk again. Apollo says Andrade better be ready next week, then wants to finish his interview. Next week he puts the final piece into place, and he walks out the new champion.

Zelina and Charley are left on my screen, and oh what a joy.

Before Drew and Corbin can go one-on-one, out comes Lashley with his new mouthpiece, MVP.

MVP asks for pardon, says that they’ve taken a personal interest in this match. Lashley has a few words before they begin. H wants to put Drew on notice; he’s coming after him and the title, and if he’s gotta pry it out of Drew’s cold and dead hands, that’s what he’ll do.

He’s gonna kill Drew…?!

Main Event: Drew McIntyre vs King Corbin

Lockup to start. Drew gets Corbin against the ropes then into the corner. They break the hold. Corbin shoves, Drew shoves back. Lockup again. Corbin misses a corner moves and eats a shoulder tackle, then gets clotheslined over the top rope. Drew heads outside and sends Corbin over the barricade next. Another clothesline sends Corbin back into the ring area. Drew with a chop. He sends Corbin into the ring. Follows. Drew wants the claymore. Corbin rolls to the outside. Drew rushes him, gets on the apron, and Corbin hits a knee. He hits the ropes then sends Drew flying off the apron. Corbin waits for Drew to get back in and clubs the back, then shoots a forearm into the kidney. Stomp to the leg, right hand to the face. Corbin gets kicked then chopped away. Drew whips, reversed, Drew sends Corbin outside, Corbin re-enters and hits a clothesline and Drew kicks out at one. Drew with a chop. Corbin shoves and Drew hops over the rope. Corbin hangs him up. Corbin stops Drew in the corner, and sends his head into the corner.Drew on the corner, seated. Corbin to the top. He waits for Drew to stand, calling for the Superplex. Corbin grabs. SUPERPLEX TO DREW!!! Cover for 1…NO!!!

Corbin yells at Drew that he is a follower. He hits the ropes. Overhead Belly to Belly! Big kick to Corbin! Drew to the top rope! He waits. Axe handle to King’s head. Kip up and Drew is ready! He yells for Corbin to stand, points to Lashley “You’re Next,” lifts Corbin, Corbin lands on his feet, shoulder to Drew. SPINEBUSTER from Drew. Jackknife cover! 1…..2….NO!!!! Corbin drops Drew on his spine! Cover again, ut Drew kicks out at 1! Corbin with an uppercut. Kick from Drew. Chop to Corbin. Kick out of the corner from Corbin. Corbin flies. Kick from Drew, Future Shock DDT! Drew calls for the Claymore. He waits. He squats. 3…..2…..1!! CLAYMOR—-NO!!! DEEP SIX from Corbin! Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Glasgow Kiss.

Drew shoves Corbin to the outside, Corbin slides back in, Drew hits the ropes. CLAYMORE! Pin for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
A solid outing, to be honest, and as annoying as Corbin can be, he played his role well here.
Total Rating: **1/2

Drew yells at Lashley that he and the WWE Universe have been waiting a long time for “this Bobby Lashley.” Nice.

End Show

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