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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Drew McIntyre Is Ready for Orton, Nikki Cross Still Wants to Save Alexa, More

November 9, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Drew McIntyre Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 11.09.20

-The march to Survivor Series continues and I love the addition of (Matt) Riddle to the RAW side. Also I quite enjoyed Ricochet/Ali tonight and it was great seeing them given that spot on RAW after all the matches I have covered with them on Main Event. Now for RAW Talk and as always, let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso is our host and she welcomes us to the show. She is joined by the new 24/7 Champion, R-Truth, and collectively they are known as CHARTRUTH. Truth is now a 44 time 24/7 Champion as the title changed hands a ton with nearly everyone involved in the 7 man match gaining the title at some point. Truth plugs his new shirt that is available on WWE Shop.

-The big news is that next Monday we are getting a WWE Title Match as Randy Orton will be defending against Drew McIntyre. They are loading the show as The Hurt Business will also be getting a Tag Title shot against New Day. I like the idea of having the WWE Title Match because it years past we always had someone drop (Jinder and AJ Styles) the WWE Title just before Survivor Series to change the card. It is possible Orton loses to give us Drew/Roman, but I would be fine with either match-up.

-Keith Lee and Riddle are out as our first guests. Riddle is sporting a buttoned up shirt and tie while Lee is showing off the guns in a tank top. Lee calls AJ the self proclaimed captain and he needs to mind his own business. Riddle talks about Stallions, Bro Lee, and mongooses. R Truth takes the easy jokes as he calls Riddle, Riddler. He then asks a riddle about if you live in a single floor house made of redwood what color are the stairs and Riddle rightly points out there are no stairs. Truth is impressed! Again, Truth = National Treasure! Kayla wants to know their thoughts on Team SmackDown. Riddle isn’t saying they don’t have talent, but with their lineup….BRO! Lee says on paper they have a stronger team, though I will point out SmackDown is not complete yet. He will take time to watch film and prepare for whatever they bring. Riddle says that Lee is humble, but they are a couple of Stallions and are taking over. Lee refers to them as CHARTRUTH as he leaves and that pops Truth. Riddle and Truth hug to end this interview.

-Next out is Nikki Cross and she has a lot to say. She was upset at first, but now she is getting really angry. This all stems from Bliss choosing The Fiend over Cross. Nikki knows that wasn’t Bliss talking and that The Fiend has his hooks in her. She thinks she needs to change her tactics which causes Truth to say she needs an exorcism. Charly brings up that Nikki has taken the blame as she left Alexa alone in the ring after a match when The Fiend first came after her. Nikki still feels responsible as she was blinded by being SD Champion and she pushed away her friend who was trying to console her. She talks about how they became best friends even as people kept saying Alexa would turn on her. Truth just yelling “she’s crazy,” and “she’s gone” has me cracking up. Truth says he would walk away from a friend if they are playing with puppets. Nikki says how she feels about her friendship is more powerful than what The Fiend has. She posted that love wins in the end and that is what’s going to happen. Truth says she needs tough love and Nikki agrees as she needs to slap some sense into her. Charly hopes things turn out the way everyone wants it to and Nikki finishes that she is not going to give up on her friend. “Get some of that chocolate from that pig,” -Truth!

-Drew McIntyre is our final guest and this is a pretty big one for what we usually get on this show in recent weeks. Charly asks Drew where his mind is right now and how he feels heading into next week. He feels great, spectacular, fantastic and any other positive adjective. He calls Randy a dick and just wants to make sure he can say that. Apparently he can! Drew is more confident than he has ever been and that is why Randy has been ducking him. Randy knows what is going to happen and Drew won’t make the same mistake he did at Hell in a Cell. Next week his big ass boot is going to crash through Randy’s face. This feud has been more than personal for Drew and Randy had to know he wasn’t going to disappear after one loss. He tells Randy to sleep with the title and take pictures because next week it belongs to him. Drew doesn’t think he has been taking opportunities from others such as The Miz. If anyone wants a WWE Title match just ask him when he wins it back. Truth then takes this off the rails as he asks Drew if he knows Big Bastard from Austin Powers and Drew doesn’t miss a beat as he says it’s his uncle. Charly loses it as Truth rolls with it and says he wants an autograph. Drew invites Truth to come back to the UK and they will have a big party at his Uncle Fat Bastard’s house. Amazing! Charly asks about the potential match with Roman. Drew says they have both found their roles which is opposite from where they were the last time they met. It will be a hell of a match and with that we are out this week.

-Truth was the star of the show this week and it’s always interesting to see who can roll with his craziness and who gets steamrolled by it. Drew was great as the confident ass kicker and played off Truth well. Now, Nikki was trying to be serious because of the angle and did well in not giving in to Truth’s shenanigans. Riddle and Lee are easy going and complimented each other well with their interview. Overall a fun show. Thanks for reading!