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411’s WWE Raw Report 6.24.02

June 24, 2002 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 6.24.02

Live from Cleveland

Announcers are JR & The King

Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411 by PK

Roundtable results to start this week. The big winner was Blake Norton, who got everything correct, with the only exception being the Flair/Eddie match, which everyone picked Guerrero. The big losers were Lyrical Stunt’s Art Martinez, and…well, me, only getting 3 right each. I guess Vengeance is another chance…


Intro…We start out with all the Raw Superstars in the ring.

Vince comes down, says that it’s no secret that he is a success, and he will share the qualities with us why he is successful. The biggest being ruthless aggression. That is how he got the dominance he has in wrestling in North America. He asks who among them in the ring has the most ruthless aggression. There is only one person who is not out there who has that kind of ruthless aggression that it takes to make it in the company. He asks if that bothers RVD. He then gets in Bubba Ray’s face, blaming him for Eddie’s loss last night. He then makes a Bubba/Guerrero match. He then gets in Jeff Hardy’s face, and makes Jeff vs. UT tonight, with Matt barred from ringside. Wow, this is going to be good. Vince says that if none of them want to be here, then he doesn’t want them here. The NWO makes their presence known. HBK says that there is nobody better then the NWO. He then offers up his services to take out some of the trash in the ring. Booker gets on the mic, talks them down. He then challenges anyone of the NWO. McMahon says that it won’t be HBK or Nash, because Nash is still hurt, and when he gets better, he better live up to expectations, or he will join the unemployed line with Scott Hall. HAHA. Nash gives McMahon the finger. McMahon then makes a match with Booker and Goldust facing Big Show and X-Pac with Nash and HBK barred with ringside. Booker can dig that….SUCKAAAAAAAAAA. SPINAROONI!!!


Spike Dudley & Bradshaw vs. Chris Nowinski & William Regal

Bradshaw showing Nowinski what it’s really like to be a SuperStar. Spike in, Nowinski tosses him to the outside where Regal beats him up. Sign: “I Tutored Chris Nowinski” HAHA. Regal in, beats up Spike legally this time. Bradshaw in. Regal tosses Spike out, Bradshaw nails a clothesline from hell on Regal, then Nowinski rolls up Bradshaw with the tights to win.

Winners – Harvard & Regal

Vince tells Sgt. Slaughter that the fat needs to be cut, and has the Sarge to have Tommy Dreamer and Raven to have a match, the loser will never work on Raw again. Vince then goes in his office, and Tough Enough’s Jackie is waiting for him. She says she will win the Golden Thong award tomorrow night. Vince makes a match with Jackie along side Molly Holly against Linda and Trish Stratus. Jackie then takes off her robe to reveal a rather revealing outfit…nice! Undertaker comes in, scares Jackie away, and bitches about The Rock. He wants Rock tonight, but Vince says he has Jeff Hardy instead, and tells him to tear Jeff apart. UT says that he will do Vince a favor, since he is looking for new stars, he will make Jeff famous….the old fashion way.


WWE Rewind: Bubba helping Flair win last night.

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Eddie Guerrero

Bubba sets up a table on the outside before Eddie even gets down to the ring. Quick match, Bubba goes for a BubbaBomb, but Eddie blocks it, rolls up Bubba for a pin.

Winner – Latino Heat

Eddie gets the table in the ring, but is taking way too long. Bubba is standing behind Eddie, without Eddie knowing. As soon as the table is set in the ring, Eddie turns around into Bubba’s foot, and he follows it with a powerbomb though the table…NICE! Benoit runs out, locks on a Crippler Crossface for a few minutes.


Rey Mysterio promo from last night…awesome…

Goldust dressed as the Crocodile Hunter!!! HAHAH!! Normally he’s out chasing crocs but this week, he’s after a very rare species, the NWO. He goes in the NWO lockerroom, where Show is sleeping. He says calls him a Giant HippoShowtumius or something. Then X-Pac comes out of the crapper, and GD calls him a bandana wearing Grease Rat. HAHA. Pac chases GD.

Jeff and Matt finally come to the realization that there is no Tag Titles on Raw, so they must make it as singles stars. Matt says that tonight it Jeff’s night.

X-Pac chasing Goldust, Booker comes out and drills Pac with a cookie pan. SUCKAAAAAAA!!!


Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven – Loser Leaves Raw

Raven starts out strong, drills Dreamer’s head in the mat with his knee, but Dreamer fights back, nails a powerslam for 2. Dreamer with a DDT for 2. Dreamer goes a DVD, but Raven slips out, nails a reverse DDT. Both men up, Dreamer with a DVD out of nowhere.

Winner – Dreamer

Heyman and Brock get ready for his coronation.

Raven grabs his bags and is ready to go, as soon as he gets in the parking lot, Matt Hardy is waiting, and drives Raven into the garage doors, apparently not forgetting about Raven’s antics last week.


