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411’s WWE Raw Talk Report: Mustafa Ali Buries The Legends, Charlotte Questions Her Father, More

January 4, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk Mustafa Ali

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 01.04.21

-So, yeah, we are getting Drew vs Goldberg at Royal Rumble. Better there than Mania I guess and Goldberg still has an aurora about him so it could be a fun, hard hitting hoss fight if it stays relatively short and Drew gets the win. As for RAW Talk it seems some of The Legends will be joining the show. Let’s get to it!

-In Memory of Jon Huber “Luke Harper” graphic appears before the show again. Nice!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and is joined by her co-host, and once again WWE 24/7 Champion, R Truth. CHARTRUTH! They show the conclusion of Keith Lee vs. Drew and that powerbomb through the table had to suck for Keith. Truth wants to know if Keith is okay as he likes him. Truth wants to know if Drew is next. Charly mentions Drew hasn’t accepted yet, but she believes he will. They show Truth regaining the 24/7 Title from Angel Garza thanks to help from The Boogeyman. This makes Truth a 46 time 24/7 Champion.

-Charlotte Flair is out as our first guest and Ric is out with her. Truth is excited to have Ric on the show. Truth wants to know what happened tonight. Charlotte isn’t sure why Ric followed her out here tonight. Truth: “This is a good place for a family talk.” Ric puts his mic down and takes his leave which leaves Truth sad. Charlotte says she knows her dad was trying to help, but she didn’t need his help and she lost. Truth says he is a father too and knows what he was trying to do. Charlotte gets it, and she loves her dad, but she didn’t need his help tonight. It boils down to the fact that she is a sore loser and she hates that she lost tonight. Truth asks her if she has ever had Hamburger Helper without the Ham. Again, National Treasure! Charlotte loves being able to fist bump her dad on RAW, but she goes back to when ESPN was hyping Mania and they announced Becky as Royal Rumble winner, Rousey as RAW Woman’s Champion and Charlotte Flair as Ric Flair’s daughter. Truth: “So?” Charly asks if part of Charlotte wants to surpass what Ric did. Charlotte talks about Ric being more famous now than he was, but she wants to represent what she stands for as a woman in a male dominated world. She knows that people say she only has 12 World Titles because she is Ric’s daughter, but asks if people have seen here in the ring. Charly brings up that Charlotte is in this year’s Rumble and Charlotte says she beat the odds last year as everyone was all about Shayna and yet, she eliminated her. Truth and Charlotte have another moment about Hamburger Helper before she takes her leave.

-Mustafa Ali is out next and he appreciates they finally pronounced his name correctly. She feels that he is in a foul mood and wants him to explain. Ali says he is angry and confused. He is upset a 3 hour show was dedicated to has-beens and that is what is wrong with this company. He knows the generation before paved the way, but when are they going to let him and his generation walk the path? “We had to hear whatcha gonna do, brother for the 7 millionth time.” He questions why Retribution or Drew Gulak couldn’t get on a 3 hour show. Charly brings up the crowd response to The Legends and Ali shoots back “yeah, they pumped those cheers in real good for them.” Damn! He continues that this place needs change and he is that change. He calls Truth and Charly terrible hosts. This is no longer RAW Talk and is now Retribution Talk. He brings out all members of Retribution and says that Ricochet is a member even if he doesn’t know it. He tells Ricochet that he knows he wants this place to change and the only way that happens is by joining Retribution. He thanks Charly and Truth for their time and the group is out.

-Shayna Baszler is next and she is annoyed as well. Truth goes right to talking about the fish in catering and Shayna is done with this. Truth mentions the Horsewomen and wants to know if she knows Mr. Ed. Fantastic! Truth trying to break Shayna on this show is always a highlight! Charly is losing it, but Shayna is holding it in quite well. Truth: “Hi ho Silver.” Charly brings up Mandy Rose and wants to know what’s going on between them. Shayna says this is supposed to be the best athletes on the planet yet they want to cry. Everyone knows what they have signed up for and everyone seemingly has forgotten what she is all about. “None of these broads can hold a candle to me.” Charly goes back to last year’s Rumble and how it came down to her and Charlotte. She asks where Shayna stacks up to the rest of the division. Shayna admits Charlotte won the Rumble last year because she was hungrier because this is all she has. Charly asks if Shayna will be entering The Rumble and Shayna says a good poker player never shows their hand.

-This was one of the better shows we’ve had recently. Ali’s promo was great as he went off on The Legends and worked in the jab about the WWE piping in cheers for said Legends. This was just a fun watch because all 3 guests were annoyed and took shots at whoever they could all while Truth did everything he could to make them laugh. Thanks for reading and look for my 205 Live 2020 Countdown tomorrow.

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