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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Charlotte Flair on Her Issues with Ric, Hurt Business On Their Internal Tension, More

January 26, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Charlotte Flair Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Review: 01.25.21

-My wife and I were thinking about getting Peacock because of Saved by The Bell and know thanks to NBC paying Vince a ton of money, we get the best of both worlds. Royal Rumble week is upon and we have one last RAW Talk to close RAW’s build to the show. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Charly brings up that Truth lost his chance to be in the Rumble in his match with AJ. Truth says AJ is AJ and he can’t take anything away from him. Then he has the mountain of a man on the outside and it makes it hard to focus on AJ. Apparently his name is Omos because he is Omos Everywhere. Nice!

-Charly takes us back to the close of RAW as it looked like Fiend possessed Alexa Bliss was about to win the RAW Women’s Title, but Randy Orton returned and delivered an RKO. I will say the burn job on Orton’s face looked pretty solid. Truth doesn’t want anything to do with Orton/Bliss/Fiend stuff because he doesn’t want any of that getting near him.

-They move the discussion to Drew/Goldberg and their upcoming battle for the WWE Title. Charly was thinking they would throw down earlier, but instead they just murdered Miz and Morrison. Truth asks Charly for a pick and she is going with Drew. She likes where he is coming from and what he has been through in the last year. Truth is going with Gillberg which gets a laugh from Charly.

-Charlotte Flair, one half of the Tag Champions, is out as our first guest. Charly tells Charlotte that she is a fox and looks shredded and happy. She says she has her own personal trainer at home in Andrade. Charlotte was looking forward to facing Shayna because of her history with Shayna’s friend, Ronda. They didn’t get much of a match because Shayna has Nia with her. She knows she has Asuka with her and there is nobody better to have as a partner. Charly brings up how dominant Nia looked tonight and Charlotte jokes that she was just mad. She has been in the ring with Nia and she feels she brings out the best in her and doesn’t expect anything different this Sunday. Charly brings up the issues with Ric and Lacey Evans. Charlotte knows her dad thinks he is cute and funny. All the people around him are yes people and he is the one that is left when all those around him leave. She gets teary eyed as she talks about protecting her father’s legacy. Her dad is going from Legend to Creepy Old Man and everyone around him is egging him on while she can tell him the truth. Truth claims there is an entanglement and Charlotte laughs for him to stop as she knows him from North Carolina. She knows the type of girl Evans is and she doesn’t know why she is coming after her. She is used to obstacles being in her way and she is fully prepared for whatever comes her way on Sunday. Truth and Charlotte then bond over catering as they talk about Mac and Cheese. Charly throws out a quick “Let’s Go Chiefs,” before Charlotte takes her leave.

-Elias is out with Ryker and Charly asks him what his favorite BBQ. Ryker and Elias both pick Carolina and that makes Truth happy. Charly just wanted to see if they could agree on something. Everyone is impressed with Charly’s skills with that question. Elias spoils Main Event by saying he and Ryker took on Ricochet and Jeff Hardy and they took care of business. Well that is actually a more star powered match than I am used to getting on Main Event. Elias starts sinking in his chair and that breaks everyone again just like it did when it happened to Keith Lee previously. It is a rather hilarious visual. Truth is about to walk with Elias as he is The Universal Truth and Truth is well, Truth. Elias and Ryker say they are going to win the Rumble and Elias is declaring both of them. Charly doesn’t know what the rules are as far as declaring and Elias says that everyone is declaring so why can’t he and Ryker. Man has a point!

-Our final guests are The Hurt Business. Lashley throws a chair as he is out with MVP. Truth immediately gets threatened by MVP who warns him that it is on if Truth says one wrong word. They show MVP getting physical with Truth two weeks ago and Charly was happy she wasn’t here that week. Charly says she isn’t going to allow anything to happy and MVP asks Charly what she is going to do if he slaps Truth in the mouth. Truth tells MVP he isn’t going to slap him in the mouth. Lashley gets between the two of them to break the tension. MVP talks about Riddle (Truth: that’s The Riddler dog!) and says he has faced him before and it is nothing to him. The problem tonight was with The Hurt Business and they will handle that tonight. Charly asks why the problems are happening now and MVP is just staring a hole through MVP. Lashley talks about how they are on top and sometimes tensions rise a little bit. Truth says he is MVP’s friend and yet he put him in “the Nelson from The Simpsons.” Again, man is a National Treasure! MVP says tonight was a speed bump and it is over. Charly brings up UFC on Saturday as Connor was on top of the world and he isn’t there anymore. Lashley questions when Connor last won a match and that he hasn’t been on top in a long time. Truth still thinks MVP’s new necklace is a birthday gift for himself and MVP gets in his face before walking away to close the show.

-This show continues to be a decent watch, but is getting toasted by Talking Smack. Tonight was fine as Charlotte was good and the closing segment continued to focus on the issues with The Hurt Business while also continuing whatever issues MVP has with Truth. Overall this was fine, but again, it hasn’t hit that consistent must see level that Talking Smack has been reaching. Thanks for reading!

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