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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Ivar Warns Kofi Kingston and More

October 3, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-Well, that was a fun ending to RAW. GUNTHER and Ciampa beat the tar out of each other, and it was great and then DIY is reunited. Can we please get DIY vs. KO/Sami now? And have them turn on each other until we get every combination of the match possible? Anyway, let’s get to it!

-Megan Morant welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Matt Camp. They immediately get to how the show closed with GUNTHER retaining his title, but Johnny Gargano has returned!

-Moving on as it was announced that Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes will team at Fastlane to challenge for the Tag Titles against Judgment Day!

-To the video as Jey Uso dubs Rhea Ripley as the new Tribal Chief and notes she has bigger balls than Roman ever did. Dom ends up eating a superkick, but JD McDonagh blasts Jey from behind. Before a beating can be delivered, Cody Rhodes is out for the save and then Adam Pearce books the Tag Title Match for Fastlane.

-Camp and Megan discuss the Tag Title Match and Camp mentions all four men will be on SmackDown this Friday!

-To the video as Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler gets interrupted by Raquel Rodriguez. Nia avoids a kick that hits Shayna and then she decks Raquel from behind. That brings out Rhea Ripley to get her revenge and security tries to separate all four women. The crowd goes crazy for Rhea as she destroys the security geeks.

-Byron Saxton is backstage with Nia and she is told she will face Raquel next week. Nia notes that Raquel should have stayed gone and next week, she will be gone. She then demands that Byron moves before she takes her leave.

-Raquel Rodriguez and Ivar still to come!

-This Saturday at Fastlane it’s Rollins v. Nakamura in Last Man Standing!

-Jackie Redmond (looking great) is backstage with Raquel Rodriguez. She has been looking forward to a match with Nia and this Monday Nia is going to get it.

-To the video as Michael Cole does an in-ring interview with Seth Rollins. EVIL NAKAMURA appears on the Tron which distracts Seth long enough for EVIL NAKAMURA to attack from behind. He delivers a high-quality beating with a chair as he targets the back and after a few tries he is able to keet Seth down and make his own 10 count. EVIL NAKAMURA is the best!

-Camp and Megan discuss Seth/NAKAMURA! Camp again mentions that Seth has never been in a Last Man Standing match. Has Nakamura? I checked and yes, against AJ Styles.

-Ivar is up next!

-NXT is tomorrow and we have a new North American and NXT Champion!

-To the vide as Xavier Woods shows off some impressive power in his match against Ivar and gets the win with Back Woods. Ivar attacks, but Kofi seemingly makes the save. Ivar ends up taking out both members of New Day and stacks them up before hitting the top rope moonsault. It seems Ivar will be on his own for a bit as Erick is out injured and it seems it will be for quite some time.

-Ivar is backstage with Jackie Redmond. Ivar blames New Day for Erick’s injury and it’s an eye for an eye. The Gods aren’t hungry and they salivate for the pain of The New Pain. He is the bringer of that pain and it won’t say until The Gods say so. Nobody is safe!

-Next week on RAW it’s Kofi vs. Ivar in a Viking Rules Match! This will be the second time Kofi has been involved in this type of match. Should be a wonderful brawl. I can dig it!

-To the video as GUNTHER defended his IC Title against Ciampa in a fantastic match. GUNTHER fought off an injured hand and a bloody nose to get the win via a sleeper. He leaves so Imperium can pick the bones, but Johnny Gargano returns to make the save. DIY! We get the video that we didn’t see as RAW went off the air. DIY hug and the crowd is happy!

-Camp and Megan discuss DIY and then run down the card for Fastlane!

-John Cena will be on The Bump this Wednesday! Well, that should give the show a…bump.

-Megan wraps things up and we are out this week. Thanks for reading!

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