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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Jeff Hardy Accepts Elias’ Challenge, Nikki Wants to Save Alexa

October 20, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk Jeff Hardy

411’s WWE RAW Talk: 10.19.20

-The season premiere of RAW has come and gone so it’s time for the fall-out on RAW Talk. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to RAW Talk and she is joined by her co-host and 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Truth is doing better but he is over having everyone following him around trying to get his baby. He can’t even watch RAW or anything on TV. Charly asks what he does to keep the title and he tells her that he runs.

-RAW ended with Drew using bolt cutters to get into the Cell. Truth brings some sage advice: “it’s not any fun when the rabbit has the gun.” I will say it every week: That man is a National Treasure. Charly plays up the experience inside The Cell had how this is Drew’s first match while Orton is a veteran of The Cell.

-Next they discuss Asuka vs Lana and that went as everyone expected. Truth calls Asuka awesome and brings up that Lana was a mess last week. Charly loved the confidence Lana had, but in the end you have to back up that confidence.

-The Fiend is discussed next and he looked like a beast tonight and again, I love the pairing with Alexa. The return of the Freddy Kruger look was a great touch as well. “She has problems,” says Truth. No kidding, but it’s great.

-Our first guest is Jeff Hardy and he says The Cell behind them is terrifying. He had the one match and that is enough for him. Charly brings up Elias having beef with Jeff over the car incident 5 months ago. Jeff mentions he was set-up by a guy with red hair and beard and he doesn’t know why Elias is still pointing fingers at him. Truth figures out that guy with red hair and beard is Sheamus. Jeff accepts the match with Elias at Hell in a Cell. Jeff also wants a battle of the bands as he was grooving to Elias’ music tonight. A wrestling match would be great but he is serious in wanting to bring his band out now. Truth asks him about Nancy Drew and Jeff obviously has gotten that joke plenty of times before as he rolls with it and says she is great at solving mysteries. He also mentions she had a dog named Scooby and Truth’s mind is blown. Jeff nearly loses it based on Truth’s reaction. It’s become a weekly game now to see who Truth can break each week.

-Nikki Cross is out next and she is fired up as you would expect. She is excited to be on RAW and has stayed up on her training. Truth loves the enthusiasm, but then Charly brings down the mood as she brings up Alexa turning to the dark. Truth mentions he lost Little Jimmy at one point and was able to get him back. Perhaps she can do the same with Alexa. Nikki says this isn’t the same Alexa that won the tag titles with her. She wants Alexa to listen and speaks to her as she says “let me in.” Yeah, that’s not going to end well. Charly thinks Alexa may be too far gone now after appearing inside The Firefly Fun House. Truth breaks Charly as he asks “what’s the difference between muppets and puppets?” Amazing! Nikki to her credit doesn’t crack as her goal is to win the Tag Titles again with Alexa. If that can’t happen she has her own goals and dreams and one of those goals is winning The RAW Women’s Title. She is ready for Asuka!

-The Miz and Morrison are out last and them with Truth should be great. Truth says he has been waiting for this. Miz says that Truth cost them a match tonight and doesn’t know why Morrison hugged him. Morrison says they are friends. Truth brings up that he didn’t touch anyone, but Miz says it distracted him. Charly brings up that Miz feels he is more worthy to hold the MITB briefcase than Otis. Charly feels Otis deserves it because he won the case fairly and squarely. Miz brings up that being WWE Champion makes you the top guy of a billion dollar company. Truth breaks out a WWE Magazine from 2013 with his childhood hero, John Cena on the cover. Morrison calls Cena a liar because you can easily see him. Ha! The Miz feels none of the younger guys are stepping up the plate and questions how hungry some of them are. Truth thinks Miz needs a chill pill and Miz says he has passion and that’s why he is the face of the USA Network. He is going to win the trial and the MITB briefcase and will cash in on Drew McIntyre. Morrison gets in a chance to work in his Drew impression which is solid and Charly cracks again as Truth and Miz argue over if police know lawyers. Everyone then talks over everyone else as the show wraps.

-This was fun as Truth was in great form and everyone played off him well. Truth and Charly have become a great pairing and the guests being able to adjust on the fly with Truth’s craziness easily makes this show. Thanks for reading!

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