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411’s WWE RAW Report 9.9.19

September 9, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
Steve Austin Seth Rollins Braun Strowman Raw 9-9-19

It’s HOSS TIME! Laptop #1 took a shit, so I’m currently watching RAW on my phone until Laptop #1 fixes itself. The things I do for you guys, I swear…

RAW Starts off hot with the glass shattering!

Austin waxes poetic about his past where he gave McMahon the first Stunner he ever did. He also brings up Bret, then talks about 98 or so when SCSA went against The Undertaker at Summerslam and Taker knocked him out with his head on accident.

Eventually, we get to Austin announcing the two who are here to sign a contract. Braun is first.

Braun comes face to face with Austin and extends his hand out for a shake. Austin is hesitant as the crod chants his name. Austin doesn’t shake the hand, and instead announces Seth Rollins to come out.

Rollins comes out with his two red belts as Austin says we’ve got some business to take care of. He shakes the hands of both, then says he’s here to assure this thing get signed.

Seth does Seth things on the mic.He calls Braun a big goon and says that Austin might have it in for him. Seth brings up the Whats. He says usually he hates it, but since Austin is here, Seth’s down with it. Austin stops the crowd and brings up the contract. This is why he is here.

Seth says he will oblige, but he must say one thing – nobody is stabbing anyone in the back. Seth claims he is the best wrestler on the planet, and after Clash, he will still be the best.

The crowd disagrees.

Braun says a Rattlesnake is still a rattlesnake. Braun says he likes being tag champs, but he’s going to love being Universal Champion. So to quote one of the greatest of all times, “I’m bout to open a can of whoop ass,” and Seth is going to get these hands. Braun signs.

Seth is about to shake the hand of Braun, but out comes AJ and The OC.

AJ says the OC doesn’t want none. AJ mocks Austin a bit, then mocks the WHAT. AJ tells Austin to turn his eyes to AJ and says to sit this one out, or he might get hurt. The crowd whats him. AJ blames Austin. He tells everyone to shut up. He says it has nothing to do with Austin, but everything to do with Seth and Braun.

Austin tells AJ to put some bass in his voice. AJ tells Austin to shut up. AJ says The OC didn’t even get a rematch.

After some more shit talking, Austin calls out an attqck. Braun and Seth attack The Club, Braun exits the ring to truck down Gallows then attack Anderson from the back. Seth calls for a Stimpl, goes for one on AJ, but AJ sends Seth to the outside. Austin is still in the ring. Aj turns….Austin kicks! STUNNER to AJ! Crowd loves it!!! Austin does turns red talking shit to AJ as Cole claims Stone Cold is back. Idiot.

We come back from break, And AJ is still stirring in the ring, feeling the effects of the Stunner. Out comes Cedric for his upcoming match. AJ stands and the bell rings.

Match 1: Cedric Alexander vs AJ Styles

Cedric on the attack! He beats down AJ in the corner. Whip to AJ. Aj hits the corner hard chest first. He rolls to the outside. Cedric follows and attacks from behind on the outside. He chops AJ then whips AJ into the barricade and AJ eats it with the shoulder. Chop from Cedric. Cedric rolsl AJ in the ring. Cedric hits some shoulders in the corner. Cedric goes for the head scissors, hits it. Dropkick to the knee. Kick to the face. Cover for 1…NO! Another cover. Gets 1. AJ elbows out of a hold then kicks the chest of Cedric. AJ with a chop. Right forearm. Cedric gives him one, AJ goes back with one. Whip to Cedric. Springboard high kick to the knee. AJ rolls outside again. Cedric hits the ropes. Cedric grabs AJ, and AJ pulls the arm down across the ropes. AJ blocks, grabs the arm. Divorce Court.

After a break, AJ blocks a right and kicks the shoulder. It’s taped up, so we are to believe this hurts more. Cedric elbows out of the corner. He chops then rights AJ into the ropes. AJ with a high kick to the side of the head. AJ hits the ropes. Michinoku Driver from Cedric! Pin for 1..2..NO!! Cedric on the apron. High kick to the back of the head of AJ.