JR in the ring, says that this year’s prize for KotR was a title shot at SummerSlam. Paul Heyman gets on the mic, says that it was his idea to make that prize, and it came full circle when Brock won the Tournament last night, this cues up Brock’s music and he makes his way down. Heyman rants about how badly Brock wants to make it. RVD comes from behind and drills Brock, and sends him out of the ring. Heyman holds back Brock. That was unexpected…


Heyman bitches about RVD to Vince. Heyman wants an IC title match tonight.

Recap of Taker/Hardyz feud.

The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

UT brawls to start, nails a powerslam for 2. He stands Jeff up, and drills him with a boot, this puts Jeff half way outside, and UT goes for the legdrop on the apron, but Jeff moves, Jeff in the ring, and hits a crossbody to the outside. Jeff runs the wall, over UT’s bike, but right into UT’s hand, and UT choke slams him. UT rolls Jeff in, nails the Last Ride for the win.

Winner – Undertaker

UT rides up the ramp, but Jeff grabs a mic, and challenges him for a title match next week…in a ladder match! UT seems to except.


Linda Miles & Trish Stratus vs. Jackie Gayda & Molly Holly

Molly says that it’s a honor to bring dignity back to the Woman’s Title. She accuses Trish a sleeping her way to the top. Trish says that she worked for it, then reminds us that she has a fat ass. Back and forth action, Jackie is strung up on the top rope, Trish hits the Stratusphere, but Molly drop kicks Trish in the head to break the count. Molly in, Linda sends Jackie to the outside, Trish dodges a handspring back elbow and nails Stratusfaction.

Winners – Linda & Trish


Recap of RVD/Lesnar stuff.

Coach asks if RVD will be able to keep that type of intensity in the match tonight. Brock and Heyman show up. Heyman starts yelling at RVD, and Brock tells him to shut up!! Brock tells RVD that he will show him ruthless aggression tonight!

NWO walking. Nash yells at Show and X-Pac, tells them to get the job done or else he’ll kick their asses.


X-Pac & The Big Show vs. Goldust & Booker T

Booker and Show to start. Show tosses Booker around. Booker ducks a clothesline, hammers Show into the ropes, hits some chops, but Show grabs Booker and nails a sidewalk slam. Pac in, Book off the ropes, Book with a heel kick. Goldust in, lays Pac in the corner…Bronco Buster! HAHA. Pac off the ropes, GD with a assbump. GD off the ropes again, dodges Pac, but Show nails a huge clothesline. Show in, and he just beats the hell out of GD. Pac back in, nails some quick legdrops for 2, but Booker stops the count. Pac with some chops to GD in the corner, tags in Show. Show nails the Final Cut (Eye of the Hurricane) for 2 until Booker stops the count. Pac back in, nails a series of kicks to GD in the corner. Pac goes for a Bronco Buster, GD dodges, both men tag, Booker is on fire, nails a heel kick, then a scissors kick, then a Spinarooni!!!! GD in, double suplex on Show, Booker and Pac go to the outside, GD sets up Show for a kick to the balls in the corner (forgot the name). GD charges, but Show grabs him, nails a chokeslam for the pin.

Winners – NWO

Look a approval from HBK and Nash.


Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) – WWE IC Title

Lesnar starts strong, drilling his shoulder into RVD’s gut in the corner. Brock beats RVD down more in the corner, Lesnar sends RVD into the other corner, but RVD nails a straight kick off the 2nd rope. RVD sends Brock in the corner, RVD goes for a monkey flip, but Brock catches him goes for a power bomb, but RVD nails a hurracanranna. Brock to the outside, RVD leaps out on him but Brock catches him, and drives him into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Brock is tearing RVD apart. Brock nails a belly to belly, then stomps away on RVD’s back. Brock with 2 backbreakers in a row. HAHA, King brings up when he interrupted Bret Harts coronation. Brock with a big clothesline. Brock locks on a bearhug, and Brock turns it into a spinebuster for 2. Brock has RVD up on his shoulder, and drives RVD’s back into the turnbuckle. Brock tries it again, but RVD slips out, and sends Brock to the bottom turnbuckle, then a spinning legdrop, then Rolling Thunder for 2. RVD with a straight kick, goes for a 5* but Heyman grabs RVD. RVD with a drop toe puts Brocks throat into the middle rope. RVD then with a split leg moonsault for 2 until Heyman comes in and gets RVD DQed.

Winner via DQ – RVD

Brock gets a chair, but RVD nails a Van Daminator, and sends Brock to the outside. RVD chases Heyman, gets him in the ring and nails a spin heel, then a 5*! Brock pulls RVD out, huge spinebuster on the floor. Brock then clears off the table and powerbombs RVD through the table! Great ending.

Show Over.



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