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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Fallout from Randy Orton Punting Christian, Charlotte Responds to Her Critics

June 15, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-Real quick: Orton is an amazing heel and I love how well protected the punt kick is. Fantastic way to close RAW! Now on to RAW Talk. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to this week’s RAW Talk and will be joined shortly by her co-host, Samoa Joe. She throws it back to the ring as Christian is being loaded on a backboard while Orton is still pacing around the ring. Orton asks the paramedics if he can help and holds the stretcher in place as they load Christian onto it. He continues to talk to Christian and tells him to go see a bunch of doctors and get cleared, but don’t expect to get revenge for Edge as he is gone and never coming back. He tells the medics to take care of Christian and get him out of here. Again, Orton is awesome when he has something to sink his teeth into!

-Joe has joined Charly at the RAW Talk desk and he calls the Main Event a mugging. It was a well planned set-up by Ric Flair and Randy Orton. He mentions all the boys told Christian not to go out and confront Orton. Charly asks how would Christian have felt if he back down and Joe says he would feel better than he does right now. Man has a point! Joe says this will leave Christian in the hospital for several weeks. Charly asks Joe if Randy is now the greatest wrestler ever and he says he is the greatest strategist ever.

-Big Show joins RAW Talk and questions if Joe gave him the short chair. Joe jokes that he finally gets to talk to Show face to face. Show and Joe both agree that Charly is the boss of the show. They ask Show on his thoughts about what happened to Christian. Show is upset and says he tried to talk to Christian about what he was doing. He knows Christian is a man and he was going to step up and take care of business. Show has known Orton for a long time and has never seen him this sadistic while also being this successful. He thinks Orton has taken all his experience and frustration and harnessed it into a sadistic damage run. Joe brings up that Show is a legendary figure and he wonders if he is worried there is a target on his back. Show says that if there is a target on his back, then good and someone can come get it. He is no longer in it for the titles. He isn’t the guy to talk trash to and he isn’t scared of Randy Orton.

-Joe then asks Show about his expertise in ninja smashing. Show says his Kung Fu is strong and says he has been a fan of the Street Profits and Viking Raiders series. He does say in the end it is about the titles and he wants to see them have a match to see who is the best. He brings up The Giant Ninja and says he is a big dude and he thinks he will be around again. It’s not often he has to look up to someone and he thinks he had to tonight.

-Charly brings up Show being a sit-com star with The Big Show Show. He thanks the writers and everyone involved with the show. I watched a few episodes and it’s a solid watch that hits the notes and cliches you would expect. It’s a fun watch that I can see children loving. My son is three and is just a bit too young, but we will see as he gets older. Show and Joe riffing on each other during this segment was a lot of fun.

-Charlotte Flair is next and Charly brings up how cool it was to see her interact with her father. Charlotte says it was great for them, but always questionable for her as it can go any and all direction with her dad. She brings up that her dad was trying to get her to say who gets under her skin. She brings up that it’s not who, but why someone gets under her skin. She hears all the talk about always being in the title picture and being entitled. She loves this business and puts in all the work. She doesn’t miss shows and does work for all three brands even when she isn’t part of FOX. It’s people like Nia who come back and get in the title picture. Sasha gets hurt and comes back and gets in the title picture. Meanwhile she has beaten Asuka and doesn’t get a title shot. She wasn’t passed the torch from her dad, but instead she took it.

-Joe asks what is next and Charlotte says it should be Asuka because she has beaten her twice. Joe is hard pressed to figure out why she isn’t in the title picture again. Charlotte says she does what she wants because she learned from the best. She brings up that she stated she would Main Event WrestleMania and she did it and it wasn’t because she is entitled. She is dedicated to getting better every second of every day and she wants to be The Greatest of All Time no matter male or female.

-The guests keep on coming as WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre and 24/7 Champion, R-Truth are next. Drew apologizes as he is still in his gear. Truth should be great here and he starts talking about having a cook-out. Truth wanted the world to see that Drew is a fighting champion. Drew doesn’t want anyone encouraging Truth to put him in any other weird situations. Truth says lessons are made to be learned and taught. He calls Drew “Braveheart” and that made me laugh. Joe asks what would happen if Drew fought his childhood hero, John Cena. Truth doesn’t have an answer at first and before he could give one Drew says he would like to see a one on one match between the two. Truth doesn’t want to see that match. Drew says he has heard the public is finding their pairing hilarious. Everything is fine right now between the two. Truth: “we are sending them all to Claymore Country.” Truth wishes Charly a Happy Birthday and we are out for another week.

-Easily my favorite episode so far as the interviews were easy going as they all just let loose. Everyone came off natural and free as they just talked about whatever Joe and Charly would throw their way. Show is always great for interviews like this and Charlotte shouting back at her critics was interesting. The final segment with Truth was off the rails as you would expect, but Drew is good at playing in a comedy role considering his run with 3MB. Fun show this week!

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