AJ crumbles. Cedric wants to hop up on the ropes, but The Club attack for the DQ.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via DQ

Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: ***
Total Rating: **1/2

The Club attack Cedric until The Viking Raiders’ music hits, and out comes the two big guys. They attack, complete with a cartwheel and squash in the corner to Gallos. Running knee to the face, followed Erik shoving Ibar into the seated Gallows in the corner. The Viking Experience to Anderson. Cedric stands tall next to The Viking Raiders, shocked but happy about the help.

Backstage, Sasha and Bayley wanna talk. Sasha says Becky and Charlotte should be mad, just like they should be happy. There’s nothing stronger than their connection. They are taking this to the ring, and we can take that to the bank.

Then they makeout.

Roman Reigns is out with a Conor shirt. He speaks about his cancer scare and how we gave him the strength to heal. Roman Reigns got a haircut, and says he will be putting the spotlight on some kids who are from NY and NJ.

A girl in the crowd is noticeably more hyped about her presence on television than the children who may be dying soon.

Before the tag match can start, but after all four make their entrances, Becky and Charlotte attack. They get the upperhand with Charlotte, but Becky is able to hit a Becksploder on Sasha. She rolsl Sasha into the ring and attacks, but Bayley makes the save. Bayley beats down Becky. Sasha gets osme in as Bayley grabs Becky. Chalrotte has a chair! She comes into the ring. The heels roll out.

Match 2: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch

Becky and Bayley to start as Cole says stupid things. Becky rolls Bayley to the corner and Sasha drops down off the apron. Becky grabs Bayley to talk some shit to Sasha. Becky sends Bayley to the outside the hard way. She tosses Bayley across the back. Becky sends Bayley into the barricade again as Sasha watches. A third time as the ref hits the count of six. He hits seven and Becky sends Bayley into the ring. Cover for 1…NO!! Tag to Charlotte who comes in to shove the face of Bayley, then slaps her. Stomps to Bayley. Charlotte sends Bayley into the corner face first the nlocks her up against the ropes. Chop to Bayley. Bayley takes over, tags in Sasha. Kicks in the corner. Choke from Sasha with the boot. Sasha tags Bayley back in, and whips Charlotte into the post back first. Chop to Charlotte. More double team. Bayley covers. Charlotte blocks a right then punches Bayley. Some boots in the corner. Tag to Becky. Becky in with a whip to the corner, but it’s reversed. Bayley rushes, misses, and Becky kicks. Becky locks up for the Becksploder, but Bayley hits a knee. Bayley sends Becky to the outside, locks the head, goes for a stunner, but Becky shoves her, then kicks the distracting Sasha. Bayley is back to hit the stunner. Ref is distracted and Sasha attacks Becky!

Tag to Sasha. She grabs Becky on the outside and sends her into the apron. Sends Becky into the ring. Cover for 1…NO!! Sasha grabs the hair. She locks the head and hits a suplex. Sasha covers for 1….NO!!! Sasha locks up Becky on the ropes. She sends her into the corner. Tag to Bayley. Becky elbows out, hits a reverse DDT to Bayley. Both women down. Tag to Sasha. Tag to Charlotte. Charlotte with a clothesline .Another. Chop. Another. Another. Whip. Charlotte catches Sasha and hits a Fallaway Slam. Kip Up. Charlotte boots Bayley off the apron. She turns, misses a splash in the corner, Sasha goes for a right, but Charlotte dodges and hits a neckbreaker. Charlotte goes for a neckbreaker, Sasha lands on her feet, Charlotte recovers and hits one anyways. Cover for 1….2… NO!!! Charlotte is pissed. She grabs sasha by the hair, sends her into the ropes. Sasha with a hurriica—never mind, she goes for The Bank Statement, but Charlotte rolls through. FIGURE EIGHT!!! Bayley is in. Becky grabs her! She goes for the Disarmer, but Bayley tosses Becky into Sasha and Charlotte! All four women down. Crowd chants for the ladies. Everyone rolls to the outside. Sasha with knees to Charlotte on the outside!!!

