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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Bianca Belair Threatens Zelina Vega, Shayna Bazler Talks RAW Underground

August 10, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 08.10.20

-Fantastic way to end RAW as Flair brought the emotion with his promo and caused tears in my eyes. Orton being evil and “punting” him was inevitable and they did a solid job in covering how it happened. With that ending we head to RAW Talk, so let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso is our host and is joined once again by R-Truth. He’s basically just stolen Joe’s gig at this point which could be another sign that Joe is getting ready for an in ring return soon. Charly brings up that Truth is once again the 24/7 Champion and he is gun shy about advertising he has the belt. He is concerned Charly may be working with someone and doesn’t want to see any refs. They show how Truth won the title as he was posing as one of Tozawa’s ninjas. Charly lets Truth know that twitter has given them a nickname: CharTruth. Truth says he is lost on that one and wants a niftier name. They will leave it up to the WWE Universe.

-Topic shifts to Randy Orton and we see him deliver a ball shot to Flair followed by the blacked out punt. Again, points for creativity and at least they teased the lights fading in and out for the last two weeks, so some continuity there. Truth knows Orton is going for the kill come SummerSlam as he is putting everyone out. He calls Orton outside of his mind and cuckoo. Charly asks for a prediction and Truth calls Drew a man and fighting champion and he doesn’t know yet how this one is going to end.

-Our first guest is here and it’s The Queen of Main Event, Bianca Belair. It was nice to see her back on RAW and also nice to see her given a chance on this show. Charly bonds with Bianca as they both have Zelina problems. Bianca took care of business tonight and hopes Zelina learned her lesson tonight or she will get whipped again. Charly brings up the idea that Bianca’s husband was poisoned last week. Bianca mentions Zelina is controlling those boys and they just need to rely on their talent and settle things like men. She mentions Montez is doing well and will be ready for SummerSlam. She will make sure that he is okay for SummerSlam. Truth tells her that Pepto would be good for his stomach when he comes back. Truth is a National Treasure! Charly asks if Montez has any doubts and Bianca mentions there are no doubts in their household. They thank Bianca for joining the show and Truth gives out one more shout-out for Pepto. Lots of water too apparently!

-Charly starts eyeballing Truth’s title and jokes that someone is coming. Truth is not amused! Truth is worried about Charly talking to other people and wonders if she may be setting him up. Truth wants them to stick together and they give an elbow touch to cement their alliance.

-Our second guest is Shayna Baszler and they immediately get back to the last time she was on the show when Truth brought up using tartar sauce on fish. Shayna is all about cocktail sauce and Truth says that is for shrimp. Truth then cracks Charly as he starts talking about different types of fish and Shayna doesn’t even know what to make of all of this. They finally get to RAW Underground and Shayna says this finally lets everyone see her uncensored. She is flying high because of RAW Underground and Truth continues cracking everyone up. They are just losing it and Shayna is doing her best to keep from cracking. “What is this show?” asks Shayna. Truth tries to ask a question, but Charly is just gone at this point. Shayna decides to ask her own questions and wants to know why Truth hasn’t asked her to be on his game show. Charly throws Truth under the bus as he asked Dolph last week, but says he wasn’t in charge of that this week. Shayna doesn’t want a pity ask now and Truth tells her he can get her some good fish. This man is amazing!

-Everyone has seemingly gotten things back on track as they go back to discussing RAW Underground. Shayna needed it so much and needed to beat the holy snot out of someone. Shayna will be on The Underground as much as she wants. Charly brings up it takes certain people to show up in that environment. Everyone’s body breaks and works the same way. Shayna doesn’t care who she meets in there as they will all break. Shayna asks Truth what he would do if she rolled him up right now and Truth says she has no ref. “How do you know, I don’t have one?” she asks and Truth shoots back, “damn, you’re right.” Again, this man is great!

-I was expecting a kind of somber show after the Flair/Orton angle, but this is Truth and that went out the window. There was nothing noteworthy on this show, but Truth having Charly cracking up and Shayna questioning life was worth watching. Thanks for reading!

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