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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Big E’s Focus is on Roman Reigns, Liv Morgan Gets Emotional

November 16, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE RAW Talk: 11.15.21

-Sorry for the delay, but my 49ers were on Monday Night Football. It’s always a good day when they can steamroll the Rams. So I didn’t see much of anything from RAW, so this show is perfect for me to catch up on the high points that I missed. Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to WWE HQ and is joined, as always, by Matt Camp. They start with Rey Mysterio getting knocked off the team by Lashley and Austin Theory gets added by Adam Pearce. I am cool with that as they seem high on Theory at the moment and throw him in there in a big spot.

-Next we see Randy Orton save Riddle and Big E from an attack by The Usos and Seth Rollins. That leads to a 6 man as expected and Seth gets the win over Riddle. The Usos try to pick the bones, but Orton gets in another RKO to build towards RK-Bro vs. The Usos. Big E then sends a message to Roman with a Big Ending on Uso. “Tell Roman, I’m ready.” Great intensity from Big E there.

-McKenzie Mitchell is with WWE Champion, Big E. He says he wishes he could get back to the days of log rolling to the ring, but he knows as WWE Champion he has a target on his back. It could be Seth, KO, or even Otis, but his focus right now is on Roman Reigns. He wants to set himself apart with this reign and he can’t wait for Sunday.

-Camp and Jackie discuss the importance of this match for Big E. Camp brings up that Roman has been here before and this is new for Big E. He likes that he sent a message tonight and he is getting serious at the right time.

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-Back with Bianca hitting the KOD on Tamina to get a victory tonight. Doudrop lets Bianca know that after Survivor Series she will be looking for her. Again, it’s nice they are giving the women feuds other than those just involved in the Title scene.

-Camp and Jackie discuss the Women’s Survivor Series Match and favors RAW at the moment because they are a complete team. SmackDown is still looking for a 5th member.

-Becky Lynch vs Charlotte is also set for Sunday and Camp is looking forward to this match and thinks this is most interesting match in their history. Jackie and Camp bring up this is the most personal match between the two and Camp mentions the tensions from the Title Exchange a few weeks ago.

-Jackie throws to earlier tonight as Liv Morgan interrupts Becky. Lynch tells the crowd that some people have it and some people don’t. She tells Liv that she has done nothing and she should have gotten The Title when she was gone as she isn’t getting it now. Liv calls Becky a bitch and avoids the Man Slam and holds the RAW Title high above her head as Becky screams from the floor. Camp brings up that Liv was watching some Eddie tapes as she used his counter to The Rock Bottom.

-McKenzie is with Liv Morgan who talks about what it meant to hold the RAW Women’s Championship. Since she was a little girl she has wanted to be Women’s Champion. She breaks down as she talks about how it felt to hold the title above her head. She wanted to be Champion, but now she needs it. She puts Lynch over as she is everything she says she is. Becky has nothing to prove, but Live says she has nothing to lose.

-Camp and Jackie discuss!

-NXT 2.0 commercial!

-Next they discuss The Mysterios and how both members have been bounced off Team RAW thanks to Bobby Lashley. Rey loses to Lashley and Pearce informs he that he has been removed from the team. Austin Theory lays out Dom and takes a selfie which impresses Pearce, so he adds him to the team.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Austin Theory. He mentions it is cold in Indy, but it’s red hot for Team RAW now with him on the team. Theory is confident about Sunday and asks for a photo, but only wants Sarah to take one of him which will help build her confidence. Apparently it wasn’t great as he can take a better one. I like Theory as we needed a self absorbed douchebag that can back it up in the ring.

-Jackie and Camp rundown the card for Sunday! We will be getting Nakamura vs Priest! With the rundown complete, Jackie closes the show for the week.

-I enjoyed the three guests this week and this was your solid episode of the new format for this show. Thanks for reading and once again, Go Niners!

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