Back from a break and Charlotte backs Sasha into the corner to break a hold. Sasha just shoves Charlotte into the corner then hits double knees. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha grabs Charlotte and mocks Becky. She sends Charlotte into the heel corner. Tag to Bayley. Double team chop to Charlotte. Another. Bayley lifts Charlotte. Charlotte breaks away. Punch! Bayley grabs the hips. She locks the head of Charlotte. Bayley uses the power of DAT AZZ and sends Charlotte into the corner. Shoulders to the gut. Bayley runs right into a knee from Charlotte. Charlotte reaches for a tag, nevermind, she grabs Bayley, sends her into the 2nd rope. Tag to Becky. Becky in. Kick to Bayley. Shoulder to Bayley off the 2nd rope. She knocked Sasha off before. Uppercut. Kick to Bayley. Bekcy with another battering ram. Sasha in. Becky grabs the leg. Becksploder! Sasha rolls back out. Becky hits the ropes. Baseball slide to the face of Sasha. Becky with a punch off the apron to Sasha’s chest! Bayley rushes Becky, Becky side steps, knee, kick to the face .Becky to the 2nd rope. Bayley pulls her off. Knee to Becky. Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly, but Becky grabs the arm. BACKSTABBER FROM SASHA!!!! Charlotte in. BIG BOOT! Bayley sends Charlotte to the ropes. Bayley checks on Sasha. Thy grab Charlotte. They lock up for a ouble suplex, but Charlotte lands on her feet. They miss a clothesline, turn, and Becky is on the top rope. Double missile dropkick! Becky to the corner. She hops to the top. Tag from Charlotte. Leg drop to Bayley. Charlotte up top! MOONSAULT from Charlotte. Cover. 1….2…NO!! Sasha there to stop i! Becky grabs Sasha. Uppercut to Sasha. Becky tosses Sasha into the steps. DISARMER TO SASHA!!! BAYLEY there to stop the hold. Chalrote slides to the outside. Bayley sends Becky into the barricade. SIDE SUPLEX TO CHARLOTTE!!!

Bayley grabs Charlotte and sends her into the ring. Bayley follow. She gets to the top rope. Bayley ready for an elbow. Goes for it. LANDS ON SOME KNEES!! Charlotte I up. She wants the win.


Winners: Becky Lynch and Charlotte
Got a little sloppy there at the end, mostly due to Charlotte.
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4

Backstage, AJ and The Club are chattin it up all angrily. In come Dolph and Roode to clap hands with the trio. I didn’t hear Ziggler because his words come out as nothing to me, so just assume they established a truce.

Match 3: Rey Mysterio vs Gran Metalik

Lockup to start. Rey works the left arm. Metalik reverses and sends Rey down on his back. Rey kips up, works the arm. Metalik rolls out of it and we get a stalemate. Interesting camera angles here. Side headlock from Metalik. They work the arms then flip into a wheelbarrow, Metalik sends Rey behind him over his back, more rope work and Metalik springboard, aldns no his feet, head scissors into a cartwheel and both men are standing. Rey hops over, but Metalik catches him and sends him spinning, only for Rey to head scissors Metalik into the ropes for the 619. Metalik ducks, and rolls Rey up for 1..2…NO!!!

