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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report 09.13.21: Big E on Winning The WWE Title, Plus More!

September 14, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Big E. WWE Raw

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 09.13.21

-Historic RAW tonight as we have a new WWE Champion in Big E. He did as he promised and cashed in MITB to end the nearly 7 month reign of Bobby Lashley. I am sure this is leading to a rematch on Extreme Rules and that should be fun. Let’s get to it!

-We start with Big E cashing in on Lashley and then hitting The Big Ending to a massive reaction to become the new WWE Champion. Having rest of New Day there was perfect as well.

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to WWE HQ and she is joined by Matt Camp. Kayla is glowing with happiness over the fact that Big E is the new WWE Champion and Camp is just as excited. So is The World!

-There were other things that went down on RAW and our headlines cover Priest defending his US Title over Jeff Hardy, Alexa Bliss playing mind games with Charlotte, and we had an 8 Man Tag where Omos dominated and helped get the win for his team. Camp discusses how even with the loss to Lashley, Orton has to remember he is still one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions and AJ and Omos may be coming for the titles again.

-Kevin Patrick is back at RAW and he is joined by AJ Styles and Omos. AJ says he feels great and Omos did what he was supposed to now. Nobody will ever be able to stop Omos. He tells everyone to be afraid as he does a great job putting over Omos. His message for RK-Bro is for them to love on the titles as they will be taking them back soon. Omos scares off Patrick, but does say please.

-Kayla feels KP didn’t deserve that as she laughs about the situation.

-Extreme Rules commercial!

-Next they discuss the Women’s Tag Titles as Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea continue their quest for the titles. They really just need to switch the titles as soon as possible. They show highlights of Rhea’s win over Nattie.

-Next highlights of Damian Priest successfully defending his US Title over Jeff Hardy and they getting attacked by Sheamus. Hardy eats a Brogue Kick, but Priest ends up hitting a kick of his own on Sheamus. Camp says Sheamus and Priest will be the heck out of each other at Extreme Rules. That is a pretty safe bet.

-KP is with Damian Priest (DP as called by R Truth many moons ago) and he loves being US Champion. He calls Hardy a legend and calls it an honor being in the ring with him. KP won’t let it go as he brings up again about going out for a pint and Priest blows him off as nicely as possible. At some point they need to pay that off!

-Kayla and Camp discuss.

-WWE shop commercial!

-Back with Alexa giving Charlotte a gift for accepting a title match at Extreme Riles. The crowd is going crazy for Alexa and the gift is a doll for Charlotte, named Charlie. Charlotte tosses it in Alexa’s face and the fight is on. Alexa wins that exchange and stands tall holding the Women’s Title in the middle of the ring.

-Camp and Kayla mention that horror movie have taught them you don’t throw dolls in garbage cans. Again, I bring up The Twilight Zone. Yes, it is one of my 3 favorite shows of all time (Simpsons and House other two). Camp brings up how Bliss was loved in Boston tonight.

-Sarah Schreiber is back at RAW with Alexa Bliss. She calls Charlotte ungrateful as she just felt Charlotte needed a best friend. Sarah asks Alexa if what we saw tonight is what we can expect to see at Extreme Rules. Alexa: “Yep!”

-Kayla and Camp discuss. Camp says he doesn’t know what is going to happen and he didn’t think we would see Alexa get the physical advantage on Charlotte like we saw tonight.

-KP is with our New WWE Champion, Big E. He is just beaming and could only say he feels good. It is hard to contextualize. As he is talking New Day sneak up and mob him with hugs. He laughs and calls Woods and Kofi, “jackasses.” Woods says that title looks natural on Big E. “It looks good on his meat.” E laughs that the reason he did all the work for massive shoulders was to hold this title. Kofi says he new this was going to happen and he is trying not to cuss, but this was freaking awesome. Woods and Kofi are just so happy and it is great to see. E will always remember the three of them just fighting to get on TV. He is glad it took so long because it feels earned. He had time to grow and it wasn’t handed to him. He breaks a little as this is just awesome! He throws in some Fred Sanford and then talks about his pecs and how years from now they will be sagging, but he will still have this moment. He talks about the respect from his peers and that was the cherry on the top. He mentions not only the rosters on RAW and SmackDown, but also on NXT and NXT UK. KP gives him one more congratulations and then lets New Day take over. Woods goes through their spiel as Big E shakes his hips. They stare at Woods as he milks the announcement. Everyone then claps for E! That was wonderful and I had a smile on my face the entire time.

-Kayla and KP discuss and Kayla looks like she is going to cry she is so happy. Camp mentions E went out and won it by himself, but New Day was immediately there by his side to celebrate. Everyone wanted this to happen as E is a quality human being. I checked out twitter and yes, people from all promotions were send E his props. Kayla wraps up this memorable edition of RAW Talk.

-Easily the best RAW Talk or even Talking Smack of this new format and all credit goes to the sheer joy everyone had from Big E winning the WWE Title. Check this one out just for E’s interview to end the show. Thanks for reading!

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