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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Karrion Kross Is Trying to Find Himself, Charlotte Flair Responds to Alexa Bliss, More

September 6, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk Karrion Kross Killer Kross Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 09.06.21

-Happy Labor Day! Personally, I had a 4 day weekend thanks to my boss and got in a round of golf on Friday which doesn’t happen as often as I would like. Big weekend for AEW and now it’s RAW’s turn as they continue the build to Extreme Rules. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to WWE HQ and she is joined by Matt Camp. They start with RAW Talk Headlines: Charlotte/Bliss is still happening, Kross destroyed Morrison (fantastic bump over the ring post), and Sheamus pinned Drew to become the #1 contender to The US Title.

-They show the close of Drew/Sheamus and they beat on each other as you would expect. Drew kind of looked like a sore loser attacking Sheamus after the match and I think part of the crowd was thinking the same.

-Kevin Patrick is standing backstage at RAW in Miami with US Champion, Damian Priest. He tells Kevin that last week was huge as he pinned Drew McIntyre. As for Sheamus he has shown what he can do and he has taken his best shot. At Extreme Rules, there is no different outcome as he will leave as US Champion. He talks about his family, friends, and fans. They see that he is genuine and they are here to support him. We actually get continuity as KP brings up that Damian told him next time they would go out for a pint and Damian blows him off by telling him he will text him. KP mentions Damian doesn’t have his number.

-Camp and Kayla discuss.

-Extreme Rules commercial!

-We see the close of Nikki A.S.H and Rhea (Super Brutality) defeating the RAW Tag Champions, Nattie and Tamina, to earn a potential title match. Just put the titles on them already!

-Kayla switches to Morrison and how he was crushed by Karrion Kross. They show the sweet bump Morrison took over the ring post and the Kross Jacket finishes. Still weird they have Kross that initial loss before putting him on this monster run.

-KP is with Karrion Kross in a dark part of the arena. Kross is done answering questions, but he has something to say. These people know who he is, but the problem is he doesn’t know who he is at times anymore. He knows he enjoys hurting people and if he keeps doing that he will find the answers he is looking for. This you would assume is building to him finding Scarlet to complete the package.


-Kayla and Camp discuss Tag Team Turmoil that open and closed the show. New Day put in a heck of an effort and The Outsiders gear was terrific. New Day ran through 5 teams, but couldn’t conquer AJ and Omos. Lashley pins AJ to win the bout for his team, but then gets Tree Slammed by Omos to a big pop and then Orton hits the RKO. Next week it’s RK-Bro vs. MVP and Lashley for Tag Titles.

-Finally they touch on Charlotte successfully defending the RAW Women’s Title against Nia. They discuss the everlasting issues with Nia and Shayna. End the team and set Shayna free to run loose on the division. After the match Alexa popped up to play mind games and Charlotte is having none of that. Alexa magically appears in the ring and the crowd wants to see this match based on the pop. It is something a little new as they have kind of been apart from each other over the years.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. Charlotte says last week was a win as she is a student of the game. She learned something and it helped her retain her title tonight. Charlotte accepts Alexa’s challenge, but she doesn’t play with dolls and is all about collecting championships.

-KP and Kayla discuss Lilly and it’s all silly as they claim she’s not just a doll. I wouldn’t put it past them for this all to be a tie in to the new Child’s Play TV show debuting in OCT or maybe one of the writers is a fan of The Twilight Zone.

-Just another episode of RAW Talk. Once you realize the old format isn’t coming back, you just accept it will be an easy 20 minute watch with little substance and a few soundbites here and there

-Thanks for reading!