Rey hits the ropes, gets locked up under the legs then flipped up top. He hits ome punches then head scissors Metalik to the outside. Rey hits the ropes inside, slides and goes for the senton, rolls through, turns, and gets kicked in the face. Metalik enters the ring. He runs, flips off the bottom rope to the outside onto Rey! Nice. Metalik grabs Rey, sends Rey into the ring. Metalik on the apron. Springboard senton and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Metalik with a cravat from behind. Knee to Rey. Another. Chop to Rey in the corner. Whip and Rey reverses. Metalik hops up and over nothing. Hurricanrana into the corner face first to Metalik. Rey rolls to the apron. He turns to the corwd. Rey to the top rope. Metalik up top. Seated senton. Sptingboard crossbody. Rey hits the corner but eats a boot. Metalik spins across the ropes and flies off with a dropkick. He grabs Rey. Metalik sits Rey on the top rope. Metalik and Rey fight on the top rope with rights banc and forth. Headbutt from Rey. Rey on the ropes. Gets chopped. Metalik on the top rope. Rey seated beside him. Head scissors and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Whip, Rey flips up and over into a Sunset Bomb. Pin for 1..2..N!O!! Rey kicks out of the corner.

Flying head scissors, setting Metalik up. 619!!! Rey hits the corner. Frog Splash and a cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio
Match Quality: ****
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ****

After the match, Rey grabs the hand of Metalik and shakes his hand then goes to one knee to show respect. Metalik returns the favor in kind. Metalik leaes Rey in the ring by himself.

Backstage, Seth and Braun are talking to Cedric about Blackface.

Speaking of Blackface, The Street Profits are backstage to….ummmm…..do nothing.

One of the homies tries to hit on Sasha, and I’ve had it with them.

Match 4: Baron Corbin vs Ricochet vs Samoa Joe

I come to the match with it already in play. Ric dives though the ropes directly into Joe, then runs back in and flips over the top rope onto Corbin. We head to commercial.

We come back and Ricochet goes for a head scissors, but Corbin holds him, then pulls up and sends Ric into the ringpost hard. Joe is in the ring. He runs and dives through the ropes INTO Corbin! Joe goes for Ricochet. He grabs him and tosses the dude into the ringpost yet again! Joe rolls Corbin into the ring. Corbin with a right. Joe with one. Back and forth. Corbin gets the upperhnd with some uppercuts to the body. Big slaps from Joe. Corbin hits the throat. Inverted atomic drop from Joe. Joe with a senton. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! In comes Ricochet to break it up. Rcochet with a right hand. Another to Joe. Chop to Joe. Right to the face. Chop. Joe hits just one, and Ricochet drops. Joe hits the ropes. Ricochet with a back elbow. Ricochet hits the ropes. Powerslam! Pin for1..2….NO!!! Joe lifts Ricochet just as Corbin begins to stand on the outside. Joe sets Ricochet up on the corner. Joe climbs and Ricochet hits some elbows. Headbutt from Joe. He locks the head. Scoops the arm. Ricochet with some rights. Corbin is in! He sets up to powerbomb Joe, but Joe punches him dead in the head. Ric punches Joe. Joe hangs himself up. Ricochet on the top rope. He dives, lands on his feet, runs up Corbin, lands on his feet. Corbin with a huge clothesline turns him back inside out! Corbin lands on his back. Joe is up. Ricochet with a kick to Joe! All three men are down!

Corbin is up. Rifcochet is up. Right from Ric. Ducks a right. Chop. Another. Another chop. He rolls over Corbin. Dropkick to Corbin, who bounces off like Ambrose and hits a big kick to Ricochet. Crowd is hot for this shit, I’ll give em that. Corbin grabs Ricochet, GOOZLE. Goes for a Chokeslam, but Ricochet rolls him up for 1..2..NO!!!! Ric rolls up the body of Corbin, hits a powerslam, Ricochet up quickly! Kic—NO!!! DEEP SIX!! COVER!!! 1…2..NO!! Joe pulls Corbin to the outside. THE CLUTCH!!! Joe locks the Clutch in! He won’t let go! He walks Corbin over to the barricade. Corbin walks the barricade with his hands. He backs away, Joe drops to the mat. He wraps the legs around Corbin. Corbinis fading. MOONSAULT OFF THE APRON BY RICOCHET!!!! Ricochet up. Joe stirs. Corbin crawls towards the other side of the ring. Ricochet gets Joe to the inside of the ring. Ricochet heads to the top rope. Ricochet goes for the 630, lands on his feet. Joe with The Clutch! Ricochet runs up the corner. He goes for the single leg Code Breaker! WTF it called? Ricochet goes to the top rope. He stands.

