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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Bobby Lashley & LA Knight Talk Elimination Chamber, More

February 12, 2024 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-Still heartbroken from The Super Bowl! Still all the love in the world for my Niners! Let’s get to it!

-Megan Morant welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Sam Roberts. Oh man, I miss Camp!

-Headlines: Lashley and LA Knight qualify for Elimination Chamber! Liv Morgan qualifies for The Elimination Chamber! Nakamura/Zayn closed RAW tonight. Seth has Cody’s back in his war against Rock/Roman!

-To the video as Jey Uso and New Day took on Imperium! Fun party match and Jey gets the pin on Vinci after the Top Rope Splash.

-Next week on RAW it will be GUNTHER defending his IC Title against Jey Uso. That should be a sweet match!

-LA Knight, Bobby Lashley, Indi and Candice still to come!

-Elimination Chamber! This Saturday! Perth!

-To the video as we get highlights from LA Knight’s win over Ivar. Knight qualifies for The Elimination Chamber which was expected, but I did wonder if they would have AJ Styles cost Knight, and let Ivar have a little bit of a showcase in The Chamber.

-Cathy Kelly is backstage with LA Knight. He tells Cathy to save the congratulations. He wants to talk to us and those saying he is a megastar are right. He reminds us he won The Slim Jim Battle Royal and has risen up the card. He will take the congratulations when he walks out of Elimination Chamber and takes the World Title from Seth Rollins. Seth will be calling himself former Champion. BFTs for everyone in The Chamber. YEAH!

-To the video for a Big E Special: HOSS FIGHT between Bronson Reed and Bobby Lashley. MEAT SLAPPING! Reed in The Chamber in Australia could have been fun. Lashley is the bigger star though and is always a threat, so it makes sense for him to get the win.

-Cathy is backstage with Lashley, The Profits, and B Fab. Lashley isn’t ready to celebrate as there is work to be done. He is ready to put in the work to get to where he needs to be. Ford mocks Reed and Dawkins reiterates that the job is not finished, but Lashley is cool with a dinner celebration tonight.

-This week on SmackDown Miz vs. Logan Paul and Kevin Owens vs. Prison Dom in the final qualifying matches for Elimination Chamber.

-SmackDown commercial! Rock and Reigns return and that should pop another rating. WWE hitting their stride in this build to Mania.

-Jackie Redmond is backstage with Candice and Indi. Indi talks about winning The Battle Royal next week and getting the spot inside The Elimination Chamber back in her home country of Australia. Candice is conflicted as they are both in the battle royal. Jackie notes there are no friends in this kind of match. They catch Jackie off guard as they note they aren’t friends….they’re family.

-To the video as Liv Morgan gets a win over Zoey Stark to qualify for The Chamber. That is a good win to get her back on track after the return from injury.

-To the video as Nakamura and Zayn has a darn fine match that gets interrupted by Drew McIntyre. That is enough to distract Sami and Nakamura gets the win. Sami is on a bit of a losing streak since Mania. Cody is down for the safe and runs over Drew and Nakamura to send them packing.

-Next week on RAW: Cody vs. Drew! Also, 8 Man Tag: Awesome Truth/DIY vs. Judgment Day!

-Plug for The Bump: Big E is the guest and seems no Camp on that show either.

-Plug for SmackDown: Roman and Rock return!

-Megan wraps things up and we are out this week. Thanks for reading.

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