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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Alexa Bliss Warns Eva Marie, Drew On Having Fans Back, More

July 19, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Alexa Bliss Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 07.19.21

-Well, that was an eventful RAW! Amazing how much better a show comes off with a hot crowd. Now, let’s see if they have messed with RAW Talk format the way they did with Talking Smack. Let’s get to it!

-We start where we ended as Nikki A.S.H wasted no time and cashed in her MITB contract on Charlotte to become the New RAW Women’s Champion. Good for her and a great moment for the crowd. Successful cash ins are always great!

-Oh man, it is the same stupid format as Talking Smack. Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show (why is she doing RAW Talk and Kevin Patrick doing Talking Smack?) and is joined by Matt Camp (who does both shows now I guess). I don’t even get Truth’s shenanigans? They are back in WWE Studios and Kayla is excited for Nikki. I mean, how hard is it to use an empty room in the back to do a proper Talking Smack or RAW Talk? They briefly go over the RAW returns of Cena, Keith Lee, and Goldberg. Camp mentions the last we saw of Goldberg was at The Royal Rumble and it’s not mentioned that it was in a loss to Drew McIntyre.

-Kayla throws back to Dallas as Alexa Bliss and Lilly are interviewed. Alexa laughs at hearing the name Duodrop. Apparently Eva is just saying silly things and she feels bad for her as she doesn’t know what happens when you say bad things about Lilly. She calls Eva clumsy for falling and delusional. Did I mention I hate these 30 second interviews compared to what we used to get?

-WWE Shop commercial where you can buy WWE Official Championships.

-Back to the show as we see how MITB ended last night as John Cena returned to an insane pop. Michael Cole freaking out with “Cena’s here,” and McAfee yelling “where?” was fantastic. McAfee is a national treasure and makes me proud to be from Western PA.

-Cena then opened up RAW where he called Reigns an asshole who is over hyped. He is heading to SmackDown on Friday to see Roman. Sadly, they cut off the Bro exchange with Riddle.

-Back to Kayla and Matt who talk about what we just saw. Again, I want to here more from the wrestlers and less from the hosts. What we have here is an extended version of the old control centers WWF and WCW would do to hype PPVs.

-Next they discuss the break up of Nia and Reginald which led to Reginald becoming the New 24/7 Champion.

-KP is back in Dallas with Reginald and if KP was a true friend he would help Truth win the title right now to pay off their back and forth the last 5-6 weeks on RAW Talk. No dice though as Reginald doesn’t say much of note.

-SummerSlam Commercial! Some rough production work as the commercial cuts in the middle to Kayla and Camp in the control center while the music still plays before cutting back to The SummerSlam ad. Sloppy!

-Kayla and Camp talk about Jinder and his crew costing Drew at MITB. Drew repaid them by beating the piss out of Shanky with a chair tonight.

-Back to Dallas as Sarah is with Drew McIntyre. She asks Drew what brought on his attack of Shanky and I mean, they just showed us what happened at MITB. Shanky was collateral damage. Drew says he and Jinder go back 10 years and Jinder knows what he can do. Drew says it was awesome to have the fans back and they helped carry him to the violence we saw tonight. He is going to keep coming after Jinder as hell is coming for him.

-Back to the studio to wrap things up.

-I mean, what can you really say about this new format? This was a little better than Talking Smack because Kayla is better than KP at this sort of job. With that said it’s just a generic, sterile recap show know that is devoid of the personality we would get from RAW Talk and Talking Smack. Yes, Talking Smack was always the better show, but RAW Talk gave me some entertainment thanks to Truth. Now, I got nothing and it’s going to be a bore recapping these shows unless they make another format change. Thanks for reading!

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