630 to JOE!!! Corbin is there to grab Ricochet! He pulls the leg, sends him into the barricade, rolls into the ring. Cover to Joe! 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Baron Corbin
Well we knew it was comin…
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4

Oh, yay, it’s the lady that won’t go away..Lacey Evans! She’s in action…next.

Match 5: Lacey Evans vs Natalya

Bell rings and a lockup starts the match. Ref holds Lacey back. Nattie slaps Lacey after a face poke. Natite attaks in the corner. Ref holds her back, but Nattie goes at it aain. Kick to Lacey. Blow ot the back. Suplex to Lacey. Nattie pulls the leg and kicks the back of the thigh. She slams the leg down onto the mat. Nattie grabs the leg, pulls, psins across it then locks in a leg lock of sorts on Lacey. She reaches the roeps to break the hold, but Nattie holds it as lnog as she could. She attacks Lacey on the ropes. Nattie fights Lacey some more. Ref holds her back. Rollup from Lacey but Nattie rolls through, Discus clothesline. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Nattie locks the legs up for the Sharpshooter, turns, nearly has it, but Lacey grabs the ropes. Nattie hits some rights and Lacey rolls to the outside. Nattie follows, foolishly, and Lacey kicks her then hits a neckbreaker. Lacey sends Nattie into the ring then slams her face into the apron. She pulls the arm and kicks the face of Natalya. Lacey wraps the apron banner onto the face of nattie. Lacey hops onto the apron then hops over the top rope and drops an elbow. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Lacey grabs the hair, sends Nattie into the corner. Stomps. Lacey with a modified Bronco Buster. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Rest hold from behind. Nattie escapes and Lacey sends her down with a clothesline. Lacey steps over Natalya. She heads to the 2nd rope. She hops up, goes for a moonsault, but Nattie moves. Nattie tries to get the crowd behind her, then gets kicked in the ribs. Lacey drops Nattie’s face into the mat over and over. She grabs Nattie and sends her into the corner back first by the head over and over. Lacey wipes the sweat off her brow. She tosses said sweat into the corner. Lacey goes fo that swinging Bronco Buster again, but Natlaya kicks her away with a boot.

Nattie grabs the leg. SHARPSHOOTER to Lacey! Lacey taps.

Winner: Natalya
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *1/2

Natalya holds the hold a little longer than she legally should.

Firefly Funhouse is next, and Bray is behind a table with box on it to stage right. In comes the rabbit to scream STRANGER DANGER multiple times. He claims to have seen a stranger. Bray wonders if It’s Austin.

Sister Abigaul wnders what Bray will do about it. Out comes the dino and pig who says Strangers are bad. Bray says The Fiend is who hurt people. All his puppets scream STRANGER DANGER. Bray asks them nicely, then screams QUIET! He hears something, says we take turns talking in the Funhouse. He asks Abby if he can fix the clock. Bray has a hammer. He pounds it once or twice, and it’s stuck on 11:19. Bray says they practically evoked The Fiend, but Austin is just an old rattlesnake, and you can’t blame one for being one. Strangers are just friends you haven’t made yet. Look at Seth and Braun, they have new friends. Unfortunately, friends won’t help where they’re going…

Friends forgive, but The Fiend never forgets.

See you in Hell!


