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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Murphy On His Relationship with Aalyah, Mandy and Dana Talk Moving to Raw

September 28, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Murphy Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 09.28.20

-Congrats to Tampa Bay on winning The Stanley Cup. Also, how about my Niners blowing the doors off The Giants even though half their team was injured? Between them and Pitt it was a good football weekend. Oh, RAW Talk…let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, R-Truth or as they are known collectively, CHARTRUTH! They discuss Truth being 24/7 Champion for a 41st time and he mentions Little Jim is here as well. Truth is having mic problems so he gets a hand held one.

-As for RAW, Charly brings up the return of Robert Roode and then we jump to the video of Orton laying out Shawn, Flair, Show, and Christian with a steel chair in a darkened room. Truth brings up Orton won’t get a job as a janitor doing stuff like that.

-Murphy is our first guest this week coming off his win over Dominick tonight. For Murphy a win is a win and he is moving forward. Charly wants to know where Murphy is mentally with Seth Rollins. They have a unique relationship in that they both are for the greater good and Seth has shown him the way. Everything Seth does is a lesson, and Truth brings up that he saw Seth beat him up. He calls Murphy brainwashed and bamboozled. Charly wants the gossip and wants to know what is happening with Rey’s daughter. Murphy says it wasn’t meant for the world to see and Truth wants to know what happened as he was hiding. Murphy has no comment and says he will have words with Seth about what he did tonight. He wants to know why it’s a crime to text someone and see how they were doing. It was a private conversation between two people. Charly keeps digging and wants to know if the relationship continues now that it is out in the public. For the last time Murphy says he and Seth are for the greater good and their mission is to change RAW for the better. Truth says he will go speak to Rey and Dom himself as he is good friends with The Mysterio Family.

-Next out is Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke as RAW has a new tag team in their woman’s division. For those unaware it seems Dana was an early Draft Pick for RAW. Mandy says it feels great and has been a crazy month as she was blindsided by the trade to RAW. Mandy and Dana have been friends a long time and Mandy mentions Dana has been there for her this last month. Dana mentions they have been through a lot and are strong mentally and physically. Truth says they go together like peanut butter and jelly. They have their eyes on the Tag Titles as neither has held a Title in the WWE and Dana makes eyes at the 24/7 Title. Truth tells them they don’t want his Title as it comes with a lot of problems. They both discuss the transition from SmackDown to RAW and for both RAW is like home as they started on the red brand. Charly plugs the Draft starting on SmackDown on Oct 9 and concluding on RAW on Oct 12.

-Our final guest is Mustafa Ali, who got to appear on RAW tonight after being on Main Event weeks on end recently. He brings up that all he does on RAW is win even if he isn’t on the show as much as he should be. He was happy to shut-up The Hurt Business tonight as they are a bully and the best way to shut them up is to punch them in the mouth. He puts over Apollo and Ricochet for standing up to The Hurt Business and tonight they just had enough and put a stop to it. Truth and Little Jimmy want to know how Simba is doing and Ali has to correct him on the pronunciation of his name as this isn’t The Lion King. He does say he almost got to be Aladdin, but the part didn’t go his way because they didn’t want someone as handsome. They discuss getting Truth in the sequel and he wants to be The Genie. I would actually pay to see that movie. They all crack up talking about the proposed sequel as this one wraps up.

-Kind of a blah show this week that picked up with Ali at the end. Not every show is going to be a winner, but it was fine and Charly and Truth have developed a great chemistry that keeps the show moving and interesting. Thanks for reading!

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