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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Rhea Ripley On Charlotte Flair, Drew McIntyre Wants His Title Back, More

May 3, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Rhea Ripley Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 05.03.21

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth as this show continues to cycle through hosts and co-hosts. That’s another thing Talking Smack has going for it as it has stayed consistent since Heyman took over the co-hosting spot. They each miss working with the other and Kayla tells us that she is filling in for Kevin Patrick. We get the news that Kevin and his wife welcomed a baby girl to the world yesterday. We get a photo from Kevin’s Twitter as the new little one is named Maisie Rose. Congrats to KP!

-RAW Headlines: Drew McIntyre ended RAW standing tall over Braun and Lashley who did battle. Lashley won that match and then immediately got dropped by Drew. It is announced that Drew and Lashley will face each other next week on RAW. Drew will also be a guest on the show tonight.

-Next headline is R-K-Bro (how the graphic has it listed) who moved to 2-0. I am enjoying the team as Riddle is great fawning over Orton who isn’t sure but will go with it as long as they win. I like the idea that Riddle is the one that turns on Orton as everyone is expecting the opposite.

-Next, AJ Styles and Omos successfully defended their RAW Tag Titles against New Day in a WrestleMania rematch.

-Shayna Baszler and Nia defeated Lana and Naomi to retain their Tag Titles. Truth likes what Naomi and Lana are doing and wants them to get on the same page.

-The lineup for this week is Drew, Rhea and Damian Priest. Truth asks Kayla if she likes DP and she just throws it to a commercial.

-NXT commercial as Finn Balor is back!

-Drew, Lashley, Miz, Naomi, and Titus want you to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

-RAW Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley is our first guest. Kayla thinks Rhea is probably irked at the fact that Charlotte was added to her match against Asuka. Rhea doesn’t know how to describe how she feels, but she knows she is mad. Charlotte always finds a way to interject herself into her life. She needs to step to the side as there are a new crop of women to run the division. Kayla asks about Sonya and if she has been reckless. Rhea says reckless is a perfect word as Sonya has been handing Charlotte anything she wants. She isn’t sure if she is slipping her money and it angers to see her come back one week after retiring a referee. Truth brings up Sonya explained last week she had to make an executive decision. Rhea asks Truth if he would open his door to let a burglar in and he shoots back, “hell no.” That is what Rhea feels Charlotte is doing as she is trying to steal her Title. Rhea nearly says shit, but does well in holding back. Truth is shocked to learn that Rhea has never beaten Charlotte and Rhea says she hasn’t beaten her yet. She has grown a lot in a year and Charlotte doesn’t know what she is stepping into. She knows Charlotte is looking for an easy way out by pinning Asuka as she is more familiar with Asuka.

-Throwback SmackDown is this Friday on Fox. I am actually intrigued by that and I hope they go all out with the old school feel.

-A&E Bio commercial as Booker T’s bio debuts on Sunday.

-Damian Priest is out and he and Truth have a special handshake. “I call him DP,” and Kayla answers back that she has heard. Priest talks about The Miz who he says is yesterday’s news. He is trying the wrong person. Kayla brings up that Truth knows Miz well and asks if he can offer any advice. Truth says for Priest to doing what he is doing. Priest puts over Miz and all he has accomplished and Truth agrees that Miz doesn’t get enough credit for all he has done. Truth compares Miz to Alfalfa which breaks Kayla and Damian. Priest respects what Miz has accomplished, but doesn’t respect how he treats people, treats his friends, and treats him. They flashback to last week with the rotten tomatoes being thrown and they show slo-mo of Morrison getting hit square in the balls or no-nos as Truth calls them. Priest hopes to be done with Miz and Morrison soon and Truth says that you are never done with Miz. Priest has his eyes on Championships and then Kayla plugs Priest’s episode of Chronicle that drops on Peacock on Sunday. Yep, I’ll be reviewing that one!

-Peacock commercial while I am watching Peacock!

-Another commercial for Throwback SmackDown though it focuses on the Cesaro/Rollins WrestleMania rematch.

-Drew McIntyre is out as our final guest and Kayla brings up that Drew ended the show standing tall. Drew says he lost his moment at WrestleMania and that was on him. He has to live with that every day and nobody will get his attention on what needs to be done. Kayla mentions that Drew goes 1 on 1 with Lashley next week on RAW. Drew can’t be angry with Lashley as he is a fighter and competitor but MVP is a difference story. All he does is run his mouth and winds Lashley up before letting him go. He needs to take MVP out of the picture and the reason he is always in his gear is because he needs to always be ready for a fight. He has Lashley, MVP, Braun, Mace and T-Bar all coming for him. Drew doesn’t care if the match at WM Backlash becomes a 4 way, 5 way or 10 way he is getting his baby back. Truth popped for that! Truth then breaks Kayla again as he starts talking about Kit-Kats and Drew just rolls along with it. Before leaving, Drew plugs his auto-biography which is available tomorrow and Truth is excited when Drew tells him that he is mentioned in the book. Drew wasn’t sure about the book when the came to him, but he is hoping someone out there can learn something from it and get inspiration. He asks anyone who gets help or inspiration from it to tweet him about it. He then mentions the first book he ever read cover to cover was Mick Foley’s and now he has his own book.

-Kayla and Truth wrap up the show and we are out for this week.

-Again, Truth makes the show fun and that’s all I am looking for with this show. Priest always comes off as chill and confident. Rhea showed a quiet anger and Drew continues to be a confident ass kicker. Thanks for reading!

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