Match 1: AJ Styles, The Club, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode vs Cedric Alexander, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, and The Viking Raiders

Seth and Dolph to start. Cole calls Dolph and Roode The Vultures. Idiot. Seth works the arm. Doph reverses. Dolph with a side headlock. He hits the roeps. Dolph ducks under, arm drag, Seth with another arm drag. Tag to The Viking Raiders. Body slam to Erik and he covers. AJ stops the pin, so everyone enters and goes after everyone else. Oh yay. Braun is left in th ring ith Dolph Dolph flies then dies by chokeslam. Seth and Cedric enter.

Back from a break, and Gallows is tagged in to beat on Cedric. He beats him down in the corner and Roode cheats with aboot to the throat. Gallows with Divorce Court. He grabs the arm, Cedric reaches for a tag. Gallows sends Cedric into the corner Roode with a tag. He kicks the armpit of Cedric then stomps on the chest. He works the arm behind Cedric. Cedric with some punhes. Roode with a kick. He grabs the arm and pulls Cedric down hard into the mat. Pin for 1.2..NO!!! Roode drags Cedric into the corner. Knee to the chest. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Another cover. 1..2..NO! Roode works the arm behind Cedric and pulls back on it. Cedric looks to stand, tries to get to his feet. He turns into the hol. Roode with a right hand. He goes for a kick. Back elbow to Roode! Cedric reaches. Tag to Anderson. Tag tO Seth. Clothesline. Right to AJ. To Dolph. Slingblade to Anderson. Gallows in. Enziguri to the head. Seth gets sent to the apron. Spingboard knee to Anderson. Falcon Arrow and a pin for 1..2..NO!! Roode stops the pin. Cerdick with a clothesline. Ziggler with a Superkick. Erik with a right. Gallwos with a boot. Ibar with a cartwheel and clothesline. AJ with The Phenomenal Forearm. Seth with a Superkick! He’s the last man standing aside from Braun. Tag to Braun. Bran hops off the apron. He runs. SUICIDE DIVE FROM SETH to GALLOWS. Braun trucks Gallows. Same to Anderson! Seth send Anderson into the ring. Powerslam from Braun. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Dolph and Roode push Seth into Braun. Braun is upset. He looks to Seth. They argue.

Another break, and we return to Anderson and Seth. Cover from Anderson for 1. He locks up from behind with a cravat. Jawbreaker. Seth reaches for a tag. SPINEBUSTER! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Anderson sends Seth in the corner. He seats him up. Right hand. Another. Lock up on the top. Seth with a headbutt. Anderson tags in ROode. Roode runs into a boot. Blockbuster to Roode. Tag to Ziggler who comes in with a Fameasser, but Seth hits a buckle bomb. Seth crawls. Ziggler stops him by grabbing the oot .Tag to AJ. AJ grabs Seth rom behind. Back bod—NO! Seth lands on his feet, rolls forward, tag to Braun. He comes in and trucks AJ down hard. Again. A big boot to AJ. In comes Gallows so Braun sends him back out. Braun hits the corner with a clothesline. He sets up for a powerslam, but AJ lands on his feet. Side steps. Braun is posted. Erik tags himself in. He tosses Anderson outside. Suplex to Dolph. Roode in. He sneds Roode over his hip then hits the knee. Grabs AJ. Right is missed. Pele kick to Erik. Tag from Ivar. He just lifts his legs and sits on AJ. Ivar to the top rope. Tag from Cedric. Big man flies onto everyone with a cannonball!!! Cerdic rushes the corner.

AJ kicks. AJ on the apron. Forerarm. Seths up. Cedric ducks. LUMBAR CHECK! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander, and The Viking Raiders
Fun lil multiman with an interesting winner
Match Quality: **1/2
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **3/4

Immediately after the match, Stone Cold’s music hits!!! He runs down the ramp to grab a beer. He enters the ring. The faces are in the ring. He tosses each of them a beer. Everyone gets a beer. Austin holds the beer in the air. Everyone is all smiles. They toast. Austin gets more beers. Seth calls or more. All the faces celebrate. This seems like something for the live crowd, not for TV.

End Show.

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