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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Lana on Being Sole Survivor, Lee and Riddle on Next Week’s Triple Threat Match

November 23, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 11.23.20

-Lee vs Riddle vs AJ? Yes, please! I mean, AJ seems like the logical winner, but no matter the eventual match with Drew should be a banger.

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined as always by the 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! They immediately get to The Fiend showing up to distract Randy Orton and costing him his match against AJ Styles.

-Lana is out as our first guest as they are getting right to it this week. Charly loves Lana’s dress and Truth is impressed as well. He tells her she looks stunning. Charly asks how she is feeling after last night. Lana says she is shook, and surprised. She just wanted her team to win so badly and then her team all yelled at her to just stay on the apron. She figured the smart move was to stay out of the ring and if needed she could get in there. For her it was a crazy, emotional roller coaster as Nia threatened to put through a table again and next thing she knows she is the sole survivor. Lana puts over her vision board as she says she believed in herself. Even when she had doubts she knew Team RAW was going to win. Lana gushes as she talks about Asuka being there for her tonight and they have a win over the Tag Champions. Charly calls Lana a hero for saving Asuka from going through a table. Charly asks Asuka about her goals and Lana says she is proving she belongs and that she is here to stay. Truth brings up the dress coming from France and Lana tells Truth sometimes she doesn’t understand him because he has an accent. Truth looks confused as Lana says it sounds southern. Truth does live in New Carolina and Lana says it has a little twang. It seems she thought Truth said “friend” and he said “France.” Lana ends by saying she still plans on being RAW Woman’s Champion.

-Riddle is out next and he and Truth share hugs. Truth is proud of what Riddle did to Sheamus. Riddle says he is fantastic as he slips and says “Matt Riddle,” but he catches himself. He is one step closer to the WWE Championship and he also wants McIntyre’s sword. Truth asks Riddle what he has against Batman. Riddle quotes some Jim Carey Riddler and Truth is pumped. Riddle puts over how Team RAW swept SmackDown last night. Riddle is just full on energy in this one as he screams he is on fire and then just starts yelling with Truth egging him on. Charly asks about the match with Sheamus and Riddle says Sheamus wasn’t happy with his “Fire Face” nickname. The point of the names was to bring team unity and sometimes people don’t see the method to his madness. Charly asks about wrestling barefoot and Riddle says he tried boots and it was uncomfortable. For him he does it on his own as he doesn’t need boots, tape, elbow or knee pads. Charly asks about the Triple Threat next week and Riddle says you are an idiot if you aren’t scared going into this match next week. He says that you need to be scared and equates it to not wanting to have a pilot in control of a plane if he says he has no fear. Truth and Riddle hug some more as Lee stands behind them staring. Riddle tells Lee he will see him next week.

-Truth gives Keith a hug as he takes a seat. Keith says he heard a lot of yelling and had concern for CHARTRUTH. Keith’s chair breaks and he is barely higher than the desk at this point. He loves it while Truth and Charly lose it. Truth tells him not to touch anything when they go in the store. Truth and Charly are nearly in tears laughing as Lee says he is going to be Little Jimmy today. Charly tells him that it is being demanded that he stand now. Truth says he fixed the chair, but Lee opts to just stand. Lee puts over Lashley for being a monster and the match was everything he lives for. He isn’t happy with the way the match ended with MVP causing the DQ. He needs to meet the opportunity next week. He tells us that he still has a swollen eye from getting kicked in the face by Jey Uso last night. Charly calls him a Warrior! She then asks about AJ and Riddle. Lee has know Riddle for years and he has no quit in him. Everyone has seen what AJ is capable of since he has been in the WWE. He respects both men, but at the end of the day it is every man for himself. Charly points out last night they were all on the same team. Keith knows he needs to bring his A game next week. Charly brings up facing Drew if he wins and Lee says it is all about the WWE Title. He wants it and lives for it. Charly can see the intensity in his eyes and wraps things up for this week. Lee: “I’ll sink more chairs.”

-The Lee chair mishap made this show a winner and everything else was just gravy. Riddle was all over the place with his crazy energy, but at least he wasn’t boring and Lee got his points across as well. Lana was fine and covered everything she needed and the moment with Truth was kind of funny as well. An enjoyable show this week. Thanks for reading!

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