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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Drew McIntyre Praises Lashley, Braun On Being Bullied, More

April 5, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 04.05.21

-WrestleMania week is here and RAW talk gives us one final push from the red brand. Let’s get to it!

-Kevin Patrick welcomes us to the show and this week Xavier Woods is back as the co-host. Woods brags about getting another win over AJ Styles tonight. He tells Kevin that no fight is ever easy, but you have to go into each match confident or you will lose. Kevin thinks New Day made a poor decision a few weeks back accepting the match, but they have been toying with AJ and Omos. Woods puts over they are the best team of the last decade and asks who is left for them to beat. He and Kofi have been here before while Omos hasn’t. They discuss the joy of having fans back in the stadium this week and Woods says The ThuderDome has been great but having fans back will be the sweetest feeling.

-They jump to Miz/Morrison and their issues with Bad Bunny and Damian Priest. Woods is stunned that car cost 3.6 million and says someone is losing teeth if they destroy anything of his that is worth 3.6 million dollars.

-Next talking point is Lashley/Drew for the WWE Title. Woods says Drew is at the final boss now and has to overcome The Almighty. He doesn’t know if Drew can handle it and Kevin says he can Drew as he is a guest on the show tonight. Also joining the show will be Braun Strowman and the Women’s Tag Team Champion, Shayna and Nia.

-WrestleMania commercial hyping Sasha/Bianca.

-Braun Strowman is out first and after destroying Ryker and Elias, his path for Sunday is clear. Braun knows Shane is the reason he was suspended back in November. He calls Shane a bully and mentions he brought that up earlier in his promo. He has done nothing to deserve this from Shane and thinks he just picked him because he is a hard worker. What is this feud? Braun is doing this to show people they can overcome things. He embraces what he has been given and has belief in himself. He has millions of fans that support him and feel the joy and pain he feels. He is doing this for all of them and for anyone that has been called stupid or told they won’t amount to anything. He tells the people out there the world wants you here and to leave a footprint on the world. Woods talks about the maturation of Braun and how his motivation has made him a different kind of Braun Strowman. Braun talks about a back injury he had in 2015 that should have ended his career. It caused paralysis in his left leg and he puts over what the WWE did for him. He puts over how great the WWE medical team is and they got him to best doctor in the country and after a surgery he was walking again. He gets emotional taking about his grandma being a paraplegic and his mom nearly dying in a car crash. Go check out the Bran documentary the WWE did as it rather good (assuming it is in Peacock) as it goes more in detail about all these moments. Braun continues his motivational speech and explains he picked a cage match because he has been waiting to get his hands on Shane and now he can’t run. Woods is pumped as he loves a cage match as 2 men enter and one leaves on their own.

-Hall of Fame commercial. I have live coverage tomorrow and was hoping with the speeches being so short that it meant a quick night, but nope. It seems this thing is scheduled for 4 hours. My wife isn’t thrilled WWE!

-Shaya and Nia are out next with Reginald and it’s not the same having Shayna out there without Truth. Long live tartar sauce! Nia rages against Kevin as she wants more respect from the new guy. Woods asks if they want a certain team they want to see at Mania or if it doesn’t matter. Shayna is just there to break limbs and all the teams have the same limbs so it doesn’t matter to her. Nia mentions Nattie and Tamina because Tamina is a family member. Nia tries to build up the other teams though she dumps on Naomi and Lana for being on Tik-Tok too much. Kevin wants to know what Tik-Tok is, Woods wants to know if Reginald will be there at Mania and Shayna wants no parts of Reginald. Kevin asks Shayna about Rhea just walking out and getting a Title Match and not her. Shayna wants to know as well as she has kicked the teeth out of Asuka. She knows Asuka wouldn’t have accepted if it was here, but Rhea is new. Nia says that Shayna will challenge for the title when she wants and will take the RAW Woman’s Title. Woods wants to know how their relationship has improved from the days they were butting heads. Nia mentions they learned that teaming together helped their careers and Shayna agrees that it was has worked. Nia says Reginald has helped and Shayna says Reginald has nothing to do with it. They take their leave as Woods wishes them good luck at Mania.

-COVID Vaccine commercial telling us all to do our part so we can get back inside stadiums for sports. I mean, just go to Texas where 40,000 people can fully pack a stadium at this point.

-Drew McIntyre is our final guest which makes sense as this is the final push from RAW for Mania. Woods compliments Drew on his shirt as he never sees Drew sporting one. They get into a discussion about soccer vs football and Woods makes a joke about rugby being played on a carpet. Drew talks about the win over Corbin and while it was tough, Claymore always wins. Drew talks about the last year he has had and how it grew his confidence. While he was doing all that he kept his eye on Lashley and watched him climb up the ranks. So, we are forgetting they had a PPV match last year early in Drew’s run? Drew says this is a throwback match as they will be laying into each other. It will be the same result as what we saw tonight: Claymore and goodnight. Patrick asks for any weakness with Lashley. Drew mentions there aren’t many people around like Lashley and brings up that crossed paths in the past (Thank you) including outside the company (Impact). Woods brings up the point Drew mentioned of them building themselves back up outside the WWE bubble. They have had similar paths and Drew says he has been a supporter of Lashley. It is cool to see how hard they have both worked to get here. They are both on the top of their game and he tells us to save our money on Kong vs Godzilla because it’s happening for real on Sunday as Kong (Drew) is going to take out Godzilla (Lashley).

-Kevin and Woods wrap things up as we are out for this week.

-This was a weird one and this show clearly misses Truth. Woods is fine and I like that he tries to ask tie things together with his questions, but this show isn’t as good as Talking Smack and if it’s not going to be as good I may as well have Truth shenanigans. The Braun interview started weird as he talked about Shane picking on him which I privileged bullying is a thing, but it just seems weird for this feud. The motivational stuff was fine as again I recommend you check out his WWE documentary. Drew got across what he needed, but the breaking of the 4th wall where he talked about Lashley getting better with his promo skills like him was off putting as this is Mania week and I just can’t imagine Mania 3 being sold on Hulk Hogan complimenting Andre in his promo skills. He made up for it with the Kong/Godzilla sell and promised a hoss fight which is all I want from those two. The show hyped some matches and in the end it was just another standard episode of RAW Talk with less laughs. Thanks for reading!

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