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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report 11.23.21: Street Profits Talk Smoke, Riddle Talks Being The Viper, and Zelina/Carmella Celebrate Tag Gold!

November 23, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Raw Carmella Queen Zelina

-Just rolled into our house from Epcot Center and I have two tired little boys. I am going to finish this show and try to get another episode of Ruthless Aggression done before I turn in for the night. Let’s get to it!

-Moments Ago: Austin Theory apparently got a WWE Title Match for finding Vince McMahon’s egg. KO and Rollins distract Theory and Big E gets the win. Big E goes after KO, but he bails, so Rollins ends up taking it.

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to WWE HQ and is joined by Matt Camp. JBL is also here via satellite or whatever and this show doesn’t need another co-host. They go to Survivor Series and start with Seth Rollins being the lone survivor for Team RAW. JBL feels everyone on the RAW roster needs to thank Seth.

-Speaking of Seth he destroyed Finn Balor tonight as Finn seems to be stuck in the mud on RAW. Camp informs us Balor was checked out by WWE doctors and is good to go. JBL calls Balor a stepping stone who is in the way of Seth Rollins. He does mention Balor is a great champion, but he is still a distraction to Seth Rollins and he agreed with what Seth did.

-Next up is Becky’s win over Charlotte and JBL wishes during his run he would have had a Championship match against HHH. I don’t! He credits Becky for beating Flair at her own game.

-Randy Orton broke the record for most PPV matches in WWE history and says you have to put Orton in the same class as Sammartino, Hogan, Rock, Austin, Cena and Taker. He feels Orton has a lot more to give and could go down as the greatest ever.

-Riddle, dressed as Orton, took on Dolph and got the win with the RKO to a great pop. Orton then gives Roode the finish of Riddle to further the bond of RK-Bro.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Riddle and he calls yesterday at Survivor Series awesome and amazing. He calls Randy a stallion for breaking records. For Riddle to be a viper he had to dress like a viper and he is just upset Dolph ripped off his mustache. Riddle is just hilarious and it’s great they are just letting Riddle be Riddle.

-NXT 2.0 tomorrow (tonight)!

-Back and they touch on The 24/7 Championship as Cedric pinned Reggie in an actual match. Cedric is the new 24/7 Champion and the chase is back on. Dana Brooke gets the pin and is the new 24/7 Champion and the guys don’t want to touch her.

-Omos won a 25 man battle royal last night during the pre-show and really, who else was going to win that thing. It’s nice to see a giant treated like a giant. From there AJ and Omos took on The Street Profits tonight and a fire extinguisher got involved to DQ the Profits.

-Kevin Patrick is backstage with The Street Profits and he says they finally got the better of Omos. I mean they did lose, right? The interview is The Profits answering smoke for every question and singing about smoke. They even get KP to join in on the singing. SMOKE!

-KP and Camp discuss!

-WWE Day One commercial! Live Saturday, Jan 1!

-Back with Jackie, Camp, and JBL. They discuss The Mysterios next as they lost in a handicap match to Bobby Lashley. He gets the win with The Hurt Lock on Dominick. JBL mentions he lost The US Title to Lashley and it took a while for things to click for him, but it did. He calls JBL one of the most dominant men he has ever seen. Camp asks JBL about getting back to the top of the mountain and how hard it is to get back there. He even mentions JBL never got back there and JBL says you feel lost when he lost that title for the first time. He knows this Lashley is more dominant than the one he wrestled years ago.

-We have new Women’s Tag Champions as Queen Zelina and Carmella end the reign of Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Oh man, JBL mentions Daniel Bryan! THE FORBIDDEN DOOR! He thinks Zelina and Carmella can be great champions, but wonders if ego problems will get in the way. He thinks Nikki and Rhea will make a run to get the tag titles back, but when they don’t the team needs to end. He wants to see more of Rhea in the singles division.

-Sarah Schreiber is with our New Tag Team Champions and there is lots of shrieking and gushing over being royal and beautiful. They throw Sarah out and interview each other. More shrieking and squealing. Zelina uses her new accent and Carmella gives it a try as well as she goes British on us…kind of. Sarah back to congratulate them and the champs just walk off on her.

-Our three hosts discuss and Jackie thanks JBL for joining them tonight. She hopes he will be back with them on RAW Talk or Talking Smack. It seems there will be a special guest of Friday. Now switching it up and having different special guests is fine. Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week.

-It’s RAW Talk, so you know what you are getting at this point. Thanks for reading!

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