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411’s Raw Talk Report: MVP Gets Physical with R-Truth, Angel Garza Flirts with Sarah Schreiber, More

January 11, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk MVP R-Truth

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 01.11.21

-Sarah Schreiber, filling in for Charly, welcomes us to the show and she is joined by 46 time 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. Truth says that Charly is visiting her mom for Thanksgiving and Sarah mentions we are a little past that holiday.

-They show footage of the close of RAW as Randy Orton eats a fireball from Alexa Bliss. Truth asks where we go from here as they talk about if this means The Fiend is still around. Truth feels bothered just thinking about it. He then says Alexa has creepy characteristics about her. Sarah mentions that Randy has done some terrible things and yeah, like setting someone on fire.

-Sarah segues to Drew accepting Goldberg’s challenge at The Royal Rumble. She also mentions that Drew has tested positive for COVID-19. Truth is ready to see the match and wonders if Drew’s sword is Excalibur.

-Angel Garza is our first guest and you immediately starts hitting on Sarah. Garza is fantastic! She takes the rose from Garza as this is a special one. Truth throws flowers at Garza while he just ignores him as he is focused on Sarah. She points out that Angel was flirting with some Legends last week, which he denies. He feels a little discouraged, but when he sees Sarah everything is gone. Truth is trying to clock block as only he can. He tells Angel he is made because he got the boogey and didn’t get Cardi or Ariana Grande. Angel finally turns his attention to Truth and tells him to shut his mouth. He wants Truth to leave and Truth tells him it’s time to go. Truth calls him a player and throws some gummy bears at him. Sarah feels flustered as she felt confused by the whole situation.

-Nia Jax is out next and she is asked about seeming upset that she didn’t get the win for her team. Nia says they got the win and she supports that, but what happened was a little shocking. Sarah asks if they are preparing because The Royal Rumble is every woman for herself. Nia agrees and hopes Shayna is preparing for The Rumble. Tonight took her off kilter but they have come a long way and she is proud of what they have accomplished. As a unit they won tonight and they still have their eyes on the Tag Titles while also preparing for The Rumble. Truth thinks they are going to fight each other at The Rumble and Nia tells him to shut up. She then puts over Shayna as a legitimate killer and can take out anyone when she turns it on. Sarah brings up the history with Nia and Truth from The Rumble a few years ago when she took his spot and Truth doesn’t want to talk about that.

-The US Champion, Bobby Lashley and MVP are out as the final guests this week. MVP points out that he has Matt Riddle’s blood on his suit. He will be sending the bill to Riddle’s accountant. Truth tells him to send it to Batman because he is The Riddler. “That makes no sense,” MVP shoots back. MVP starts to talk, but has the mic a bit too far from his face so I have no clue what he said. Even MVP tells him to put the mic to his face so everyone can hear what he has to say. MVP calls Riddle an idiot and then compares his to Truth as they are both idiot savants. “I don’t serve anyone” – Truth! National Treasure! Truth wants an apology from Lashley for putting him in The Nelson 100 times. MVP wants an apology from Truth now and they bully him into giving one. MVP then grabs Truth by his shirt as he screams they are on the air. Lashley is able to get MVP away from Truth and they exit as Truth says this is why he doesn’t invite them on the show.

-With that we are out for another week. Middle of the road show here with nothing great, but it was an easy watch and Truth was crazy enough to make it interesting. Angel was fun as always and the ending was a little something different as MVP got a little physical with Truth. Thanks for reading!

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