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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Drew McIntyre Threatens Dolph Ziggler, Kabuki Warriors on Facing Each Other

July 13, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Drew McIntyre Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 07.13.20

-Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary to my wife! It’s the go home RAW Talk as The Horror Show at Extreme Rules is this Sunday. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to RAW Talk and she is joined by her co-host, Samoa Joe. Charly brings up RAW this week was the go home show from The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Her and Joe discuss how gruesome things may get on Sunday.

-Drew McIntyre is our first guest and this is his second appearance on RAW Talk. He jokes the ratings must have been good for them to bring him back a second time. Charly asks what he expects on Sunday since he doesn’t know the stipulation. Drew says he just expects to hurt Dolph. He was being grateful and let Dolph pick the stipulation so there will be no excuses. This will be the closest Dolph ever gets to the mountain top again. Joe brings up Heath returning last week and all that he and Drew have been through together. Drew puts over Heath and Jinder for helping him get through tough times. He hated what he had to do last week and blames Dolph for manipulating the situation. He is happy he and Heath had the moment they shared last week after the match. Joe says this is the best version of Drew he has seen in a long time, but there was a glimpse last week where he saw an older version of Drew. He is talking about the Psychopath and Joe wonders if that will cause Drew to get too emotional and make a mistake. Drew mentions Dolph gave him that nickname, but he can control his emotions. Charly brings up the impending stipulation and Drew is not concerned. He beat Brock in under 5 minutes and then beat the Big Show. He will leave Dolph a list of stipulations to help him out because it won’t matter as he will be dropping Dolph’s ass. He will be surprised if Dolph is even in the WWE anymore after this match. They wish Drew the best of luck as he takes his leave with one last parting shot: “Drew’s screwed.” Again, I love cocky, ass kicker Drew!

-Next up is Cedric Alexander and Ricochet. Finally back on RAW from Main Event Island and now they even get interview time on RAW Talk. They both admit they are sore and beat-up, but they will keep fighting. Joe asks if their effort on behalf of Apollo is worth it. Ricochet says it is worth it because Apollo is his homeboy and he knows what it means for him to be US Champion. Cedric talks about how long Apollo has waited for this chance and as his friend, they both have his back. Joe continues to stir the pot and asks when their ambition takes over friendship and they go after the US Title. Ricochet says good things comes to those that wait and right now it is Apollo’s time and they will fight so that he gets that time to shine. Cedric asks what MVP has really done as all he has done is talk trash. Charly mentions MVP has a legacy, and they agree, but that was the past. Ricochet calls them insecure bullies at the end of the day. Charly brings up that MVP called Cedric a sidekick. Cedric says he is not a sidekick. He and Ricochet teamed up because they have been friends long before WWE and compliment each other. They both say the team is 50/50 and there are no sidekicks. Joe wants to know their game plan to get revenge and they are keeping that close to the vest as why would they give away their plan. Cedric selling the beating during the interview was a nice touch. Cedric and Ricochet also mention after this is finished they have tag titles to win. This was fun as it was nice to see them given interview time.

-The Kabuki Warriors are out last guests and they are selling the battle with The Golden Role Models. Asuka yells in broken English and then sings for a bit. Charly wants to hear Kairi play her recorder before they finish. Asuka mocks “2 Belts Banks” and just laughs at her while slipping in and out of Japanese and English. “Sasha is not ready for Asuka.” Joe asks Sane how she would feel facing Asuka after Extreme Rules for the Title. Sane says she is ready for Asuka and Asuka gives her a hug. They are Kabuki Warriors and have no problem facing each other. Sane plays her recorder as Asuka dances. Charly and Joe wrap it up as Sane plays once again to send us off the air. Joe: “Show them about that recorder life.”

-This was a wonderfully fun show thanks to the guests this week. Drew was focused and serious which is what we need to see from him for this match. As mentioned, cocky ass kicker Drew is great. Cedric and Ricochet getting a chance to talk was nice to see and they handled it well. Asuka and Kairi were fantastic and the recorder playing us out was perfect. This felt like an episode of Talking Smack as Joe and Charly are finding their groove with the show. Nobody can ever match up to Talking Smack Daniel Bryan, but Joe is doing a heck of a job. Fun stuff all around this week! Thanks for reading!

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